Video: BlackBerry 9700 with Trackpad in Action!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2009 02:24 am EDT

Next up in the seemingly endless run of pre-release hands-on BlackBerry smartphone videos (that apparently get posted here late at night) is a look at the upcoming BlackBerry 9700, also known by its codename onyx. The folks at feedberry posted this one up, which gives a quick video overview of what the Bold II is all about it. I know lots of you out there are itching to get your CrackBerry thumbs on this one! If you haven't seen it yet, you can check out our BlackBerry 9700 review and BlackBerry 9700 forum for more on the device.

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Video: BlackBerry 9700 with Trackpad in Action!


The keyboard is all white per AT&T's aesthetic preference - no red for the number pad and speakerphone. The Onyx/Bold 9700 is effectively the Bold 2 for AT&T; replaces the current 9000 model as the flagship BlackBerry. T-Mobile will get their own version too, but for now it looks like this video demonstrates the pre-release version for AT&T.

Between this and the Storm 2, shopping for my next phone is going to be interesting.

Rip out those BBM cod files and upload em man!!! lol I would love BBM 5.0 back on my Storm with

I think I saw the headphone socket on the left side of the device i.e. where it is on the Bold; that irks me! Bluetooth headphones mean I don't really care where the socket is, but I'd sooner see it on the top or bottom.

I hadn't planned on getting the Onyx because I love my Bold to death, but I can't get it out of my mind. I'm trying to stay on the fence, but I'm starting to feel a strong wind.

Well the T-Mobile version is suppose to be released this month, but some people with insider info, has said that we'll have to wait till November. It really sucks because I really wished I had 3G sometimes, especially seeing my friends on Verizon and their speediness.

What is the TOS Violation these videos are being pulled for?
Very frustrating to try and view the video only to find it has been pulled.