Video: The BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Curve 8900 Compared

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2009 01:43 am EST

Been thinking about a new BlackBerry? Can't decide between the BlackBerry Bold, Storm or Curve 8900? If so, check out the video above. Zara of MobileChic let us know about the quick video overview and comparison she put together. In only two minutes she does a pretty solid job of summing up some of the pros and cons to each device. Whaddya think? Did she nail it? Missing any points? Drop your thoughts and reactions in the comments. You can catch more of Zara's mobile reviews on YouTube.

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Video: The BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Curve 8900 Compared


Is she saying in so many words that of the three the storm sucks ass. I would love to know KEVIN MICHALUK if you had any idea why the storm only has 128mb of memory versus the 256mb of the 8900 and no wifi and why didnt they use the 624 mhz processor in the storm maybe then it would be more competitive with the iphone they need to equip the storm better than that It seems a little backwards how they choose the components for the storm. get it together WATERLOO!!!

I think it's because the Storm is so expensive...if they put anything better in it that would cost more...they are going to loose big time or, it's going to cost way more than an iPhone. iPhone had a good head start and they're not going to catch up if their first attempt doesn't come out soon...and cheap to compete. People look at prices too you know. If it's expensive...move on, it's as simple as that, right?

This is why I say amateurs have no business reviewing products. Any one with a youtube account a cheap digital camera now has become a reviewer of so called products. Very little credibility. The wording almost implying that the 8900 has some "Faster" USB connection? To some technically challenged people "Which there are many" they may think that the 8900 has some sort of faster connection. A USB Connection is a USB connection.. There the same. Why even mention it in that way and fashion... Stupid.

Storm users and both Iphone users wake up and ask yourself this question "Do I really need or want touch screen?" So many people are caught up on the "Wow" factor of touch screen that they don't realize that really dont need touch screen and in reality its a pain in the a** and lame.. So many people are caught up on that they dont even know why they want it. The screens are expensive to replace and fragile both on iphone and storm. Pain to type or dial one handed. Limited on cases and holsters due to the need of the screen to be uncovered. etc etc.... Bold all the way.. Blows all others away. Except for the reason if your tied to a Service provider which is impart the Major factor in what phone you may be forced to get. If you want a lighter cheaper phone go 8900 over the storm. 8900 looks great upgrade to curve and great price and features. If you got the money for a storm dont waste it get a bold. Ask almost all Storm Users out there and even iphone users they hate typing on touch screen. It sucks every day heavy use.

I agree in part about your comments but there is something you don't understand and that is PERSONAL PREFERENCE. I personally like the Iphone bcs of its large screen and smooth scroll, I just hate the fact that they breakdown so frequently and I don't feel like paying all that money on a half working phone ( I HAD one). As for the storm, again same issues as the Iphone, way too many issues about it and you probably know that, I have been playing around with it. I like the way it looks but don't like the fact that the touch screen, OS and other software still have many issues that need to be resolved. The Bold is beautiful but didn't like the size. I bought one before they were released here and sold it. I now upgraded to the 8900 and I think it is a good phone, again it is not my #1 choice but it has everything I can use and it is reliable. This is MY personal preference.

Hey dude,

If you check out you can actually see the teardown of the bold and storm. Unfortunately, you're wrong... both devices have different USB controllers, which makes a big difference when transferring files.

Looks like the Bold has the a different USB controller that is known to give much faster speeds.

USB 2.0 is capable of 480megabits/second... no one can attain that due to software overhead etc. There is a big difference between the devices I've owned.

You should probably educate yourself a little before you make such an accusational post.

The storm seems terribly slow. File transfer speed is personally a big deal to me.

Actually I have the Storm and I love the touchscreen AND the clicking. I'm as fast if not faster than I was on my physical QWERTY keyboard using Suretype.

I've had the Storm for two months and I love it. I prefer the larger screen for viewing docs or excel files and watching media, then having a physical keyboard. I am also pretty fast with the keyboard too. Of course I would rather have the faster processor, the apparently slower file transfer is silly, and I have to clean the smudges on the screen.

Last time I check, the fastest USB is 3.0, and the 8900 does not have a 3.0 USB connection. WOW! 12min to load songs, that must have been some wait...what a joke; how cares that it take 12min to load song on the storm. They should have her sync an Iphone so we can watch wig out on the time it takes to do it.

Leave the comparison to the professionals honey.

Actually, she made a very valid point.

If you check out you can actually see the that both devices have different USB controllers, which makes a big difference when transferring files.

USB 2.0 is capable of 480megabits/second... no one can attain that due to software overhead etc. There is a big difference between the devices I've owned.

You should probably educate yourself a little before you make such an accusational post.

Leave the commenting to the professionals, junior.

I am not surprised that you were able to load the music that fast, I just don't understand why it took her 12 minutes? was she recording the music out of an 8 track player? I had a Bold, and 8800 and now an 8900 and can load the music very fast directly to the memory card without much delays.

to tell you was that she was syncing the entire Rolling Stones catalog! That is about the only thing I can think of that would take 12 minutes.

Why doesn't the Storm have Wifi? Why would you ask that question during a video? Same with the "why doesn't the 8900 3G capable". Try perusing for those answers. Then ask Verizon whey the storm doesn't have WiFi--lol.

Get a microphone or shoot your video in a quite room.

Video editing:
Show the speeds and feeds under/over/on each device when comparing. Zara was all over the place and it was difficult to keep up.

Other than that it was somewhat informative and wasn't as boring as a chart in a blog post.

Ok.. I think that most of us agree that Zara is cute. So lets move on or should I say down to the brass tacks...

Having been in the professional video business for a number of years I would recommend the following:

1. Don't shoot a video while taking your lunch break at a cafeteria. The background noise is deafening.
2. Use a sound shield on your micraphone. That way we won't hear people in the background shuffling things around or chewing on their food.
3. And this is very important... use lighting! Remember, no one can see anything you are doing unless they can see it.
4. This is an informational piece... don't ask questions! Your job is to inform us of the facts, not ask us to answer questions you are not able to answer yourself.
5. Keep the hand movement to a minimum. You don't need to move the BBs from one hand to the other or swish them around like you are swatting flys. They should be held close enough to your lens that the viewer can see the detail without it feeling like the BB is going to jump out of the screen and eat them.

Other than that... it was actually pretty good! You just need a bit more practice.. .and product knowledge.

If you're such a professional, why don't you learn how to spell "microphone", jackass.

So my spell check missed a word... bfd. I suspect you never misspelled a word. Of course not!

As far as my credentials go I am a Sony Pro School certified videographer and have been in the business since 1975. I worked for and with Sony in their industrial video business unit for a number of years.

I have also done work for the Federal Government and in specific for the President of the United States. I have also done work directly for a number of Hollywood Ad Agencies and Studios. I won't go on about my credentials.. enough of that.

I guarantee what I forgot about video you will never learn. Don't even go down that road!

No one here said anything nasty about this girl or her video. That said, if she is actually being serious, then she needs to learn a lot about the art of video and how to present it to a national (and in this case global) audience. So lighten up....

I own a video production company and I teach an Emmy award winning high school broadcast television class. The tips that he gave are ones that anyone who is interested in video production should take to heart. There is so much really bad video floating aropund the internet that I have a hard time sitting through much of it.

ok well I for one think it was decent of her to get her stuff together and get as much information as she did to share with us. I'm not saying I could or couldn't do better...but why put her down for giving it a shot?

She now knows that their are any number of guys on that would like to hook up with her!

I took this as a consumer review not a professional sales person or something. I think all of these reviews can be useful to someone.

Did anyone else think her small hands make everything else seem so nice and big ;)

She forgot the most important thing in comparing the phones! Which carrier has which? Is it the carrier that you've had since forever? Or the one that you would have to pay to get out of a previous contract? That's really how people are going to choose unless they are able to swith wireless carriers.

we may never see her again on with all the ribbing she is getting.

The issue, as I see it, is that you have so many knowledgable BB users on this forum that for the most part these "consumer" reviews are viewed more for the entertainment value vs. the actual technical value. The expectation levels are pretty high here and if you are going to do a review of a BB devise it has to be pretty comprehensive and well rehearsed. This poor girl set herself up from the get-go. I think she has potential, but needs a far better setting (backdrop); better script and more knowledge about the devise(s) about which she speaks. She has a very nice appearance in front of the camera and can obviously hold the viewers attention. Not a terrible review.. .just not very good.

I think overall the info was quite accurate, the only questionable portion is the 12min to transfer media. It's tough to say if the data is flawed, but I believe the storm uses MTP to transfer the files which could account for the speed differences.

Now that was a good post and I would agree. She even looks more gadgety hot on her other you tube videos. take the top off?? Come on now, that would take away the gadgetyness.

Has any proficient blackberry users actually payed attention to her videos?
Ignore her looks and pay attention to the info she provides...
i don't think i have to say anymore

The bold is definitly the best out of the three, for the money the storm just cant compare, if your going to go for the 8900 why not pay a little more and have a better phone in every aspect. The Bold is the way to go.

I'm not so sure about that. I have an 8900 and I used to own a 9000. I gave my girlfriend the 9000. I don't really care for 3G. So I guess it comes down to who wants speed vs. better screen, better camera and more memory. Not to mention the 8900 is wicked small. I prefer the 8900.

Watch this video for the review and if you don't like it then don't watch it! And quit asking her to take her top off, there are other websites to accomodate those needs for you other perverts out there! Geez, a woman can't do anything these days without anyone putting aside the sex factors.

By the way Zara, nice review of the phones. Very simple and basic for those who don't understand the advanced technicals behind these phones. And it was a good thing that posted this for you otherwise many of us would not have known you even do these reviews.

At first i never liked the bold and i was gonna get the 8900, but then when i saw the 8900 it was way too small. But 3G makes a big diffence! Anyways, Rogers will be releasing a STORM 9520 with has both wi-fi and 3g called (she'd know if she was a true mobilechic). But my Bold is still pretty sick! and plus i only paid 50 bones for it.

I think it is great you did it in 2mins. One of the important point I say would be the camera. I am very excited about the 8900 having the 3.2mp. If you can mention that with the qaulity of the picture would be nice. Overall you did a pretty good job. Btw, I am your big fan now. Do you have a website or blog that I can follow?

be cool...

she's did an ok job, i mean it was straight forward and in lay-men terms (non-techy) which is refreshing compared to the typically tech detailed reviews we often read or see. Not the best by far, but not the worst...

And these comments are *exactly* why, as a community, has become a joke in the world of serious tech journalism. No offense, Kevin, it's not your fault.

And what I meant to say, is that she did a really great job, kept it short and sweet, got all her info right, and touched on all the points that someone seriously looking at these three phones would probably want to know. Of course, you'd never know that with all the fanboi-ism going on in the comments.

Check your premise. I don't think is geared towards being a serious tech site. There are already plenty of those in the world. I think it *is* an *enthusiast* site before anything else. Like a fan club. The fact that they often beat the serious tech sites for news and scoops and hands-on reviews is an added bonus.

"Today we are going to be looking at the Blackberry Bold, the Blackberry Storm, and the Blackberry 8900".

Among other things.

Thanks for the video. It was pretty much a simple comparison and most I would assume had such info already. Not sure if the host is associated witha podcast but i think Cali Lewis remians safe for the time being

She said that 2 of the 3 phones came w/ 128mb memory, and the bold came with 256...
maybe we should remind her that the storm comes with 9 gigs of memory out of the box
1 gig internal + 8 gig card preinstalled = 9 gig, not 128mb.

Any homeless person could do this review. She didnt answer many real questions.. hell, she didnt even say which cameras were wich mpx.
"all 3 have cameras that can shoot video" oooooh! impressive.. no.

how about something real
ease of web surfing
which one's network will work the best (easy answer)
different capabilities?

BTW, i gots me a 9530, and im loving the crap out of it.
for reference i do about 2k-4k texts a month on it, i use suretype (never thought id say that) and i can tap that screen faster than you can click those buttons on that qwerty!

and BTW, she is UGLY.

I am with T-Mobile and I received my 8900 last Wed! T-Mobile reps will place your order for you early if you are extra nice:) I had the highest upgrade avail so the 499$ was knocked to 299$ and they sent a $100 rebate which makes it only $199 out the door. Not bad...and the phone is AMAZING!

personally think curve 8900 is the best consumer level device. lack of 3G means a slower internet connection (right?) but the rest, i extremely superb

I had the storm for 8 days and it locked up on me 5 or 6 times. I finally got fed up and took it back. It was the phone that I really wanted, boy was I disappointed. I would not recomend it for anyone. Very happy with my blackberry curve.

After being on my parents plan for about 8 years, I decided to leave and get my own plan with Verizon; opting for the storm as my first BlackBerry. I spent $250 for the phone and case, and everything was perfectly fine, until I actually recieved the phone. I have never dealt with a network, phone or customer service manager that gave me as many problems as Verizon.

I only had the phone for about 4 days and experienced many more glitches and headaches than I had ever had with any of my other phones. The thing froze up on me about 10 times and i had to turn the whole thing off 4 times, and each reboot took about 10 minutes.

Screw the Storm.

Not MY cup of tea.

I complained to the customer service rep here in vegas and they said that maybe I didnt know how to deal with a BlackBerry. yeahhh.. well maybe they dont know how to keep customers because I was back on my parents plan by that night. with a Curve 8330 that I havent had one problem with in the 2 months since ive had it.

I prefer the 8900 though, its lighter and has an amazing screen.

If you prefer the storm, more power to you. You are WAY patient.


Thanks that was most helpful and it took the mystery out of the decision for me. I am going to get the 8900. because now I am sure it will suit my needs and the needs of my business best.