Video: BBC World News on the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2008 10:29 am EST

This one includes a solid interview with Al Russel, head of Mobile Internet for Vodafone. If you watch till the very, very end you'll hear how those with untrianed "fat fingers" could have issue with the BlackBerry Storm.

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Video: BBC World News on the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm


That anchor woman was screwing with the Vodafone guy. I would be wiling to be $50 that she is an Iphone user.....those keys are so big it seems a little odd to "fat finger" them. Granted i have not used a Storm but if she used the device for more then a day then if she was having that problem, her typing style would have adjusted. Atleast that was the case when i was trying out an iphone. Anyway, device looks awesome and I can't wait to get my Storm :)

Wow look how there is no 'screen gap' and it is not 'laggy'.

Any bashers care to chime in?

Better yet - grab your iphone and record a video response or simply send me an mms message of your sad face.. oh wait..

Vodaphone guy looks a bit peed off with fat fingers comment at end, not very journalistic of her to say that & as stated above probably only used it for a couple of minutes.

They are certainly getting the Storm out there, can't fault the marketing.

Just need to get one now !! :)

Good publicity for the Storm but I think Al Russel lost an opportunity to make the Storm's strengths over the iPhone clear to regular consumers. That is copy/paste, picture messaging, better camera (video) with flash and that new user interface.

Maybe he was nervous....

I agree...I was looking for him to say SO much more than what he said. He kept referencing Facebook, which was annoying the hell out of me for some reason. Facebook is great and I use it on my blackberry, but it doesn't make the blackberry. He should have definitely touched on other points.

Her comment at the end was very uncalled for. If her fat fingers can't type on those HUGE letters, they sure as hell can't type on the iphone!!!!

I think that she is an iphone user and was busting his b**** geez she sure was rude to be an anchor. wow!! At first I thought she was acting that way to get good answers but she was awful. I think Al could have given more reasons why this storm is better than the iphone. It's almost as if he doubted his probduct. This hasn't stopped me from getting this phone. And the fat finger comment? Are you kidding me? she is ignorant! She comments like that then doesn't give him a chance to comment! I have seen videos with guys and they have NO problem using it! and surely there fingers are fatter than hers!! URGH! this burned me lol!

If she's not an iPhone user then she's another phone user who's locked in a contract or pissed at BB/RIM.

I haven't used a fully working Storm yet but I'm sorry, how the feck can you fat finger a storm? We all know about the responsive "click" of the touch pad so was she actually blind or something? And that wasn't fair flinging that in at the end without Al getting to respond.

I totally agree @davidjreynolds, he should've touted all the plus features, the copy and paste is a biggie for me!

Only downside is the lack of WiFi, the G1 is creeping over on specs, it's going to come down to tariffs I think for me in January when I switch.

I think the guy was hesitant to say anything too bad about the iPhone because apparently its his company that sells that too...

i know consumer's might not know that RIM make blackberrys but it always annoys me when people say that the company is called blackberry when it's RIM. eurgh

noone here has actually handled a storm yet, so therefore noone is really qualified at the moment to dismiss her comments......of course RIM and vodafone will hype this phone up as the best thing ever. their salaries depend on it, and they'll push it even if the storm's a turd. until YOU personally hold one in your hand you won't be able to judge if its a good phone or not for being in the eye of the beholder and all. fanboyism doesn't benefit anybody, obviously apart from RIM and the carrier.

Well I've used it and I thought the typing was great. I think she was just trying to make a joke at the end like a lot of anchors do and didn't mean it in a way to put the product down. Still, he didn't even smile and seemed like he was offended by it. I think she was just trying to sound like someone who is not tech-savy.

how do you beat free? - everyone is gonna get this phone who can! If there was a way to outsell iphone, out class iphone this would be it, free, worldwide phone, with dozens more features (and better ones if you ask me)

Ha! Vodaphone chief looked so pissed off at the very end..!!!

Like "thanks for trashing my product on national TV in the last few seconds you ******* *****!"


Lag, Fat fingers, form factor, no wifi

I wonder if your hands will get tired using it..

And wonder about speed of typing also..

Not long to wait for real / normal user reactions..

I noticed he said the at the Storm was going to be free with contract. Any hope that Verizon will do the same?

i would like to say that if i was any part of RIM i would really go after BBC talking about her FAT FINGERS by the way here is a little list what it will be better
BES Server
Email Security
Device Security
Removable Memory
Removable Battery
standard Micro USB charger
A2DP Bluetooth together with all other profiles
DUN Support
and much much more
all i can say i own a blackberry and an iPhone and i will alway prefer the blackberry over the iphone