Video: BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and 8220 Flip Compared

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2009 10:21 am EST

A couple weeks back we posted Zara's Video Comparsion of the BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm. The video got a ton of views and Zara's review got a lot of love and feedback. Zara listened to the constructive CrackBerry comments and has returned to the blogs... this time with a quick comparsion of the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. To flip or not to flip, that is the question! You can check out more of Zara's videos here...

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Video: BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and 8220 Flip Compared


Well it wasn't filled with lots of techno babble and that's good. I think she offered a very "real world user" look at honestly asking yourself if you really want EITHER ONE of these! Her pointing out that the BOLD has twice the processing power of either of these, should be an eye opening fact. I think the final question of asking do you want a sure type or a qwerty keyboard pretty much makes the decision a simple decision. Neither of these . . . QWERTY RULES!

Helpful and informative. A great comparison between the two phones with the major factors that potential buyers would be interested in. Hopefully she'll do more reviews on other devices.

She missed one huge difference between the two, which would be the operating system. Since I love the suretype keyboard over qwerty (because I can actually text with one hand which I often do), I thought I would switch to tmobile and get the pearl flip. But the new OS felt extremely sluggish on the flip. So even though both the pearl and the flip have the same processor built-in, the flip feels a lot more slower to use than the pearl, which was a dealbreaker for me.

good report!

BlackBerry updates are more like make-up these days than real updates "à la" Palm Pré...

I'll stick on my 8120 for now!

Does anyone else think her reviews are just aweful? I'll listen and give any video review a chance but I find her reviews terrible.

Nothing you couldn't get from a written review. I don't see any merit of it being a video... I really don't understand how she manages to appear on the main blog so often...

Seriously guys, just because this girls does a review doesn't give you guys license to make "hittin dat" comments. She did nothing to merit such comments. I could understand if she did the review in a pair of hot pants with the cleve hanging out, but she acted very professionally.

So just to set the record straight yes they both have 312 mhz processors but because of the added ram which is 128mb..the pearl flip is much faster in response and added features with the new 4.6 os. Being that said you would definitely benefit with the new os because of these following reasons. Better browser, added feature of word, excel and powerpoint docs to go, stop watch and bed time mode, the ablity to add folders and delete folders, more memory for added apps, more games than just brick breaker, and the list goes on. I believe that the 8120 is a good phone but they soon as the 8100 will be just a part of the great RIM history of smartphones. The flip is the future of pearls and expect a lot more different added ablities with them this year. Don't knock the new guy on the block except the change and move on with life. All of RIM's phones will be based on the storm and bold and expect them to be and look as such until something new and more innovative strikes their fantsie...

I don't know what segment of market the flip was made for. Let's be honest, making lower cost units shouldn't dramatically increase the market. The flop doesn't cost that much less than other units and the largest obstacle to crackberry is the service fees not the purchase price, except the Bold. The bold could be cheaper.

She should either use a wired or wireless lav mic or a shotgun mic so that audio is aat a consistent level. Otherwise, she has shown much improvement.

Nice and down to earth reviews, I checked out several of your videos and they are all quite good...keep it up :) are soooo hot.

Stop scripting her reviews, and then trying to read them on camera. Her presentation sounds like one of those "real users" who are reading from a script for some get rich quick scam late night cable-tv commercial.