Video First Look: BlackBerry Pearl 9100!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2009 06:43 am EST

When it rains it pours!! If you didn't see our Photos of the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codenamed stratus/striker), be sure to check them out along with the photos spotted/posted by our buddy salomondrin. He also posted up the sweet video above (though it's not him in the video doing the talking per usual - but we're sure that'll happen soon and we'll post all the good stuff he brings). Be sure to watch the video. The new BlackBerry Pearl is going to be one SWEET device.

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Video First Look: BlackBerry Pearl 9100!


I mean it was only called the Pearl when RIM announced the phone would be utilizing a new "pearl-like" trackball. Since the trackball is gone, this should have a different name. Though seeing as how the Bold 9700 is already so skinny and small, there's really no need for this no?

I'm all for different types of blackberrys, but with the Curve 8520, Essex/Tour 2, Storm2, and Bold 9700, they cover a wide gamut of BB's already.

i think there is definitely a need for this size. fits much better in the pocket. that has always been a HUGE reason for going with the pearl in the first place and most i know that own the pearl simply say it's the perfect size. though i don't agree with it being the perfect size, i do understand why...

it's the pearl style 'touch screen' keyboard layout when using the phone's keyboard while not in landscape mode

Who is this guy and why does he have a beta phone? He clearly knows nothing about BlackBerry.

i am assuming by the model number that this thing will be coming to t-mobile, just wondering when...

But I guess they're keeping the name Pearl, because its not about the TrackBall anymore, and most people don't know that its about the tb. To most people either they don't know about the BlackBerry Pearl, or they do, and its the small BlackBerry thats incredibly nice in the hand.

Bloody hell, I was typing out novels with that keypad. Loved it, and loved its button style which is why I got myself a Bold :)

Bloody YouTube. The axed it sighting TOS violation. I really wanted my girl to see this. Fortunately, Sal still has this on the his personal website!

it sounds amazing... just wish they hadn't decided to make the trackpad standard.... i love trackballs and the trackpad just doesnt look or feel blackberry to me. just my opinion of course. someone starting out on a new pearl as their first bb would probably not care and for most it probably wouldnt be an issue at all. i bet the screen and camera are probably vastly improved and cant wait for the new OS. if its good enough MAYBE i'll switch to it from the new curve i just got because i do so love the smaller model phones. much easier to hide when im in class XD