Verizon Wireless launching service in NYC subway stations later this year

By Adam Zeis on 20 Aug 2013 11:20 am EDT

Frequent NYC subway commuters will be happy to know that in the coming weeks, 36 stations across Manhattan and Chelsea will be getting Verizon service. Verizon will soon be installing equipment in Transit Wireless' Base Station Hotel facilities to provide service across the various subway stations.

The plan is the first part of what will bring service to even more stations across NYC including Grand Central Station and Bryant Park in 2014. A full listing of stations providing service can be found at which includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. 

Press Release

Verizon Wireless Service Coming Soon to Transit Wireless Network in NYC

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Transit Wireless and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) have finalized their agreement to bring Verizon’s 3G and 4G LTE wireless voice and data service to Transit Wireless’ state-of-the art wireless network in the New York City subway system. Verizon will begin to install their equipment in Transit Wireless’ secure Base Station Hotel facilities over the next several weeks and Verizon Wireless customers can expect to start receiving service in the 36 stations already online in mid-town Manhattan and Chelsea later this year.

“We are extremely pleased to gain Verizon’s participation in our wireless network in the New York City subway system, facilitating high quality voice and data services in the underground,” said William A. Bayne Jr., CEO of Transit Wireless. “We have now secured partnerships with all four major wireless carriers to bring the vast majority of New Yorkers, visitors, government agency personnel, transit employees, contractors and first responders the ability to be connected in the stations we’ve constructed – a real milestone.”

“In addition to the more than $3 billion that we’ve already invested in the Verizon Wireless network regionally, we are now bringing our Verizon Wireless voice and data service to 36 New York City subway stations,” said Patrick Devlin, regional president for Verizon Wireless. “Verizon Wireless is always exploring opportunities to expand our network coverage for our customers no matter where they are – above ground or below. As we continue to support this project with Transit Wireless, we remain committed to delivering superior service and an enhanced customer experience that meets the needs of today’s mobile consumer.”

The company will next participate in Phase 2 of the project, which comprises 40 new stations, including Grand Central Station, 34th St. Herald Square and Bryant Park in mid-town Manhattan and stations throughout the Borough of Queens. Phase 2 is expected to be completed in early 2014.

“Bringing wireless service into the New York City subway has been a big step forward for our customers, and we’re pleased that even more of them will be able to take advantage of it,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas F. Prendergast. “The ability to make and receive phone calls underground is an important improvement for safety and security as well as convenience, and our customers will certainly appreciate it.”

To quickly find stations that have wireless service, please visit Transit Wireless’ mobile-friendly website at


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Verizon Wireless launching service in NYC subway stations later this year


Surprised this wasn't done earlier. I hope AT&T follows...

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Woot, I inadvertently blocked the stupid first people, lol. :-D

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And then "inadvertently" highlighted the fact that YOUR post was first, thereby placing yourself among the ranks of "those stupid first people". Well played sir. ;-)

Punctuation goes inside quotation marks. I'm not usually a grammar Nazi but when you're trying to insult someone, it's just best to make sure you're not displaying your own stupidity in the process. ;-)

And the difference is, I came here to make a real comment about the topic of the article without caring where my comment was placed. So I made a remark about it, omg, someone call the wah-bulance... :-D

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He's referring to usage in the US, but I let it go. It's obviously a desperate reach from someone who can't take what he dishes.

He posted, he checked, then he highlighted his first


Tomorrow we'll discuss fragmented sentences and proper use of an ellipsis.

Grammar Nazis should stick to monitoring German grammar.

LMAO! Or all of Europe...

I was simply trying to help you out man. It's a pretty simple rule. If you're out to insult somebody, make sure you sound intelligent doing so. Don't type like a 5 year-old while trying to appear clever. It's common sense in my opinion. :-)

But of course you conveniently forgot to address the rest of what I said. But that's ok. If you only have a response to the grammar part, I'll let it go. ;-)

And Blaze has actually intentionally posted the first comment in an attempt to block them. I guess you should go school him too. Go get him tiger.

Wound? From what again? Do what research? Like you posted a response to something relevant to the topic at hand somewhere around here? Alright, I'll go look. ;-)

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Well, after much research, I have found that you have contributed exactly 0 to the discussion except your wannabe wit and your attempts to sound intelligent while trying to insult someone (unfortunately someone who couldn't care less what your opinion is, but enjoys the entertainment of it all). You know, there's actually a word to describe that. It starts with a "t" and ends with a "rolling." :-P

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Finally! Verizon is always last with this... and AT&T and T-Mobile phones have worked underground at many stations for a few years now. They used those phone services originally as a test. Actually some stations even have banners saying their phone service is sponsored by AT&T (ex 23rd and 8th ave)

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I have AT&T and when I visited NYC several years ago, I had spotty service. It worked a lot of the time, but would drop in and out sometimes... Is it only at the stations that they do this? So when you're in the tunnels between stations you don't get service?

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Correct. When you're in the tunnels you don't get anything different. You will get service for a few seconds if you're on the train and pull into that station though.

Everyone has varying experience with cell service here in the city. For me Verizon is the best and my work phone (T-Mobile curve 9360) is horrid... but it was nice to get cell service with it underground

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Same here. I get service in the stations sometimes with AT&T, but when I had Verizon, I had service more often. But I really only take the A Train so I know I get service at 14th/23rd/34th streets ;)

Yah, supposedly Verizon has really good service, but for where I live I never have any issue with AT&T and Verizon would cost about $50 more per month than what I pay. So no thanks...

There is already AT&T reception in Manhattan and stations. I get reception on my AT&T Torch 9800 at various locations in Manhattan and a few uptown such as 125th Harlem and even Fordham in the Bronx.

In montreal we have a signal relay in the subway stations but only in those that are in downtown. It basically get the signal of any network out the ground. Its something that the city did, we didn't waited the carriers to do it because it would have never been done.

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So basically a repeater. That's definitely a great idea, but it's up to NYC to do that. But they'd rather spend their money enforcing laws about drink sizes and salt shakers...

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Don't forget about the NYPD giving thousands of quickie massages on a daily basis...I mean stopping and frisking suspects.

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This is a great thing. Even better would be access in the tunnels, but that'd be a bit more of a challenge.

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I can honestly say that Canada spoiled me when it comes to telecommunications (not the pricing though). I've never really had a problem with any of my devices in the Subway with Bell. As far as I know they haven't done anything special. It just works.

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Most likely they have repeaters or something else. Because even with AT&T's low frequency (long wavelengths travel through objects like buildings better) I still sometimes lose signal when I'm in NYC's subway. So unless for some reason your floors are not as thick or doesn't have as much metal re-bars or something, if you never lose signal they probably do have something beefing up the signal for your subways... At least that's what I think.

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This sucks actually. As a person who rides the subway 3 to 4 times daily, I cringe at the thought of having to listen to people yapping loudly on their phones while 'trapped' inside a subway car with them.

Maybe they'll be smart like Amtrak and will designate two of the ten cars as 'quiet cars'.

At least you have subway cars that are quiet. The line I take in Montreal is nearly deafening. I'm not sure I could even have a conversation in one of those cars.

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This is for platforms only, not in the tunnels, or in the cars. Believe me it sucks listening to everyone's nonsense... thankfully it'll still be restricted to when the train is outside

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That's assuming people will follow the rules. Most likely nobody would even notice the "quiet car" signs...

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They don't have to notice because the repeaters are only on the platforms... there is nothing in the tunnels or in the cars themselves.

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They need service in Mt
Kisco NY first, don't be getting any signal up there. Never had a drop signal with sprint. Came to verizon and can't listen to Pandora in peace.

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This is an awful, awful idea. The last thing anybody needs is to be able to talk on a cell phone on the subway. If it must be done maybe only make text messaging bands available, not the bands needed to make phone calls. I swear, my day-to-day subway rides are irritating enough without having to listen to 30 people yapping away on each train.

I think it's a trade-off. Sure it'll be annoying hearing people talking, but when I visited NYC, it was pretty bad not being able to contact my friend to let her know I was close to her stop... I think for the sake of emergencies and other times you "need" to contact someone, it'll be somewhat worth the annoyance... Maybe, lol.

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no only if they would properly display blackberry devices and updates to happen.. I'd be their best friend.

Really. Now I will have to put up with people on their phones in an already noisy subway. I always thought of the lack of cell phone service as a huge benefit to the commute.

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To add further this, for those who live in Toronto, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) will also start rolling out wireless service on its system. As I remember, the original plan was by fall to have wireless service at the Yonge/Bloor stations and at St. George station also, this was to be on a trial basis with other stations to follow if the pilot project was successful., which is quite ironic seeing that one over the things that TTC riders have been asking for is wireless services, not only in the stations bit on the trains also. I don't know how it would work on the old trains, but on the recently purchased, new trains, some of which are already running, that capability could be developed.

Mind you, I have not heard anything since earlier this year about this undertaking and no new or further details have been released so far, especially what company would provide these services. At one point it was Bell Canada, then a consortium made up of the big three telecom companies in Canada, Rogers, Telus and Bell.
Hopefully they'll go ahead with this because its about time to move into the 21st century...

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You know, you bring up a good point. It's definitely much more of a financial burden to retrofit old stations and trains with this stuff while places that are just now expanding and are just now constructing have a much easier time having the latest conveniences for everyone to enjoy... That's probably why they are a little hesitant to just upgrade the stations and trains even though they know people want it...

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Anyone know if Manhattan has gone full WiFi with Google yet. If it has how is it. They said it was gonna be a new revolution in free service.

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