Viber rolls out update for legacy devices

By Alicia Erlich on 24 Oct 2013 07:51 am EDT

While Viber may have halted plans for a BlackBerry 10 version, they still support their application built for BBOS devices. 

Starting today, they are rolling out a new version of their free messaging application with several new features and improvements. These include the ability to add user images to conversations, improved privacy settings, and a way to see if a message has been read by a user.

For those who continue to use the service, you can read the full change log and press release below.  

LONDON – October 24, 2013, Viber, the leading mobile communications platform offering free messaging and HD-quality phone calls, unveiled today a new version of its app for BlackBerry with multiple new features and enhancements.

The new release adds functionality to the Viber BlackBerry app. The release includes:

User images in conversations

  • A new seen status to let users know when their messages have been viewed
  • Improved privacy settings
  • Custom location sharing
  • Multiple additional design enhancements and bug fixes

“BlackBerry is the third largest mobile user base for Viber and is an integral part of our strategy to reach users of multiple platforms,” said Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber. “Our continued support for the community of Viber users on the platform goes hand-in-hand with our efforts to reach the broadest possible audience of users around the world.”

On top of the new features, the new BlackBerry version has also been translated into Bahasa Indonesian, allowing Viber users who speak the language to easily access the app.

You can grab the updated version from the link below, though it may take some time to show for everyone.

More information/Download Viber



BlackBerry 10 Native please!

(even i don't want nor use it)

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I would be happy with a port, but with BBM hopefully getting video and voice across platforms it may not matter as much

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True, it's not.... but still..
It's good to hang it in the store.. !?

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That's how I see it too!

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That's how I see it too!

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Yes we ourselves shud fizzle out viber with BBM Cross platform. You don't mess with the best. BBM would be the one stop shop for everyone be it chatting,voice, video, sharing pics or events n more :)

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Dev. of "Data Usage Counter", "Alarm+", "Recycle Bin" for BB10


Why would they bother updating if they have abandoned BlackBerry?

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They continue caring for the majority of BlackBerry users (there are more active BBOS devices than BB10 devices around the world today).

R Field

Viber will die off once BBM gets video/voice cross platform.


Good to see they're still committed to legacy.

Raj Brar

Die Viber die, Viber is a pussy, bbm will duck it up, Vibrator

Z10 posted


BlackBerry is integral to their plans?? Pfft Obviously not ffs. Sorry too little too late. Now that BBM is cross platform Viber will die off for BlackBerry Legacy users as well. G'bye.

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Vier had 200 million user... so it will maybe take a year or two to beat them and whatsapp! you guys have to do your part.. please persuade all your friends to download BBM!

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*Viber has* sry

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R Field


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This is what I call "Wasted Effort"

From Zuri my Z10.


It seems they should have announced this first before the news of them stopping the development of their app for BB10.
I hope BBM really crushes Viber, whatsapp, and Kik.

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Viber is one nasty company and I hope they never come to BlackBerry 10 after they lead us on and lied . It is a spying app anyways.

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Phase out Viber! No need for it.

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I was a Viber supporter but they have left me high & dry on BB10. I'm now telling all my Viber contacts to switch to BBM....It sucks because there are some who won't make the switch & I won't be able to talk to them (I had been carrying around an iPhone to use while waiting for Viber to come to BB10 with 10.2)


He should've avoided copying and pasting "the leading mobile communications "
Because its NOT true.
As soon as they announced they won't support bb10 I deleted the app immediately plus I tweeted them letting them know

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Third largest, then BB should use this as leverage and remove Viber until they write a native app for BB10.


Who needs it. Who wants it.

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It's a free market, so Viber can do whatever is suitable for its strategic growth.
I don't use Viber either but I have always downloaded the app on all my multiple platforms device, as a backup.

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Glen Campbell

I wanted to download viber however it said "unavailable for your device" I have to Z10. Can someone explain why I can't download it

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Viber doesn't have a BB10 offering it is only available to legacy devices.


It is their 3rd largest platform and they let others take away their potential share on BB10? Seems silly to me.

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They made a business decision. Now they will need to live with it.

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Does anyone know if we getting Facebook messenger for bb10?
From my Z10 jcan rep

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Come on Viber... don't make your shy lady!!! Come to BB10 and be native... so many users are waiting for you !!! IF you wait too much , bbm could knock out both of you and Whatsapp now that they are out on IOS and Android... Hurry up, I'm waiting for you, but if you don't come, i will be sure to contact all my friends and ask them to install bbm and quit viber :p


Come on Viber! Make a surprise roll out!

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Who cares when you got bbm with voice and video and soon cross platform users will have it

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I would like to have viber on my z10 to call back home but if BBM release vedio chat or voice call between BlackBerry and iPhone them I will never need viber again,
Sorry viber you just disappointed me very bad

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I was supporting and pulling for Viber, now I'm pushing for BBM. It's just the way things played out.


Viber scuk donkey balls

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Viber isn't available on BB Z10 STL100-1

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damn, people read, read!

mehdi kalantari1

I live in Germany, why I don't have Viber in my store!?!!
When I used your link, it says it is unavailable for your device, !!! But my device is z10!
Could you please guide me?
My email is:

Thanks a lot guys

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You won't be able to find Viber in bb store, because it isn't released yet. You can side-loade it!

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people read, read!!!
the people this day are so F dumn,


My friends will be happy.

My Z30 Is Awesome!


This is a member of the Viber Team.
Thank you for reviewing our new update, we hope you liked it. :)
Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we'd love to assist.



Whatabout bb10 users????

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omid noori

fuck your black berry and all that bullshit i was waiting for 10.2 for soo long and it turned out to be shit like before fuckin cant download viber or anything garbage company

Winston Loh

Was waiting for Viber for so long to come to OS10 as my family members use it a lot but with BBM now, my wait isn't as bad anymore :-) Way to go BBM...

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Why can't I get Viber on my bold 9900? It says unavailable for this device in blackberry world

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