VersaTool (Beta) - A Suite Of BlackBerry Tools In One App

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2010 07:52 am EST
Versa Tool (Beta)- A Suite Of BlackBerry Tools In One App

Marcus from Versatile Monkey, the creator of Podtrapper for BlackBerry, has just released a new beta application for you all to check out. VersaTool is a collection of tools all wrapped into one small application which is nice and lightweight. It features all the little functions your BlackBerry has or you wish it had in one spot. Be it the ability to start apps as your BlackBerry boots, down to creating an auto reply for emails right from your BlackBerry, to doing unit conversions on the fly - VersaTool has you covered. Read on after the jump for the full functions list and how you can help out with this new beta app.

VersaTool has a unique subset of functions built right into the application, the full list of what VersaTool can do is massive and Marcus, with your help is looking to add even more.

Features Available Now:

  • Alarms: Set as many nameable and snoozable alarms using whatever ring tones you like for any combination of days and times
  • Canned Responses: Save short or long email clippings and combine them to reply quickly to common emails
  • Auto Reply: Use email/PIN/SMS filters to automatically respond to incoming messages with a Canned Response
  • Home Screen Bookmarks: Bookmark URLs, popup menus, VersaTool applets and many other tasks to your BB home screen
  • Popup Menus: Create menus to common tasks like emailing or searching the web and assign them to home screen bookmarks or convenience keys
  • Really Convenient Keys: The built in convenience keys limit you to one action: pressing a button. VersaTool allows you to assign actions to pressing, but also to pressing and holding and double pressing. You can also assign actions to the mute key and end key. Any action allowable by VersaTool is available as a target: Popping a menu, launching an app, launching a URL and more
  • Run on Start: Have a favorite app that you're always running that doesn't allow run on start? Run on Start allows you to run any app when your BlackBerry starts up
  • Run on Schedule: And why limit yourself to running things on startup? Run on Schedule allows you to schedule any action that VersaTool allows on any schedule you want
  • Just Take the Picture: 9 times out of 10 when you want to take a picture of something, by the time I've got my BB out and unlocked I've lost the opportunity. Just Take the Picture allows me to take pictures from anywhere quickly, even while the device is locked (OS 5.0+ only)
  • Tip Calculator: Are you deficient in basic arithmetic like I am? Tip Calculator will make sure your deficiencies don't penalize your wait staff
  • Unit Conversion: Need to know how many angstroms are in a meter? Easy peasy with Unit Converter
  • Weather: Bookmark the weather for your city to your home screen and see the weather at a glance. The home screen icon always shows the current weather and highs and lows for the day 

All those functions, one app. Even having just looked at the features VersaTool offered I knew I had to check this out. Now given this is a beta, Marcus is of course looking for any feedback you have for VersaTool and has even set up forums for you all to post any bugs you find. Check out the forums for more information on submitting bugs, as a bonus if you are the first to submit a bug that is truly a bug when the app moves out of beta you have a chance at getting a free copy. While in beta though, the application is free to download.  VersaTool is available for device running OS 4.3+ so even Storm owners can get in on the love here. Check it out, give some feedback and let us know what you think of VersaTool in the comments.

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VersaTool (Beta) - A Suite Of BlackBerry Tools In One App


When I try to download to my computer Adobe reader says its either an unsupported format or the file is corrupt. Any suggestions on how else to download.

cool App. It does a lot of stuff. I would recommend that the Camera feature takes a second or 2 longer (maybe 4-5secs) before taking the pic. It seems to take the pic before I could get the item in focus. Other than that it's great. i just have to get an understanding of what each feature does.
Tour owner, running OS

Wow, this app sure does a lot of things. I like the consistancy of the UI throughout all of the apps. Nice!

yep. I've found several with their camera app and will post on their forums later today.

Storm 2 9550, v5.0.0.320 (Platform, Verizon

This is the first time anyone is using it, so I'm sure there will be a bunch of bugs, but I'd like to get them all fixed. To that end I'm running a 'Find a Bug, Get it Free' contest over in my forums, so make sure you check that out.

Versatile Monkey

OK, great looking app -- when you gonna bring some of that great look to the podtrapper app??
I love the function of PT, but it needs bigger buttons and less text on the screen -- too cluttered and hard to press buttons on my 9530.

This does a lot of what QuickLaunch does and a whole lot more. It does some LaunchPad, some WeatherBug, and a little OS stuff. Definitely worth checking out.

If I select the weather icon, it just freezes and says -- weather updating. Is there something special I need to do to load my area's weather?


I received an uncaught exception error and now it just showed up but it is weather for Denver and I am in NE. Any suggestions?

It defaults to denver, but if you hit the menu you can edit your location. Make sure to detail your bug (the uncaught exception) over in my forums so that you get a free copy. (There's a link in the help screen).

Versatile Monkey

hi. i'm messing with it now. i have shortcutme on the left button and vlingo on the right one so the double-click on the end key is a bonus! is it possible to make the two keys at the top customizable (i want to disable them entirely)? VT appears to play well with my other apps; i'll keep an eye on it.

so far, it looks like a good worthwhile app.

This is the app I have been looking fora long time but I found a few bug at the get-go.

Using Google search at the homepage it try to search for "cake" and it ended up using "search" as the word I'm looking for.

From searching from Wikipedia is fine but once you hit the end-key it brings you back to the homepage with three options menu open and the keyboard open and will not go away.(a battery pull got it to leave)

Taking a photo form the home page I get an Error " Requested format not supported" after a new message shows up "When taking a picture getSnapshot returned null" This shows up in the log as well.

From the app screen hitting the end key, the three options menu up and hitting the end key will open this menu as many times as you hit it, also you have to use the back key to make it go away that many times as you hit the end key, I find this annoying. It should only open when you hit the end-key twice from the homepage and can be closed when you hit the end-key once

I"m running this app on a Blackberry Storm 9530 World Edition, OS (platform with Telus.

I hoped this help somewhat, and if you need any more info o about my phone just ask.

For the google one it turns out this is a configuration issue with my defaults. I forgot to actually select the search term in the google link. If you edit that popup menu you can select 'search' as the search term and it will work properly.

For the picture it seems I'm not always auto-detecting the proper format, and it gets upset with me when I miss.

The popup menu appearing more than once is definitely a bug, I'll squash that one soon.

Thanks for helping test it out, let me know if you run into any other issues, I want to make it as solid as possible.


Where are we supposed to submit bug reports? I can't seem to find the forum for this... is there one on crackberry yet?

Hi Jabbs,

There's a link in the app (via the 'Help' applet) to my forums. Also, if you find a bug that hasn't been reported yet you get a free copy when it's released (see the appropriate forum post for details).


i'm jonhedge1 over at your forum. it's lcked and won't let me comment over there. i tried to use pandora for the "startup" instead of ubertwitter and still couldn't get it to work.
also, in the "weather for.." part when i first loaded it this am it would display the the highs and lows for the day right on the stopped doing that. not sure why or if i might have accidentally changed a setting. suggestion: to have the choice of "current" or the "high/low" temp on the icon...just a thought.

I locked the main announcement thread so that we can get issues in their own ones and people don't have to read tons of comments to see if an issue is known or not. You should be able to post a new topic for any issue, though.


i tried multiple times to assign different apps to different keys and couldn't get any of them to work.
curve 8330 released

also, (per post above)the "high/low" temp right on the icon appeared again...

I've just installed the app and found 2 problems... I've tried to change the location for the weather program but the location doesn't change and the currency conversion isn't up to date...

I don't know if it was a bug, but I did not like that it defaulted to a pop-up search box on my home screen whenever I press the Red Escape Key. I checked the really convenient keys subprogram but it was not readily clear how to de-select this.


Loaded it up this morning early. Great looking UI and well done. I gotta say after about 6 hours it seemed to suck the life out of my battery which would normally last 12 hours under normal use. I watch the battery and background apps closely with meterberry and other utilities. It does some cool things but I have most of these thru quicklaunch etc. Plus the 30 day warning or expiration date turned me off. To me it meant U folks ,the Crackberry experts test this and tell us what it needs to be functional and then when its tweaked to perfection. I will sell you the app !!! I'll pass......

Storm2 9550

When I try setting the alarm using one of my ring tones (as suggested) instead of the ring tones that come with the phone, all it does is vibrate.