From the Forums: Verizon's online BlackBerry results don't add up

Verizon BlackBerry lineup
By Michelle Haag on 6 Aug 2011 02:10 pm EDT

Following up on our post about Verizon being in the process of making a commercial for a new BlackBerry device, CrackBerry member mustangv8 noticed a subtle change to the Verizon website. When searching BlackBerry in the smartphone category, the search results come back with 8 results, but only pictures for 6 devices, but the previous day the numbers had matched. What is Verizon hiding here? Is it likely they've already loaded the Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 into the system, and are just keeping them under wraps for now, or has Verizon just forgotten how to count?

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From the Forums: Verizon's online BlackBerry results don't add up


It's definitely because there are 2 color options. Like the above poster said, if you look at the iPhone, only 6 phones are displayed but the "Certified Like New" devices come in two colors. Same with the Droids. More waiting I suppose...

Ahh my head hurts from all this guessing, checking and waiting for news on crackberry lol!

Actually the same goes for Android or Apple - try it if you choose Android the results shows 22 devices but only 19 on screen and for Apple same as Blackberry only 6 devices show up on screen but results show 8. Geez take a xanax and wait for them to be available sometime in September.... anxiety is gonna stress you all!

Verizon did the same thing about a week or so before the Droid 3 launched. It kept showing 1 more device than they had pictured. This could be really good news and hopefully the 9930 is the first one to launch.

I think the most newsworthy part of this is the fact that the Storm 2 is actually listed at $199. That's like a sick joke.

RIGHT!? thats what im saying lol, and the bold for $150? WTF. i never understand how they subsidize a 650$ iphone to 200 but cant get a 470$ bold cheaper than 150? its bull if you ask me. im a verizon customer and honestly this is what they always do they keep charging orginal price (or close to) even knowing the sequel is around the corner, its quite sad. Im hoping that they get announced soon im waiting to upgrade from my stupid incredible and will be greatly look forward to the bold 9930, and both torch devices. Just that verizon gets the torch 9810, i would still love to see the day they get the Style, im in love with that phone >.<

lol @ comments. but the result is correct, VZW has always done this, if you noticed the Curve 9330 & 8530 comes in two different colors, hence your 8 phones(6 pictured, 2 of which comes in two different colors)......Why do they do this beats me, but it started back when they switched there website around. Oh well there goes that theory of any new phones coming to us(I am a VZW customer).....I really do hope that they bring the 9850, I been waiting for new phones since my upgrade came up back in Feb. Man come on Verizon let it out already...lls

Edit: oh man after re-reading thread, couple of you guys already said what I

It's the utter GM-style corporate arrogance that gets my goat (from both RIM and VZW). We know what's good for you and you will like it or... (I mean old GM btw, I think they're a little better now)

Can somebody explain me why there is a Blackberry 9650 without camera. I mean who would buy this device in the same price as the original one.

this is not news.. it has been happening to me over the last 4 or 5 months where the number of devices coming up does not match the "number" of results