Verizon Z10, BlackBerry 10 OS update, Sprint passes on Z10 and more [Weekend Update]

By Adam Zeis on 3 Mar 2013 12:22 pm EST
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Verizon Z10, BlackBerry 10 OS update, Sprint passes on Z10 and more [Weekend Update]


Serious question for BB...maybe Kevin you can pass this on. Why would BB allow Sprint to carry just the Q10 and not the Z10, especially when every major U.S. carrier is carrying both?

It seems to me that BB should demand that Sprint carry both phones like everyone else or they don't get the Q10. I know this could potentially hurt sales of the Q10 for BB...but my belief is that the Z10 will outsell the Q10.

We already see up to 1/2 of the Z10 sales coming from previous iphone and android users and they are giving better reviews for the Z10. It makes no sense for Sprint to not offer a better phone to their customers who want it. Sure the Q10 will sell well, but I think it will be much less than the Z10.

I also realize that Sprint customers who fervently want the Z10 will leave for another carrier, but there will many customers who are locked into a contract who can't. It is patently unfair to those people who want one and can't afford to break contract. I think BB should play hard ball with Sprint and say no Q10.....both or no phone period.

I think Sprint would relent under this scenario. If they can't carry either phone the loss of their customer base could reach into the hundreds of thousands....why not put the pressure on them now to do the right thing by their customers AND Blackberry!!

Furthermore, if I were BB I'd not only pull the Q10 but I'd let Sprint also know that BB will be helping other carriers with incentives to specifically lure Sprint customers to their competitors.

There is NO rational reason why Sprint is doing this...the results are already in. The Z10 is equivalent or superior to the phones they already sell. They are discriminating against BB and their own customers. BB should stand up for THEIR customers who are Sprint customers....I think this can potentially be a BIG win for BB if they play their cards right with Sprint.

How many sales is BB going to miss out by not being able to sell the Z10 to Sprint subscribers? Maybe hundreds of thousands or more? Sprint is sticking in to both their customers and BB....all because they are stuck with the iphone people aren't buying anymore? Crazy business decision.

BB needs to figure out a way to get the Z10 into the hands of Sprint customers who want to buy them. Even if they have to subsidize the phone and offer "unlocked" phones to Sprint cutomers...or offer incentives for other carries to lure Sprint customers over for the Z10. BB needs to stand up for Sprint customers who want their phone. #BEBOLD

Sprint is stuck with a boat load of iPhones that they are committed to. If they brought in the Z10, their iPhones won't sell, and then they will need to find another sucker like The home depot to take them from them for pennies on the dollar.