Verizon Wireless issuing Bold 9650 as warranty replacement for Tour 9630 (for me at least)

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2010 10:11 am EDT
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To say I had trouble trying to get an early upgrade to the Bold 9650 would be an understatement. Numerous phone calls and various tactics led me nowhere. I was issued a review unit (that sadly has to be back in two weeks) so I was eager to get my upgrade so I would have a Bold 9650 to use. Although I've since gotten over my new toy envy, I still wanted the device. Well yesterday I was tipped off to this thread in the forums, where a good number of members were saying they had been issued a Bold 9650 as a replacement for their busted Tour 9630. Being that my device was still under warranty, I figured I'd give it a whirl myself.

After calling I was connected to a super nice rep who kindly asked what I needed. I told him how my Tour trackball was crap and wouldn't scroll left or right. He said we'd have to do some tests and asked if I had made a backup. I told him I backup regularly, and he said "great" and started to instruct me on how to perform a "hard reset" (device wipe) of my device but I stopped him. I told him I had done the factory reset and even installed the software update issued earlier in the week and that I still had the same problem. He said that "fit the bill" and began to process my warranty replacement. As he went along, an alert popped up and he told me I'd be very happy with the result. He explained that they were out of inventory for the Tour 9630, and instead would be issuing a Bold 9650 as my replacement. What luck :-)

So in the end, my Bold 9650 is on the FedEx truck and should be here any minute. I'm not sure if the devices are new, but I can't imagine the stock is big enough to have refurbished units just yet. My broken Tour will have to go back within 10 days, but I do get to keep my upgrade. Overall I can't really complain - I'm getting the device for free and that's that. So if you are holding onto your Tour with a busted trackball, you might be in luck if your device is still under warranty. 

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Verizon Wireless issuing Bold 9650 as warranty replacement for Tour 9630 (for me at least)


I am curious to know if people getting Bolds as replacements for Tours are getting NEW phones or factory refurbs. Can people let us which ones you get?


i called verizon yesterday after i read this. i have a tour with them, its my second one. i have intermittent trackball problems and the headset jack on the phone is ready to fail like the first one did. its really tight to fit a 3.5mm plug in it, the first tour i had, if you plugged in a headset, the microphone and button would not function.

long story short, i called her and she acted like a lot of people had been calling in. now they have never acted like this before towards me, but she said in order to make sure my phone wasnt damaged, and that the issues i am having are real, i have to bring in my tour to a store and have someone look at it and notate the account that what i am saying is true.

how bogus is that? how do i get around it? call back and hope someone else is more nice?

...that a lot of us have been calling in...and maybe they read Crackberry!

I'm honestly surprised this didn't happen a LOT sooner. But, if I were you, I'd give it another whirl...see what happens. Heck, if you are having real problems, take it to the store and complain to them...maybe they could replace it on the spot without you having to wait for shipping.

I have had a lot of call quality and trackball issues with my Tour, but up till now have just dealt with it. Now that my one year warranty is coming to an end I called in to get a replacement and they are sending me.......another Tour.

Just opened up the box and I was pleased to see a brand new "retail new" blackberry bold. Battery and battery door included.

Just called, Rep said that the Tour stock is back to normal.. No more Bolds.. Anyone else can verify this??

Anyone know the cost? I pay insurance monthly, and my trackball sucks on my Tour, I've tried hard reset etc, nothing has worked....I love the blackberry but not impressed with the Tour.

I called andt hey told me to go through some quick-fix things and if it doesnt work to call back and they'll re-order me a Tour. They didn't mention the Bold....has it been confirmed Tours are back in stock?

I read a post on Friday, one of the early ones from a Verizon CS Rep. He/She said the issue with the replacements was due to a large number of FRUs coming in from Blackberry. They had to be checked over by Tech people before they could be used to replace defective units. Rather than make people wait for them they made the decision to send out Bolds as replacements. The issue was supposed to be resolved by late Friday, but, apparently, some reps continued to issue Bolds to dissatisfied customers. I suspect that some point Verizon felt put upon and decided to pull the cork on the deal. From reading the posts on this site and the forums there have been a lot of people who simply wanted the new phone and really did not have unresolvable problems with their current phones. When the abuse became to blatant to ignore they established more stringent policies about replacements and began offering only 9630s which is legitimate. They are under no obligation to give a customer anything other than the product that they are returning. Like many, I had a legitimate issue with Bluetooth technology which we have spent several long calls attempting to resolve. There was no question that the phone was defective in this regard. Had the deal not be offered, however, I would not have traded since so many of the Tours have come from the factory with other defects which my current phone did not have. Worse case, I would have been willing to live with the problem rather than risk inheriting a new one. I was fortunate in that having just bought an expensive Blue Ant external speaker system to replace the BlueTooth and found that problem continued, I happened to call in at a time that the Bold was being offered. Call it luck of the draw. I strongly suspect that that deal is done. Your phone needs to be replaced you will get a factory refurbished unit of the same species.

I received my replacement device today. A refurbished Tour. So Sprints out of the game. My only gripe about this whole thing is that when there is an actual issue with a particular model, such as the track ball with the Tours, and also considering most Tours are being replaced numerous times for the same issues, is that any company should not be issuing 'refurbished' models period. I would have been pleased with a new in the box Tour. But someone else's used, broken phone? No. My phone was purchased at the FULL ridiculous price of $499.99 seven months ago. And I'm sent a refurb? Again, no. I'm sending it back to them tomorrow. I hope a light will be shown on this topic and let's hope cell companies will see that customers who pay lots of money for service and just as much, if not more money for equipment, aren't going to be accepting scraps from them any longer.

Well I called Saturday about my trackball problems with both of my Tours and was told they would be replaced with Bolds..needless to say I was very happy. Well today I get a email from big red telling me how to setup my like new replacement Tour 9630. So does anyone know if I'm getting the Bold or the Tour? According to Fedex the phones where picked up yesterday and coming from Memphis. Thanks

I got the same email from Verizon about activating my replacement Tour, despite the fact the customer service rep said I would be getting a Bold. I had previously received an email stating my phone was shipped and on its way...but that email did not specify the phone model.

So I called Verizon back today and asked the rep to check my order status to see what had actually been shipped. She confirmed that I was sent a Bold and that the email was wrong. I hope she's right!

Form email. If the CS agent checked stock and found no 9630 stock and then SAID you would be getting a 9650 PRIOR to early Monday morning when this deal crashed then that is what shipped if it went out on Sunday night.

Thanks guys....I hope your right. The suspense is killing me...I don't think I'm going to be able to make it until Wednesday.

Just got off the phone with vzw and was told the bolds were only being sent out because they were temporarily out of the tour replacements. She said that they just received the shipment of tours and would no longer be sending out the bolds. 20 minutes of flirting with her got her to swap out a bold for me, so not all hope is lost.

I just got off the phone and I was being nice and she was understanding.. Said she's be sending me a new BlackBerry by Wednesday.. Didn't say what phone but said hopefully I like it.. Then at the end before I hung up she said new Tour.. UGH so I guess not lucky :/

Today I ordered my replacement Tour through Asurion and it told me this same message... I thought I was the only one.. Guess not. I am ecstatic about getting my new Bold tomorrow! For once I am proud of Verizon/the insurance company that I have been dumping money into for years! haha

so i was complaining like no 2morrow about my tour
then got a high rep on the phone
n they had no tour replacements
so she went ahead and upgraded me to the BOLD 9650
i should have it 2morrow
so freaking excited

I've been having issues with failed hardware buttons on my Tour for the better part of a month. Seeing this finally just pushed me to make the call. I was told I'm getting a new device and should have it by Wednesday but I didn't even bother to ask what it would be. Even if it's another Tour, I don't care. I just want a device that works.

I got my replacement Bold today via FedEx and much to my surprise it was a certified unit. I opened it and there it was, a certified Bold 9650. The keyboard is bowed right beneath the screen, and the trackpad is not aligned correctly. Called VZW again, and getting another unit sent by wednesday. Will see if this one works.

So lets say i have a problem with the bold i get after being upgraded from the tour, does it mean from now on all of the new replacement phones i get will be bolds?

I got the same "Tour" e-mail after I was told on Saturday that I'm getting the Bold. Also, my package is 3 Lbs , so guessing/hoping it IS in fact the new Bold. Fyi: My Tour refurb not only has trackball issue , but also was shoddily put together so that the camera isn't aligned correctly and bezel off so yea I deserve my legit warranty Bold, baby!!

Have you guys notice at the new Tours are out of stock! Even the one without the camara! My girlfriend called Fri afternoon and they are sending her a new phone. It's coming today! Don't know if it's a Bold or Tour! I tracked it at and it's on the truck! On the Fed Ex site it say's it just over one pound! I noticed in a previous post someone said their package was about three pounds and they was getting the new Bold! I believe my girl's getting another Tour! OOOOH NOOOOOOO! I'll keep y'all posted!


I called Friday, telling the tech about my on-going trackball problem on my Tour and on my wife's Tour, and late yesterday, 2 Bold 9650s arrived. No more trackball problems. Thanks Verizon.


Verizon is sending out Tours again. They are back in stock according to the rep I spoke with this morning.

They told me Tours were in stock...he "checked" twice. I didn't request a bold be sent & and e-mail says its a TOUR. If I file through Asurion, would the story be different? Anyone?...

I was one of the lucky ones and received a brand new Bold 9650 from Verizon before they receive the shipment of tours in. My co-workers were unable to get Bold's for replacement and went to the Asurion website to file a calim and they are no longer carrying Tours. They wboth are receiving brand new Bolds in the mail but they did have to pay 89 dollars, but it doesn't count toward there upgrade, its just hgoes against your 2 claims in a 12 month period

I've yet to submit a claim through Asurion and I'd be okay with paying $89 for a new BOLD if that's what it takes, if I submit my claim online at what point will it notify me that BOLD is being sent out vs. a TOUR? I appreciate the help...

So I open my FedEx box and it's a brand new Bold still sealed in its box with accessories and everything.

Woo Hoo!!

im still waiting patiently on my new BOLD . FEDEX is taking forever to get here . im ready to put this TRACKBALL away ....

* patiently waiting *

So i was suppose to get a replacement refurbish 9650
i get the box n i feel it being mad heavy and all
then i open the box like a mad man
n then i see this amazing machine
they sent me a fully new boxed 9650
i was so not expecting that what so ever
so i m loading up the new 9650 i m pretty damn happy

Just curious... the guy on the phone told me to only send back what I get. If I get a brand new one with all accessories, like most of you say you have gotten, do I send back everything. The guy indicated that I should only have to send back the phone(minus the back and battery) but he also said "only send back what you get". Can anyone shed some light on this?

I had troubles activating mine so during that phone call I asked what exactly I should send back. She told me to keep all the accessories and just literally give the phone itself back (sans battery & cover).

I feel sketchy keeping all the stuff tho. Thoughts?

The instructions on my card state to return the guts of the phone and nothing else. The customer service representative I spoke to as well stated to only return the back cover or anything.

We called Friday afternoon complaining about the trackball and she got a refurb Tour by FedEx today!!!! Dang! What's up with that!?!!! I didn't work for us! I guess we will try again soon! I'll keep y'all posted! Since they wanna play like that, when that new Storm3 come out I am gonna show my a double crooked letters until I get one! It better not come out before the warranty on my Storm2 goes out! Ha Ha!

I got my 9650 Blackberry Bold as a Tour replacement and am very excited about the device, but the track pad is EXTREMELY slated towards the left hand side. I called back to VZW to get another 9650 sent out and it will be here on Thursday (2 day). I hope this issue is not wide spread....mine was made in Mexico.

Could all the 9650 users chime in on the track pad and where their phone is made?

Well, I await (im)patiently for my Bold (hopefully) to arrive that's what the rep. told me this past weekend. It's supposed to come tomorrow sometime. I certainly hope that VZW's quality department or whatever is inspecting these phones before shipping them out. My last Tour was crap. Really VZW we all want these phones to work, please?

I got my new Bold in its original new box. Its a great device. I only have one problem. Youtube videos on wifi play very slow. videos play better if i turn the wifi off and use the 3g speed only. Is anyone else having this problem?

On the trackpads, sometimes they are tilted a little from one side to the other due to the way it is mounted essentially to the top of a pc mounted switch. Even if its completely straight when you first see it it can lean a little to one side or the other as it is used due to how you push on it. Perfectly normal, not a problem.

The 9650 Verizon Bold using 732 OS as from VZW also displays the 3G Icon not the 1XEV. Just noticed it and wanted to post it for those that care about this.

So my new Bold? The trackpad just completely stoped working as of 5 mins ago. My workphone won't allow me to dial 1-800 numbers but I'm so frustrated right now. I'll have to deal with this crap when I get home.

I wish it was that easy. I did 3 battery pulls myself and then ran down the VZW store on wall street real quick and they couldn't do squat about it.

So, even with my old Tour still at home, I have another new Bold (hopefully brand new?) coming to my house tomorrow.

got my brand new accessories included Bold yesterday. device manager switch program works like a charm, up and running after about an hr of configuring.

just checked the verizon website..tour in stock, bold listed out of stock except for non camera version. replacements must be taking their toll.

Got my replacement Tour and there were chunks of plastic hanging out of the screen like the rubbery black stuff they use to seal it or something. The trackball sucked and kept getting stuck, and IT WAS STILL ACTIVATED ON SOMEONE ELSE'S ACCOUNT. When I made a phone call with it, it was a totally different number!

Called Verizon and they are sending me a Bold. After 4 Tours inside of a year, I'm thrilled to be getting something without a trackball.

Can anyone confirm if a request through insurance will get you a BOLD vs a TOUR? And when is the latest someone has called about trackball issues and recv'd a BOLD as a replacement? The verizon rep never once mentioned the BOLD, should I contact ASURION and see if a BOLD will come as a replacement?


Hate to break the bad news but I think you ran by this blog about 3 days late. The tours have been back in stock since sometime monday. But keep trying because I can personally tell you after getting my Bold today, ITS WORTH IT!

I know this is a week late for you, but I had to replace my Tour because my screen went totally crazy on Monday of this week. Luckily I had insurance, so a simple claim on Asurion was an easy fix. When I got to the final step, it showed that the Tour was no longer offered as it was discontinued, and that I would be getting the Bold 9650 instead. Just had to pay the deductible and that was that. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for this article, I followed all the instructions and it worked perfectly. Just got my new Bold in the mail today!

Got my Bold in the mail today! Loving the track pad, it's so much better then the Tour's trackball! Looking forward to enjoying my Blackberry again rather then just getting frustrated with it not working right! Thanks again Crackberry!

Bold is awesome! Couldn't believe it was brand new retail packaging!!! Now I don't know what pieces of the tour to send back... :( Trackball and Wi-Fi are awesome!

I got my Bold today! I am totally excited, the trackpad is freaking amazing. My trackball on the Tour got stuck last night, while trying to "unstuck" it I thought I had broken it. Not to worry anymore!!! Granted the Tour I had was only the 2nd one, I feel the frustration from every user. I just put up with it because I knew I'd get the same phone and have the same problems...Until I heard from a friend about the Bold being sent out instead I never wanted to call VZW about it again.

VZW is awesome, called em Friday night told them my problem and got a replacement put in the mail for me.

My follow-up is as follows (being how I feel very justified in getting a replacement just as my trackball ate it completely today-- it was out of desperation I asked to begin with, and a happy coincidence all this stuff was going on at the time).

Anyway... Bold arrived. Looked like refurb packaging (you can see a second sticker seal on the box) and refurb accessories. Thusly, I figured the unit itself was also a refurb. If it is, however, I'm hard pressed to find fault w/it. The previous owner kept it IMMACULATE, which makes me wonder if indeed it's a new unit.

I read through a number of entries throughout the Tour saga as well as the Tour2/Bold complaints (bowed keyboards, chintzy bezels, etc.). This thing doesn't have a scratch on it on the front or the back, so unless they swap out the entire outer casing (very possible, I suppose), it's a pretty darned impressive specimen. So much so I'd love to get maintenance tips from him/her.

In the end, however, it WORKS, which is what mattered most to me. Now if THIS thing craps out, I'm gonna be miffed. Now to figure out what I need to send back...

I posted last Friday that they did not mention I would be getting a Bold to replace my Tour that was plagued with issues. Sure enough, I received a refurbished Tour. However, the Tour did not have a camera like the one I purchased. I immediately called Verizon, and was transferred to the tech staff who handle replacements. A very nice woman said that the Tour's with cameras are all out and that she would send me a new Bold 9650. I played dumb and surprised, and will have my new Bold tomorrow. Awesome.

After a few calls into Customer Service I was only offered a refurbished Tour!!! To all you who got the nice new 9650's congrats...wish I was part of your world! :(((

For those of you getting replacements, how long after you first got the phone are you calling in with your complaints?

I've had my Tour for ~6 months and was resigned to a marginally decent trackball. I'd be willing to complain to at least get a refurb and hopefully one that will work decently for another couple months.

I called in, they sent me a FRU Bold which worked for a day before the trackpad started freezing up intermittently. Took it in to my local VZW store to see what they could do and they swapped my 1-day old Bold out for a NIB one (gave me the new battery, but kept my old one). Seems to be working better (or at least at all!), but now I'm going to have to call them again because the bonehead who swapped out my old Bold for the new working one re-uped my contract for another 2 years without saying anything... Gah.

So, my Tour decided it was going to stop focusing when taking pictures. I have tried everything I can think of (reboot, checking settings, etc.), and have reached the "call Verizon" step. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a Bold out of this!

So I just found this story. Is this still being done by Verizon? My trackball is not working right... so I would fall under the replacement but with my luck I would just get another jacked Tour. So if anyone knows I would be grateful.

so i called sprint about this and i got another refurb tour and it was same crappy trackball and today i called again and they sending me brand new bold but WITH NO CAMARA!!!! ugghhh just read email said "Replacement Model: Blackberry BOLD No Cam (9650) new fully kitted CK"

This is my fifth Tour and the trackball was starting to wear our that I received this replacement about a month ago and I called up Verizon and they said that they are no longer selling or have in stock for Tour and they are sending me BRAND new Bold 9650! Thank you for this tip, dude!

I want to thank whoever posted this thread...I took the same approach with Verizon Wireless regarding my BlackBerry Tour 9630 and they issued me a BlackBerry Bold 9650 as a replacement device. I am using it now and lovin it, the track pad is SO much better than the track ball. Thanks again, great heads up!!

I had to order a replacement Tour yesterday due to trackball issues (6/29) and they stated they would send me another Tour as a replacement. It was suppose to ship overnight. I called just now to check status and VZW stated it never shipped because they are out of Tours. The woman, Shannon, kindly stated they are sending me a Bold 9650 as the replacement since they are out of Tour's and the Bold is their equivalent model. It is suppose to arrive tomorrow.

One note - I got my replacement through VZW Government since I work for a Federal agency.

I will follow up with everyone tomorrow to let you know what shows up!

Got my "new" phone today, a refurb Tour. Guess I just didn't get the right cust service rep. This is Tour number 4, and we will see how long it takes for something to go wrong.

Hey All... so (like many others), I'm on my 4th Tour at this point. Caught sight of this thread yesterday while I was in fact on the phone with Verizon Warranty about my Tour's trackball (resists left-right movement, and while it would've been nice to get a shiny new Bold, they had the Tour refurbs (with camera) in stock, so I didn't even bother asking them about the Bold; just accepted the Tour. But then I got a call from my IT staff this morning, letting me know that we're switching to the 9700's on ATT as a company. So I called Verizon Warranty back in order to tell them that I didn't really need the new Tour and that they could cancel the order, since I was closing out the account. I didn't sound threatening or anything else, but on the spot the rep offered me a new 9650 if I'd be willing to stay (I guess he assumed I was switching carriers due to the trackball issue). Unfortunately, I couldn't take advantage of this offer, but in the event that anyone else is still hunting for a 9650, maybe you could try this? Best of luck!

I had the Tour and called Sprint. The tech seemed very new to the job. I also needed to change my address. I changed the address first and the person said they'd send me a Tour. So I agreed.

Days went by. Turned out they had not changed my address and sent it to my former address. The rental office signed for it.

I called in again. I was not upset. Mistakes happen. This time I was placed on hold quite a few times. The tech did not really know what to do in this situation. He then placed me on hold again this time he did not actaully put me on hold. I heard him discussing it with other agents. He was mimicking me and doing impersonations that made me sound simple and like a redneck.

When he got back to me I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor. He tried to save the call but there was no chance on that happening. I asked for his ID number and got disconnected.

I called back and got tier 2 agent and had to through the whole story. I got transferred to their phone replacement department and was offered a new Curve 8530. I got angry and was offered the Bold.

So I got a Bold and I was actually having issues with my trackball too (I was on my second Tour).

Im SO mad at myself for not doing this when I first read the post. I just called and filed my "complaint". Long story short - I'm getting a replacement. But I don't know which phone I'll receive. The rep never stated it would be a Bold which made me think it will be a Tour. However, after reading the recent comments who knows what I'll receive.
Praying its a Bold baby!!!

FYI - I just checked the VZW website and they don't even have the Tour listed on the site anywhere... could that be a good sign that I may receive a Bold on Friday?!?!?!


Just got my vzw email with the tracking #... my package is only 1lb :(

Did anybody who got a Bold have a 1lb package???

Walked into a VZW store tonight, told them about my trackball, bluetooth, gps, and overall slow performance problems I have had since I received my Tour in March. Have a Bold coming on Wednesday. Hopefully it won't be a refurb but the guy said it will be new.

Has anyone received one lately? I have same trackball issues, my ball finally stopped clicking on applications the past couple of days. I will receive "a refurbished" one on Friday just wondering if I will be getting the bold instead. It says 1lb package coming.

It looks like you are getting another Tour. The guy at VZW said he was getting me a new Bold but it came yesterday as a refurb Tour. I called the VZW Store where I went and they said sometimes they can get Bolds to send and sometimes they can't. The guy checked and could get a new Bold for me and had it sent. I just checked the tracking number and it says it is 3lbs. not 1lb. like the previous.

Sorry....just saw the post above my original with the one poster getting a "1lb. Bold" Looks like it will be a crap shoot!

Just to let everyone know-I just sent my Tour in for a warranty replacement and got another Tour in the mail. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to perhaps get a Bold instead? Haha.

I would go into a VZW store and talk with a rep and say you were told you would get a Bold for your replacement. Or call back and say the same thing and see what happens. I was told at a store I would get a Bold and they sent a Tour, I called the store back and said I was told I would be getting a Bold and they sent one out.

I have a vzw tour, no real trackball issues, its a bit laggy at times but ive gotten used to it, my headphone port doesnt work though, sometimes I can't even put the jack in the port, and when I do, it wont even connect, but will this still work, has anyone tried it lately