Video Demo: BumpTop App Shows Off 3D Graphics via New Open GL APIs on BlackBerry Storm2

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2009 08:16 pm EST

Following up on yesterday's Open GL support announcement by Research in Motion, we've now seen a few examples at DevCon of BlackBerry apps and games showing off 3D graphics in live working apps.

Xtreme Labs gave us a demo of the picture viewing / album app they have been working on with that features oodles of 3D graphics love. Check out the video above to see it in action. It's still an early beta, but it's an encouraging sign for BlackBerry developers as the Xtreme Labs guys only had access to the new APIs for a short period of time leading up to the conference (less than two weeks). 

Cool stuff. We'll let you know when the BumpTop app becomes available for download.

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Video Demo: BumpTop App Shows Off 3D Graphics via New Open GL APIs on BlackBerry Storm2


yeah - super early build of this. wouldn't read into the speed of the app yet. no real optimizations in place yet... they barely played with the new apis before churning that out.



yeah, I was gonna say. This doesn't look super appealing in this form. We don't need our interfaces looking like Sony Xperias. haha That app needs to be sped up. It NEEDS to be fluid for anybody to take this and us seriously.


Is OpenGL purely hardware based, or is there some sort of software OpenGL that these things are running? I mean, I know the Storm and Storm 2's processor has a built in GPU, but it really doesn't seem like the OpenGL is using hardware to accelerate itself. The frame rate isn't what you might expect from full hardware accelerated OpenGL. Maybe this will improve with time.

This looks awesome. Just a small clue as to what this OpenGL availability will bring us. Loving it.

@ you guys complaining. You are obviously so clueless it is funny. The developer had the apis for 2 weeks and was nice enough to show a rough beta sampling what can be done. The onlt thing you say is that it lags. Buy a clue or gtfo.

Is theis the application offered by Wanderspot, LLC as version 1.0?

If so it is already in APP world.