Verizon's Intranet BlackBerry Storm2 Blog Post Updated: No Confirmed Launch Date At This Time?!

BlackBerry Storm2 Release Date
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2009 04:41 pm EDT

Remember that Verizon Intranet BlackBerry Storm2 blog post we told you about the other day? You know, the one that was also pointing to the rumored October 21st launch date? Well it turns out the post has now been updated, as shown by the photo snapped of it above, with some news that may not be received too favorably by those waiting on the new Storm.

Though Verizon does expect to launch the BlackBerry Storm2, the exact dates they are going to both announce it and release it are a little less clear than they were looking previously. As we pointed out earlier today, it's looking like the technical acceptance process was at the root (at least partially anyways) of the reason they didn't announce the Storm2 on the 15th at the same time RIM and Vodafone did.

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Verizon's Intranet BlackBerry Storm2 Blog Post Updated: No Confirmed Launch Date At This Time?!


i hope you're right! would love for it to be released on the 21st.

as for a free storm2 - go make a video and maybe u can win

Look at the top left corner of the picture. This post is clearly from September. October doesn't end in -mber. :)

Perhaps as of now, they DO have a launch date?

I was just going to say that. There are already 4000+ views on that document. This can't be current. I'm still looking at the 21st for pre-order at least.

the blog spot was started in sept.- lots have commented on it-the previous pic ot hte blog spot shows "official release 10-21-09" this new pic is an update to the blog. the release date has been xxxxxxx out. im looking at it right now at work-vzw emp.

I can't believe they are going to such lengths to keep Wed. such a secret! Unless the world ends, people will be able to get their Storm2 on Wed. I am just so blown away Verizon is doing this. Most people that have contacts at Verizon know it IS the 21st. Who are they trying to fool? Everyone else? It's been leaked get over it Big RED.

was that the OS running on it had a serious issue. Since the "buttons" are now part of the touch screen, there was a problem for awhile where if you were on a call you were unable to hang up. I'm pretty sure that has been cleared now though.

Very interesting, and it makes a lot of sense given the new facial recognition that kills the screen. Do you mean the whole phone has now cleared TA?

I think it's funny when people whine about "delays." How can there be any delays when there has been no official launch date?

Old news. Heard this first a few days ago. Verizon has since posted on their Infomanager page that the Storm is due to "launch" on October 21st. Not sure if this means the launch of their ad campaign + announcement, or a launch of the actual product.

I'd rather wait for a a device that is sure to impress then rush out something that will only send people it the B@tching well again...but we already know that no matter how good this phone is, it will still have the nay-sayers....

Got that feeling that Verizon is going to drag us through the mud for a black friday release of the Storm2

I was at a Verizon store yesterday to get my wife a new phone. The store manager told me that he just received online training on Thursday. He has not seen a new unit yet. He said it is till possible to launch on the 21st. But thinks more likely in November. Sorry, I wish I had more information.

...with all these delay's and "un-announcements" I am pretty sure that they are still having issues with the phone. This in turn has almost convinced me to look at other options to upgrade my storm 1. Either Verizon is just retarded or the Storm really is still not a worthy device!??!?!?

the 21st is the PLANNED date. However, inventory issues might push it back up to a week. This is coming DIRECT from Verizon MANAGEMENT (beyond store management)

I'm starting to think this whole "launch" phrase is confusing us. I think, like posted above, its the launch of their add campaign.

My brother’s aunt’s sister’s dog’s shark told me that it will be out sometime in the future. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but in the future.

I hope they do push it back only because, I just got my Storm1 unlocked and want to sell it on eBay before they announce the Storm2 (higher resell value if there isn't a better version).

technical acceptance is a joke.

XV6800, a joke
XV6900, a joke
BB storm, a joke
BB Tour, a trackball joke
original chocolate, a joke
moto Q, a joke
LG voyager (first one), a joke

i can go on and on but TA is a waste. if myself along with many experienced users of wireless devices can pick up a phone/device and see in a 10 minute experience with it that it stinks, or where the potential of that item is crippled by something why cant TA find it in weeks or more of testing? VZ TA is a flipping joke. simply put the worst ones i can think of are the moto Q, and the Storm being released. i worked for VZ when the Q was being released and i said yayyyy a cool phone!....took me 5 minutes to see that device was a joke. it took me 3 minutes in a store to play with a storm when it first came out to see how slow, buggy and lame it was. i spent 1% of 1% of the time TA spent playing with it and saw only a few upfront flaws.

TA tests its paperweight capabilities, see if it snags a signal, and that it sends and gets emails and pulls up a few webpages. beyond that they dont do smack other than sit on their booties and smoke weed.

if you look at the top left hand corner it looks like it says september 2009 in stead of october 2009. 10/21 still looks good. Hopefull.

This is old. It has mber on the screen. It would have to say ober if it was current.

Come on get with it.

I honestly don't get it. The device is good enough for Vodafone and RIM; yet for some stupid reason it's still not good enough for Verizon? I understand them not wanting another Storm 1 fiasco all over again, but these excuses are ridiculous, plain and simple. What it all boils down to is marketing, if the rumored November 7th launch date is even close to correct. The rumor is that the first S2 commercial for VZW will air during tomorrow night's Yankees game. This means the ad will reach millions of people. VZW is simply capitalizing on the number of baseball fans in the US, the device is more than capable as it currently stands if the reviews are correct. A November release date simply allows them tons of time to advertise the device and build interest.

As for any October 21st launch date, i'd bet something DOES happen on October 21st. All of a suddent Storm2 marketing will start popping up in Verizon stores. And perhaps pre-orders will be taken.

Discalimer: this is all personal speculation, but to me it makes sense.

as much as i love my storm. Witht he S1 fiasco, and the overall suck of the Tour...

VZW is going to start and move its hard sell for PDAs, away from RIM-and over to phones running Android as its PRIMARY focus.

Again, I love my Storm, but it's time for a change.

The MotoDroid is going to tear the competition apart. I've seen it, I've played with it, it is THE iPhone killer the Storm should of been. Motorola redeems themselves HARDCORE with it.

I was at the verizon store today and the woman there helping me told me that she expected it to arrive sometime in early november.