Viber beta for BlackBerry OS offers free voice calling over WiFi and 3G!

By Bla1ze on 10 Apr 2013 07:34 am EDT

Many moons ago Viber confirmed they would indeed be bringing voice calling feature to their BlackBerry app. At the time, they even offered up a video demo of the app working on device and made the promise that come April, BlackBerry OS users would have voice-calling added. Keeping good on that promise, a new Viber beta has been posted and is readily available for download over the air.

As posted to their site, the app currently only supports BlackBerry OS 5 & BlackBerry OS 7 as BlackBerry OS 6 suffers from some technical limitations that are not present in the other versions. The beta release, sitting at v2.4 also brings along with it a few other bug fixes, performance enhancements and stability improvements.

Fancy giving it go? You can view more details via the Viber website linked below. Now about that BlackBerry 10 version Viber..

Download Viber v2.4 beta with voice calling OTA

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Viber beta for BlackBerry OS offers free voice calling over WiFi and 3G!


I was anxiously waiting for this but I can't use it since I'm OS6... Oh man!!!! Come on Viber I know that you can make it happen!!

Works! Contact said heared echo on speakermode and a little time-shift,but WORKS on 9900. good for a beta...

International calls between Viber users would be free. Also if someone didn't have a lot of minutes, they could use this app. Calls placed with Viber use the data plan or WiFi vs. cellular minutes. Everyone doesn't have unlimited minutes or free international calling.

Viber, Skype and instagram are stopping people from switching... it needs to be sorted out asap for the good of blackberry.. but they must know that.

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To work on 3G, you have to enable TCP IP....Vodafone Portugal.

Username for APN: vodafone

Tested and approved (Bold 9900) :p

Im in UK, just tried it out, with the Wifi connection it works, a little choppy but working.
But I cant get it to work over 3G. I enabled the TCP connection thing as someone said but its still not working.... I'm on O2 :)

This would be a problem for BIS users that doesn't include any regular data plan.
For example in Indonesia. Additional charge will be added for streaming which uses TCP/IP APN thing..
BIS usually covers everything..
But at least this shows BBM and other Messenger services who also offer Free Voice Call (like LINE or KakaoTalk) that it can be done.

The point is that it's cross-platform while not being a security nightmare like what's app.

(B4 anyone says anything, I'm not saying it's secure, just not "a security nightmare like what's app"

I am tempted to throw my z10 out of the window and get an older blackberry - with this now everything I look for as in messaging, personal banking as well as a few other apps are fully available for the older platforms not for the Z10 - hate being an early adopter ...

Wow. glad I upgraded to an OS7 phone recently as a stopgap to the Q10. Going on a string of business trips in May and this was vitally good timing! Gonna go test out the call quality now

Can't wait for the Z10 version to come out. I was stupid enough to try and install this on my z10 lol

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i tried to download it but it ses not available for this device.24c49333 ad me and pls send me any updates or new tricks for bbz10 cause im getting board due to incomplete apps. tnx!!!

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It's not a scam at all. Didn't you read the article? It said legacy blackberry OS. Facebook and twitter posting to BBM doesn't work either because facebook and twitter MADE THEIR OWN APPS.

Downloaded and tried on girlfriends 9932. Works fine... looking forward receiving it on my Z10 too...

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Coming from a family of BB users it's so dissapointing. Just imagine : OS 6 being the most stable & longest running (as far as I know here) being told that the near obsolete OS 5 and the shortest running OS 7 are getting voice in Viber.

So what else is new.? My perception of the situation clearly mirrors what we would call 'a loyalty failure'. Everyone will compare in the world of business and products, materialistic or otherwise - it's just the way things are now.

But we BB owners over here just can't get the notion that the fault lies in Blackberry's court rather than Viber. We don't have a clear answer, nor did Viber or BB make an official detail statement as to why OS 6 can't have a voice call option.

As far as the consumer is concern, this is theirs (and ours) inability to sort things out - simply because consumers will get annoyed IF they don't understand. Brushing us off with one sentence isn't going to win our hearts back since for the past few years, the Great Blackberry seem to be stumbling from an iconic pillar of greatness to just plain annoying. And with the statements that they so proudly present to the press seem to make me feel like a blooming idiot - I'll rephrase that - like a blooming idiot with 3 Blackberries.

It's so disheartening - Viber voice calls on Curve 9360 with OS 7, app memory down to about 87MB, processor in the 600Mhz region. No voice calls on Torch OS 6, app memory floating in the 200+MB with the almost same 600+Mhz processor. Can you see what the customers see.?

If this is some kind of hidden agenda to boost sales of OS 7 BBs, damn.! It works.! Or rather it doesn't with the new BB10. Can you even imagine hearing BB OS 6 users were willing to pay for this App.?

In the end, it's embarrassing even to mention 'Blackberry' in my town. I've decided to get a Samsung. I just hope all those Berries I have now will give me something to smile at - when I'm 85 with a long white beard and a few marbles rolling in my head..

I was really excited to find out they finally have voice calls but really disappointed when I downloaded it on my 9900 and tried to make some calls. Most of the times the voice quality was not great and it kept on disconnecting. It even crashed a few times and lead to a phone reboot/restart.

I am on Rogers if that matters and mostly tried it on WiFi. I contacted Viber customer support and all I got back that it is a beta and they hope to have a full version out soon.

How was your experience with this? where you able to make calls? (I only managed a couple of good ones)

My God why did i go for Z10 blackberry. Therez no access to Coco Voice,Viber,Instagram,Play Store. Manufacturers pleaseeeeeeee hear out our crying voices we need those social stuffs Z10 is such a classy phone please do us the neeedfull