Verizon Wireless testing same-day delivery for online orders

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2013 01:58 pm EDT

I'm all about instant gratification. I'm a huge fan of overnight shipping on Amazon (I'm somewhat of an addict) and would love for it to be even faster some days, but I suppose that's asking for a lot. 

Verizon on the other hand is kicking things up in Philadelphia with a new pilot program to offer same-day delivery on all device orders. Customers in the area who order devices with or without accessories at will be eligible for same-day delivery in addition to standard and overnight options. Orders placed before 10am Monday through Friday will arrive the same day by 7pm at a fee of $19.99 - just $5 more than the priority overnight price of $14.99.

Verizon plans to expand the program to other areas including New York City, Dallas, San Francisco and Pittsburgh soon as well. 

This is a great step to tech addicts and something we hope to see expand to even more markets and other carriers in the future. After all, who wouldn't want to get their device the day they order it, without having to leave the house?

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Verizon Wireless testing same-day delivery for online orders


Does Verizon allow you to order phones online that they do not stock in store (like T-Mobile now does w/the Z10)? If so, I wonder if same-day shipping would work for those devices.

They used to do that. I don't know if that has changed or not though. It's been a long time since I ordered something that was no longer kept in stores.

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Hmmmm. Interesting concept but I wonder how far they will roll this out.

This takes away the sales portion, no chance to up sell an accessory, or convince the customer to enroll in insurance. I ordered my Z10 online and went to the store to pick it up, that way I got the online price and got the phone same day.

Sure, I had to leave my house but it was ready when I got there and it was an easy enough process.

I think with the advent of online shopping people aren't beimg suckered into the accessories as before. Amazon can get you any case for dirt cheap.

Hey mobile nations wheres my imore, android central, and windows phone central app??? doimg a podcast together isnt good enough...

C'mon Man, it's not that serious. Frivolous spending that's just what it is.

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Ok... so instead of the carrier carrying it in store, where I spend approx. 3$ in gas driving to/from store, I'm going to tack on an extra $20 to the cost of my cell... that is INSANE. And I could give 3 shits about the convenience of not leaving my home for $20. For that I buy what's on display. That's right no loyalty, I'm done when this phone dies.

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Seeing that I've paid Verizon over $32,000.00 ($268/month x 120 months) in the past 10-years they should have a new phone at my door in 30-minutes or less! And it should be FREE!!

Why you mad ^^ each is own... not everything online is sold in store.. so if one orders an item.. you are not forced to pay for same day delivery.. it's called options.. relax... take a chill pill

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First, less reps trying to sell you a different platform. Second, speaking from Philly...why test it here, lol.

Posted with my Z10 or my Q10 on Verizon from Philly

In Canada we walk 5 minutes to a store and guess what we get the phone right away!! Who would of thought?!?

Disclaimer: To do this you must leave your house.

It is actually really kind of is. :)

Welcome to South Africa where you pay $25 to ship an item from a warehouse 20 miles from you to your door and it takes 6 weeks - if it even arrives.

When you're not from spoilt countries, you realise just how awesome this actually is.

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I think that the point is that this isn't awesome in a country where we don't wait six weeks for something to come from a warehouse 20 miles away. I try to never say never, but I can't see paying $20 for this service. I'm too close to too many carrier stores for this to make sense for me. Choosing between the stores that are close to my home and those that are close to my job allows me to go at a time when the store isn't that crowded. Plus, AT&T now allows you to make appointments for service in the store (though I don't know how well that works).

I'm about two hours from VZW's distribution center near Philly, yet it took 4 days to get my Q10...i'd like same day / overnight!

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I suspect the $20 fee is mostly going to a delivery service to get your order there in the allotted time frame. Where this benefits Verizon, is that they don't have to stock so many devices in store. Keep the top moving devices in store and still be able to offer a good amount of alternatives to the consumer via online same day delivery.

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I would gladly pay $20 for the same day shipping! I hope AT&T can make this happen w/o it being a $100/mo service fee lol. They always try to squeeze every dime out of there customers and call it a service.

Posted via Pilot's Q10

That's great. Now maybe Verizon will speed up the vetting of the BlackBerry 10 OS 2.0, so we users will no longer be behind ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile and the other carriers! Come on Verizon, please get off the stick!

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All this means is that people would rather pay 20 bucks and deal with a website than to go through the hell that is a verizon store.

I know a quicker way (as these people already live in/around cities)...:

Stand up and walk to a shop/mall/whatever dealer you may like ;-)

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These people complaining about it being lazy to not go into a store to pick up a device have obviously never been in a truly mobile store. I'd gladly pay the extra to have it brought to me then do the "waiting room" in store. Yes.... it's like the doctors office or DMV when you go. You put your name in and wait and wait and wait for them to call it. That's how busy it gets.

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hopefully they do an Atlanta roll out in time for the Z30, so it can just be delivered to my work.