Verizon's Snowy Surprise, Hilarious Video!

By Bla1ze on 6 Feb 2009 11:55 pm EST

Now this is just hilarious! The Boy Genius posted on this video today that was put out by Verizon Wireless back in early January but somehow didn't make the tech blogs sooner. It's the first time I saw it though and it's awesome! Definite competition for the recent T-Mobile ad we just saw the other day. Verizon got their "network" together for an impromptu commercial and to an extent scare the crap out of one their subscribers. Dig the video it's awesome for a laugh, good on ya Verizon!

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Verizon's Snowy Surprise, Hilarious Video!


that is really cooooool! lol that guy is hilarious on the phone talkin to his buddy and the whole network is behind him. i hope they come out with more commercials like this

I love when he's telling them that he doesn't know the weight limit on the lift is. Like they're all going to join him up the mountain. Awesome vid.

Am I the only one who doesn't think there was anything impromptu about this video? The "customer" is obviously an actor. If you have an army of people walking behind you are you going to keep referring to them as "The Network"?

What would you refer to them as after having seen soooo many Verizon commercials and them always being referred to as "the network". "The dudes, from the verizon commercials? maybe? lol..would work for me too.

And the adjective of impromptu, having the character of improvisation..improvisation..Something improvised, especially a musical passage or a dramatic skit. <--Quite a dramatic commercial in their methods :)

In any event, it's funny. Laugh, Be happy and if you can't laugh at that, laugh at my usage of the word "impromptu" as long as the result is you laughing then, we're all good :P

Agreed. It looked setup to me too. Plus, the kids audio was too good; he had a microphone on. If he had a microphone on that means he had to have been in on it. His audio didn't have a compressed sound to it so it couldn't have been recorded over the phone.

It was an awesome video, and so what if The guy was an actor. They shot it at a ski slope, probably with no warning, because everyone looked genuinely shocked to see them. Lighten up. They wouldn't wanna use me, I call em the Verizon Zombies, and the head guy is the zombie master. Have a Storm, and VZW is the fashizzle, but that guy gives me the creeps LOL. :)

does it look like he is using an I phone or is it just me? i dunno its pretty blurry but i sware i saw the apple logo when he hangs up his phone?

sure its improptu and he is some random guy. because all random guys walk around "mic'ed up"

he clearly has a mic on him for the sound to be that good.

that /was/ really funny. i still think the t-mobile one trumps it, but i'm with them, maybe i'm biased :p

That had to be one of the least funny and most contrived pieces of advertising drivel I have ever seen.

The things that pass for humor or wit these days astound me.

I agree, there was no real "funny" here. I give it a "kinda cute." I did not laugh once, and was in a fair mood when I woke up. Boy Genius heading it with "Oh. My. God." or whatever he used really sets a person up to be let down, and I was. Also, I am indifferent when it comes to Verizon, I do not hate or have love either one. Can you imagine marching that many people around and setting up cameras just in hopes that you catch one person off guard or something. Wonder how many takes it took to find someone to surprise, and how long in between takes for someone new to come along that was not at the previous takes. Just not that funny and not that believable.

I use my BB as my music player while I ride. I try and make it a rule not to take calls unless I am on the lift though

I have no idea what he is on about? "The Network" ?
I guess it is a localised Verizon thing.
I'm from the UK and it has no meaning.

Unlike the T-Mobile advert in the London train station which could be played in any country and you would "get it" :)

It is a Verizon commercial, and it is frickin funny. If you don't see the humor in an army of Verizon Zombies just showing up up and following around one of their customers you must not have much of a sense of humor. T-mo does need all the help it can though.

After giving T-Mobile and AT&T a chance, I've come to realize that Verizon, is in fact, the best network within the United States. The fact that I can't take my phone with me to travel in Europe is not as big a deal as it used to be, because phones are so cheap nowadays, I have a GSM phone that I use to swap out sim cards when need be.

Maybe because it's lame? What's the deal with that douche at the end, "yeah baby, that's my network". You have that much brand loyalty to a friggin cell phone company? Get a life.

That was some funny stuff. Mon I tell you, verizon marketing team that came up with this network stuff is being prised like nothing. Good Job; two thumbs up.

Why pic everything apart?? It was funny! Case closed. And I AM that loyal to "my network". Tryed the rest- now have the best.

I thought it was going to be funny, but instead it was just some tool being followed by the network... =/

Even if the guy was an actor (or not), look at (and listen to) the rest of the people in the background. There was instant brand recognition from those who know about the commercial or who may/may not have Verizon. For that, it shows their ads work.

This was quite funny. I also watched the one with the guy in ? Central Park. Looks like something Ashton Kutcher would do.

Dude that was way cool, much better than the ones they put on tv. I think VZW is on to something here. I hope they do more. My hats of to VZW keep up the good work and put these on tv.

Scare a subscriber? It sure was convenient that has was hooked up with a mic that entire time. What a coincidence. Somebody seems to be gullible here.

anyone else notice that the guy switches snowboard halfway through the commercial? it's not the same board he rode down on.

How some people who have commented actually took time out of their lives to watch this video and then post a response about how lame and pathetic the video was and how it was not improvised but staged and then respond back to people who disagree with you. THAT, to me is the ultimate lame move. Wasting your time to debate how a gimmick promo vid was not funny and staged. WHO CARES?! If you don't like it - move on it's not the end of the world.

this was a GREAT commercial! Think of all the people in who don't have Vzw saying if this was true, how they wish it was them!