Video Demo of Multiplayer Quake III Action on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Easy to port POSIX games to BlackBerry Tablet OS!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2011 11:46 am EDT

The Native Development Kit for the BlackBerry PlayBook's BlackBerry Tablet OS hasn't been released to the public just yet (see our BlackBerry Developer Podcast for more details), but when it becomes available we should see a plethora of games become available. Developers can take any game developed for a POSIX environment and easily bring the code over to the QNX OS. From there it's just a matter of tweaking controls for the PlayBook's user interface and sizing graphics for the appropriate resolution.

In this video recorded at the Ask the Experts booth at BlackBerry World, we get an explanation of how easy it was to port Quake III over to QNX via the NDK and of course we get to see some multiplayer first person shoot em up action. Check it out! 

Reader comments

Video Demo of Multiplayer Quake III Action on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Easy to port POSIX games to BlackBerry Tablet OS!


Great! At my next LAN-event i can easily bring my playbook instead of the big rig at home ;-) Unfortunately Quake is an old example for FPS, i am interested, whats possible regarding newer games like this.

I'd like to see something newer like Call of Duty, GTA, MLB 2011, Madden 2011, FIFA 2011, Company of Heroes, Command and Conquer 3, Crysis, Assasins Creed, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Gears of War, World in Conflict, Medal of Honor etc...

WOW that looks good. I hope they actually release that! I know that Quake 3 is old but man it looks good on the Playbook!

The native sdk is going to be quite powerful in terms of what it allows developers to do. From what I have seen thus far, it should allow developers to port almost any existing unix/linux library to run on qnx (much like OS X's darwin base allows).

Yes I know quake is old - still looked awesome. What excites me most is how easy it seems to port apps over to the pb. This is HUGE for rim and pb app development. I'm convinced more and more each day that RIM has a real good thing happening with the playbook....

"Terminated"? Don't mean to be a bug, but the word you're looking for is "fragged".

But yeah, looks great! Can't wait for that NDK release.

Hi Kevin,

I don't think you guys have done a video demo of Flash games on Playbook yet, have you? A lot has been made of Playbook's Flash capability, but I was wondering if you would please video demo some Flash games in action.


They should just realize the demo as a game. It would be a nice way to hold people off until other games come out.