Viber CEO Talmon Marco says BlackBerry 10 app likely to arrive alongside BlackBerry 10.2

By Bla1ze on 22 Jun 2013 02:33 am EDT

Talmon Marco, the CEO of Viber and Viber Social Media Manager, has once again been speaking of Vibers plans for releasing a BlackBerry 10 app. In an interview given to TruPower, the CEO was asked about expanding Viber into other platforms and went on to mention they're still currently working on the app.

We’re always looking at more platforms. At the same time, Viber is a small company, so adding these is not easy. Viber will soon be available for BB10 (likely hand in hand with the release of BB 10.2). And yeah, you heard about it first!

While it's great news that Viber is still working on their app that's also the bad news. Those waiting for Viber to arrive and not willing to sideload the Android version, will have to wait until BlackBerry 10.2 is ready. In the meantime, if you're looking to stay up to date with the latest Viber news, make sure you follow along in the CrackBerry Forums where Viber representatives post regularly.

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Viber CEO Talmon Marco says BlackBerry 10 app likely to arrive alongside BlackBerry 10.2


im so happy imma jump off the clift... watch me on the news tonight. i will be the guy jumping off the giant clift in canada shouting out go blackberry!!

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To me, this sounds kinda like a possible system integration, ala Evernote or Box.

Which sounds FANTASTIC.

Check out "Wii U For the Win!" C000D1048 - I did this with my Z10! -

Doubt it.

It would undercut everything BBRY has done to build up BBM.

The difference with Box and Evernote is that BBRY didn't have something better or at least established beforehand.

Is the super-short, non-constructive comment the new, "First!"?

Check out "Wii U For the Win!" C000D1048 - I did this with my Z10! -

Are you mad cause you didn't get first. With your constructive comment. Get over your self.

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Let's see how relevant his app will be when bbm with voice gets released for other platforms

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My exact thoughts ! It's getting late and i don't think they can overcome bbm voice when it goes cross platform

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Viber has additional desktop clients for Windows and Mac OS X, mobile clients for Windows Phone, Symbian and even Bada - BBM doesn't have any of those. But more competition is better. :)

My very sentiments..
Cross platform BBM with Wifi/3G calling(video and audio) will send all these posers to the bush. ..and that includes you Skype....

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Really? Gotta say i found it a tad tricky to video call my desktop with bbm lol.

For mobile it's good, but Skype has a desktop client which is something bbm lacks.

Posted via CB10 good one there.
But i think It will only be a matter of time, making a desktop client wouldn't be a challenge.
I think this whole idea of BlackBerry shifting to more of a software company gonna start with perfecting messaging across all platform and then move into other form of devices....desktop, cars,..and even medical equipments. Yea, you heard it first from me...hehehehe

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I have read many threads of Viber running on 10.1 but no one has been able to point me to a working version. I have tried nearly all the versions that people say are running on their device but with no success. Is it that hard to make it work?
Is it also a hit and miss that a version will work on some devices and not on others?
Please can someone help us out? I losing faith and need this app. I had it on my 9900 working fine and really need it working on my Z10

That's not good, me and many of my friends were waiting for so long. They said months ago that the app was in advanced testing stage and now backing up. Just release the beta, that would be enough for me.

They said it will be out in April, now it is being delayed in 10.2. Who know when 10.2 will be out and how long more it will taken for Viber to release the app...My favourite app, but they are not good at keeping deadlines. Disappointed!

Huh... bull shit.. wat abt 10.1???.. blackberry takes evry customer for granted... today m gona samsung s4 or my old iphone 5.. now bbm has been made cross platform so no.problem in shifting..huh.. this is not done..

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Some of you guys just need to calm down. If 10.1 is not available then it's your carriers fault. The proof is with at&t. They release and then pull the BlackBerry update for the Z.

If you haven't noticed we regularly get leaks and weather you choose to trust them or not they are not accidental. BlackBerry is doing their part regarding the updates. If you want to freak out and move on then enjoy. We all have that right. You just can't put this all on BlackBerry.

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Why to calm down? He is right! Leaks are not the solution! BB has no good carrier relationship it seems. Why should someone go through the process of installing leak and taking risks? BB is at fault for screwing up with the updates.

Real gangsta yo! The platform is less than 6 months old. Give it some time. Lots of people haven't even got OS 10.1 yet.

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They probably want headless apps support so the app can run in the background

Makes perfect sense, I'm sure a lot of developers are waiting for that.

There will be (hopefully) another large flood of apps after 10.2, but those stuck waiting will hate it, because a lot of apps will either require, or be updated to run only in 10.2

Posted in the pooper

Headless support is available as of now through hub integration for apps such as Whatsapp and Skype. So I don't think requirement for headless in 10.2 is crucial.

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Finally, someone with some sense. My sentiments exactly. The new Android runtime should bring apps we never thought we'd see back in the 10.0 days

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I'm not about to jump for joy at the thought of loads more android apps.

Whatever happened to building for BlackBerry. Lol

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At last, I'd say! Viber is one of those crucial apps that make you really KEEP MOVING :)

[...] and what about future?!

I really don't understand why BlackBerry need 3rd party messaging apps on BlackBerry 10... It undermines BBM.

Posted from the tap-dancing mouse :rotfl:

I've sideloaded it and it works gr8. So viber can release the official app whenever they feel like

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Really? Messages, Calls and every else works??

I've tried to sideload, and it never works. Mind sharing the working .bar file please? :)

Like other users have mentioned before Viber and the likes will suffer from the bbm Xplatform implementation.

I m really surprised from a business perspective they haven't taken a shot at bb10 yet. That could have been their Trojan horse as Viber is a really great app ( most user friendly voip app there is Imo) and if BlackBerry users got to use it sometime before bbm X platform I think it could stand a chance. As it stands right now it will be rendered obsolete a year or so from now...

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that a good peice of talk! but we the people of saudi arabia need another help from viber people! it's awredy bann here! what abou that?

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Meh. It will be an android port I bet. Waiting for Jellybean probably. Not excited.

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Be careful B1aze. If this doesn't happen soon, someone will start a thread about how are a big fat liar!

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What a crapy and sneaky company... have you seen what the viber reps have been saying in the CB forums for the past 3 months... for so long they have been saying real soon .. they need to define soon. anyways I guess now we have more of a definitive time frame

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Exactly, they said it will be out in April! I think they are still reading the tutorials to develop in cascades. Every now and then I see Viber rep saying the same thing on CB forums "We are close to release" for more than 3 months, glad at least he takes interest in letting us know. But I am totally fed up with Viber and I still use an Android phone just for it. I hope they can release it soon, it my most favourite and useful app.

N blackberry people r too smart.. they will release 10.2 in their new devices..but z10 will have few compared to new devices..i knw BlackBerry people.. they did the same wid os 7 n os 6.. os 6 devices cannot have os7...?? why??.. there r hardly any difference except the appearence of home screen..huh.. m too fed up...

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In other words another port that requires 10.2 ala skype lol.
At this point I'm not even frustrated anymore rotfl

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When BBM arrives for iOS and Android my interest with Viber and Skype will be zero! I don't care Viber is coming or not, too late.

Totally and utterly agree!! BBM and BBM Channels will rule all and i will do my best to help them! cant wait to have the most secure and advanced messaging client on all platforms!! BLACKBERRY FOR THE WIN!!!!!

See Kevin? That's how your release news about upcoming apps.

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No need to wait! My side loaded Viber is working well! Thanks to Crackberry for the tip on how to sideload!

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personally i will wait for you guys to finish. what they need to do now is work as fast as possible to get 10.2 up and running without no leaks!

Viber has over 200 million users. BBM has how much again? Guys are crying out about Viber saying "soon"? They probably got that from BBRY.

BBM has no desktop client (video included on desktop), No MAC OSX client. How again is this going to topple someone? None of us have any idea how it will run on the other platforms.