Video Demo of Wikitude's Augmented Reality Browser that comes preloaded on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2011 08:07 pm EDT

During BlackBerry World's keynote demo sessions, RIM showed off the new Wikitude for BlackBerry app that will come preloaded on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 and make use of the device's built-in Digital Compass. The Wikitude app is referred to as Augumented Reality Browser... but what does that mean? Probably the best thing to do is check out the video above to see it in action or Wikitude's blog post on the announcement for me details, but esssentially you can open the camera view within the app and see the world around you with points of interest layered on top. With over 150 milllion geo-referenced places already tagged around the world, Bold Touch owners are going to have a lot of fun with this one.

We hear an even better demo video is coming soon of the Wikitude app in action, so stay tuned and we'll post that up as soon as it hits the youtubes. 

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Video Demo of Wikitude's Augmented Reality Browser that comes preloaded on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930


That last part was pretty neat! It sure does takes the pressure off a guy/girl who is shy to approach directly to a person upfront and use bbm as an ice breaking tool.

That's how I met my Physics lab partner in first year university. She has a Blackberry and I have a Blackberry so she decided to join me because she didn't know how to use her Blackberry(she just got one). Well... she is cute. :)

I am going into second year classes with her and every time she get stuck on her BB, she send me a BBM. :) I am in love!

This is so awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!! I cant believe the technology this Bold is gonna have!!!!! this is a wholee new step for RIM!!! Woohooo!!! thanks to Crackberry for providing us all this infoo!!!!!!! =]

ok yes I agree this is cool and all, BUT - aren't we just using technology a little bit too much? I mean really - rather than panning around with your device and BBM/stalking some girl/guy once they show up in your 'BBM World', why not just go over and TALK with her/him?? Know what I'm sayin'? I think we're letting this tech stuff get in the way of common sense, just a bit.

But I'll still use it!

i dont think you be able to talk to someone in your BBM world with out having them as a contact.

it might show everyone with a blackberry which i supper cool cause you will know they have a PIN.

but the message part is only to your contacts.

they might make it like facebook where you could see someone's profile and send them an inbox message but not have direct chat until they have you as a contact.

holy crap...that's creepy and amazing at the same time... lol. toronto is flooded with blackberry users. I wonder if people are going to use this to "approach" each other now. lol..

You can turn it off so this is not creepy. You can remove yourself from the "discoverable" mode, so that other people can't see you.

time to buy these guys out too and rename it to something better :P

"I can see you"

LOL, a bit stalkerish but hey if you put your profile out there you deserved to be pinged.

obviously you'll be in range to walk over and say hi but I guess it's a way to ask nicely if they aren't busy
probably a lot cooler in a club/concert though when everyone is all squishy squish.

Integration of BBM into other apps is one way to counter the influx of new BBM styled apps that have flooded the market on mobile devices. A good reason to keep you using bbm as as long as I don't get flooded with useless spam.

Wow I got say that all the naysayers have it all wrong when this stile off bbm comes out hold on tight because rim is going for one serious ride UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is amazing!!!!!

While the last part was pretty cool it seems pretty useless. If I already know those people on the steps why wouldn't I just call out to them? The only useful applications of that might be for a handicapped person to save them the effort to of going over to them or to someone in distress who wanted to get help from them and they were not in audible range. Other than that it just seems like a cool gimmick to me.

RIM - please release this device to all carriers SOON!!! The rumors better not be true that the release will be pushed back to mid/late August.

Now if only we could convince every girl in the worle to get a blackberry :),really nice features,looking forward to it

This app will work great when you're at the club with your friends and you cant find them. Just turn on the app, scan the club, find them, and then slap them for making you look for them! Haha