Verizon Wireless OS For BlackBerry Tour 9630

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jul 2009 10:46 am EDT

Verizon probably could have timed this better and released the OS on Sunday with the Tour, but better late then never right? OS is now available on Verizon's download site. Nothing special here as this is the OS the Tour ships with, but if you are looking to play around and remove some unwanted sample videos or apps from your device, now you can. Head over to to download. 

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Verizon Wireless OS For BlackBerry Tour 9630


I downloaded this, even though my tour has this os. Just to be able to get rid of some pesky preloads is worth it!
L-O-V-I-N-G being a 'tourist' :-)

What is the process of getting rid of preloads?

I assume you find them in the folders on the PC and delete them - how do you reflect this on the device?

I want to get rid of videos and service books like Flickr, Yahoo, ICQ...

updated and does not allow delete of samples, has anyone found this to work? if so how i get a rim null error.

I was able to get rid of the extra languages, et al, using the online updater from the site (i.e. I didn't have to use the Verizon file).