Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2008 Video!!

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2008
By Bla1ze on 15 Dec 2008 06:00 am EST

Here is a little something to cure those Monday blahs, that I just couldn't help myself but post. The Victoria's Secret 2008 Fashion Show was well under way recently and of course got aired on tv. Remember all you couples out there the holidays are nearing and I think Victoria's secret is that if you shop in her stores, you'll be picking up something you both can enjoy ;)

To download, right mouse click and choose Save Target/Save Link as and choose where on your computer to save the file. Once downloaded, you can transfer the files over onto your BlackBerry's media card via usb from there. This is not for OTA.

Want videos on your BlackBerry but don't know where to start? Read this BlackBerry 101 Lecture! And for more great video content for your BlackBerry head on over too Videos4BlackBerry.

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2008 Video!!


Thanks for the link to the the tips on Video for the BB as well as the demo video. Now you guys are in my field. LoL. I am a new user and had a few questions about video as some play some dont and some of the same file types. The link cleared up a few myths and questions I had. As for a video to try out on my new blackberry bold I can now use a "Better" video for a demo video to show friends the awesome capabilities of my new BB Bolds video screen and Speakers! Much better than the current demo that was the "Kiddie" Speed Racer demo that shipped via ATT? Uhhhh.. Whats up with that Marketing People at AT&T? I think most people that can afford or buy the bold are not watching "Kiddie" videos like Speed Racer... So Thanks guys for a Better Demo video! LoL.

I got VS Mobile now lol. I missed the show when it was aired. Now I can't miss it again. Thanks mucho for the video =)

this is one of the BEST VS shows that i have seen. I've been watching them for the past 4 years and by far the best show hands down. Thanks for the upload..... kudos to you