Viber finally commit to supporting BlackBerry 10

Viber BB10
By James Richardson on 3 Mar 2014 04:30 am EST

It looks like Viber have decided to support BlackBerry 10 at last, thanks to them replying to a Twitter user with the news. Whether it will be native BlackBerry 10 or the Android port remains a mystery, but I'd expect that if they were going to officially port the Android version they would have done so already. 

It's odd how big name apps such as Viber take so long to make up their minds on whether to join in the BlackBerry 10 party. We got Skype eventually, although the Android version, but at least it's there. 

With Viber committed to team BlackBerry let's see if any of the other big names that are still missing from BlackBerry World show up. 

Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for Viber to pull their finger out. You could always tweet them a reminder! In the meantime you can grab the Android version from third party apps such as Snap. If you've not installed Android apps since BlackBerry 10.2.1. was released we have a full set of instructions

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Viber finally commit to supporting BlackBerry 10


I don't think it's awesome.. Android and iPhone users will keep their Viber and remove BBM. BlackBerry users should boycott all competitor IM clients if BBM is capable of getting the job done!

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Yeah the loose use of the word boycott. Arrg!

Although I do agree BlackBerry users should begun to champion BBM and soon because it'll be irrelevant if there is too much choice for another IM. We've seen the ramifications already.

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I agree! BB users should NOT promote any other than BBM!! Lets Boycott Viber by ignoring them just like they ignored US for all this time.

thats just cutting off your nose to spite your face, ignoring and 'boycotting' a big app because they were on the fence about whether to support a new platform with a small userbase is hardly a personal vendetta against blackberry just a careful decision by the app company. BlackBerry needs all the big apps it can get in its own store to entice users over from other platforms, bbm or nothing isnt going to make people switch to bbm just to get the phone, theyll either stay with their old platform as they wont have their favourite apps or complain about having to sideload it

Yes, you are right - being narrow-minded helps a lot, especially if you are coming from a platform with a market share of less than five percent globally (& dropping).

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So download and use WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and everything where your Android & iOS friends are and show your support

Yeah, just like keeping BBM exclusive to Blackberries prevented Blackberry/RIM falling down the Smartphone popularity rankings the last couple of years... Oh wait,....

History is there to learn from. Compete on service not on access. If BBM wants to end up top, I think they should offer good quality, no breakdown service including audio and video calling over all platforms while synching one account on multiple platforms.

I totally agree. Ef viber and all other apps that didn't support BlackBerry when team BlackBerry needed you to.
BBM Shall rule the messaging world.
I refuse to use anything else.

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Awesome because I want more companies to support blackberry. I am a full supporter of Bbm for sure. Everybody in my house uses Bbm ( even downloaded it for a few of them and made them try it haha) but, I agree that we should push Bbm all day everyday!

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Didn't see your post there, and pretty much just said the same thing.

BBM is the best, wouldn't even consider the rest.

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Android port is pathetic. Hopefully it shall be be a native. Also please tell skype for a native app

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Writing complaints/requests in review section of BlackBerry world does not inform developer, you have to use the displayed link at bottom of description page for the app

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John Chen probably has a lot to do with it, convincing them Viber could be used as an important business tool on BlackBerry 10.

They have to work with BlackBerry to find a solution for the android port to work....:/ as simple as that.

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Result of Fear of cross platform BBM voice......... :P

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Viber.....its a superb app...better than bbm, watsapp or has that fun in the chat plus that calling option and lot more.

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Viber is a good app for free voice calls, the quality is not bad too. But can't compare with BBM. With BBM the calls sounds like the conversation is happening in the same room, but BBM does have reliability issues. All of a sudden the messages won't get delivered to Android or IOS.


And I'm sure they will give us a port.

BBM all the way for me thank you very much.

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It had better be native. They worked on it for a long time last year claiming it was "coming soon" and then saying that it was basically ready, just waiting for 10.2 and then saying they were not going to release it. :mad

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They get scared from BBM so now they wanna go to BBW lol
I'm just waiting that BBM extend file sharing from 6MB to at least 20MB and then Viber & WhatsApp can go to history ;)

Now when BBM becoming a crossplatform IM, the Others start thinking about porting their Apps to BB10. Funny.

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No need for viber. They told us they'll for sure support BlackBerry 10 over half a year ago. Then said no. Cannot trust a company that just lies.

BBM and or wechat more than covers what viber does now, and both are native.

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A broken promise is not quite an outright lie. Result is the same, though.

Now at least they owe us something. Let's hope for a Foxconn tablet or even better a homegrown one.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

With BBM now on all platforms as well as official WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10, they think they are doing us a favour?? PLEASE!!! They just want a share of the pie that's all.

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Come on people.. Hold your ground.. Remember that each download for an IM client counts for them.. Refer users to BBM (now that it has BBM Calls at least) and DON'T use Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.. Support BBM!!

8 months ago I was eager for this, now I'm not bothered. Since BBM went cross platform my family are all using it instead.

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As for non-english speaking users android ports are useless because of encoding problems with native characters, 文字化け


BBM All the way.... but Good Job too now more branded apps coming into BB10... no more complaints about BlackBerry lacked of apps...

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There is no need of viber now since BBM voice is available in the crossed platform and very soon the crossed platform will have BBM video

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Viber I downloaded from Snap doesn't work on Q10. It quits everytime I try to make a call. I have the newest 2.1 leak. Does that happen to everybody else too?

Maybe we're getting now because it belongs the Japanese, and under the old ownership I don't think we would have a got it . Not that I've ever used it

Viber is great. ~desktop and tablet ports, all synced at all times. I have it on my phone, Surface 2, Dell XPS 18 and Mac. Always in sync. Much better support and feature rich than BBM.

The Android apk works fine btw. 4.1

That does sound nice, but if I sign up it will be just as lonely as every other chat app I have tried. All my people use email or sms.

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So it has webchat? How about push? You know, receiving messages in real time, not 5-10 minutes later?

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Yes, it's as instant as anything I've tried, including BBM (The Android Version not BB7 to BB7). But it has a lot more options too. The doodle option is brilliant for laughs, you can draw your own or "enhance" a photo. Good for a bit of adult fun.

It also has delivered and "seen" notifications. It's pretty complete.

Welcome to BlackBerry 10, VIBER! I am not a VIBER user, but I will download ONLY if it's a native just to give them a support. I won't if it's just another android port.

Btw, welcome again to BB10, hoping more big-named apps open their eyes to be on Blackberry World.

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Not complaining but would love to see more native support for BlackBerry 10 it's just so satisfying when using native apps to the OS

Yea right. Now that they know that, they are going to loose their customer because of BBM. They are making progress towards BB10. When I emailed them last year end, they replied saying that they are not planning to support BB10. VIBER SUCKS, BBM ROCKS... :D

Once iPhone and Android users have bbm video they won't need other apps right?

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Too late for me to even consider loading up their app when it comes. Most of the people I know are either using Whatsapp, Skype or BBM now.

Just wish BBM would hurry up with the cross platform video chat then I can get the rest of my non BlackBerry friends and family to install BBM.

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There are a few reasons why we are seeing the Apps that said no are now saying yes. 1st, BBM went cross platform, and recently announced its going to include WP. That forces all IM services to up their game. It will be interesting to see what imessage is going to do. 2nd, with a few positive articles under their belt from sites that constantly bashed BlackBerry, critics are slowly being silenced, and BlackBerry just may recover. Apps that hold out still might regret the future. Also on another note, even if Viber is a port, will it not be forced to have a permission screen that is customizable?

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I could care less about Viber but it's interesting to see the impact that cross-platform BBM has made in the messaging app world. Since the release of BBM on cross platform, WhatsApp has hustled to upgrade and add new improvements to their app, other smaller start up messaging apps have popped up on BlackBerry 10, like Tango and now a major player, Viber. BBM is making ripples, small ones maybe but nevertheless ripples and it shows the competition doesn't want to fall behind on the action. BBM has to stay at the top of its game to compete and ensure it can offer everything those other messaging services offer and then some. All and all this is good news for BlackBerry, competition is always good so long as you stay on your toes.

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about time!, last time i did not buy z10 because it does not have whatsapp and viber at launch, more reasons to switch now, waiting for new highend devices from bb.

Never used it...don't care to use it...I'm just riding with BBM...woo-hoo woot woot

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They had committed long back and it is over a year now. When was this discussion? I remember Viber representatives saying the same thing on Crackberry blog around May last year

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Why do you need Viber when we've got BBM voice!! Its way better and I don't think i'll use viber.

Posted from my Q5

I get the feeling a lot of these big app developers had BB10 versions (or even just Android ports) in some stage of development but put them on hold late last summer when the "strategic review" happened.

Hopefully with things starting to turn a corner for BlackBerry, these developers take another look and resume development and release those apps to BlackBerry World.

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Glad too see that Vigirous Viber is always working so vigorously.

Has it been the one year anniversary date yet since there vigorously comment? Lol


I totally agree with manshaw if bbm can do the job nothing else is needed. Secondly for my q10 Viber is still not available.

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Make up your minds... I have the android version and seems ok. not the greatest just ok.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

they have said that before...
just like carriers, they will say something to give the customer hope or to keep them happy

I'll believe it when I see some progress

No one wants Viber on BB10 anyways now. BBM is now multi platform, Whats App has a lot of followers, People use Skype for Video calls, Telegram/Kik/Tango Etc is picking up the scraps

This is awesome news. Viber is a must have app for BlackBerry. Nowadays everybody uses Viber and a lot of people would not come. To BlackBerry because Viber is not available in app world. Keep the good news coming.

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I asked em in Twitter if its native or android lort..and they said its too early to know..they in Research phase

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You people should stfu about bbm being cross platform and boycotting viber... Noone. I repeat. NOONE uses bbm except blackberry people. It's non-bb people who should use bbm instead of BlackBerry people boycotting viber, which will only make things worse for those who are stuck with viber due to their friends

Few weeks ago Viber was stating that will be Andoid port based on Viber 4.2
Im confused now on what kind of solution they are working now (together with Blackberry). If they need to make Viber work in headless mode as Skype they don't need BlackBerry for it. Im sure that many forums members know how to make an android port headless.
Maybe finally we will see a native Viber app and Blackberry help they need for it.

I sent in a tweet about getting a native viber app. I'll never use the app but if we're getting more choices let them be quality choices.

Since the skype update I find it a lot smoother to use but nothing will beat native.

BBM is all I really want to use ;)

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Wanted viber along time ago. Now there is no use for it since bbm is cross platform. Too late Viber go back in your hole!

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BBM's voice quality is better than Viber's. That's what a friend of mine said when I called her using BBM voice. She's using an iphone, by the way. She was very surprised to find out my voice sounded very clear. She said it's way way better than Viber.

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Works both ways though. In conditions with poor networks, the lower quality and thus lower bandwith use of Viber, in my experience Viber has proven to be the most stable, i.e. the last one to stall or distort voice quality.

lots of IM apps will start bringing their apps to blackberry and windows phone now to compete directly with whatsapp after their acquisition by facebook. i don't see how this will do well for them - i think people will either use whatsapp or bbm. even less need for a bundle of IM apps on your phone.

I hope they make it separately for BlackBerry 10, it would be really great!

I'm tired of using the Android version now, I don't get notified for incoming calls with it.

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BBM on Android phones is annoying. Android users don't understand the PIN system and refuse to use BBM cause it's not easy to set up. I prefer Whatsapp and viber to chat with my android friends. :-)

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I'm always open minded and optimistic but we have seen this before. Developers make promises but nothing happens. Let's wait and see.

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As long as you can cut its permissions to access phone, sms, and location I would be semi happy about it. It will still access and upload your phonebook on shady servers in Cyprus and Israel.

I really hope It's not an android port, I have the android port, It's terrible, unless their port includes push notifications and the app doesn't freeze and shut down, then again It's doing that on my iPhone at the moment, so maybe it's a Viber issue.

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I remember there was a rep from Viber on the forums saying they were going to bring a native experience ; however they backed out for no apparent reason and gave no explanation Viber can suck it as far as I'm concerned ; if people need it then I'm glad they're getting it; I for one won't be using it at all. Gtalk and BBM suffice for me

Finally F Viber. After they said it wasn't coming I got everyone to switch over and leave viber behind

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I can't believe how ignorant people can be. First of all, the rant and bashing about BlackBerry 10 has been the lack of apps, the more support we get, the more people we attract, and that's how it is period.

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Yes Oscar... I'm totally agrees with you... the more big brand coming in... ppl won't say BlackBerry lack of apps anymore... BlackBerry losing market share bcuz of the lack of apps...

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BBM only has 80mil users? I seriously doubt that. Anywhoo... I will download it, but I probably will delete it if the user experience doesn't beat out BBM... and the latter is what I believe will happen

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And I think there is another big brand haven't come into BB10 yet... it was Line... there was when I'm still using my 9900... but I'm very curious why it didn't appear in BB10... as Line was the only main competitor to whatsapp...

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Viber should come to BB. I love Viber on Android and would love to see it in BB10! Despite my move I still love BB and hope that the software portfolio keeps growing.

So all software that's used on other platforms would be good for BB. Sure BBM is awesome but keep your eyes open for other programs too. BB10 and BB7 :3

Unfortunately, the Android version is pants on BB10.

Stops working when I try to place a call to another Viber phone. I'm already running Blackberry

For me tho, I need Viber on my Q5 because my friends and family are all either on iOS or Android and they use Viber. They don't want BBM because it's "yet another program in their phone that does free VoIP, and all their friends use Viber" (so basically it's the popularity thing). Plus, I had Viber before switching to the Q5.

There was a message from the Viber team in April that they will NOT support BlackBerry OS 10.

Quote bellow:

"‎02-04-2014 01:42 AM


Unfortunately, our plans have changed in this regard. We are no longer planning a Viber version for BlackBerry 10. We would love to develop for all platforms and devices but we are unable to do so.

Should this change, we will update you. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support.


Viber Team

An official representative from Viber Media (Viber app.) ....."