Video: Side by Side - BlackBerry Storm, Bold & iPhone 3G!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2008 02:52 pm EDT

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million... or something like that. Anyways, I'm pretty sure this is one of the first videos out there that compares the BlackBerry Storm to the BlackBerry Bold to the Apple iPhone 3G. Take a look! And remember where you saw it first!!

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Video: Side by Side - BlackBerry Storm, Bold & iPhone 3G!


So come on, when is the ACTUAL release date for the Storm!?? I've heard Nov 4, 16, 18 and even later. When the @$!@ will I be able to go into Verizon and buy one!!

I also work for VZW, I am in Retail Management. We just received communication from our higher ups. (District Man. Regional Pres. and Area Pres.) That all store employees are REQUIRED to work on the 9th for the launch of the Storm. They are expecting a huge turnout, (i guess similar to the waiting in line for the iPhone when it launched) I know it seems odd to be launching it on a Sunday, but i write the schedule at my store, and ALL the Sales Reps will be working that day. So, i guess that the 9th will be the magical day!!!!! Can't Wait!!

I started a 30 day trial on 10/13th with the Curve 8330. Am I thinking I should ship it back before that date and get the Storm. Any thoughts about the differences? And is the 9th really the true date?

I did the exact same thing on the exact same day. In my case I had to have a phone and I knew I wanted either and a touchscreen phone. I decided to try the Blackberry Curve because I had intentions on buying the Storm regardless. I just hope they have it in store before the 13th of November!!

can you give us a time that you are planning on posting the entire review? I really don't want to spend most the day in front of my computer.

I'll hold off on any more videos until the full review post is up. Check back early tomorrow morning. :)

Update: More like afternoon.... got hung up with a few things this afternoon/evening. Grr..sorry for the delay folks.

Well now, just because we all want to hear your review on it doesn't mean we would like the videos to stop. :)

I like how the home screen on the BB Storm changes when the phone is in landscape mode.

Also, did anyone notice, it looks like the iPhone frooze, the home screen is stuck in the middle of two - :P

i'm not sure it froze, it is actually possible to make it stop like that by holding down on an icon to induce the waggle while between two home screens and then pressing the home button. the icons stay as they are until the screen is touched.

is there a way to search the vid on youtube? at work and cant watch it on my desktop but i can watch it on my phone :)

It's like looking through the window of your hot neighbor getting undressed. Not that . .. er. . uh.. I would do anything like that.

I almost get mad that I don't have one. [deep breath] son...soon.

...mad that you don't have a hot neighbour who undresses in front of open windows? or a blackberry storm...?

I went to my VZW rep and the put me on some list to a private showing of the Storm, and he said they are only allowing going to invite whatever amount of devices they are recieving. Then he took down my name and number and said it will be around the 16th of November. Has this happened to anyone else????

Over the past couple weeks, I have spoken to numerous VZW employees in different stores and none of them have informed me of this...

Today, I was put on a "Verizon Blackberry Storm Waiting List" by a VZW employee. Not sure if this is a store-specific thing, but make sure you are on one if you want the Storm at arrival...

Wow, I didn't realize it before but the Storm looks considerably smaller than the iPhone. And it definitely holds it's own on sexiness.

OK - so I just called my local store. They do have a "list" to put your name on. Here's what the guy told me:

1. Release date is Nov 16 (subject to change)
2. He will call me on Nov 11 to confirm the date and other information.
3. Payment info is not yet available

He also told me to tell all my friends who are interested in the phone to call their store and get their name on the list!!!

The new Bold and Storm look great and the screens look good to but the multimedia on the iPhone is still way ahead of either of these phones. I use both iPhone 3G and Curve but for viewing documents and websites, until I see the bold and storm up close, iPhone hands down. Sorry crackheads its imo

the storm looks sweet as hell, but i would much prefer it if the entire thing were darker. the silver lining on the side seems a bit too flashy for my taste. maybe if the silver lining were just toned down a bit. or better yet, if the silver lining were replaced with a dark gray brushed metal piece (kind of like the swappable battery covers they were showing). that would look REALLY nice. oh well, i'm still going to buy it.

A few days ago on cnet, the Android (ugly thing that it is) beat the "Holy Then Thou" Iphone 3G as well. Head up crap-ple, nobody is on your heels anymore, they are stepping all over you.

BlackBerry all the way.

I can't get over how good the screen looks on the Storm...
and I love how the on-screen buttons are transparent so you can see the background in it's entirety; looks amazing.

Maybe just one more video today Kevin? Pretty Please?

What a waste of a comparison. If your going to brag about a side by side comparison try actually showing performance of the different devices. By now everyone and their dog know the difference in size but what we are all waiting for is the device shoot out to watch the iPhone go down in flames. IMHO

Performance comparisons will happen when the Storm hits the market. Doing a comparison vid while the Storm is still running pre-release code isn't a truly a head to head test yet. And there were precious few minutes to get this vid footage captured - lucky to have it at all.

Tell ya what - you grab a Storm and iPhone 3G today and record a head to head shootout and I'll be happy to embed it up here in the blogs for all to see.

In the meantime, I changed the title of the blog post for you a bit. Happy? :)

Having a rather large corporate account, and waiting for the Bold myself... My account rep says there was news passed to some ATT employees of November 4th for the Bold.

Doesn't look as elegant as the iPhone..
Lets see what kind of a workhorse it can be
Sideways thumb typing - bring it on!
If its too much of a heavy brick - Javelin here I come

Over at they state Bestbuy has documents stating that the Strom is gonna go for $699.99 without contract. So Kevin what do you thing about that? With a 2 year contract the phone will be $300 to $400 thats to much compare to the Iphone.

You need to realize one tiny detail... and that is the fact that Best Buy always sells the phone outright for around $100 dollars more, so it makes 5-6 hundred dollars sound more sound more around the actual price of the device.

couldnt help but notice the bold getting pushed out pretty early there.....the runt of the litter :( storm really doesnt look as elegant as the iphone, although it may well be heaps more practical. be ineresting to see a head to head review of all 3 from a site thats not biased either to iphone or blackberry.

Just called one of the stores here and they said they are reserving 2 for me and my girl for sometime in Nov. I dont trust anyone in sales, but better safe than sorry if this list thing holds true. And they had no idea on date or price.

I have my name on a "list" im sure its accually first come first served .. so .. i think i will order online the day its announced . MUCH eayser to do that way. BUT if your the type that has to have it now. the store will have it for your if your the first 10 in the store on the day (whenever that is) its avaiable. as for me .. im goin online

Okay, really now?

great comparison BTW.

But, wheres the official release date and price range?

Good Lord!

Thank you Kevin :)

( I really hope you were not thinking about something else )

Can't wait for Friday morning !

I bet people who bash the iphone... in light of the storm, have mccain signs in their front yard

I am employed by vzw.. the iphone is a beast.. we have all come to terms with that

The storm also looks to be promising, not a game changer however

either way, don't bash apple because your mom didn't want to switch to att ( ;

I have use a couple of Blackberry's in the past. I have an Iphone but not for very long. I can't wait to get my hands on the Blackberry Storm and put my Iphone on Ebay.

storm looks the best out of all the touch screen phones and i fink storm is the only phone that can compete against the iphone.

Any chance we could get a write up that shows the dimensions and weight comparison for the Storm, Bold, 8900/Javelin, iPhone, Curve, etc.? I'd really like to compare them and can go get the information from 10 different locations, but it would be really nice if Kevin could put them up here.

Of all the things I've heard the iPhone called - elegant is brand new to me! haha

No but in all honesty - Kevin we're waiting for your review with baited breath. :)

i was told by some upper vzw management.. we'll get shipments and demo phones on the third of november... so my guess is the 9th on release date.

Funny, I can't view this page very well (much less the embedded video) from by Blackberry, but it works just fine on my iPhone!

Sorry, but I couldn't resist... Give it up peeps, no Blackberry is even *close* to the experience of an iPhone and won't be for some time. It's not that the hardware isn't nice or as sexy (it is), it's that the OS (for anything beyond email, a small number of third party apps and pretty limited media support) is cr*p in comparison. Seriously, if you think otherwise, you are in deep, deep denial.

Funny you make a statement like that and then give no indication of who the hell you are? Is it that you are senile and have no idea who the hell you are or better yet where the hell you are? This is CRACKBERRY.COM you frigin idiot. So why don't you take your precious Iphone turn it sideways and shove it straight up your ass. Better yet why don't you just get the hell outa here.

where is the full review KEVIN I've been on this site all day waiting 5:00pm now you said this afternoon where is it us *berryheads* need our fix?

What time zone does he live in? I think he is taking an example from RIM, and delaying the release of his review...

Some of you people (you know who you are) are the rudest, most thankless people on the internet. Pardon me for sticking up for Kevin,(whom I've never even met) but last I checked, none of us pay for ANY of the information he graciously provides here.

If you can't wait for him to post his review, start your own site and spend your days providing information to users such as yourself who have nothing better to do than complain. Until you do....Shut your big, flappin' pieholes and act like an adult.

Geeeeez....The nerve of some people!


How do you expect us addicts to react!

Kevin does such a fantastic job in his reviews and when we don't get our promised fix, well how else do you expect us to react.

One last thing, look to the right of the screen, if there were not any good articles here, would we be clicking on that side?