Viber updates to v2.3 with new UI and emoticons - VoIP calls coming in April

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jan 2013 10:00 am EST

Free messaging app Viber hit BlackBerry earlier this year, giving users yet another IM solution. There were promises of VoIP calling to be included as well yet we hadn't heard anything on that in months. Viber has now been updated to version 2.3 and brngs along a refreshed UI and new emoticons. While there is still no VoIP calling feature, Viber has assured BlackBerry users that it is (hopefully) coming in April. Still no word on a BlackBerry 10 app however. If you're a non-believer you can see a quick demo in the video above. You can grab the updated version from the link below.

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Viber updates to v2.3 with new UI and emoticons - VoIP calls coming in April


From Viber's YouTube comment:

"Viber for BB10 is something we are planning for the future, but unfortunately we still don't have time frames. When we have official news, we'll let you know :)"

So it's planned, not being developed yet.

hmm I wonder why in April......well I guess it's nice that they have finally given a date vs the "coming soon" which they have been saying since last spring

I wont try it then. I'm gonna give away an address book with almost 1000 contacts including clients and contacts saved so when they ring I know not to answer that call, the last I want it's for them to bother me on an IM app on my phone!

Good to know I am not the only one who skips those modern day x-plattform IM systems for very similar reasons. I just don't want my full address book being pulled and used without any real control over the usage.

I don't like the fact the app is now 6MB when it was 1MB right before that update.

Can anyone verify all those emoticons and what not go on the memory card or on the actualy app memory space?

@The Me - Hi there! Viber 2.3 brings the users high quality emoticons and stickers.
We’ve tried to keep the size to a minimum as well as providing the highest resolution of those graphics.
Part of the emoticons and stickers are stored on a memory card (given such memory card exists and have space).

An official representative of Viber Media

If Viber doesn't, someone else will......BB10 will be a success, I know a lot of ex and even non BB users that are getting the new phone. I totally see app developers who are not on board scrambling to get on board once they see the phone sales.

It says not available for my device. So either not compatible with the 9900 or don't work in the uk. Was looking forward to trying this out though.

@enots27 - Hi there! Viber for BlackBerry is available for all devices with OS5 and higher.
Some carriers has infrastructure limitations and Viber is not distributed there.
You're invited to download Viber from:

An official representative of Viber Media

Viber can work on 3G (cellular connection), WiFi, or BIS. First priority is, of course, BIS :)

@Vertego -
We plan to look into development of Viber on Playbook some time in the future, but unfortunately we are far from giving time frames, or anything of the like. When we have official news, we'll let you know :)

An official representative of Viber Media