Viber halts plans for BlackBerry 10 Application

By Alicia Erlich on 14 Oct 2013 02:31 pm EDT

Back in June, Viber CEO Talmon Marco was quoted in a TruPower interview that the popular cross-platform messaging application would likely be available with the arrival of OS 10.2. Unfortunately for fans, a recent post on their twitter account dispelled those plans as they no longer intend on releasing a version for BlackBerry 10

This news comes as a surprise as the article also went on to say that a compatible version was currently in development though no timeframe was ever given.

Currently, there is no reason for their sudden shift in plans. However, for those that still wish to install the application, you can sideload the Android version

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Viber halts plans for BlackBerry 10 Application



BBM going cross platform puts it into direct competition. Viber doesn't have the money now to even compete. They are still working to monetize the platform with ads. Whatsapp at least decided against the practice because it ruins the experience

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Oh yeah that's right... I remember RIM tweeting that they were still 'committed' to cross platform BBM.


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From my Usage, I have found "Truphone" the native app to have awesome audio call quality as compared to both Viber and Line and it is also available on both Android and iOS. Till BBM voice and BBM video come to Android and iOS, this is our calling tool in the family and it beats everything. Their direct to phone rates are also better than Skype.

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Pretty much this. It pains me every time I hear about some messaging app pulling out of BB10.

BBM cross platform solves everything. Caters to everyone (except Windows Phone users... maybe soon!?) and would be the most popular in a short amount of time due to backwards compatibility with legacy users, nostalgia factor and downright awesomeness.


Sideloaded Viber a while ago. Found that I never use it and it's off my Z10. Nothing to see here folks. Viber's a non-issue.

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I don't like it either but I was playing around with it last night and was blown away with 10.2 with Android Jelly Bean support. Android apps run so smoothly. Instagram runs perfectly. Shazam runs perfectly. Google Maps runs smoothly although you can't use the voice feature.

There is a better app and its is made in waterloo ontario just like some bb phones

ita called fongo but had more functions it gives you a private number that a land line can call or even a cell phone without needing another phone with the same app

keep in mind its setups a canadian number and lets you call over 200 canadian cities fort free but has the option to do voip calls to landlines or cellphones internationally at voip rates and you just add prepaid cards rather then being charged on the fly
it is a free app but mostly for canadians

Who cares? I don't even use the app on my IPad. There other apps that will suffice.

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Not me, but probably lots of others.

But most of all, BB10 doesn't need any more bad news!

This is how you CB10, son!

You are right about not needing the bad news, but at least we can sideload these apps compared to not having them at all, I would be irate if I didn't have my Netflix, the only time I really get to use it is when I'm not home which is a majority of the time

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Such a shame that people are giving up. Not surprising from a business perspective but heartbreaking nonetheless. (by the way I am a diehard BlackBerry fan having introduced BlackBerry to my company 11yrs ago and a current bes admin )

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I don't need Viber, but it's sad not to have the option to use it. Screw them, bunch of liars..

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Kamine ki jagaa maine bahut achaa naam diya hai apne comnent pe.. by the..nice to read an indian comment....

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Can care less about Viber, seems like they wanted access to something and BlackBerry denied it. Oh well, #keepmoving.

They Type... I Flick (get it).

Shame on them for promising an app for BB10 and held us constantly updated that it was on the works then all of a sudden with 10.2 they just say that they dont have plans of bringing it! Such a unprofessional way of handling the situation! I pray that BBM Cross Platform becomes successful that it would eat a chunk of their userbase!

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Normal 2g pack... viber works on 2g 3g n wifi as well... but bbm needs 3g n wifi only.. majority people use 2g specially in india... so its a limitation

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Unfortunate news, but Viber will probably become a non-issue once BBMx is finally released. No big loss in my opinion.

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Don't need it.. screw them if they think they are doing us a favor by releasing it for BB10..

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I think this is expected since blackberry says they are going to focus on enterprise. We should expect to hear this more and more.

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Playing devil's advocate, from a dev perspective, it's hard to justify the investment if the platform is going to tank. But if everyone thinks this way, it is a self-reinforcing negative cycle. Too bad BlackBerry doesn't have the cash like Microsoft to pay for app support.

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I like how people are saying they do not need Viber. Then the same peeps will complain about the lack of apps.

One of which are in my contacts. One.

Viber needs more exposure - they aren't getting it by avoiding platforms.

And I have 1 BBM contact, BBM Cross Platform does nothing for most of us, Blackberry, unfortunately, is no longer in the position of dominance and HAS TO come to the other platform apps or die.. I have over 50 active Viber contacts and with 200m Viber folks out there they don't need exposure. It costs money to staff developers to maintain an app on a platform, there is a golden number of users that has to be reached before they will commit, Windows has it and Blackberry doesn't.. Unfortunately.. All that said.. GO BLACKBERRY!

I have no personal contacts on BBM, but I have several that are anticipating the arrival of BBM cross platform. With minimal promotion and excellent deployment, BBM will be a success.

This app situation looks bad, and it looks like it isn't getting any better. Seems like folks at BlackBerry are not even trying to do anything, that would help them get out of the bad situation, that they got themselves in.

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Don't care abt Viber on my bbry, I never have and never will just like whats app and skype... I'm just waiting and waiting for bbm to go cross platform... then what all three can do, it can be done on one amazing bbm app... safe and securely...

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For me the reason is clear: As Long as the future of BB and BB10 is not clear the will stop development. Nobody whants to invest in a dead platform. So we can all hope that this decision will be made soon. I expect other companies not to develop until the future of BB10 is safe.

BB10 as a platform is far from dead, it is just born... Android on the other hand - is dead - they just don't see it yet ;-D

Once BBM goes cross-platform, who needs Viber!
Okay, maybe I don't... those who do, my bad :P

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Who needs this? With BBM Cross-Platform and BBM Voice, Viber will not even matter anymore...also companies are backing out because they are all scared of what the outcome of BBRY will be, but if all of these companies just produced a damn app, then people would come to BB10 because the apps would be here!

First of all. Viber was saying over the summer that the app is coming soon. Guess they lied and it never came. Now that bbm is coming out, viber might loose a lot of users which might explain their decision to halt release.

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i dont know if that true or not but i sent them a message on facebook and they replied me that they are working on it ... so !!!

When the FUCK will Instagram come to blackberry 10 no fucking good apps and games the reason I took bb10 is for bbm now it's coming to iPhone and Android then what's the use for getting a z10 and who will buy the z30 just better stop making blackberry phones

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Such a shame. Odd. Between viber and barclays bank - BlackBerry isn't gone, why the development cessation?

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Well hate this but I guess BBM cross platform should solve the problem...... :D

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hell YES! all the more reason they have to launch with BBM Voice...if they can launch with BBM Voice then Viber will die off...launch with voice and update later with video!

I am probably in the minority that do not use that service (or any of the others popular ones for that matter).

Unfortunately, it should not be a surprise since BlackBerry has buried it's head in the sand instead of openly talking about its situation. Go figure!

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BBM Cross platform will vibe viber to wave a white flag ?

I wonder if viber worked in the Rogers outage, My BBM Voice was clear !

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Ban their account on the forums please because that was the worst case of trolling by that account ever!

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Who cares about viber. Really if the developer doesn't support BlackBerry 10 I couldn't give a hoot about them.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Good riddance. They are worse than whatsapp when it comes to invasion of privacy and data mining. Last thing I need is some Israel data gathering app (viber) on my blackberry. Bring on bbmx!

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No need to tell people to crawl out from under their rocks because they have never heard of that app. Big deal.

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I must say that is quite embarrassing for Viber, since someone claiming to be a rep from Viber, has been posting in the forums on Viber threads for months giving updates and assuring the community that their app was on its way. Are the haters now blaming BlackBerry for this too? I guess cross-platform BBM is really getting all these other messaging services knickers in a knot. Oh well then, all the more reason to keep praising BBM and silence the wannabes. #BB4All cant come soon enough!

If they a have already spend resources, time, and money on it, why not just release it than wasted all that effort? Sigh..

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I despise Instagram and Kiloo games for ignoring my messages on Twitter concerning their plans to support BB10, no Viber is added to the list even though I never used it or cared about it

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C`mon people, don`t say ¨who needs this app¨. Yes, I`ve never used it and neither have my close circle of friends and relatives but there are thousands of people who were waiting for this app to be on BB. Too bad they came with this decision after broken promises. But, I guess we BB users are already used to broken promises. At this point, I strongly doubt BBM will even go cross platform.

this was smart considering bbm cross-platform launching Viber stands no chance against bbm cross platform. I can't say I blame them at all.

Blackberry needs to stop being selfish and release bbm cross platform already and let things be its about time now they need to cut their losses and let their consumers choose which side they take, as a BB fanatic I'm emotionally exhausted with these similar news on a daily basis, what are we holding on to???

Viber and Skype had there 15 minutes of Fame but they are done. Both were sort of useful but full of bugs and sloppy coding. The marginal effectiveness of Skype became crystal clear during a recent trip to Australia. BBM worked time and after time in less than optimal conditions. Skype was a joke. You might as well break out A couple of cans with some string.

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Even if we release the BBM cross platform don't forget it will only be for text... As far as I am aware, there will not be a full BBM including voice and video... right?
So, it's kinda pointless saying that our BBM will be an alternative to viber.

Same old s$!:*t...

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No. Bbm CP will have voice and video too. They said it should come till the end of the year, but after this bug thing last month, I don't know when it comes.

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It'll be released right around the time iOS and Android have implemented telepathic communication.

Seems reasonable, when the future is truly unknown regardless of the letter from blackberry. Money spend on other areas till they sort this out. N that's just my opinion. Been using BlackBerry for a long time. So fingers crossed!

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After all the crap they said in the forums, keeping us waiting only to back out. Bunch of fools really.

Their loss

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We really don't care. Viber calls suck, and their "yes/no/maybe/no play" is way out of a serious business approach. They can keep their buggy app for themselves PERIOD

Me?! I keep movin'!

Bad idea when bbm is launching on other platforms... I'll say bye to Viber on both my BlackBerry and my iPhone as well. Screw them.

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What is Viber? And how come I haven't lost any sleep when I realized that my Z10 functions perfectly fine without it?

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Okay, this is just a company that announced it would BUT never started the app. You get so much time invested into the creation of an APP ( normally a month, maybe for them 2 months ) your not just going to give up. It is safe to say before anyone would call Viber out on the app development they never started they just "cancel" the plans they never had to make it.

BTW, I have never used the app, nor have I ever seen this app on another phone. Commenting cause of the silliness of the companies comment.

So viber has been stringing people along for how long? Worst coming soon messages that keep reassuring the members here the app is coming in the forum. I even make a joke or two about it on the thread. At least Netflix has the conviction of saying No from the start. What's the excuse here? I could not care less for the apps myself. I just hope those who uses it just switch to other apps. No douche apps for me thank you!!

The excuse is, they saw last quarter BB10 sales figures. They pulled a switcherooo. Not nice.

Who cares! They can't compete with BBM when it goes cross platform. Why give the competition an app when they're releasing one that's going to wipe the floor with them?

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Oh what a shame. I have side loaded Viber on my 10.1 and it working very well...really a shame because Viber is a great app. don't understand why they would not develop an app for bb10 when they have it already on 0S7?

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Why did BlackBerry even announce BBM for multi platform?? Can't believe that is hasn't been released yet.

Also why is bbm channels still on beta? I need that on my z10 like yesterday. And yes I'm too lazy to find a windows computer to load the beta. I have 1 contact whom I never talk to on bbm. Would love to have another reason to use the app. Smh I have no intentions of ever getting another BlackBerry device. I don't like roller coaster rides.

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Download beta zone app from app world. No need for computer anymore. It is open to everyone. Enjoy it. Soon it will be there for everyone. I'm assuming when they can work out a way to make money off it somehow.

I've been using Whatsapp for over 3 years and haven't paid them a cent. Paid after a year is just a scare but in fact they are too scared to charge anyone.
They told me they make all their money from the iOS client which requires $1 to download and they have no interest in charging anyone else.

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Yes, that is why my friends on iOS will not use Whatsapp with me. While I see people commenting on this thread do not care, mentioning the upcoming xBBM, I do not see any way of getting my friends on other platforms to come over to BBM. And, as I mentioned, the desktop version of Viber is also a significant point. So, all in all, undermining the Viber potential is shortsighted.

A promise for an app a few months ago, then reneges on that promise? Ohhhh wait, Thor work there too?

Who needs their Crap app anyways? They realize BlackBerry has a superior product so why bother?

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...ah well...most of my work contacts are BB7, or moving up to I use BBM for voice, or other communication tools (file transfers etc.)...and those that are in my contacts that aren't using a BlackBerry generally are close enough to just call them and email for file in reality Viber really has no use in my work or personal life (not to say for others), but once BBM gets to all platforms...then there really is no use for Viber as it can't compare in the least with BBM...

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Woopty do!! I couldn't care less. Dude that runs Viber isn't that smart. What he should have done is just port over the Android version and have it in BlackBerry World and no one would have really said much. I get it, BlackBerry is doing shity right now and they don't think it's worth making the native Viber app for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Crap, all my peeps use Android, almost noone around me uses Whatsapp and noone will install BBM (if/when it goes xplatform) just coz of me. Sideload it is :(

I would have liked to see it. Some of my friends and family in the Philippines use it, and it's just easier not to have to ask them to load something else. Their behavior in these forums seemed flaky and did not instill confidence. I was not convinced it would ever see the light of day.I don't know how far along they got, or if they ever even really started, but this announcement is sour grapes over BBM4ALL. That's all. The Android version works when side loaded, which leads me to believe a port would have been easy and quick - and they could have worried about expenditures on a native version later - if warranted. This way they could have at least got an early foothold in an increasingly competitive arena. Now we will wait for BBM (full implementation with video) whenever/if ever that comes. Bye bye Viber.

Viber said first that they'll come to BB10 and now they say the oposite.
Should we call them a liars if BB did the some with the playbook...

When we was expecting Viber, we said that was a good app, we were excited, but now that it want come we said that it's a awful app...

It's a good app, either it come or not.

Our hope it's BBM, with voice call and video call get to android and IOS.

I've never known anyone or seen anyone or heard anyone use this app aside from hearing it on this site.

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Honestly, who cares? You can text, use BBM and whatsapp. Does anyone actually care about viber?

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Well then, I won't have to start up another social p.o.s account. What the hell is up with these companies? If you want my business, you come to me. I'm not going to go to an inferior OS just to get Instagram or Viber. I deleted my account on Instagram a whole ago because they're social platform is NOT going to make me convert to crap!

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Does anybody really care? I never even heard of this until today, besides, with BBM on Hemdroid/Crapple anyway, nobody will miss this app

I don't get it they had the app ready spent all that time and money and now its all down the drain because they decide not to release it. Sounds real dumb to me. Well i guess maybe the potential release of BBM cross platform is giving these messaging companies a case of upset stomach! Maybe Blackberry should release a BBM app for WP ha ha!

Funny seeing the BlackBerry defense force trash viber and then saying bbm is better and more popular. Hello? Viber is there for all major OS's where as bbm is not. Viber has 200 million users and growing where as bbm has 60 million and decreasing. Maybe it will grow 80 million or more with cross bbm, but there is no guarantee. The whole thing could bomb or do excellent.

Typical BlackBerry diehards on CB "what's viber, Netflix, instagram, vine, temple run" etc. As far as any sane person sees it, 500 million or more instagram+ Netflix +viber customers over power 65million or so BlackBerry users.

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I thought the whole idea is to get as much people to use there apps? Not start hating there apps! I will never compromise the safety my BlackBerry bring me just to get these 1 or 2 apps on my phone to say yea I got that app or yes I can get that app to! Apple trys to bring a safety tool to there phone trying to bring that security to apple customers it smells like there trying hard to like blackberry to me?

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Please stop mentioning sideload version like it can completely replace a native. Let's face the truth that BBRY has lost in convincing Viber to develop an app like they have done for many other platforms.
Some people gonna say:"oh actually I don't use viber too much", or "why don't you use whatsapp or cross platform (if it even happen) BBM?"

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Screw them! Their rear ends must be puckered up knowing what's going to happen soon.

Just waiting for x platform bbm so I can say goodbye to the likes of Viper, Whatsapp and Kik.

Oh and texting too!!!

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It's really a shit app - full of bugs and hangs up all the time. This is from personal experience, as I still keep my Torch 9810 only to use said Viber over Wifi, so I can stay in touch with my daughter in Jamaica.

Her phone is also a 9810 connected H+, which makes me wonder why I can't talk to her via BBM over her network? Only possible when she has Wifi. Thought BBM chat now worked over network, or does this only apply to BBM chat on BB10?

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It is very much apparent that the only reason they cancelled their plans for BB10 is because they see cross platform BBM as a big threat.

Anyways, this is their loss, as BB10 compability will be another advantage that BBM will have over Viber.

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What is Viber, never heard of it. Seems reasonable to bail on the BB10...since BBM is now a direct competitor to all these 3rd party messaging apps.

Can someone take me through step by step to side load Viber?! I have never side-loaded in my life not that I find it illegal just lazy!

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Now where do I side load this viber, my customers overseas customers need to reach me on this viber

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Web Browsers can fake UserAgent. In other words, Chrome can access a website that only supports Internet Explorer buy appearing to be Internet Explorer. Since Android is open source, can't BlackBerry use Android code to fake being Android and give direct access to the Google Play store via an icon? Even if it takes code to convert the Android files to bar format on the fly or some kind of Android Virtual Machine.

Viber and BlackBerry, both are similar in many ways regarding BB10. Full of false promises. But honestly Viber is the best for free voice calls and its cross platform too. BlackBerry is chasing developers out by stupid marketing and poor PR. Love live BB10, Z10 is still fantastic.

There is, to date, NO workable Viber bar file. It sideloads fine but crashes as soon as you open it. Sooooo good luck with that.

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Another lie? Last time they said its coming to bb10. Can't trust anybody anymore...

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@duros is is a Twitter account of Viber CEO, let's fill up his account whit negative tweets

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Viber is awesome, free calls etc, sad to not see it on bbm, it's like taking away skype or something, bbm going cross platform is not a better option neither does it give the benefits of Viber. Such a big fail sad really

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This is also perhaps more proof that BBM is coming. No need for Viber to waste time.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

On another note, all those BlackBerry users that want Viber should hit their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Show them like we showed Rogers.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Its so obvious, we're still waiting for many apps promised in January this year. Was trusted company but not anymore.

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From the sounds of the original comments it was probably going to be an Android port anyway(since they said it would come out with the 10.2 update).

Too bad.

At least, they should have open sourced the project and left it for someone else to finish.

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Are we positive that this Twitter account has the inside track on strategic decisions, or a marketing resource who hadn't heard anything positive about a BB10 version just assumed it wouldn't be released?

I don't assume that corporate Twitter accounts are actually "official channels".

BBM is more than a supernova in the industry they are all not happy with BlackBerry.
This is chance given to BlackBerry to make the difference with other messaging apps. BlackBerry as you released the beast don't give it a slow pace to its triumph.

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Have been waiting for viber to come bb10 since 10.2 was confirmed. Lots of people waiting for this App please fix it.

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