Viber updated for legacy devices - Offers bug fixes, improvements and Twitter integration

By Alicia Erlich on 19 Nov 2013 09:59 am EST

While Viber may not have plans on supporting a BlackBerry 10 application, they've gone ahead and rolled out an update to their application for BBOS devices. Not only does it bring bux fixes and improvements but Twitter support and increased group capacity.

If you are a current user, the full list of changes and additions are shown below. 

New Features

  • Sending multiple emoticons in the same message
  • Faster message delivery
  • Increased group capacity (up to 100 participants)
  • Twitter integration, allowing photo sharing on Twitter and "Tweet about Viber"
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

It may take some time before the update populates BlackBerry World, however, you can grab the latest version at the link below.

More information/Download Viber

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Viber updated for legacy devices - Offers bug fixes, improvements and Twitter integration


You seriously have some issues. Get over it. Its okay trying to post a first n failing at it.
I hope you have a bad day everyday you do this.
If at all you hate it so much, you do have a forum to vent it out, Go There.

Q10 \m/

no issues at all here. You have to understand, some of us have been here a long time, and all you stupid n00bs come here and for whatever reason, think it is cool to post first. Why I don't know, but it shows that first posters are very immature and new to the internet.

This was a fun place to be at back in the day when people didn't post first, because well, none of us were or are immature. And the wave of BB10 news that started last year, brought a big wave of immature kids who think they are cool by posting first.

If you want respect from everyone on the site, do the site a favor and don't say first. I have commented on a ton of articles first, and never had to declare I was the first poster. We actually READ the articles then post our thoughts on it, not see the article being posted, post first in the comments and then read.

It goes to show again that there are immature new people on here, and when I say new, anyone that has been here 1.5yrs or sooner are newbies and generally the ones that think they are cool posting first.

When you have been here 4,5,6years like me and others, you will understand, what you do by posting first is the most annoying thing and very extremely immature

You really should relax. Take up yoga, some type of meditation, or maybe some medication.

I agree with you that the "first" post thing is dumb, but really it isn't worth getting worked up over.

Learn to let things go; you're becoming defined on this site by this one non-issue. That's a terrible thing to be remembered for...

Posted via CB10

I'm not so sure it is a terrible thing for which to be remembered. He or she is expressing a sentiment many people share while not taking the time to say anything about it. I'd really rather not waste my time scrolling through worthless comments at times when I'm in a hurry. I would absolutely love it if we could up and down vote comment post threads.

Posted via CB10

Why does twitter suck for the 10 OS? Every single time I open the app, it freezes and closes restarting the phone. I have been waiting for an update that fixes this issue but nothing at all.

It is something to do with your phone. I have never had a forced restart of my phone in months.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the reply, I was wondering about that too whether it was the Z10 or issues with the app but I never had any issues with twitter when using the torch models. But this only happens with the twitter app, so I`m inclined to think it`s an app issue or else I would have the same problem using the other apps don`t u think. Other than this, my Z10 works flawlessly.

With more than 200 Million Viber users, Viber is a much bigger Instant messaging platform than BBM. If you will keep the same attitude then don't cry foul when major apps and services won't launch on BB10.

True, I miss Viber on BB10. I use an Android phone just for it. Sad they stopped plans to support BB10. How can BB dev relationship let such a huge player like Viber to stop support? They were so close to release the BB10 version. BB should provide all necessary tools and help to Viber to complete their app for BB10.

The Android Viber app runs great on BB and it's so easy to install from 1mobile or Amazon app stores, so the future is brighter!

Posted via CB10

Apparently it runs fine on

No word on notifications when the app isn't an Active Frame though...

Posted via CB10

It's sub par. I got version 2.3 to work on 10.2 but the call quality and functionality is not desirable. Besides with BBMx their platform is bunk (once voice calls and video is released). After they abandoned BB10 after months of promises I've lost all respect for them.

From my experience doesn't work properly. Lags quite a bit and crashes.

I'm on OS, maybe that's why.

Having said that Rebtel works very well.

It's very unfortunate that Viber decided in the end not to support OS10. It would be a welcome addition.

Posted via CB10

Why doesn't viber port their app like skype or is it possible that BB tweaks their new OS update in way by which we can use BBOS apps?

Posted via CB10

They don't want to support BB10 because it's been received poorly, yet they push out multiple updates for legacy which has dwindling market share. How does that make sense?

I suppose it's because the app has been developed and they're just updating.

That doesn't mean I agree with it tough.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry, come on and get your act together. Get the VOIP over BBM cross platform released ASAP. This is the opportunity. Eagerly waiting for bbm voice to be released cross platform.

Hope BlackBerry is spending some of the 1 billion dollar they got to develop BBM pronto!

Posted via CB10

"Legacy" device users make up the vast bulk of BlackBerry's existing userbase of about 70 Million users.

One would suspect that if BlackBerry comes out with an update of the Bold 9900 (4G LTE, better autofocus camera, bigger removable battery), this updated Bold 9900 may outsell the Q10.

I for one would want to buy an update of the Bold 9900 (and with TrackPad please!).

Please don't treat "Legacy" device users with disdain; we will make up the vast majority of the remaining loyal BlackBerry user base!

(Otherwise BlackBerry may end up with just 2 Million worldwide users of the Z10/Q10/etc. of BB10 devices).

Sorry dude... But enough with the trackpad and legacy devices. They may be the majority now.. But they are not the future. Get with that.

Why no bb10? Just like stated above. OS 7 is still way more popular than BB10. I certainly don't know how much it cost to develop an app., maybe not enough users to waste resources. Probably going to see less apps for BlackBerry 10, with the capability of side loading for free.

Posted via CB10

When a much more stable 10.2.1 comes out I will install Viber as the sideloaded port now don't work very well for me

Posted via CB10

I can't help but notice Viber now allows 100 members to groups while BBM is still limited to 30. This needs to change soon.

Posted via CB10

Stop making these phones figure how to upgrade everyone to blackberry 10

#FeneoNation #ichooseblackberry10 #blackberryZ10

Screw Viber, they had a rep on the forum for months saying the app is coming and they were so excited to bring it, then they bailed with no notice. Terrible company.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, the vast majority ob BlackBerry users do. There are way way more legacy users than BB10 users. :( :(

And after BlackBerry's suicidal public announcement of it's "Strategic Options" (easily one of their absolutely worst decisions of all time) in which it stated it was considering selling itself, a huge portion of the people that WERE considering going to BB10 from their legacy device, decided not to.

Some of my overseas friends only use viber, hope bbm voice gets released soon

Posted via CB10

Having had a Z10 for so long (and a Torch 9810 before that), it blows me away just how insanely tiny the screen is on the 9900 in the picture. I could never ever go back to such a small screen! (I owned a Curve 8300 before the Torch).

Who cares if people have fun with the "I'm first" thing. There seem to be some disgruntled nerds on this site, who think this is a problem. Psssss, a little secret to the BlackBerry diehards complaining, BlackBerry needs all the friends it can get right now, so make an effort to be nice and welcoming, especially to new people.

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