Viber finally comes to BlackBerry 10

Viber finally comes to BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 23 Apr 2014 08:17 am EDT

Update: Viber is now available in BlackBerry World. Link is at the bottom of this article. Please note that since it has just gone live it is still making its way through the BlackBerry World servers. It may show as unavailable for some or it may give you an unable to purchase error. Just check back later if this shows for you. Also, note that it is an Android port.

It has been a long time coming but Viber is finally coming to BlackBerry 10. Viber had been going back and forth with their decision to bring their app to BlackBerry 10 over the past year, leaving users to sideload the app or look for alternatives. Back in March 2013 they had announced they were working on an app and would bring voice support when they launched on BlackBerry 10. After months of waiting, they then announced they would no longer be bringing Viber to BlackBerry 10 in October 2013. Changing their minds again, in March 2014, they responded to a tweet saying they would be bringing Viber to BlackBerry 10.

The wait is now over for those still using Viber. It will be available in BlackBerry World really soon. No word yet on whether it is an Android port or native app. Viber CEO, Talmon Marco did have this to say about the BlackBerry 10 version though.

"Our BlackBerry 10 app is a beautiful twist on our design delivering the most up to date experience for our users."

BlackBerry 10 Viber features include:

  • Text with your friends in one-on-one and group conversations
  • Make free calls with HD sound quality
  • Share photos, videos, voice messages, locations, stickers and emoticons
  • Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a message or call, even when Viber is off
  • Support for the Viber Desktop application on Windows and Mac
  • Translated into 34 languages
  • Viber Out
  • Viber Sticker Market

At this moment it is only available for the BlackBerry Z30, Z10 and upcoming Z3. Q-devices will have to wait. No time frame has been given on availability at this time.

Learn more / Download Viber 10 from BlackBerry World

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Viber finally comes to BlackBerry 10



It definitely is for those who were asking for it for some time. Even though I don't use it a lot of ppl that I know do so maybe I ll give it try.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

I would not be interested in another chatting platform, plus found this at Cnet dot com
Viber sends video, images without encryption protection. Researchers demonstrate that a widely used mobile chat app not only sends some kinds of data in the open, it also stores it publicly online.

How can anyone in this world not use Viber? Hello! Don't you call people? I think this is an awesome news and long overdue. I have been using the android version for quite some time and it messes up my address book.

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We were not in caves, but you were.
Viber has voice long before BBM got voice and its working fine.
Even Android Viber works fine on my BB.

Why are you complaining about Viber Out feature?
You cant call phones from BBM voice even if you pay.

I dont think I understand your comment.

Cause its not free. And there are other messenger options that have that feature as being free. In my opinion, if you don't have messaging client triple play (text voice and video), I wouldn't consider it. And exchanging video files is not video chat. So no, I don't see the usefulness of Viber. But there are many who do and that's fine too.

Exactly. Viper does nothing that BBM can't do in terms of voice calling so in my opinion they are late to the BB10 dance. When they can do video calling then these supporters can open their mouths just a bit but for now is either put up or shut up time.

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Yeah, caves. That's where we were. I downloaded Viber on my 9900, only to find out that precisely one person out of my 1100 contacts had an account.

So no, I haven't missed Viber.

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It was a evil strategy by viber! I believe Viber will kill BBM soon and BlackBerry owners will left BBM.

Posted via CB10

And security of BlackBerry os 10 will decrease because viber will access to our contact numbers

Posted via CB10

By that logic, "everything else" like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and the like should have caused insecurity and mass exodus because they all access contacts too.

I've never used or seen Viber. I guess most people that "call" folks actually dial the numbers instead of having to worry about both parties having some third-party app installed. Just a thought.

Based on the article I almost thought I was the only one who never heard of Viber.

Glad to know I have company.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

I have been "calling" people for 28 years without Viber lol. Never heard of it or used it or know anyone who does. Just as the vast majority of the world.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

This post was a bad idea... should have told us when it's actually there. I see the fake SnapChat and Viber apps flying up the charts...

Posted via CB10

Where on that picture you posted do they say it's an Android port?

BTW I don't think it is because the beta they had fully working in October was Native

Posted via CB10

I agree it's disgusting that Blackberry world allows those viber apps which are clearly aimed at the technologically challenged users. And u can't post on its review to warn users without having to pay the scammers.

Posted via Q10

Yaah.. it is the best news that I have heard today ... viber is the best tools for free message and calling..

Posted via CB10

Why is BBM the best? It cannot receive calls on iOS unless the app I opened and active, the images sent are small and in low quality, one has to request higher quality images, it only supports landscape mode on BlackBerry's own platforms, etc.

Many people have data limits and don't like sending/receiving 1-2MB pictures. I personally think it's a great feature.


iOS suspends apps when they are not open. IPhones have tiny batteries and active apps will kill a battery quick. Leave the app open, don't quit BBM. Also ensure you have push enabled for BBM in permissions.

Posted via CB10

Not anymore. Their have been purchased by a Japanese company called Rakuten.

Posted via CB10

I'm not Israeli, and I have many Israeli friends - they are the best humans with values and integrities that not many races have.

Not to mention smart as hell. So stop hating. And don't just blindly follow all the dislike towards them. Idiot.

Posted via CB10

Oh yes I don't see much people with more integrity and values then Israelis, even vladimir putin are not better because Israelis know how to steal better territory, and slave a entire nation in is territory without any movement from the others nations !!

You right and Israelis can kill everyone they just need to says "he was a terrorist" and it's ok for's sur I don't know many people like this... !!!

Posted via CB10

I hope.
But unfortunately, as a muslem I love viber and BlackBerry blocked BBM for us :(

Posted via CB10

You sure are very open about your white-trash social status. Perhaps we should have an article about a gay app or black music for you to release your inner anger. I'm sorry your life sucks and you feel pathetic, really we all feel sorry for you.


Owned by Rakuten. Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

"It was founded and co-owned by four Israeli partners: Talmon Marco, Igor Megzinik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha.[9] Talmon Marco serves as its CEO. On 14 February 2014, the startup was acquired by Rakuten for $900 million.[10]"

Rakuten acquired a couple of years ago and re-branded the site.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30.

It is Israeli star up bought by Japanese company Rakuten (something like Amazon) last February for $900 millions

Posted via CB10

Come on...Security is not important.. we need some entertainment... I prefer viber over BBM because most of my friends use viber

Posted via CB10

We chat on viber! And don't transfer money... I believe security is one of most important reason why BlackBerry could not success such as Apple..

Posted via CB10

Security usually comes at the expense of convenience (and the other way round), hey, who wants to remember and type a password? ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yes.. in iran viber is so popular and near 20M people in iran use viber! However BlackBerry blocked BBM for Iranians! So the only choice is Viber

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry blocked the Iranians? Or was it that the Iranians blocked BlackBerry?

There's a big difference

Posted via CB10

Yeah im iranian too mohammad right.iran have not problem with world, world have problem with iran

Posted Via My Lovely Red Q5

BlackBerry rejected the government’s long standing plea to decode BBM encrypted message service for authorities. Also Canadian/US sanctions could have played a role.


Because all my overseas contacts has Viber, no one has BBM or using Blackberry.
I try to make them switch, but they don't see a point switching.

Because it's really on every platform compared to BBM. BlackBerry 10, Linux and all other mobile and desktop OSs. Even on Symbian and bada.

Posted via CB10

What if people are on Viber instead of BBM? It's like the argument about facetime. It's great and wonderful until the person you want to talk to doesn't have it

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Virtually all my SE Asian contacts (mainly work contacts - some friends as well) use Viber - less than a quarter of these contacts use BBM (eg only the people who work in regulated industries and the law)

Because Viber is a good app. Most of my friends are on Viber and not on BBM. I would like to thank the developer for supporting at least with a ported app.

Posted via CB10

Yeah... let's all run and tell everybody they are on BlackBerry 10...
Seriously I don't really think anybody cares. Good thing though as it adds yet another app to the catalog.

Posted via CB10

I don't think there can be a twist in experience, unless the twist is the switch between BlackBerry and android UI.

I know a lot of people on Viber, including my sister who lives outside of the US. She primarily communicates with family & friends in the US using Viber.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30.

I have deleted everything about Viber in all my other than BlackBerry devices, because they said that they wouldn't develop a BlackBerry app... and now they introduce it to BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

Viber owned by a new company and they are bringing it to Blackberry. May need to find a new reason for not using it. :)

its so multi platform that you cant even use it on windows phone and it doesnt have ANY desktop clients, viber has linux, windows and mac. also you cant hide the action bar on the q10 and it takes up A LOT of space and also for most of the ppl its a pain to add everyone pin by pin

Who gives a shit?
Man, wake up. We are not in 2007. We are in the last spot in mobile OS business.
Windows phones are getting better while so far we are running on flat tires it seems.

But it’s not there yet. Neither is the experience on iOS or Android all that great, I’ve heard it’s pretty unreliable even when you rely on push notifications.

Give Viber some credit. They provide an almost platform-agnostic communications app that not only works pretty well on all of them, but is also more comprehensive than Whatsapp, the latter being the most popular one. They chose to support BlackBerry 10, which is good for the platform. The same can be said about Whatsapp, which has been a reliable messaging app for me.

Personally, I am getting tired of this BBM excuse. I have not a single friend who owns a BlackBerry device and I won’t ask any of my friends to download and register with BBM just to be able to chat with me, when more straightforward solutions like Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and others exist. If BlackBerry wants BBM to become popular, it has a lot of work to do to be on par with their competitors. Just look at Telegram, it’s popularity has grown rapidly after the takeover of Whatsapp by Facebook. Many of my friends switched within a couple of weeks. This was BlackBerry’s opportunity, they’ve missed their chance yet again.

Viber has excellent desktop client and most of my friends are on it because of the ease of use with phone numbers.

That is true. BBM may be secured but normal people find it a hassle to register using email id, and finding friends are still a problem. I may have to finally agree that using phone numbers are much better than PIN, but adding contact should be based on request.

I know one person who uses Viber but I appreciate the option to use it. Sweet :-)

Loving my Zed 10!!

I was going to pick it up, but changed my mind, now I changed my mind again...awww forget it...

Posted via CB10

BBM better start working on the video calls and improve BBM and bring it stable.
BBM supposed to work fluid on BB10 but I don't know why that lags and take few seconds to populate when BBM app is opened.
They need to tune-up BBM.

Exactly... Bbm need to fix lots of bugs asap.. I have switch 20 of my friends into bbm... but still all of them complaints about the stability..

 BB FANS via Q10 

Used to have viber. Deleted it with BBM cross platform. Especially with their less then enthusiastic support for the platform. But good to have it. Takes away another excuse.

Posted via CB10

Good news for BB10. Even if I don't use it, its always good to have the options there for those wh need them

Great bit of news.

Hope this is just the tip of the iceberg where major apps coming to the platform is concerned.

Posted via CB10

What does this have over BBM? I see desktop applications, what more?

BTW, where is this app popular? In what part of the world?

Have a nice day

Not sure why Bbm is hard to add people. Just add them via email address, or PIN. It is good to have to accept people and better yet not distributing your phone number.....unless you like soliciting phone calls directly to your cell phone. Good luck with that.

Posted via CB10

no i dont, i like the PIN way but the average joe prefers not having to use them. as soon as bb releases a desktop client i have many friends ready to switch to bbm from skype

I would not want to use Viber or WhatsApp and have my several hundred customers across town suddenly show up in there. It's busy enough with regular calls, if they IM'ed me on top, I'd get nothing done. Those who bother, can have my BBM Pin.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nice to hear about Viber finally coming to BB10 but at this point I do not feel the need of getting Viber installed in my device, anyway is good the top app developers pay attention on the BB10 operating system.

Posted via CB10

I've been asked too. My nephew (ios) and his dad (Galaxy) both said 'you should get Viber' to which I said, 'you should get BBM'. Since then my nephew has gotten BBM and I can't tell you how often we speak via BBM voice since he's gone off. He's created a bunch of cool chat groups and seems to use it exclusively when not texting.

Viber was acquired by Rakuten, a Japanese company. I hope it's a native app, although pictures online seem to suggest other wise

Posted via CB10

No not enough said! Who are you? Who cares about what your friends use? BBM is way better and more popular and you can't even argue.

Posted via CB10

I care about what my friends use. Are you stupid or something like that? Who wants to use BBM, if they don't have any friends that use that one? It's not about what's the best, it's about what is useful for each individual.

Posted via CB10

Way better and more popular? In what way?
1. First take an iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Play with BBM on all three.
2. Use the same phones and play with Viber (Side load android version)
You will see Viber works better, less issues and less lagging in iPhone and Android phones.

Viber is more popular: They had about 300 million users when they were sold.

Yeah well have long since moved to BBM. But for those who absolutely need this app it's just another app that just had to make it over.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

Please make it fast. It's take a long time while BlackBerry 10 has released. Still have some function and applications cannot used in BlackBerry 10. I really hope BlackBerry companies can fix the problem as soon as possible

Posted via CB10

How many people using BBM in their contact list? BlackBerry need more options to their users.

Posted via CB10

My wife will be very happy wheen it is officially available.

It sounds like they bring a native app I guess...

Posted via CB10

I second that! If I had Magic Jack I would not need to bring my Android tablet in my next trip abroad!

I don't know Viber yet: apparently it is Japanese owned. How does it connect you to other users? Does it scan your contacts, does it use phone numbers?

Posted via CB10

its an israeli company that was bought up by a japanese company, and yes it uses your contacts list

Too little, too late. I support the developers that support
BB10 unequivocally.

Posted via CB10

Excelente!! Me gusta que las grandes App estén disponibles en Blackberry 10.
Que vuelvan a apoyar la plataforma significa que ven una Luz al final del túnel para BlackBerry! Y creo que se debe a las buenas decisiones que esta tomando el CEO de BlackBerry Mr Chen!!

Posted via CB10

Pero parece que va ser una App portada de Android. Parece que a futuro será nativa. Según comentarios en su cuenta de Twitter. Mejor apoyemos BBM

Posted via CB10

Don't use it, never have but I'm willing to give it a look. I'm still die hard BBM forever but if this is another feather in the cap to showcase that BB10 is a viable option for app developers then I'm with it 100%.

Brought to you by THE Z30

I'm glad that another big name app is on the roster. I'm not glad that it's already more fully featured than BBM. I don't use Viber, but I'm sure this is great news to people that do!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

This quote speaks volumes about the capabilities of the BB10 OS. BlackBerry should ask Viber to participate in a case study that speaks to other developers about the superior capabilities that BB10 offers:

"Our BlackBerry 10 app is a beautiful twist on our design delivering the most up to date experience for our users."

Posted via CB10 from my Z30.

i posted and for some reason it was removed! hence i added the comment! im sure if u google it you will find it.

Finally!!!! This android port is I'm using is horrible. Lets hope they actually follow through and release it soon. Excited!!!!

Posted via CB10

If it is not native, there is no point to download it through the App World, because the updates of the not native apps (like Skype or Flipboard) are more regular from the Google Play Store than the App World... They've just released a reworked UI version for iOS, so hope to see it soon for Android as well...

Im on Z10 and it works well, but its kinda laggy, not as smooth as the native ones (WhatsApp, BBM). I'll give it a try when it comes out... Who knows, miracles happen :)

So Viber still actually is NOT AVAILABLE. Strange way to title article about this app with such a flip flop history of coming/not coming.

Come on 10.3!

Well that about completes the app that probably gives us more apps now than Apple.....oh wait we already could use Viber via android sandbox. OK......who cares. I don't care if it's BlackBerry native, an android port or android direct. As long as they work.

Posted via CB10

I told one of my friends about BB10 about a year ago and he asked me if it has Viper and our conversation ended there. Now I can start long overdue conversation again.

 CB10 

I do use it ma afraid. So the sooner the better. The voice call quality on BBM is not good when you call Android BBM users. I have to say that everything seems to work well on the iphone!!! I have had the iphone 5 until last month and it is brilliant. Side loaded apps like viber do not seem to work as well as they do on their native platform. They are very glitchy to load up.

Posted via CB10

See the news on twitter I thought already on BBW, but not yet. Hope no need waiting too long! But at least have goog news!

Posted via CB10

If this is the "top app" that was teased a couple of days ago, I'm disappointed; even moreso since it's just an Android port. Like someone else said, how often do the Android ports get updated? Not very often. I think Ghost Commander is the only one that has seen any semi regular updates. Waze hasn't been updated since day one even though the Android version has been updated tons of times.

Fuk Viber... My BBM Now has Voice Chat... Viber ur wayyyy late... I just finished converting the people I know on Viber to BBM

Posted via CB10

OMG finally. Actually, lack of whatsapp and viber at launch of bb10 was what kept me from buying a z10. I chose to buy xperia z which launched at the same time. I need whatsapp and viber due to ease of communication with my friends. Now i am going to switch back to bb with next high end model.

To late for them. I was using Viber, but when BBM came to android I converted my friends, so I no longer need Viber.

Posted via CB10

Many more people use Viber then BBM and unless BlackBerry get a move on with video calling I fear it will be another missed opportunity and another nail in the coffin for the company. The loss of focus on native apps is also killing the company.

Posted via CB10

That's good news for Viber, BlackBerry and BlackBerry users.

Apps just work faster on BlackBerry. Apps like Fasttube , Blaq, whine. They are not even official apps! I see a trend - more and more developers are discovering how code friendly BlackBerry is. Keep moving forward

BlackBerry Lead
Do not Follow

Posted via CB10

I can finally delete my viber android port. This okay since my group of friends exclusively use viber.

Posted via CB10