VibAndRing - Vibrate AND Ring Together For Calls!

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2008 08:28 am

We've all either complained about it, or heard someone else complaining about it. "Why can't I get my Berry to vibrate AND ring at the same time?". RIM may be deaf, but Fabian Heuwieser listened. In addition to his awesome apps like LaunchPads and SMS Display ON, along comes VibAndRing. This simple app will allow your device to both vibrate AND ring together for incoming calls (unlike the native profile which can online vibrate before ringing).

VibAndRing allows you to set the number of vibration bursts and delay time, so you can setup the vibration to your liking. Overall a great app that you shouldn't miss. It takes up very little device memory and at only $8.95, it's a must have in my opinion. And apparently a whole lot of you agree with me, as VibAndRing currently rings in at #4 on's Best Sellers' list.  Don't forget to check out Fabian's other applications too!

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Volkan Erkan

If RIM does resist on not putting this kind of software, maybe there is a reason.

I wonder if I installed it, it could harm my BB.??


well rim should have this as a standard feature I dont agree with having to buy something like this ..


$9 for something that is standard on every other phone in the world is just crazy. With everything you can do with blackberry's its amazing the issues with camera, video, and ringer issues.


I've had this app for awhile now and love it, thanks Fabian!


There was a problem with short ringtones not repeating until all the vibrating bursts were complete. Has it been fixed?

Has the program been updated or is this just an ad?

I have v1.1, and while this is a fabulous program, the burst feature does not work correctly with short ringtones.
Glad I got mine back when it was only $7.


No way for something that should be standard...


The post below seems to bust my chops for complaining and then goes on to do the exact same thing; although yours sounded more eloquent.


granted, it SHOULD be a standard feature, but it's not. for people to continue whining about that is just silly and shows the relative maturity (or lack thereof) amongst consumer blackberry ownership.

but 9 frickin dollars? i dont exactly miss this function, but i would gladly pay 2 or 3 dollars for the functionality provided by this one trick pony. seriously... 9 effing dollars?

it's this kind of pure profiteering that fabian pulls that keeps me and others from ever purchasing any of his applications. disagree with me? look at the prices of his other apps. realize the price of this app has gone UP. the only thing he cares about this community is knowing that this functionality is wanted enough to demand this kind of price.

but what he fails to realize is if he were to cut it by even 1/2, 5-10 times more people would actually choose to get it. it's not expensive... it's just not worth 9 freaking dollars. most people can afford $9 just fine, but few can justify it for so little in return.

SMS Display On is also kinda funny considering he's charging $5 for a stripped down version of the free application BBLight.


dude, it's 9 fucking dollars... seriously?

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!

This has made life so much easier for me, as now I don't have to reach for my BB after the first vib. I wait 500 milliseconds for a second vib, then I know to pick it up.

A definate must have! Should be a standard option out of the box.


I bought it when it was $7.00. However, it does not work for anything but the phone (incoming calls). It does not work for sms, email, calendar etc. Otherwise, no real issues.


if i switch my BB to silent (etc), do i have to switch the tool off manually or is it disabled automatically?


I've had this app since it first came out. It's my favorite add-on, works perfectly and updated release is best yet.


I love VibandRing. Worth every penny. never understood why my BB didn't come w/ that function


what? this is ridiculous. shouldnt have to pay for something that should be there in the first place.


Subject title tells it all. Saw some directions, but not clear. Can I get step by step instructions on how to make it operate on my BB Curve 8330.