Viber for BlackBerry 10 will have voice support at launch

Viber for BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 16 Mar 2013 06:08 am EDT

Good news if you're a fan of the instant messaging client Viber. Talmon Marco, the CEO of Viber and Viber Social Media Manager, has stated that yes, they are working on a BlackBerry 10 app that will have both messaging and voice at launch. The current app for legacy devices will be getting an upgrade to support voice as well, which is great news for those of you that aren't planning on getting a BlackBerry 10 device anytime soon.

Viber for BB10, as announced by Blackberry is in development. We currently do not have a timeframe, but it should take less than the time it took us to deliver Viber for the previous generation of BB devices. Viber for BB10 will support Voice on day one as well as all the other features found in Viber for Android and iOS. While discussing Blackberry, it should be noted that we are still on track to deliver voice for the current BB devices.

Also worth noting, the app will be seeing future updates including new stickers, languages, and more. If you're not familiar with Viber, it's a cross-platform messaging client currently available on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and coming soon to Windows as well. You can download the current version of Viber for BlackBerry OS 7 and older at the link below.

More information/download Viber for legacy BlackBerry devices

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Viber for BlackBerry 10 will have voice support at launch


First :D

Great news getting viber on board for BB10. Things are looking good for BB10.

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Kevin cut his hair..that's Michelle ...This is good news though. thanks Michelle. Voice is going to take this app to the next level.

Having it available for the top four is wonderdul.

Great! Another app which will drain the battery... ;-) just kidding... great news and all looking good for my beloved device!

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Cross platform video for BB10, check. Cross platform voice for BBOS, check. Cross platform IM for both, check. Things are shaping up nicely :)

Thats right BUT, now we need Tango, Skype, Oovoo, and more lol...SGS4 is here...hurry up BlackBerry!!

You seem to forget that blackberry has no control over the developers that make the applications for blackberry 10.

My bet: app will be an android port
Nevertheless i'm happy to hear that video chat will be available from start! =D

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Even if it is an Android port, it is better than nothing. Be prepared for the continued move towards cross-platform instead of native apps.

I'm not familiar with this app, but my iphone buddies been raving about it so will give it a try

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Viber will not kill battery. Viber is the only app I miss on my Z10 right now. I keep an android phone just for viber.

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Yes nuff people I know wanted to know viber will be on bb10 before they get it!!! Thanks Kevin!!!

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The galaxy S4 is nothing to brag about. Same jellybean android and side by side with the s3 lmao they look the same lmao. The next big thing is here my @#$ lol. This is your chance blackberry to shine and take over. It's not about 8 cores 13 mp camera or all that jazz. It's about getting things done with speed and true multi tasking. Can I get a amen crackberry nation?!?! :)

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This is brilliant news now all we need is an actual date,some of my friends are using this on other platforms and im missing them and this wonderful app.

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"less than the time it took us to deliver Viber for the previous generation of BB devices." haha i hope so

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The next two weeks will be pretty cool as a Z10 owns ;)

With the us launch a lot of surprise will come to us.
This is the time for the big names to jump ship and join the party.

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I got POSTING ERROR when I tried to make a Viber-related comment. The error didn't exactly explain what I needed to fix in my post. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Error message should be more descriptive so I could figure out what I need to fix.


How long did they take to bring Viber to The old BBos? When they say "It should take less time" I really hope its like next week...

I hope viber is available soon. At least they should have introduced beta version to start with.

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