Video First Look At The BlackBerry 9670 Running BlackBerry 6

By Bla1ze on 8 May 2010 04:30 pm EDT

Now, this is what I was hoping for earlier this morning. Guess we all just had to wait a little bit longer. CellGuru has just posted up a nice first look video of the BlackBerry 9670 which is of course running BlackBerry 6. This is the closest run through of BlackBerry 6 we have seen so far, minus the BlackBerry 6 preview video posted by Research In Motion.

While a little blurry, you can see for sure the device is running OS and while we're not exactly sure how up to date that release is, it sure seems to be flying on the device. BBM (, FaceBook, Twitter for BlackBerry and even Viigo appear to be loaded. One thing missing here is the BlackBerry browser but we do get a quick glimpse of the YouTube application seen from the WES video as well. Now that we got a better look at things, what are your thoughts? Leave some comments, can't wait to hear.

Source: TheCellularGuru

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Video First Look At The BlackBerry 9670 Running BlackBerry 6


i'm going to call that mega-flip monstrosity "the clapper". i can just envision that thing sounding like dropping a laptop on the ground when you close it. i can't believe that they are going to put that phone out when 80%+ of the comments from members all across the world are extremely negative.

Ugh, We unanimously said, kill that thing. This is like an ugly mutant that wants to be part of the family. This is just to fugly to bear. Even in prototype form.

You should avoid words like unanimously, cus I for one can see the purpose of the form factor, will I ever own one? Probably not, but it will serve a purpose.

If you don't like it, don't buy it. But I guarantee it will sell very well. Lots of people still love flip phones.

Ya this thing fell out of the ugly tree... not only that this thing hit every branch on its way down. The only purpose this thing might have is to drive people away from flip phones haha. This is like a blast to the past, when people still used phones that looked like shit

Wow, really RIM? This and the slider look like a hybrid of parts left over and mashed together. Looks like another year of yawns for blackberry.

Didn't crackberry post something a couple weeks ago talking about how this phone may have been verizons idea, and that they wanted blackkberry to make it for them.

It looks like 6.0, IT HAS A 5MP camera :), BUT, when you hit the menu key, you get that ugly list on the bottom left of the screen. What happened to the popup menu from the video?

Could be one of the differences between the touchscreen version of BlackBerry 6 and non-touchscreen version... popup menu when you touch and hold, standard menu when you blackberry button click? Or maybe this is still an early version and it's not all sorted...

i dont know was i the only one, but was everyone hoping to see that BOLD 9800 on the table. if they would of showed it at the end and cut the video, i would of died. no other comments

The Options screen looks better organized. But yea I want to see the pop up contextualized menu. And No Webkit whats the deal with that??

I like people are focusing more on the phone than the OS. Who cares about the phone? It might not be the most attractive phone, but guaranteed people will want it.

The point of this is to check out the OS. And I'm liking it. One thing I'm actually surprised about is how different the Options now appear - it includes things like Call Management, Display and others. Basically, it looks like a fairly considerably revamp. The OS may still use a somewhat similar UI, but it really does look like there have been a lot of changes behind the scenes. Should be interesting to see what it actually looks like when it actually comes out!

You said it, you not liking a phone is just drop-dead hilarious, hoo-wee. I'm glad I wore my reinforced shirt today, my sides might have split otherwise.

OS 6 looks nice so far.. I want the traditional body + 512MB + OS 6 though! I'm going to hold onto my Storm with OS 5 until that days comes. :)

I couldn't see it too well if it was shown, but how much memory is the os using? I'd like to get this, but if it is going to run slow, that's a no-go for me. I hope that all of the apps I have (not tooo many) will be supported too.

I've loved clamshell phones since my first Motorola Startac and was gutted when they all but died out here in the UK. I've been waiting for ages for a high spec clamshell to be released by any manufacturer, but this could be a bit too big - it looks about the same size as my trusty Motorola Startac! It should sell quite well in the US though, as they seem to still love their clamshells, and still have quite a few lower spec ones on the market.

That's an awesome 3 second delay (with clock icon) just pulling up the Options screen. :rolleyes: Looks like RIM still hasn't changed much in terms of OS core speed.

you out of all people should know that is definitely not a finished product so I'm pretty sure it will run smoothly and fast when its released.

Yeah, Cheech4 is right, Don't you guys remember the Launch of the Storm 1 and how smooth that software was!

But hey, it looks nice :P personally I'm stoked to get this on my 8520, if it gets it that is. I'll be livid if it doesn't @.@

The phone itself still isn't of interest to me, but I will admit that it looks MUCH better in the video than it did in the pictures. Just still not my thing.

BlackBerry 6 is looking good, but as JRS noted, it does seem a little sluggish in places. Hopefully they get that ironed out before release!

I would have much rather seen a video like this with the Slider being used. The clam berry is just damn ugly. The keyboard portion of the phone is sooo huge! lmao, probably the whole size of a bold 9000, lol.

As for OS 6, it's looking good in action. The only thing I need to see now to confirm my future purchase being a BB is the web browser. I heard RIM will be working with webkit which is pretty standard and being used by Apple, Android, etc so expecting good things. If the browser is decent and I don't have to wait to get to a PC like I currently do, then all will be awesome.

Like that flip phone. When getting a good look at the flip phone it looks like it is very well built. The hinge system looks beefy and the screen looks bigger then my 9700's. I want one now. Damn i like that phone, like all the metal chrome around the sides and edges. Very sharp phone, looks like it will fit great in your pocket. When will we see them and what carriers will get them??????????????

and... the phone looks slow.

Blackberry... wow. They must have the least creative program designers possible.

This is not a hate post. I like my BB, I like OS5. It works well. I think I'm gonna need a full change log on going from OS 5 to 6. Reason being, I don't see any major difference. I have a theme that gives me screen transitions. I can scroll my apps already. I can install a coverflow style media app. Etc. What does OS 6 actually bring to the OS that 5 can't DO? It may do somethings better, but does it do anything new? They definitely hit that familiar feel, but I thought RIM is supposed to be about doing.

same applies to 5.x from 4.x, RIM hasn't brought anything new to the table for a few years now. they're alienating themselves, and i can't believe they don't realize that if they're not doing something new, nobody is going to switch to a blackberry, people will only leave. you have full MS exchange support on iphone and android now, i'd suggest RIM start taking consumers a little more seriously. i'd be willing to bet ANY amount of money i could that blackberry will see a HUGE marketshare fall within the next 12 months. these new phones are just old news, running a band-aided Java OS under the guise of some flashy nonsense. this is really offensive honestly. what if apple did this ...what if apple or google constantly resold it's customers the same b.s. every year and convinced them it was new. i just got a nexus one a few weeks ago and i feel like i've jumped ahead a century. you don't even realize how far behind the blackberry os is until you try something new for a while. that java os struggles every step of the way with everything it does, i used to even get an hour glass scrolling through contacts. these types of issues just don't exist on android or iphone. i dunno, maybe i'm off base or something. but IMO RIM is really really really about to face serious consumer abandonment.

here ya go cdma users you can have this ugly mess while us gsm ppl can take the versitile SLIDER!!lol j?k

WOW 6.0 looks like the Storm 2 OS with POWER POINT slides...LMAO

I must say the phone looks 10% better than before...still ugly as sin.

RIM went backwards.

And thats MY comment you dont have to like it...but you just read it!


Why do you still hang out on here if you love your new phone so much? Do you really have that little to do in your life? Oh, well, I'm sure you get lonely in your mom's basement.

It sure looks like it has a front facing camera up next to the ear piece, on the right-hand side. It's like a tiny netbook.

It looks like someone made a nice looking theme. That's it. I've seen themes that could do similar things, I know this is possible. The only real upgrade, meaning major overhaul, looks to be that web kit browser no one has leaked as of yet. Now that looks a bit promising. But will this be on the 9630 or the curve, which mostly everyone has at this point? Let's see. There's still time RIM. Let's see...

... but Android and iPhone OS look ALMOST exactly the same in their latest versions as they did in the first. Many things have changed for sure, but the basic look and feel of them is still there. Yet, some bash RIM for following the same path. What gives?

We ARE getting a new OS... and there are now plenty of good options for those that think that it's not enough, too little to late, or not appealing.

Think back to the Moto RAZR and similar phones days... and be thankful for what's coming for RIM! devices!

good point, think way back to the razr days, lol that old silly razr os, that OLD JAVA OS, wait...blackberry is still running that...oh crap

Just curious but at about 28-30 seconds or so, what is that device that looks like a tablet in the background?


RIM OS sucks, its all text and blocks. Like that computer with the green tint when I was 5 years old. SMH

How could you compare the OS, compare anything but that. Blackberry and e mails, or how well they do whatever but not OS.

RIM OS is bland....people who like RIM will say ah its fine, oh .6 looks amazing. But to be honest if RIM ever develops an OS half as good as apple or Droid everyone on here will love it and make it known how advance it is and how it rivals others...but until then keep pretending like you enjoy the Windows 93/Typewriter/text-filled everything OS

Not so much a revolution afterall... Sigh... Just really a fancier, slower, bulkier OS of the same cloth as OS 5.0... Shame on me for expecting so much more... They really should rename 5.1 cause that's all it is... :(

Why do people get their underwear all wet when somebody says they don't like the phone? Obviously we post to state our opinion, with that said... This phone is not impresive. Womppp womppp

You beat me to the spinning clock. Looks like 6.0 is going to make the devices run like 5.0 on 128Mb memory. Nice, better luck putting WinXP on a x86 pc.

disappointing hardware, disappointing software... os 6 will end up putting blackberry about another 2 years behind everyone else now, totaling around 5 years at this point. there hasn't been a real upgrade to the OS since 4.x. it's sort of moot to me, i switched to android, but i kept my bold in case i ever wanted to use it, and i still like to see what's going on with all mobile os's but yeah, just disappointing. i say this because, blackberry isn't offering up anything new, nobody is going to SWITCH to blackberry, people are only leaving. the next year is going to be very tell-tale for RIM. i don't se anything in this video that can't be accomplished RIGHT NOW, VIA a nice theme. seriously RIM you just themed os5 and called it 6, and from what i've seen and recent articles, the webkit browser isn't even going to be as nice as bolt, which isn't even that good. wow just what a let down. i wish it wasn't like this. i wish there was something in this video besides scrolling animations that was new.

just so you know, i just switched to blackberry, and my iphone toting friends are ALL waiting to run out their contracts to switch over to blackberry. just so you know. one of my friends got so pissed with her iphone lag she dumped it before her contract ran out and just got a BB.

I am shocked by the crap RIM keeps putting out. So this is OS 6?

Same ___ different day.

I think it looks fine. I don't see what it so ugly about it. It actually seems practical. You won't have to worry about gtting your screen scratched. It is definitely pocketable. I see a lot of people really wanting this device. Can't wait to see this and the slider come. The new OS looks great too. Very smooth and responsive. Good job RIM.

I definitely love the flip phone idea. RIM certainly didn't use the form factor to its advantage. The screen should have been much bigger for those of us who want a bigger screen, but don't want a touch screen. I'll probably give this a try...

i cant believe i used to get so excited over updates like these. RIM is hanging by a thread...their latest and greatest phone is this abomination

Early stage most likely. An alpha/beta build? Either way it still blows 4.5 out of the water in terms of speed at least on my poor 8120 (i'm comparing load times of the application list). I would love to replace my phone with the slider running 6. I also think people need to stop comparing 6 to iPhone or Android. I mean really, iPhone (yes its really cool I will agree) is basically an iPod with a good phone built in (also apple has been making iPod's since '01, so of course the iPhone ?'07? would have a good visual base os). And Android (which was doing work as a company called android since before '05) has always been targeting regular consumers with a visual OS and they still lack features (non-app voice dialing i believe). Blackberry started for business/military with an eye towards consumers. So I personally think it is great that they are moving a little towards a visual OS while obviously not excluding their extremely large customer base. Anyways, my two bits. take 'em or leave 'em but have a good day

agreed. BB and MS are business oriented trying to shift to consumer oriented. Apple and Google are consumer oriented from the beginning and never really caught up in the business sector yet. So it's two different objectives.

Just like MS and windows phone 7. They heard the consumers and designed an OS mostly for consumers. Now the business people are complaining. people just can't be satisfied. douchebags.

Am I missing something? I did not really see anything new with 6.0. Where is the media player? How about someone show us something new the OS brings. Hopefully, there will be more videos to come.

Bring on the real thing!! I admit it looks like OS 5 with different color icons, but I'm also looking forward to it. That phone is the ugliest thing I've seen since the sidekick!! OS 6 to me looks better on the storm (and yes I'm basis being a storm owner)

Definitely WAAAAY more looking forward to the 9800 than this piece of shit... I hope OS 6 looks better on the 9800 too with the larger screen and touch capability (while still keeping the touchpad!)

The OS 6 looks great, but not the new 9670 (Clamshell). It's an ugly, cheap looking phone, in my opinion. The new Slider (or Slide) is way better than the Clamshell, it has a touchscreen and really looking nice keypad.

I have always liked the BlackBerry OS and I don't understand why some people expect it to be totally revamped or brand new when it's already very efficient. When the BB OS came out it made every other phone on the market seem stale (Before, iPhone, Android, etc.). As stated before, RIM wanted to keep the core OS (Which is what hardcore BB users love), while improving and polishing the OS making it appealing to youthful crowd. Behind the scenes I wonder if the new OS will be app friendly like the Droid and iPhone. The apps is where the latest "buzz" is at. Most people are followers and want what their peers possess anyways. Just like when a new movie comes out or phone; everyone want's to be the first to see or have it...not necessarily because it's better than an older version. Most people seem to think that I have an iPhone (Storm 2 user here), and are usually clueless about my phone. I have owned both phones and unlocked them. I outweighed the pros/cons and choose to sell my iPhone go a friend.

I just hate the browser. So if os6 is a prettier and flashy os5 with GREAT browser, I am happy. If the browser is only average then i'm mad and will go to another platform.

Early model or not, do not show me that's like the black death instead of blackberry.

That clock and my first storm...I almost cried. I threw the phone...but I almost cried.

RIM is moving backwards...I would be more excited for a MOTO Razor with neon colors...this is sad.

And for the crackberry loyal/fanboys and RIM workers who sign on here and say this looks great for the sake of the blackberry name. They do e mails and etc well they have the Corprate world on a tight ship but when it comes to the consumer market they are moving in the wrong direction...backwards.

I'm liking how the OS 6 looks personally and am excited to see it on my 9700. I find the HTC sense UI to look cheap and tacky but that's my opinion. That's why I bought a 9700, it's what I liked. I have no idea where the HTC phone lovers post and the idea of posting on their site about their phone being lame seems sad at best to me. I guess I'm just like that. You keep posting though scooter.

Wow, like I said before, you are a very sad individual if all you have time to do is bash the platform instead of MOVING ON. Is this how you get off, because I can't think of any other reason you would stay hanging around on this site and not move on to the Android site. Same to everyone else who has gone to Android but seems to stay around here for no apparent reason. GET A LIFE!!!

Droid user, what do you expect...LOL. They think there new toy is all that and a bag of chips, but they always come back to a stable phone sooner or later.

you guys got to understand you are comparing this to a touchscreen OS you have to wait till you see it on a touchscreen then you can do the full comparison the OS will and act different on a touchscreen think about it the iphjone os on a clam shell device like this theres no rotating the screen no pinc and zoom on the screen no swiping with your finger etc. just wait till you see it on a touchscreen anyone agree?

Think everybody should calm down and wait til we see on 9800 and not at test stage. Fed up with all these android fanboys bashing BB, didn't find their os that functional and which version are they running this week, or maybe they have sense ui and are still waiting for an update like htc hero boys running 1.5 still. You Gotta give 6 a chance, don't burn before its been properly seen. I have used every os on the market at the moment and I for one still love the sheer usability and reliability of BB.

Got a Bold 9700 and I love the thing, but is it just me or the OS 6.0 really laggy and slow running on this clam shell thing? I hope with all this going on that OS 6.0 Can still be run on the older devices.

Even with 512 Memory it lags so I dont know how it would be with older devices. Also this phone looks like its going to tap the Japan/Asian Market. The Japanese are going bananas over flip phones. But Hey a QWERTY Flip phone not bad. They should have tried it Horizontally.

Wow that thing is thicker and bulkier than a sandwich, if that's a preview of the next-gen blackberry models, RIM is headed in the wrong direction. And the internet browsing better be up to par with iphones safari...

This is going to be slow and will kill the battery. I was hoping the non-touch version will be spared by the Apple zombies at RIM.

I'm sure there are many people who will like this device. For me, it's just not going to be in my arsenal. Don't really care for the size or for the flip form factor, but I'm glad RIM is giving people the choice.

OS 6.0 does look like it runs well and I'm looking forward to seeing the OS as soon as it comes out.

I actually like the slider and new flip...I call it like I see it. I have no hate against RIM but when you dub a phone clamshell and it looks as bad as this with a OS that came with a Billy Blanks work out style video but is really the same sorry OS with very few changes...then again I call it like I see it as do many blackberry owners and fans.

Its a comment, get over it. I have a HTC Incredible and I can acess this site with ease, I will comment often and with pleasure. If I see something I like, I'll be sure to post it.

Guess I'll have to wait and see OS6 first hand cause it didn't blow any wind up my skirt! Didn't look any faster than a good running OS5 hybrid to me, but we'll see. What scares me is a new to RIM design (clamshell) and OS6 released all at once, I'm thinking bug city!! My money goes on the new Bold 9650, well when my year is up in

I hate/hated this phone from the start but I'm thinking about it. I use a blackberry because of the OS. It does what I want it too and its not the prettiest so what about the phone? I was always a huge fan of flip phones but the pearl for example had too small of a screen and I didn't like the keyboard. It's not the prettiest phone but I'd be interested in seeing it in person and using it.

Finally! OS6 looks really nice too. With all the animations I don't know if even phones such as the 8500 series are going to be able to handle it. But I still think that that phone is the cure for the obesity epidemic. -_-

From the first leaked pics, I wasn't sure if I like this flip design but after watching this video, my feelings change all of a sudden. I think it's a nice looking phone. I think what everyone is missing the concept here. We have to actually feel the phone physically in our hands to appreciate the design. This could potentially be a big selling phone imo.

I agree 100% plus I still don't know why people are expecting OS6 to be completely different from OS5/OS4.5
It has been explained many times if RIM would bring out a completely different OS a lot, and I mean A LOT of corporate user would have to be retrained as well as their IT people. ThAt would cost a lot of money.
RIM has a commitment to the corporate world and no matter how much we consumers will shout about it, RIM will always put them first.
Corporate users = constant flow of income
Consumer users = mood changes with the wind

The only constant flow of money they probably receive is from the government agencies that they supply with Blackberry devices. Which is why I believe a company like Microsoft is putting their focus on consumers because they buy phones more often than corporate users. Think about it...there are still tons of companies that have people using Treo's or some old Blackberry device. They never upgrade because they are satisfied. Now look at a consumer who always needs to have the latest and greatest. I think the consumers provide a more constant flow of money than corporate.

I guess I'm in the 20% group again lol; I like it and my contract is up next month I might wait for the storm 3 though if its not a slider; not sure yet

I'm sure I'll love OS6, but I sure hope that there's an option to remove all of those darn icons from the home screen. One of the things I've always disliked about most third party themes (and the iPhone) is that your wallpaper gets totally obscured. Although the transparent icons here look quite discreet it is nice to have a clear, unobstructed view of the wallpaper I choose!!!

i feel exactly the opposite. i've always felt that there was a lot of wasted screen space in the BBOS. I don't care to have pictures of kids or loved ones, i remember what they look like. i dont see why pressing the bb button should show a full screen of icons. if you arent using a calendar theme, it should be the default imo

Ok for all the whiners and complainers that say too late, sorry rim, I'm gettin this I'm gettin that, do u think rim cares about a handful of haters that don't like there product, I mean seriously my understanding is u bought a blackberry because its a blackberry, not cuz its an iphone or a droid, if u want an iphone or droid os go buy the phone and stop complaining, I like rim and ill stay wit rim cuz rim is different, why does every smartphone have to be the same, that's pretty pointless, "there's an app for that" sure there's apps on there that are pretty helpful but who needs 1000+ apps, at the end of the day just makes everything harder to manage, I look foward to what rim is bringin in the future, and when I get tired of waitin ill get an iphone.....

Why do people like you take any criticism of RIM so seriously? Seriously, RIM haters? What manner of creature is that? It is definitely a fact that RIM is lagging behind, especially as far as their browser is concerned. Such criticism is not 'hating.' It is an expression of frustration by users who enjoy certain aspects of the phone while disdaining others.

And yes, I don't mind admitting that if Sprint had the iPhone, I would have tried it by now. Maybe I would have disliked it and returned it immediately. But then again, maybe not. The one thing I am not willing to do is switch to AT&T just because I want to try out the iPhone.

If you like your blackberry, especially the keyboard, don't bother switching. I did and hated it and switched back.

I was at a conference yesterday in Chicago and I heard one guy tell another he wouldn't be using his phone because it's australian. I immediately knew he was an iPhone user who was afraid to open his phone here because he didn't want to end up paying $300 per hour of usage and/ or his phone failed to connect to the network, both of which happened to me (the latter numerous times) the year I had my iPhone. I found it to be pretty much a useless device. Let's face it surfing the web on your iPhone gets old pretty fast. I'm not saying a good browser for RIM isn't desperately needed, it is. But who really wants to spend hours surfing the net on a phone screen.

All I can visualize with RIM is that they are probably all old developers from the early eighties that think they keep coming up with new stuff. Come on RIM get up to date for real.

Also, whats up with the broweser ... see that it said "Requesting" for a while before the video closed it donw... the browser never opened. GREAT JOB RIM.... NOT.

I would get this in an instant. Wish we could have seen the browser in action, that's what I'm really waiting to see. I like what I saw, but of course, I want to see more, namely, the browser.
Love it!

After playing with my buddy's phone of which we do not speak of here, I realize that even OS 6 is light-years behind and archaic by comparison. Of course, I admit we don't have much of it to look at in this video but it doesn't look much different than what we're using now.

I don't understand how people can knock the OS when they know nothing about it. First, we don't know what we are seeing other then it being labeled version 6. We don't know what stage of development this version is from so it should be expected that the end product may not resemble what we see here.

RIM knows there are a lot of expectations for this OS and some of the new devices. I am sure they are not going to release a laggy OS when they have a lot of analysts waiting to see what they deliver.

So take what you see here as a concept - maybe te end product will resemble it maybe it won't.

very nice OS. I can't wait until the OS is released and the phone doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

Hey, I get that a lot of purists will turn their nose up at this, but there's a lot of others like me, who still love the flip phone, but hate suretype. I'd jump at this!!!

hey kevin can you find out a few things on this OS like what stage this is in developement and will it look better on a touch screen this doesnt look like the video we saw and whats up with the browser

I work in a small 10 person company with a pay for play IT dept, so when we want to use a smart phone we are on our own fixing any problems that come up. Blackberries just work in this environment - pun intended. Any small problems that come around the way are easily fixed as I have been using BB since the 7250 and as the resident geek folks come to me with their phone and say "fix me". Since the Ipad came out my boss's Iphone has stopped updating his calendar, and while it supposedly works with MS products it seems to work poorly from what I have seen. I worry that the pressure on BB to become more consumer friendly for video, audio and twitter etc will make the BB platform less productive over time and I am sure that's the problem the BB engineers fight with every day. I thought 5.0 was a nice step up from 4.6, but I worry that 6.0 might change that. For me just a better browser would complete the experience but I know I am in the minority. Of the 4 smart phones in my office 3 are Blackberries, our choices, and not one of us feel any desire to move away.

I don't think you need to woory about RIM straying from their commitment to keep things easy for the existing consumer. That is why development is taking so long. At the analysts day RIM Mike mentioned that the mandate for the new OS was for it to NOT deviate from current BB users experience. Hence an existing BB user must be able to pick up and use the BB no problem. IMHO that is the right way to run a consumer oriented business.

At least this shows that OS6 runs on a NON touch screen phone like my 9700!
But it is not looking amazing like I had hoped, kind of much the same as OS 5. Hmmmmm.
Hoping the 'fake' webkit browser there working on is as good as a 'proper' webkit browser when it comes out!
Come to think of it, why cant they just make a 'proper' webkit browser anyway??? Anyone???

F-uh-huh-huh-huh-huuuuuugly! Wow. What a fatty! Somebody at RIM likes their no-apparent-target-market devices to have a bit of junk in the trunk... That is definitely not a front-pocket handset.

OS looks mildly better than in that absurd RIM promo video, but still not the evolutionary jump needed to keep up with Windows Phone 7, iPhone OS 4, and Adroid 2.2.

Interesting - form factor on the flip reminds me a LOT of my old Sony Ericsson z600: a bit thick for a clamshell, but at the time, the quality was was worth the difference compared to other phones on the market, and the size / form made for a comfortable solid grip -- actually more secure feeling than many "sliver"-style phones. Made for very easy one-handed use. I can see the BB flip having similar appeal.

Not sure what I think at this point. I'm increasingly intrigued by Android, Gmail with my own company domain name is getting close to being able to replace BIS for us and may wind up being more versatile. I still love having a tactile keypad, and I wouldn't have considered walking away from BB's any time over the last 4 years, but it seems like a plausible possibility this coming year.

Lots of variables in the air for us, including:
- which BB's come to T-Mobile
- whether T-Mobile's rates will still be so significantly different from other carriers (been w/them for many years, but feeling a bit less loyal these days)
- T-Mobile's continued rollout of 3g / 3.5g -- and whether they get their issues w/it resolved (and for which devices)
- incentives / rates offered by other carriers
- which BB's go to other carriers
- how good OS6 looks once it's in production
- how the Android market evolves over the coming year


Sorry but OS6 looks like the same old BB OS...

I've heard some rumors of a newer interface to freshening up the BB OS to match what most new phones on the market have. Sorry but I just did not see that in the preview.

RIM better do a lot better than what this preview showed to save me from going to a droid based device. I think blackberry should make a all new platform alll new look. There software is outdated compared to the iphone and the droids. They should start from scatch and make something with high speed and all the bells and whistles. And the number thing that I have had a issue with since I had a blackberry was the app world

looks good, but forgive me if this has been asked before...
is this going to made available for older bB's?

when i mean older i mean current ones

the storm2 on t-mobile for example..

I'm pretty sure that the only phones that will be able to use the OS 6 are going to be the newer ones except for the Bold they tested os 6 on and the bold wont have the one of the browser things either even.So the answer to your specific question is a No , sorry but you will have to upgrade I think .

for who ever want this phone...big ups to ya, but I just want this os on my 9700(I'm planning on keeping her a a few years)

Who uses flipphones anymore? lol Thats the old school style. But I guess some people still butt dial too LOL :D

It is nice having a larger screen when you get a bit older and struggle with small text. I enjoyed my Storm for the screen size and the SureType, but bought a 9700 because I got tired of the limitations of the touch concept, and I wanted to use the new Telus network. It is so nice to have the keyboard there all the time to use the shortcuts and the sheer speed of doing anything is so refreshing.

The BBOS has such a great UI, I am glad they are not taking the advice of the pundits who say they need an overhaul. OS6 looks like a nice minor upgrade to OS5, that is all it needs. The touch version of OS6 is where the changes are most noticeable and it looks like it is just what consumers are asking for.

I hope they keep most of the browser UI as well when they switch to WebKit. I keep my browser in column view by default with JavaScript off. Pages load fast and all the text is easily read just by pressing the space key. When I use an iPod for browsing, I actually miss this feature as I am spending more time panning and zooming than I am reading.

I like the idea of having a big screen, but I like the idea of small in the pocket even more. I think the new Pearl 9100 and a strong pair of reading glasses will be next for me.

As far as the flip phone goes, welcome to 2002 Blackberry users.

OS6 looks pretty disappointing so far. How about instead of just prettying things up, they make some major changes with the quality of apps available (webkit) and make a fully functional web browser? I never thought I'd contemplate leaving Blackberry, but the upcoming Iphone and Android phones are looking more and more tempting...

HA HA HA. This thing looks like a Jitterbug with a QWERTY. But hey, I'm sure there will be a demand for it in nursing homes. Que Jitterbug jingle...

I think we might be seriously surprised how popular this phone might be. I showed some of the pictures of the clamshell BB to my wife...her instant reaction was, I want one. She didn't care about BlackBerry 6, Webkit etc. She really liked the form factor. On this tech board sometimes too much analysis...she is an average consumer. She wants a BB and loves the fact that it closes up...she currently uses a BB Curve.

Some of us post on here because we were loyal blackberry users (see name) but after waiting and waiting and buying and buying we jumped ship (htc hd2) But we come here hopeing to see rim finaly give us something modern. There has got to be a way to keep the core fuctionality of bb but give the consumer something they can be proud of and not just something that works and stays very deep in your pocket. Rim is now way behind EVERY other manufacture out there and its really just sad. But there makeing money so they dont care. Problem is when they finaly do see this hit there walet it will be to late look at palm.

I've loved clamshell phones since my first Motorola Startac and was gutted when they all but died out here in the UK. I've been waiting for ages for a high spec clamshell to be released by any manufacturer, but this could be a bit too big - it looks about the same size as my trusty Motorola Startac! It should sell quite well in the US though, as they seem to still love their clamshells, and still have quite a few lower spec ones on the market.