Verizon Wireless offers BlackBerry Torch 9850 for $99 or Curve 3G 9330 for free in 4-Day Websale

Verizon 4 day BlackBerry sale
By Michelle Haag on 28 Oct 2011 07:54 pm EDT
On Verizon and looking to pick up a new BlackBerry this weekend? You're in luck because VZW is holding a 4-Day Websale right now. You can pick yourself up a BlackBerry Torch 9850 for $99, or a BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 for FREE, both with a new 2 year activation. Of course this deal is online only, but Verizon does offer free 2 day shipping, so if you choose to get one of these devices during the sale, you'll have it in your hands in no time. Thanks for sending this in Blain158!

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Verizon Wireless offers BlackBerry Torch 9850 for $99 or Curve 3G 9330 for free in 4-Day Websale


I just cant justify paying Verizon's high prices. It's 50 dollars more than what I pay on Sprint. Not really concerned about the tiered plan, but the cost is just too much. I'll pass.

YO!!! i just ordered that phone yesterday and was not told about that price. guess i will be making a phone call now to have them honor that deal. if not i will cancel the order and order again to get that price!

=( I just bought the Torch 9850, 5 days ago for $199. Can I get a refund or some of my money back? It seems like I'm always the one getting screwed. =( $100 is a lot of money.

Loving my 9850. Very slick device. os7 with the 1.2 ghz processor and liquid graphics is a serious step up. definitely worth $100.

i realy really reallly want this...and for $99.99, yes!
...but im thinkin it could end up on sale again for $free.99 at some point, up until Christmas...
im thinkin of waiting....but im also thinkin 99.99 is fine
what to do...what to do...what to do...

RIM should offer all Storm and Storm 2 users a FREE 9850 for having to put up with that GIGANTIC POS phone for 2 years. Incredible ARROGANCE on the part of RIM when they're asking asking us to come out of pocket for a BB 9850. There are better phones (Droids and iPhones) on the market unless they're DELUSIONAL like the pom pom waving members of this board.

Storm 2 was so much better then the 1st one... but I agree it was a piece of garbage. Sadly I got used to its shortcomings and tried to make the most of it with 3rd party applications yet it still wasn't up to par.

Soooo, does that mean microsoft should have offered all Windows ME and Windows Vista users free upgrades cause those operating systems sucked? No, you got what you got. Every carrier offers 14 day returns (was 30 when you bought your storm 1 or 2). If you didn't like it then you could have taken it back.

Do you work for BlackBerry, because that's exactly what they said. Stupid corporate BS line as if the customer service rep, his supervisor and HIS immediate supervisor write checks. Microsoft doesn't put out GIGANTIC POS programs and claim they will take out the competition, which is what BlackBerry did. That's called false advertising. In a BILLION DOLLAR business like cocaine, that's enough to get someone shot in the head. In a more legal and civilized environment, people simply go to the competition, because they have a better product.

That 30 day window was a sucker trick, because it takes a little longer than that to realize the phone is a TRUE POS. Once I realized how AWFUL the phone was, it was a wrap.

I REFUSE to come out of pocket for another BlackBerry. I went to straight to corporate and am currently fighting them for a FREE 9850. All Storm and Storm 2 users should be given a 9850 is my belief. When a company like BlackBerry is being KICKED IN THE TEETH by Droid and Apple, they should do everything possible to make their users happy. If not, there are others out there more than happy to take their money. And over the last 2 years, Droid and iPhone have been taking BlackBerry's lunch and dinner money.

I'm not even willing to use my "New every 2" with Verizon for the 9850. I'm THAT disgusted with BlackBerry. I'm not giving BlackBerry one penny more than they deserve after having to put up with the Storm 2 since 2009. If they want my business in the future, they MUST give me a 9850 for my troubles. All Storm 2 users, who I would be my sack they're with Apple or Droid today because of that POS, should be comp'ed one. Why would they return after that experience? I personally know about a dozen people in NYC who were SUCKERED by "the iPhone Killer" and guess who they're NOT using....They're NOT using BlackBerry. And if my conversation next week with BlackBerry doesn't produce a new 9850, I'm with Droid or iPhone within a few days.

Jimmy - If you do not like the products you bought in the past please switch brands on your future purchases. Please do not buy another BlackBerry because that ship has sailed for you unless you get it for free. I do not like the quality of my $2000 Sony TV, but I am not asking them to buy me a new 3D TV because I am not 100% satisfied.

I am going to switch brands unless they comp one my way. As for your TV, yours works I'm sure. You haven't had to switch your TV out because it crapped out or broke down 8 times. Your TV worked and if it HAD broken down, I'm sure Sony would have upgraded you to a better model WITHOUT you paying a penny. Reputable companies do that when they sell a POS.

Storm uses know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Many have switched. I'm next...

I bought mine in a regular VZW store for $139-$30= $99 5 days after launch. Northern Michigan stores had a typo on the display card and the store honored it

Just ordered a 9850....glad i waited to use my $30 upgrade credit!

Note to anyone that is gonna order it online and has a upgrade credit, make sure it applies...mine didn't and i had to call them in order to get it applied to the order.

Thank you CB for letting us know about this. I ordered my 9850 a week ago and just called Verizon. They gave me the $100 credit! Too cool.