Vibrate On Call Connect 10 goes free for BlackBerry 10 users

Vibrate on Call Connect
By James Richardson on 1 May 2014 05:19 am EDT

We've featured a bunch of apps and games from Ajani InfoTech since BlackBerry 10 hit the market and as a special treat and as a way for them to say thanks they have made the paid version of Vibrate On Call Connect 10 free - forever. 

Now you may be thinking "why do I need this" and the answer is you don't, but it does have some big benefits. There's constantly research being done as to whether holding a cell phone up to your ear will have any long term effect on the brain, so with the app installed you can make the call, place the device down and wait for it to vibrate so you know the other person has answered. It's not rocket science but I like it. 

In addition, you can alter the LED color, the theme from light to dark and it even has a pretty neat Active Frame which shows your battery percentage. 


  • Custom LED setting option
  • Vibrate on each call
  • Set Vibrate with custom LED
  • Set LED for time/throughout the call

Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices there isn't a reason to give this one a go. It's headless too so you don't need the Active Frame open if you don't want to. 

More information/Download Vibrate On Call Connect 10 for BlackBerry 10

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Vibrate On Call Connect 10 goes free for BlackBerry 10 users


You don't have to put your phone to your ears really, just look at the screen. If it has been answered, for sure you will see the counter. Anyway, thanks for made it free forever now.
Sorry for my English.

Posted via CB10

Orrr, you could just use the speakerphone if you don't want to hold it to your head and save on your battery life.

Posted via CB10

What's with CrackBerry and the barrage of blogs for apps lately? Although I do appreciate it and find it informative, it seems like other news has been far and few between.

Posted via CB10

I think it is the exact opposite.

When there is no news, fill the void with non-news articles. Like the TV news.

That being said I appreciate to have many apps reviews.

Posted via CB10

I'm glad people see a benefit to this app but I'm not one of them so I'll politely decline the invitation to download it.

Cheers. :)

If you're listening to calls through the handset (Vs various other methods that allow you to keep the phone away from your head), those few seconds before the call do little to protect your brain from proximity/exposure of the phone during the conversation that follows. Hard to believe there is a need for this app, if the above is truly the intended use. It's also hard to believe the permissions (although selectable) are necessary. Seems like more of a platform to market the dev's other apps - an excellent reason to offer this app free of charge. I think the author's original write-up summed it up nicely: "...there isn't a reason to give this one a go."

Downloaded, Reviewed, deleted.

I disagree with tour first sentence. Those seconds during which the phone is initiated are the ones where your device emits the most energy to connect.

More energy in a very short time, so yes it is valuable.

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"Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices there isn't a reason to give this one a go." Freudian slip, typo, crap editing... whatever you want to call it, at least it's correct.

Finally something I was looking for, I had this on bbos7, where my mom never answers her calls so I just leave on the table to call like 10times and wait till it vibrates to know when she finally picks up

I find the vibration very useful as well. I use the Power Tools to achieve it.

Posted from my Incredible Z10 using CB10.

This warrants an article in Crackberry? New native apps must be pretty thin on the ground for this to make the grade.

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I can see battery info on a locked screen only. Is it supposed to be this way?

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I swear my z10 did this before ( not used for calls for a few months) was it not an option in main settings??

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