VEVO for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available!

By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2011 03:45 pm EDT

We've been waiting for it since it was announced at BlackBerry World and now it has finally arrived. VEVO for the BlackBerry PlayBook is now filtering through BlackBerry App World. Some highlights of the app:

  • Free access to VEVO’s library of over 30,000 music videos
  • Watch exclusive interviews and performances only available on VEVO
  • 720p HD streaming, the highest quality picture of any tablet
  • TV-out feature
  • Multitask on the PlayBook™ while streaming videos from the VEVO app
  • Manage your VEVO playlists with PlayBook’s innovative swipe-down menu

Go ahead and search in through App World and be sure to drop some comments on how the app is working for you.

Download VEVO for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

VEVO for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available!


Sounds like it works like the VEVO application for the my iPhone...

Seriously, VEVO (or whatever company develops applications on there behalf) do not know what they are doing...

I love the VEVO application, but on my iphone it's buggy no hell, please let it not be the same for the playbook...

I download & installed just fine. I managed to play several videos, and created a few playlists.

It froze while playing a video.

I restarted the App (& PlayBook) and now it stops at the VEVO splash screen.

I was prompted to update to v2.0 in App World. Did the update. It's still stopping at the splash screen.

I will almost always take a full featured app over its website counterpart. As long as the app has all the same features, I'll take it each and every time.

So much better with the app....the most important things are the playlists you can create and the multitasking without using the browser.

Hopefully it doesn't have as much problems as it did on iOS. It was several month and like a dozen updates before it was actually working properly

Is this going to be available in Canada as well? I ask as we all know, at least the Canadians do, of just how a** backwards our laws when it comes to this sort of stuff.

It's not supported by my device profile either.

Try a proxy server.

Worked great for a while. The App now freezes at the splash screen.

Well it says it is not supported for my device so i am starting to ask myself....what am I doing with a tablet that does not have good apps available, no skype, no IM apps available, no netflix, does not let me buy apps cause i live outside us and canada???? only thing i can do is to download free apps and visit crackberry 30 times a day to check if the new update that will bring everything that people need is already available which seems to be taking FOREVER!!!!! so i think my best bet is to sell my playbook and get the ipad cause i am tired of waiting, switching from iphone to blackberry was not the smartest decision.

What country you from? (as a dev and as someone that doesn't live in US/Canada I can tell you for sure that they support more that just US/Canada

plus give it time

same here, and I'm on the same boat as you, currently checking for the dam updates and now theres a good app for the playbook and doesn't even work for us, at least they should've let us download and just ban some videos like they do on youtube.... nothing a vpn/proxy can't handle.

lol m8,

If an APP doesn't work that's not RIM fault or your device is Developer fault so in my opinion stop complaining and w8 for the developer to relies an Update on the App.

In other hands it works fine with no problem but the only thing i have it's the ads!! and also i hate it when some YouTube videos dont work on torch cause of this VEVO thing.

ok so what about the fact that it doesn't even let me buy apps? all I hear is wait for this, wait for that and still nothing, how long are we supposed to wait?

This does not work in my country. i am very use to this now. We in the caribbean are treated like we are from mars by North Americans. I can buy books from amazon with my credit card but still cant use my bb kindle app the purchase books with same credit card.

No Support for the Netherlands as well. Properly this will only be available in the USA and Canada. This isn't the first app that is not supported by the device. A lot of features are not available over here (also phone).

Confirming it works in Canada. One thing I think they need to work on for the next release is to let us select the quality we want to stream at instead of the app autoselecting for us and switching from low to high qual whenever it wants to. The video always starts off as low qual and then jumps to high qual (not very smoothly might I add) and then during the video if you dont have enough bandwidth to support 720p streaming it boots u back down to 480 or whatever lower quality and the video blips and you lose a part of the video/song. Either way a fantastic start to a great app but definitely feels like it needs more work.

Italy not listed either - ho hum I love my bb and pb but this is what puts people off these devices, in ratio italy is BB mad, go figure...Another loss for RIM, can't they see this??? *rant over* ;)

Works AMAZING. Very fast and the quality is great. Much faster than the website, and creating your own playlists are awesome. Can't wait to get home and plug this in my big screen TV. Another score for media content on the Playbook!

I have had the VEVO link saved on my Playbook since April! This seems to be an unnecessary app!!! I think I will continue clicking on the link to go to VEVO. The Playbook is not like the iPad that needs apps for everything to fully function because it has Adobe flash... Please correct me if I am wrong, or if I am missing something here!!!

Downloaded it. I think it's a great app. My only issue which someone said before is that it jumps in and out of 720p so your eyes are just like "whaaat?!" But the videos play nice. And I like the interface too.

Not working for me. Downloads good, can choose what i want to watch; but then I get a black screen.

Is this the way we're going? Games and multimedia? I appreciate every step forward the playbook developers make. But isnt this arena a bit crowded? By folks who dont aspire to ANYTHING else? The casual user market is already glutted with game machines and multimedia tablets. Doesnt the playbook have other things to do? Things other than waste time. Couldnt the playbook separate from the kiddie pack and actually make your daily routine a little better, easier, fuller? I am a business owner, I use the playbook all the time now. Its a valuable tool for me and my business. Im also a musician so I already know the value of diversion, I've been diverting myself professionally since I was fifteen years old. Im a bit frustrated by the great strides being made into an already well supplied market, and tiny steps being made to get the things that shipped with the playbook to work properly. As I read this over it occurs to me that this isnt the place for a rant, but there it is anyway. To end on a positive note, yay! We get to watch Shakira shake it on a 7" tablet now, even though we have been watching her for years on our 50" televisions, yay!

Only for the US, Canada and UK - I am in Ireland, so no luck Paddy's (or should I say Paddy, as I am probably the only one with a Playbook!)

I spent a lot of money for the Playbook and now I'll be always the idiot because I live outside the US.
Here in Germany I can't use Blackberry News App not Poynt for Blackberry and now the same for VEVO!

I had it how you (RIM and App Developers) handle with the customers!!!
With this policy you will never get a chance on the market outside of the US!!!

Please change your mind and support all countries!

heyy, me too !!!
i'm one of the first pb users in Thailand, and been waiting for it since last year, expected a lot out of it, but honestly, i wasnt expected that i cant use my pb to the full capacity! apps arent available since i'm not in the US !? thats &*$%UKD@#($*#) ... gosh!!, i dont have a good word choice to express my feelings :'(

AWESOME APP! Created a playlist...connected PB to a external speakers...placed PB on front of my treadmill....jogged away! Beats just listening to music. App worked great.

Nice application. I love that there was an update already. Issues being worked on, and then updates to try to solve said issues, is always a good thing. Keep it up.

i cant download dozens of apps because i am currently live in Thailand !??
since playbook is now all over the world, why cant all apps are available for the pb users all over the world too?
anyone thinks it is kinda bias here? :'(

Hello , is anybody having trouble opening this app after the first time. I downloaded the app last night and it worked perfectly. This morning I opened the app again and it would not load completely. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it again. Worked great now I just tried to open it again and it just opens with the black screen with a few words in the centre. It does not completely open and show the menus or pictures of the artists. Any ideas how aI can correct this?

Why does it say when i go into download it "this item is not suported by your current device", i have os 2.0