Verizon Wireless to unleash the BlackBerry Bold 9930 August 15th

Verizon Bold 9930
By Michelle Haag on 12 Aug 2011 07:12 pm EDT

Hey Verizon customers, we know you've been on pins and needles waiting to hear when you'll be able to purchase that shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9930, and this might be just the news you're looking for. This pic popped up in the forums, posted by CrackBerry member Chennylou. Another picture (after the break) confirms the dates as August 15th from Direct Fulfillment and August 25th in store. Awesome! Will you be picking up a Bold 9930 for yourself?

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Verizon Bold 9930
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Verizon Wireless to unleash the BlackBerry Bold 9930 August 15th


i told 'em and they wouldn't believe me!
i was told by vzw that the all touch would be the same day!

None of this has happened smoothly or sensibly according to all we can see and hear. Why would you expect it to change now?

at&t officially sucks... they need to get the 9900 and 9860 dates out and sooner then november

The Crackberry roundup says $199. I was just wondering where they got that number. $249 makes more sense. But Rogers just lowered the price to $199, so I thought it might be lower.

I had called VZW yesterday before this was announced. He would only tell me coming soon. But said that it was priced at $249.99. FWIW

Tmobile sucks!!!! first to announce and last to get...spoke with one of the sales rep. and they seem to have knowledge of the blackberry bold 9900 but don't have a clue of the release date.

Isn't it weird that none of the carriers (except Telus) is advertising the launch of these new BB phones? On Roger's website the first page advertizes Android and iPhone and there is no mention of blackberry. Even when you go through their phone selection, the Bold 9900 appears way down below the Android selection and the Bold came out Yesterday ...

They are not even giving these phones a chance...

It's been this way for some time if you haven't noticed.

1st place- iPhone
2nd place- Android
3rd place- Blackberry, mostly corporate audience.

Plus, if you were Verizon and RIM has publicly announced that they are working on their new QNX smartphones for early next year- would you want to put your foot in your mouth and have people sign a contract where they'll be screwed into a device that has a very quick expiration date on it?

The camera issue has me on pause mode, but since this announcement, I'm feeling the 9930 urge. Now, can anyone tell me why a no-keyboard Torch is of any interest at all???? I just don't get it!

The camera issue killed the 9930 for me completely! What a rookie mistake by RIM. And the Torch 9850 is what I've been waiting for from RIM since the 2008 disaster known as the Storm.

It doesn't have an autofocus camera (like the 9780 or 9800), resulting in bad, slightly out of focus pics. Real BS, as anyone with an OS 6 device or even an OS 5 (like the 9700 or even Storm 2) will be "downgrading" their camera with the "flagship" 9900. BS!!!

Best go through the blog entries here on the 9900 series. Fixed focus camera, no autofocus. That means the pics SUCK bigtime. Check out the entry with the comparison pics.

Camera issue:
#1 It takes significantly worse photos in all conditions than the previous generation phones (which weren't exactly stellar)
#2 It no longer takes close up photos (because it can't focus). Previous blackberries could focus on a document very crisply... making the phone an *excellent* photocopy machine, scanner, and/or fax.
It is bad enough that OS7 is essentially the same as OS6 in almost every way. I'm in the process of deciding if I'm ready to go android or, more interestingly, MANGO!

I love my 9700 w/ OS6 and the camera is decent but a strong camera on a phone is a must for me. I doo feel the camera issue is a deal breaker as much as I lobe my BlackBerry phones. However the Metro UI of WP7 is very interesting and being a Pacific Northwest native I do want to help my local economy. I won't go android it is too cluttered and unorganized and unstable, if I ever do try something it will be mango powered wp7, all depends on when AT&T gets off their butts and releases the next gen BlackBerrys

I completely agree with you about the camera killing my urge to get a 9930 on VZW. After seeing the picture comparison here on CrackBerry, I felt like a deflated balloon. It's such a simple, but important piece of the whole package! Why would I want a bunch of blurry pictures of my kids or other stuff?

I guess I will never understand this. I have YET to see cell phone pictures that don't suck. It SO irritates me to receive these sucky cell phone pictures from relatives. This includes the Samsung Epic, Evo 3D, Evo 4G, Nexus S, one those Droids from Verizon, and Iphone.

Guess I'm just a photography snob

You're right, all cell phone pics look fine on the small screen of the phone but suck when you see them on a large computer screen.

So this is Big Red's way of one uping Sprint. Hmm.... So Sprint says they are going to be the first to launch the Bold 9930 on the 21st and Verizon back doors them and sells it online. I really hope Sprint does the same and follows suit and sells it online Aug 15th also.

I just got off the phone with a VZW rep and she confirmed THIS and MY UPGRADE (good things come to those that wait OS6 WHAT?)

Awesome, I just went to otterbox too and they just started to list the commuter case as in stock(wasn't in stock yesterday). So I ordered it and it should arrive right in time to go on my 9930. Nice...

Here is something else interesting, if you search for BlackBerries on VZWs website, you cant find the 9650 anywhere. It appears to have disappeared...=)

I have been salivating for this phone since I switched to Verizon. I got this horrible Droid 2 phone and I hate it because I've been spoiled with the Blackberry Curve 8900 for so long.

I'm a lil' uneasy now that I'm seeing that it doesn't have an auto focus camera...I know they were trying to make it thinner but COME ON!! It would've been perfect if not for that. I kinda want the Torch 9810 but it's only gonna be offered on AT&T right? `sigh`

I despise "all touch" phones...I guess the 9930 will be better than this crappy Droid 2 though...Come on Big Red...Let's get it.

Do we know the price without contract? Im not sure I want to renew my contract with VRZ? I will lose my valuable calling plan from Alltel if I do (which VRZ can't beat). I may switch carriers anyway to Sprint.

VRZ and Sprint are compatible networks right?

I'm not sure if I want the 9930 or the 9850/50 either. I do like a keyboard, but the camera thing is important to me....

How would direct fulfillment work for me? I wouldn't have a store to directly pick up from. I'm a resident of Alaska :)

Anyone have credible information about when the torch 9850 will be available online? I have been using a bb touch screen for too long to not stick with one. I would appreciate any information.

Me too. I have had little, if any, problems with my storm 2 and don't have a reason to upgrade other than to get something new and to get a larger screen. The S2 has been a great phone for me. Decisions, decisions.....

So does direct fulliment mean if I order it on sunday at say 12:02, than do overnight shipping I will have it by tuesday?



Am currently on ATT but would gladly move to Verizon, purchase the 9930, then a PB if VZN supports blackberry bridge (unlike ATT). Unless, of course, there is a bridge "workaround" for att.

What about the 9850 or 9860 Anyone know when a Storm 2 replacement is coming
Need a Global phone w/Full screen - matters not if it has a slide keyboard or not.

Verizon has been very slow to announce a replacement for their aging Storm while the other carriers already have dates for full screen global phones.