Video: BrickBreaker on the BlackBerry Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2008 12:16 pm EDT

Ok Ok.. so instead of keeping you on hold for my Hands-On BlackBerry Storm masterpiece, I'll put the vids and pictures up over several little posts and consolidate it later. I hate keeping you waiting, and this is blogging afterall...

First up... the answer to that nagging question... what's BrickBreaker look like on the BlackBerry Storm????  Here it is... and it's AWESOME!

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Video: BrickBreaker on the BlackBerry Storm!


Are you on your BlackBerry or Computer? If on Berry, try from computer. Should play fine though... the view count is piling up already.

If you're on a work computer youtube may be blocked though.

if you're checking from a work pc or a firewalled pc (like myself) you won't be able to view the vid till you get home. :(

So does that mean you now own a Storm Keven ?....or did you just get to play with one but have to hand it back.

Don't own a Storm yet. Had a great walk through with one for like an hour, but weren't really supposed to take any pictures or videos at the conference.

So ya know..this video could have come from anywhere.

Hopefully this will keep the kids busy for a few minutes and they will stop posting ***** in the forum.

I can't wait for more :)

Hey Kevin,

I'm sort of a newbie. I've been checking the site every 15 minutes since I decided I was getting a Storm a few months back. Not a BB abuser yet but I will be soon when I get storm. (I am pretty much having an afair with this device)

Anyway, I was wondering, where did you get the voice over for the intro to that and other videos that say "CRACKBERRY .COM" by the movie guy?

If it were a text to speech or sound board, I'd love to mess with it.


I think it may be the real deal. I know that he did alot of voiceover work for the regular joe and even did some voicemail recordings. lol. Too bad he's not with us anymore...Movie previews just won't be the same...

''CRACKBERRY.COM'' the voiceover guy sounds like a murderer.....are they giving out storms in jail now to keep the inmates happy?

DO NOT be knocking the Great don lafontaine, if you thought that about the intro, you must think that about practically EVERY movie commercial in the last 20 yrs lol

Couple things:

a) our video playback clip is coming up. Stay tuned! Along with many more clips.

b) Re: Don LaFontaine. Not quite the right story there. We were trying to set up for a while to have Don LaFontaine do a whole bunch of clips for us for our podcast. Got the first quote - wasn't exorbitant at all actually (few thousand bucks for quite different bytes/samples), but went back to his agent with a slightly more condensed list of what we actually needed (took off some of the extra ones - like him recording my voicemail message..haha), but unfortunately, this all happened when Don's health implications took a turn for the worse, so we were never able to have him complete it all.

So the comes from a couple of samples that Don did for his Mobile Computing Authority show.

Over the past couple weeks, I have spoken to numerous VZW employees in different stores and none of them have informed me of this...

Today, I was put on a "Verizon Blackberry Storm Waiting List" by a VZW employee. Not sure if this is a store-specific thing, but make sure you are on one if you want the Storm at arrival...


From what I see, the touch screen seems very responsive.
This was one of my concerns, but it seems to keep up with your finger movement without lagging.

Nice video, perfect game to show the sensibility of the touch screen.

You guys are easily impressed. This game is so lame compared to the games on the iPhone. But hey, it is a blackberry i mean iphone killer. Now that is funny

Well, millions of people in America aren't as concerned about having "cool" little games on their phones as they are in maintaining great cell phone coverage, LOWER COST VOICE PLANS (I could say that one all day long but AT&T obviously doesn't give a sh**), very simple billing statements, etc. that we get with Verizon Wireless. The iPhone will NEVER be able to handle the professional requirements of work, email, attachments and many others like a Blackberry can.

Sorry, but you will never be able to turn a true BB user over to an iPhone. It's a way of life.