Verizon's new ALLSET pre-paid plans offer unlimited calls, texts, and 500MB data for $45/month

By Derek Kessler on 3 Mar 2014 12:07 pm EST

Pre-paid plans are becoming a more-and-more viable option these days, especially if carriers continue to make improvements like Verizon has just done with the introduction of their new "ALLSET PLANS" (no more all-caps from here on out, mkay). These new plans start at $35-a-month for basic phones, but if you're smart and opt for a smartphone, it starts at a mere $45-a-month.

That low Allset plan price includes unlimited 'Anytime Minutes' calls and unlimited messaging (including international messaging to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico). The base plan offers a measly 500MB data allotment each month, though thanks to the magic of pre-pay you can get more as you need it. An extra 500MB is $5, and that's good for 30 days, while you can get 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20 — both with a 90-day expiration.

Verizon has a handful of smartphones available for purchase for use on the Allset plans, including the iPhone 4 for $99.99, iPhone 4s at $199.99, the Moto G for $99.99, and a few other low-end Android phones. If you have your own off-contract Verizon phone, you can bring it onto an Allset plan as well.

Source: Verizon

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Verizon's new ALLSET pre-paid plans offer unlimited calls, texts, and 500MB data for $45/month


every since i got a BB10 i go through 2-3gb of data per month.
BBOS7 i was going through 200-500mb per month since it was compressed data(BIS) and I wasn't on the internet as much since it was slower:P

Prepaid on Verizon is a bit comical. They don't even allow non-branded devices on their network! And if you're buying Verizon BBs, pretty he only place you can buy them is...Verizon.

Not fully passed yet, it has to go through the upper chamber (the Senate.) Regardless, it doesn't apply to Verizon in this context, since they're a CDMA carrier and the "locking" in this context is not SIM but CDMA firmware. Plus they somehow have the unchallenged right to deny devices on their network...except for LTE band 13 devices (not for the lack of trying, but they won't win.)

Tmobile 30$ unlimited text, 100 min, and unlimited data, now which is the better deal. Also they don't throttle you

You're talking about the Walmart plan, right? You don't get unlimited high speed data for $30. You get 5GB and then slowed down to 2G.

I'm on t-mobile's unlimited plan which is $50 for unlimited everything with 500mb of data which slows down to 2g speeds once you go over which would last me pretty much the whole month until I started streaming music on my way to work and it would last me about 2 weeks... now I stream sporadically and it started lasting me about a month... at 2g speeds the music tends to lag quite a bit which is a shame...but unlike Verizon we do get 4g LTE... also, I forgot to mention that I have LTE turned off 99% of the time to conserve battery... you can stream music just fine at 3g speeds.

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T-Mobile is a joke in terms of coverage for a lot of people. For most of my area it's 2G coverage, while Verizon gives me a beautiful LTE signal. I may pay more, but I've actually gotten coverage almost everywhere except for low mountain valleys and those areas in West Virginia where no-one has coverage.

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Hard to use up 500MB when you are stuck on EDGE. I've been with T-Mobile for 11 years and I'm ready to walk. I'm tired of everyone else including Cricket and Virgin Mobile offering 4G in my area and I'm stuck on EDGE. If I drive 20 miles then I get 4G LTE.

You better double check your sources regarding the non throttling.. each 'associate' of any carrier or business says a different thing.. one person told me throttling..then checked my plan it said 10GB/unlimited.. which to me means 10GB is the point at which it begins being throttled.. just an FYI in case you want to further investigate this..
I'm happy with it regardless.. it's been working pretty good.

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On t-mobile I have unlimited calls text, pics, and international calls to more than 100 countries, and 4gb for only 60.00.

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Unlimited data for $60 and not $70? Unlimited international texts and calls to these 100 countries doesn't cost you extra?

... " unlimited messaging (including international messaging to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico). "
The time is soon coming where IM apps will be a thing of the past. The networks will have "IM" as included service. The cost of messaging is small compared to the price that they charge consumers.

IMO, many of the IM apps will either be put out of business or purchased by a consortium of networks. It is just a question of what services will be provided in addition to text.

The widespread adoption of IM apps and the ability to make free calls on some of them is what's forcing the hands of the carriers. It's what helped pushed the carriers to unlimited texting and calls. They know the money is to be made on data.

Seriously.. Who includes 'timely OS updates' these days.. lol

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I have a shared plan with my wife that is only 500 MB between us (I have a Q5 and got her a Z10). It isn't actually as little as you'd think, unless you're a video watcher or downloader while on the go. I have Wifi in there for all the places I regularly work, for the local library, and all the hotels I use regularly, and I don't watch video at the park, so I really don't notice.

The only time I've even been close was when I covered a big event for work on multiple types of social media at a University that didn't give me a guest account, and that time I got within about 10MB. My wife uses almost none, as she uses her phone as a phone unless she's home.

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To get Verizon coverage and customer service, this is a great deal especially when you are getting a decent line up of phones. Most of my customers are trying to cut costs and they have wifi. Smart move I say

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This is a rip-off deal! I'm in Canada on a local provider, not a national one, called TBAYTEL. My plan for the Z10 is $50/month. It gives me unlimited international texting, unlimited North American calling, 6GB of data and an abundance of features. I have never seen any other providers come even close to this deal! Not Bell, not Rogers, Telus and definitely not Verizon! I love my @tbaytel

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Verizon is only one of the 'Smiths' in the matrix of the carriers..

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Shouldn't last line of article mention that any *non-4G* off contract Verizon phones can be used? Or can 4G phones be used now?

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Not so good deal.
In Poland we have unlimited calling, texting, unlimited data (2GB in LTE and unlimited in 56kbps) in "Play" pre-paid for 15 USD ( 50 PLN).

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It's not useful to compare prices for carriers that are not competitors or even in the same country. The deal is somewhat decent in the US if a customer doesn't need that much cellular data.

So the phones they're saying that use this new plan are all 3g phones? Way to go Verizon. You're surely showing us all you really care about consumers ;)

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Wtf? 250MB and unlimited talk/text is $55 on a regular Verizon plan! Prepaid customers should not be getting a better deal!

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Isn't the coverage different for prepaid plans though? When I went in looking for a hotspot purchase, I was told the non-contract plans do not have the same coverage.

Unlimited international text, North America wide calling (200 minutes daytime, unlimited after 5 pm), 6 gb of lte data (although they've given me free extra data occasionally when I've been close to the limit and called), and a host of other features with Fido for $65 a month . Not the best I've seen, but close to the best on major Canadian carriers.

This prepaid doesn't seem like much of a deal even before you take into account no LTE and Verizons other restrictions.

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They coverage is the best, but their price for what u get will always keep me from using Verizon

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I considered getting a Verizon hotspot for occasional data needs while traveling to supplement my T-Mobile coverage, but when in the store I was told that the non-contract offerings do not have the same broad coverage as the contract offerings. Is it the same for these plans? That was a deal killer for me. Not having the same great coverage defeats the purpose of going with Verizon... but I will not be milked on a contract because I'm a customer who keeps the same hardware for many years. Anyway, the downsides of Verizon's cheaper options usually explain the new price pretty well.

Unlimited texts, a few hundred minutes and 1gb of data for £13 a month for 24 months but my data has never gotten below 900mb unless video calling :S

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I pay about twice that price but I'm still grandfathered into an unlimited data. Gotta love driving and listening to Apollo (Pandora)!

On a side note where is my 10.2.1 update Verizon? Get er' done already!

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500MB isn't bad. I rarely scratch the surface with my 1GB data on my Z10, I am lucky to over 100MB a month.

The interesting thing is if I buy a phone with this voice/data plan and use it in Toronto it will cost me less per month on this plan than it would any other similar plan form Bell, Rogers, Telus, and or the smaller ones like Fido, Windmobile, Public, Virgin, etc.

T mobile is very spotty at best used to have them...if they improve their coverage area they would be # 1...they have very fast download speeds

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I just down graded our 6 GB family share plan for two reasons: it cost too much and we were using our phones entirely too much. I got us down to 500 MB per phone at 2/3rds the cost and don't think we'll see much impact as we're wi-fi at home.

I find these smartphones are far too addicting and productivity killers during the day!

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This makes me happy. Pre_Paid carriers were know as low class and for the poor. But in this economy, more and more people are turning to prepaid because some carriers are ridiculous. Verizon making Pre paid service a lot more accommodating, there is going to be good revenue coming in for them as well as other carriers out there that can offer the same thing. Bravo!

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I think that this a really good idea! The prepaid market is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Not many people out there are post paid because of contracts, but this is a wonderful way to bring more business for BlackBerry USA.

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