Rumor: Verizon Wireless to unveil new tiered data plans July 7th?

Verizon Wireless
By Michelle Haag on 20 Jun 2011 03:02 pm EDT
Word around the web has been hinting at Verizon Wireless bringing some changes to both their family and data plans. Now it seems that July 7th might be the big day for these changes to go into effect, with tiered data plans and data + tethering plans. Supposedly at this time just for new customers and possibly current customers that are up for renewal, the new plans are shaping up to look something like:

Data plans:

  • 2GB - $30/month
  • 5GB - $50/month
  • 10GB - $80/month
Data + tethering plans:
  • 4GB - $50/month
  • 7 GB - $70/month
  • 12 GB - $100/month
So it looks like tethering is $20 extra per month for an additional 2GB of data. Additional data beyond your plan allotment will cost you $10/GB and tablet data plans will change to $30 for 2 GB. If this information plays out to be true, and you're looking at switching carriers, will it affect your decision regarding which company you go with?

*UPDATE* Android Central now has some more details posted up.

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Rumor: Verizon Wireless to unveil new tiered data plans July 7th?


Nope, no change here. Will need to see what my data usage is now though so I can adjust. We don't tether so that won't be an issue.

And AT&T can have all the better pricing plans they want, they don't have the coverage in my area that Verizon does.

Love my unlimited too and att granfathers cust in with what they currently got so...I will stay unlm! :)

So $50 for 4GB with tethering. That's much better than my $55 for 1GB with tethering... And yet people will complain about THIS pricing...

well yes I'm not with verizon but they will if they raise your high price of 55 to lets say 70 would you complain? yep . same thing raiseing prices normally makes people complain, but on your side a little 55for 1 GB(is that really measured in Byte cause normally thoughput is measured in bits, I only ask cause if you paying for 1 GB not the same a 1Gb.)

Considering I currently have 3GB/month for $25.00 and that includes tethering....these prices are terrible.

Until WIND makes it's way out of Toronto Canada and heads north, Rogers FTW.

EDIT: Also, 6GB for $30 rolls around 2 times a year if needed.

This pricing sucks! I pay $30 now for unlimited / 5 GB the only industry that can call an actual amount 5GB unlimited!

They should have $10 for 1 GB $20 2 GB and for family plans you should be able to share the data so for $30 I would get 3 GB that I share among family members on my plan.

If they are going to tier the plans as long as I stay under the amount I am paying for I should be able to use the amount I paid for any way I need like tether or share it in a family plan. Family plans the only thing that is shared is minutes should be able to share texts, and data as well.

I agree I always complain about that 2 if it shared, share it all,or at least have the option kids all share or something

Although I agree with you, we both know this pricing will be for each line on the Family Plan. If they shared it on the plan, Verizon may actually end up generating less revenue than if they made no changes at all. So here's to wishful thinking ;)

This is real bad news if this tiered pricing happens. There's no need to go tiered pricing other than to fleece the paying customer.

I'm a Canadian so it doesn't matter to me, but I pay $35 a month for 3GB that has no tethering charge. The tethering charge seems like a money grab.

So I'm an existing customer due for an upgrade / waiting for the new BlackBerry phones to be released but looks like I won't be able to in time before this "tier" stuff / but Question will I be able to keep my unlimited data when I go to upgrade or will they force me to pay for a tiered data plan?..

I'd be pissed off if I was paying $30 a month for 2GB and only using 50MB (my maximum monthly usage on my BB). Rogers' $15/150MB plan is perfect for BB users who don't tether or stream.

They will likely claim they are future-proofing as more people use their mobile devices to stream video but there is a lot of difference between the amount of data the average person uses and the basic data package. Even the average Android user, the biggest data hog devices, only averages around 560Mb.

I envy you people !

i pay 40$ for 100mb a MONTH, thats 3.xx MB per DAY ! live with it .. and appreciate what you got.

Geez VZW is pricey.. I was gonna port my number over from sprint when my contract was up.. But damn I might est well stay with sprint... That's to much for 2gb $30 bucks damn!!

Another day, another wireless company sticking it to the consumer. Why no 1 GB for $15? Why no .5 gb for $7.50? Come on Verizon if you want tiers you can't just start at $30. The pyramids in egypt aren't floating in midair you need to have a base.

One reason I like VZW is the unlimited data plan. If they do this, than I might get an AT&T line and test it out and see which one comes out on top for me. I've been with VZW for a while but they might lose customers doing this.

Verizon pricing is KRAZY........???? the highest in the land. Thats why I've stayed with SPRINT all these years and I have great service in my area and out of my area.

My largest month in the past six months has been 356,000KB. I used a conversion calculator online and that's only 0.33 GB. I'd have to go 2 million KB to even get close to going over 2GB. So given the plan is 2GB for $30, and I'm currently paying $30 for unlimited web and e-mail, I'm not going to see any changes once I renew my contract.

Some people may hate this because they use their phones differently, and I understand, but for me, this change will not affect me greatly.

5 lines, all smartphones, all unlimited data, unlimited texting, and 1500 min with any mobile, any time and 7pm nights, and my phone bill is $201 with tax. Sprint is all I can afford! I mean Verizon would cost me $150 just for the smallest data plans for my 5 lines and that's before family texting oh AND minutes!! Haha. I bet my phone bill would be $300 at Verizon and I'd still not have unlimted data. We had ATT before and their are things I liked better about them than Sprint but not $100 a month better! I never drop calls or anything. I guess to each his own, but how can big families with lots of data hungry teens afford Verizon?

Sorry if this sounds like a newbie question but, how does the carrier know you're tethering to another device if you downloaded the S/W from another source ?

Also, does anyone have experience in the relative data consumption rates between OS6, IOS and Android ?

I'm curious to know if RIM is truly more efficient than the competition and by extension more cost effective when it comes to tiered data plans.

Me: "YOU WANT HOW MUCH ???.....Verizon...... You just made me rethink my move to you......

Verizon: "Sorry Sir, We are raising our prices to better serve you!, Our Customer"

Me: "You mean Take more of my HARD EARNED MONEY..... remember you can't get blood from a turnip"

............Slams Door...............

Sprint : "Oh Welcome Back.....I see You found out we were treating you right!"

Me: "Sprint.... Lets go to Family Therapy..... I think we haven't been communicating with each other like we should "

If they do like AT&T did all existing customers on the unlimited plan where grandfathered in and had the option of keeping their unlimited plan , even when upgrading. If you ever changed the plan the unlimited was gone forever.

I'm sure VRZ will do the same with their existing customers currently on unlimited.

I work with someone who works w/Verizon & he said that they've never gotten an email with regards to the tier data plan thing.. & he said when they make large changes like that they NEED a month's notice so he said July 7th has to be too early of a date.. & also said that most likely we will be grandfathered into the unlimited data (cause God knows I'd die without unlimited I need my BlackBerry & I'm on it 24/7) haha ;) waiting for the new ones!!!!!!