Version 2.0 of BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor now available in Beta Zone

BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor
By Simon Sage on 18 Feb 2013 03:43 pm EST

For those that need to keep an eye on the memory usage on their BlackBerry 7.1 devices, a new version of the Application Resource Monitor has recently been released in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. There are two primary new features in this build...

1. Fragmented Memory Detection - This new feature will monitor the percentage of flash no longer available for system use due to memory fragmentation. When device memory becomes badly fragmented, it could lead to a degraded user experience. The feature will monitor and automatically take preventative action by default. Options exist to disable detection, change the timing of detection, and to disable automatic recovery.

2. Low Memory Detection - This new feature will monitory the available free memory on the device. When free memory gets too low, it could lead to a degraded user experience. There are many reasons a device could run low on memory but when this occurs, this new feature will prompt to user to either restart the device or close the offending application that is consuming too much memory. An option exists to disable detection.

After logging into your Beta Zone account, you can sign up for the Application Resource Monitor beta program here. How many of you guys use the Application Resource Monitor regularly? Does it help out a lot? 

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Version 2.0 of BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor now available in Beta Zone


umm, isn't this just a little bit too late? Shouldn't they have had this back when OS 5 came out? Now that OS 7.1 is essentially dead, I don't know why they are wasting time on this.

They made it pretty clear that OS 7 would continue to be supported throughout this year. There are still millions of OS 7 subscribers out there, abandoning them so suddenly wouldn't exactly give them much incentive to purchase another BlackBerry in the future.

That is how I see things. Hopefully BlackBerry continues to put a few more of their core apps into Beta. I am ready to test.

They're not just supporting existing 7.1 devices, and there are millions of them, but they're also still continuing to retail a slimmed down range of 7.1 devices. I have a Z10 but I also have a 9900 that's still in service and will be for at least another 8 months and I'm glad to see BlackBerry standing behind their products and not abandoning them at the drop of a hot.

@ mscrivo : totally agree with you, where was this when OS5 was big...I run a Storm 9550 with OS 5.. When I had a Storm 9530 (that eventually crapped out on me, and had to replace it with an off-contract 9550)) the app memory went down so quick, this app would have been helpful then. Memory is slightly better on the 9550.

Never upgraded to an OS 7 device, and have been waiting off contract for almost a year now for a new Blackberry to come out, since upgrading to something new prob meant locking into a contract knowing BB10 was upcoming!

And will run with my 9550 until I get my hands on a Z10 (in Canada, but my carrier won't have until March).

Especially feature #1, that's awesome! Seems designed specifically to address those of use always complaining of "memory leaks"...

so that's not wasted time at all, in fact, I greatly appreciate it.

One Question for those of you with Z10's, does it have the App Resource Monitor built in too??

BlackBerry 10 is built entirely differently from OS 7 and prior, it doesn't need anything similar to App Resource Monitor - so there's nothing of the sort included.

I will stick with my 9930 until the apocalypse or until a perfect bridge solution is made between phone and tablet. Im glad we got 2 new beta upgrades today

I use this and it really does help with those apps that do not close by using the escape key. I sometimes forget when I am in a hurry and leave one running in the background. This baked in app keeps the left open app from eating up all my battery. It is also great for determining what apps are memory hogs. I can also track my battery drain etc. Great app and I cannot move to BB10 until my contract is up. Continued support for my 9810 is really appreciated and shows that BlackBerry is serious about meeting the needs of the consumer.

Picked this up last week. Its nice to have. It always shuts down apps that I forgot I had running in the background. Like tapatalk :D

I have been using it for a little over a week with no problems. The only time I know its running is when it shuts down an app that's leaking memory or using lots of it. On my 9810 that's AT&T code scanner, gasbuddy and the camera app.

Funny when I was leaving apps open in the background I would get ARM alerts all the time. When I started closing them when finished the ARM alerts stopped.

it's about time hey come out with something like this!! Hopefully this update will keep the OS stable. They should have came out with this a long time ago!!

my 9810 doesn't have an option to select any apps, like the picture shows.
i wish this worked better because my phone has apparently LOST memory. its so slow after 2 years.

Maybe clearing out some databases via desktop manager might speed things up. I usually do this monthly, or twice a month.