Video Demo: Flash Tools and Support Coming to BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2009 10:59 am EST

One of the big announcements at the BlackBerry Developer Conference yesterday was the new partnership between Adobe and BlackBerry. When it comes to flash on a mobile device, RIM is going way beyond just being able to play an animation or flash movie on a BlackBerry but is working with Adobe to really BlackBerry-ize Adobe's creative tools to make it that much easier to make rich BlackBerry app experiences. Heck, I'm pretty sure that even with just my circa 1999 web skillz that I could build a BlackBerry widget with the new BB plugin coming in Adobe CS5.

You can check out the video above to get a first glimpse of some of the flash dev tools and experience. Great things coming to BlackBerry Smartphones soon!!

Reader comments

Video Demo: Flash Tools and Support Coming to BlackBerry


I can't believe this! This is gonna be huge. And with RIM's acquisition of Torch Mobile, both of these combined will be awesome. Let's hope they integrate this into this generation of handsets!

I almost wish I had never seen all this new stuff coming out! Now I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!

These are annoucements only. Nothing new was deployed yesterday. Even the 5.0 tools are still beta. Great to play with but no commercial developer or distributor is going to spend allot of time developing until they are finalized. 2 years ago we were told by RIM that they were working on getting Flash to BB, working the kinks out of Java to make it so. Same thing last year. Its not that I don't trust RIM, but I sure as heck am gonna make them shuffle the deck before they deal.

You know 1magine, I would tend to agree, but when RIM made these announcements before, did they have something working on screen to show at a developer conference? I don't see this in the next few months, but I can easily see this within the current generation of smartphones and not waiting until OS 5.1 or 5.2

Well I'm sure one day apple apple will get flash..maybe even google voice..guessing 2012 since it takes a couple of years for them to catch up..In the mean time, I am happy ATT is working on their service. They spent millions upgrading their towers in NY this year...FInally I have 1 bar on the West Side.

So instead of simply bringing out a flash plugin asap they are going to go way beyond and spend far too long developing something more advanced. I dunno about you but I would just like to get some basic flash functionality on my BB first!
Probabably gonna be another year before they finally release this in OS6 maybe?

I think i just cried a little inside. I can't wait for this to become implemented across the BlackBerry world!

OK, last week I was ready to ditch Blackberry and now they come out with all this exciting news! Question is, WHEN are we going to see all this stuff? I can't wait forever! And I hope we get Flash before the iPhone!

Point-and-click developer tools that not only work but don't require coding ability. This ought to actually get things moving.

this i definitely a step in the right direction. i sure hope this is going to be implemented in just a couple of months, 'cause it really would make bb the ultimate smartphone. the hazzle of going back and forth between the browser and media player is just plain annoying, and only being able to browse web pages old school style, well yeah...