Video Demo of the new BlackBerry Travel App

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2011 09:32 am EST

If you're in North America, the UK, or Spain you can already download the newly-announced BlackBerry Travel app from App World and give it a go for yourself (see our original BlackBerry Travel App post for full details and download info). If you're not in those regions and want to see what you're missing, or if you just want to see it in action before you download, then check out the video above. Live on location at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, we got a good look at the BlackBerry Travel app by the folks at WorldMate, who have put a ton of hard work into this app over the years.

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Video Demo of the new BlackBerry Travel App


Proximity sensor. You really cant see it on the black models. You can clearly see it on the white ones.

Downloaded no problem. App looks very good. Seems a bit slow to dl info though. Hopefully it speeds up. Cool app though.

Downloaded and installled - no problems.

Sent a copy of a confirmation of flight, but after 30 min, still does not show up on "MY TRIPS"

I can't register, i.e. I press the register button and nothing happens. I've already done one battery pull. (8900

same thing happened to me, but I eventually got an email saying I had registered. Try waiting for the email maybe? It took a few min for me

You shouldn't be having any issues any longer.. basically it was just the influx of people utilizing the app all at the same time. Now that there is less of a server load things should be working better. Also, remember you can only book flights through the desktop component of the app (for now)!

Sitting here wondering why I would download this one since I've been so happy w/Worldmate. Reason 1 would be if it took up less memory. Reason 2 would be if it has some 'BB-specific' integration features. Reading your post, I assume it's not going to save much for the integration, I now have the ability to send an emailed itinerary directly to the app via highlighting the email and then hitting the BB button.....will do some more investigation to see if it's a step forward or backward.

Not working for me at all. Registered fine but now won't sign me in. Keep getting "connection failed/timout" notice. Ugh, so lame.

I just got an email from worldmate saying that they have joined forces with the RIM and to get this app. Your call.

Looks like a good app, but I also can't register. I get a connection failed of it just give up and nothing happens. I have an at&t torch.

I have tried install this on my Torch three times now, every time I get the following error message:

Error starting
'CodeModuleGroupManager.getPropertiesFromModuleGroup' not found.

I've downloaded and installed it via App World on my archaic 9530 with no problems!!!!! Long live the Storm 1!!! Hahahahaha....anyway, my travel itineraries still aren't syncing up with it however. I'll give it some more time and let you know when and if my trips ever show up on the app.

I just installed it on my Bold 9650 and I believe I registered okay because I can log in via my PC, but I keep getting connection failed errors on my 9650 and cannot sign in with it. I ran the "connection wizard" and it worked fine, but I still get the connection error when I try to sign in.

How did you log in through your PC? Never mind figured it out, too bad I have to be registered through the app first.

Does this have to be always running to get updates? Does/can it do periodic polling for updates like, say, Ubertwitter?

Will this slow down my phone (9650)?

Willing to give it a try.....

Installed - no luck yet for it picking up flight itineraries. All my itineraries come in a PDF, unsure if it can scan the document or not? I've copied and pasted the details into an E-mail and sent to myself as well. Wait and see, however I would hope it has a quick turnaround.

I downloaded this no problem to my Torch. Put in my itinerary for an upcoming trip to Mexico, and it even created an entry on my Google calendar for the trip. Cool!

I deleted it after trying 20 times to get it to work. Whatever the problem is, it's not user error. I am already tired of trying to get it to work. Would rather pay for an app than have to screw around with just logging in.

I haven't had any problems and have had my flights updated. I did manually enter the information instead of forwarding the information to a site. No problems yet. The test for me comes tomorrow when I'm actually traveling. All this information is great, but accuracy will be tested tomorrow. Just because there's a gate listed, doesn't mean thing right now.

Another thing I've noticed is that some of the free features of this app were paid features with Worldmate. You had to upgrade and pay for Gold status to get some of the features found on BlackBerry Travel. Having said that.....I still can't get it to capture and automatically add any of my itineraries....

If anyone on here is over at MWC, you should drop by Worldmate's booth and ask them what's up with this issue!!!

riddle me this. Why is this awesome useful app that I would use endlessly available for every phone, thats right even the archaic 8330, but NOT my 9630 Tour?

I Registered without a problem got the email within 10mins to validate. However!, I downloaded this app at noon and it's almost 6pm now and I still can't log in with it's connection failed error come on RIM fix the issue. Why have this app featured on the app world main page when the bloody thing doesn't work

It took about 3-4 hours to register my email itineraries and sync up with my device. Seems to be working fine now. Bold 9650 running OS 6.0.

i keep getting an error message saying error starting com_worldmate_bbtravel_wml error loading module........

any suggestions? Ive downloaded and deleted it several times and rebooted in between.

The fact that it only has Expedia sucks, but not a deal breaker. UI is gorgeous. All and all 4 stars. Hope they get Orbitz and Cheap Flights on board.

I don't really see the usefulness of this app for flights. You can search for them but not actually book them with the app. It pulls your travel info from the email confirmation that we all get pushed to our devices anyway, I guess it keeps them organized. And it's good for hotels? Am I missing something or is that pretty much it?