Free fun tilt gaming with Verso: The Momentum Ball Game for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 30 Dec 2013 07:26 am EST

Some of the most addictive BlackBerry 10 puzzle style games can be those that are of the simplest concept. Verso: The Momentum Ball Game falls into that category in my opinion, but it's a whole load of fun - and free!

Using the tilt mechanism on your BlackBerry it's just a case of rolling the colored balls into the corresponding holes - easier said than done. As you would expect, to start with the levels are nice and easy, but as you progress and get more and more balls on-screen it sure gets manic. 

There are two things that will hinder your performance. The first being that if you get the wrong colored ball in the wrong hole it will end the level. And secondly, you are up against the clock - which is always a challenge. 

The graphics are colorful and crisp and the game play is beautifully smooth with Verso. Combined with some sweet background music the game really is a joy to play - as long as you have the patience. 

Verso is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and although I filmed the above video on my Z30 I have subsequently loaded it up on my Q10 where the experience is just as good - although games are always a bit better on a bigger display. 

Give it a go and let us know what you think? You can't beat free.  

Download Verso: The Momentum Ball Game for BlackBerry 10

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Free fun tilt gaming with Verso: The Momentum Ball Game for BlackBerry 10


And the fact that if it goes outside the table, it's never coming back on *stares*

Posted via my beautiful, red Q5 (

Unavailable for this device (Q10).

Please, reviewers, include the applicable OS versions along with the models in your reviews! :-/

Posted via my Q10, still on

Mentioned in an earlier comment, it looks like this app isn't compatible with 10.1 OS.

I agree, it would be helpful for all reviewers to add the minimum level OS an app needs to be able to run. I've seen a few reviews that have and it's helpful to know up front.

Not all are running 10.2 due to whatever reason. Me included.

Posted via CB10

Thank you, bob. I think many (most?) of us go right to the link in the reviewer's post before seeing the comments, if the app/game is of interest to us.

Even after the US carriers finally push an official OS 2 update, the pattern will remain the same; BB10 users around the world are always going to be sporting variations of the current OS (leaked or not). Reviewers and developers should include minimum OS requirements by default, just as desktop software does, IMHO.

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The game works on the Q10 but is superboring. Will go for a few Levels Cut the Rope now

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Hey Guys, I'm from Studio Slovack the creator of this game. This way I wanna say a big thanks to for this very nice review. We made this game and released it to BB for fun and definitely did not expect Crackberry people to get excited about it. We also appreciate comments from everybody. We are sorry if u cannot play this game or ur game doesn't work properly. We just did not expect this will reach so many of you. This year we will release follow up to Verso and this will included full functionality for Q5 & Q10 users and many other awesome features. So be ready to check us out. We THANK YOU for support. Mike from Studio Slovack.