BlackBerry Bold 9700 Caught on Camera; Gets Compared to Bold 9000 and Curve 8900

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Sep 2009 08:49 am EDT

Sure it's the labor day long weekend and we're all relaxing, but that didn't stop @wongalex from doing up a great video walk through and comparison yesterday of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700. If you have 7 minutes and 29 seconds to spare, hit play on the video above and take a watch.

Disclaimer: Don't blame us if you get drool on your keyboard. This is one NICE BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Caught on Camera; Gets Compared to Bold 9000 and Curve 8900


Yes that is all well and good, I'm really liking the 9700, but when will we see it in stores is question.

Am I the only one that doesnt like this phone? Im using the bold 9000 right now and what i love is that its different then the other phones, the 9700 just looks like all the others. Like for example the size of the screen. I had an 8900 prior to the 9000 and reading articles and long emails (especially while moving, like on a bus) is terrible because the print is so small. And the 9000 has a glass screen, which is beautiful and scratch resistant, so why get rid of it? The back just looks really terrible too imo. And why are the speakers being downgraded? the 9000 speakers were really amazing. i really like the trackpad tho, and the camera, so thats a plus. I just think that RIM should of kept the bold as a bigger, more distinct blackberry, rather then making it look like all the others. Thats just my two cents though.

Same here......not crazy about the new bold(9700) im using the 9000 still prefer over the 9700 ......just the trackpad really impresses me.

RIM give me wider keyboards. RIM give me wider keyboards. RIM give me wider keyboards. RIM give me wider keyboards. RIM give me wider keyboards.

Think anybody's listening?

It has 256 mb system memory, 3.2 mp camera, 480 x 360 screen which is the same size as the curve 8900, same keyboard as the Tour.

However, it is rumored to use the Battery and processor of the Bold. Not to mention have 3G and WiFi.

Wow. Thanks for showing us how the 8900 types. Ive been dying to see that! Oh and I can definitely tell a difference in speaker quality through the youtube video. Just like real life! Thanks man, thanks

Any word on when this will be available in Canada on the Rogers network? Gonna scoop up this baby right away!!

Looks really nice. Personally I like the speaker on the 9700 more. A lot brighter sounding, but that could just be the recording for the phone.

Okay so let's get to the things that matter:

What's the processor speed/RAM/Internal Mem.?

How's the battery life compared to the 8900?

Besides 3G are there any other reasons to switch from a 8900 to the 9700?

Not sure what the specs are for the processor but the RAM is 128MB and the internal mem is like the 8900 200MB.

I haven't used the phone long enough to full compare to the 8900. I will let everybody know how the battery is after longer use but's been pretty solid.

Only 9000 is THE BOLD because that looks bold. RIM, please don't use the name Bold for those bad looking devices.

Need some specs before I'll get hyped about this new model....the video didn't really make it seem much better than the current Bold.

The Onyx is nothing we haven't seen before. I'm running an unlocked TOUR on Rogers GSM network, and this phone just doesn't get me pumped enough to really care about it. But the Storm 11 is something that has my interests.

I agree with someone else who stated that it looks like a carbon copy of other BB's now. I also liked the distinctive look of the Bold 9000. The chrome bezel, the battery door, the large glass screen. This to me just resembles the tour or javelin with a crappy battery door and a trackpad.

Toss the insides of the 9700 into the 9000 casing and add the trackpad, then I'd be interested.

What exactly is difference between the Tour, the Bold 9700, and the Curve 8900? Aside from keyboards and trackpad/ball, I don't see any! I agree with many others when they say that the 9000 is still better. I like the widescreen aspect ratio of the 9000, and the LARGE screen. Plus, the size IMO of the original Bold is JUST RIGHT.

What does the Bold 9700 do that the 8900 can't? Or even the Tour?

What is to "drool" about the Onyx?

Why would this site which is
Supposedly dedicated to BB and users post a video
In a format not viewable on a BB???

And even this comment format does not work on my BB 8330

That say the new "Bold" looks just like any other blackberry again. Why doesn't RIM understand that some of us want a PREMIUM Blackberry? One that looks a step above the rest...a flagship model to be precise. IMO to replace a 9000 with a 9700 is a downgrade. Nothing "Bold" about the 9700 imo. It's even smaller again which I grew to love the beast that is the 9000. Very sad imo.

I see nothing Bold in the 9700....nothing at all.

When are these Bold owners going to get over themselves? These new Blackberries do everything the Bold does BETTER but somehow its still a downgrade and not "Bold" enough for you? LOL, get over it guys.

RIM gives their blackberries "code"names to differentiate each BB from one another. The Bold was meant to be the flagship model for blackberries, having the best features and [clearly] the highest cost. This new 9700 Bold 2 doesn't seem like a Bold at all. Actually it's more like a Tour2... based upon phone design aesthetically and functions

flagship last year like in the beggining of november not no more. I think for some reason bold owners think because their phone is bigger somehow its better...wrong. Although i dont think it is worth an upgrade if u have a bold or an 8900 for that matter, The bold 2 is more powerful and is going to be the better keyboard bb. As for the storm 2, ithink that will be the better bb than all of em imo.

Actually, bold owners like their bolds because of other reasons as well. For example the glass screen, which on the 9000 is beautifully made, with no need for a screen protector. Ask anyone with a 9000 and reading articles and messages on the 9000 is very easy to do. The Bold IS the flagship model, so they should make it stand out. Compare to the tour, the onyx doesnt add much to the table

The new blackberries do not to everything the bold does but better. The processor is at best at par with the 9000, and not that much increase in memory. Yes the camera and trackball have been upgraded but costing the glass scratch-resistant screen, the bigger size and the speakers, which to me is a downgrade. Tell me exactly what the onyx can do that the 9000 can't. Try reading an article on the 8900 (same size screen), its a pain after a while. There is no upgrade to the OS, and battery life is not significantly better. Everyone i know who uses a BB 9000 enjoys having the larger size and great speakers and screen. When the onyx replaces the bold, Blackberry users will no longer have the option for a bigger screen phone. You cant deny that the onyx looks pretty much the same as the 8900 and the tour, which are excellent phones, but also very generic. The onyx doesnt stick out like the bold did, and it may bring some new features but takes away some at the same time, and in my opinion that doesnt classify as an upgrade.

I for one will definitely NOT "upgrade" to this from my BOLD bc I'm very UNimpressed by the 9700. It's very nice don't get me wrong. But not worth getting rid of your BOLD for. I love the big keyboard on the BOLD and want RIM to keep the BOLD's successors with that size keyboard.

Wongalex... I've been hearing contradictory things. What processor does it use? the 624 mhz processor? Also, I think you meant the keyboard is the same size as the Tour. Salomondrin only measured the keys of the Tour and Onyx and the Bold's are still bigger.

to those who are proclaiming this the best bb to date, please stop drinking the koolaid. this is only an incremental upgrade over the 9000 and i agree with the majority of posters here. i am very unimpressed and disappointed. i too have a bold and money is not an issue. so before you say i am hating on the new device because i do not have one, let me just say i could if i wanted it. i just forked over $$ on an iphone as a second phone because i was getting tired of the incremental BS RIM has been tossing to consumers. each time a new devie comes out we "drool" over it as if it is something revolutionary. there is nothing revolutionary about throwing in a higher megapixel camera, a trackpad and more memory. the same goes for RIM OS upgrades. i am loyal blackberry owner. probably one of the most loyal. but the small incremental upgrades have to stop. give us something truly revolutionary. make the device earn the "Bold 2" label. and why are they going backwards with the look of the device? i am very excited about the storm 2 hardware, i am very unexcited about the storm 2 os. i think RIM needs to spend less time rolling out devices and more reworking the OS. i love RIM, but we need to stop drinking the koolaid and make them work harder for our loyalty.

RIM... forget the hardware for a moment and give us a new OS and browser. I hate the Pre, but the concept behind the WebOS and even the iphone UI and hooks are more revolutionary than what they are selling us with the Bold 2.

First, Grundyman, I saw your post and did a little video pixel peeping and like you,...I could swear that the micro sd card is a 32gb card. Checkout the vid around the 1 min-42sec to 1 min - 49 sec mark. I hit the "Pause" button about 16 times at different frames and unless my eyes are fooling me with these reading glasses on,...that's a 32GB MicroSD Card! WooHoo!

As far as the phone,...I'm solidly stuck on the current trackball and for me, in order for this so called new Bold to be a better phone than the "Original Bold", it needs 1)More RAM, 2)a FASTER processor, 3)comes with more than 1GB of onboard memory, and 4)be offered with trackball and slide pad. Should they do that, would be one heck of a "BOLD" statement.

Also, we'll even accept an updated Bold in the current housing! Don't believe us,..just make it better and try us.

That said, RIM, if you are listening (...or reading this),...if you're going to give us a better smartphone, then pls do just that,...give us a better phone!

...Have Bold Will Travel~

For some time now, I really have been wanting to get the 9000 but I am with T-Mobile and have no desire to leave. The original Bold seems like the ideal device for me. However. the 9700 is coming soon and I can't wait! I really like how the keyboard is the same size as I find my 8320 a little cramped when typing. Overall, I really think the "new" Bold is a great device. The trackpad is a plus because we all know the trackball sticks from time to time. So far, my only disappointment is that the screen is smaller then the original. The biggest problem I have with my 8320 is the lack of memory space. I certainly hope that the Bold2 solves this problem.

i think the red numbers are a T-Mobile thing. and i don't understand how its NOT an upgrade when ALL the specs are better. and for those who don't understand how its different than a tour or 8900, the 8900 doesn't have 3G and the tour doesn't have WI-FI so again the bold is the only model that has every single feature

Something about this new Bold that just doesnt say bold to me im purchasing a Bold tomorrow seeing as the price has gone down and i almost waited to get this 9700 for t-mobile until i noticed that this Bold looks a lot like everything else. i like the fact blackberry keeps there stuff blackberry despite what everyone else is doing like for instance the trackpad, which is awesome i have an 8520 but this new Bold just isnt doing it for me, i hope sells go good for us blackberry fans sake though.

dear Friends, am using' BB for first time and encounter with various problems.... like some times the scroll working speakerphone. please guide me how can i get rid of these shoots...
hoping for +ve reply