Verizon Wireless issuing Bold 9650 as warranty replacement for Tour 9630 (for me at least)

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2010 10:11 am EDT
CrackBerry Customer Service

To say I had trouble trying to get an early upgrade to the Bold 9650 would be an understatement. Numerous phone calls and various tactics led me nowhere. I was issued a review unit (that sadly has to be back in two weeks) so I was eager to get my upgrade so I would have a Bold 9650 to use. Although I've since gotten over my new toy envy, I still wanted the device. Well yesterday I was tipped off to this thread in the forums, where a good number of members were saying they had been issued a Bold 9650 as a replacement for their busted Tour 9630. Being that my device was still under warranty, I figured I'd give it a whirl myself.

After calling I was connected to a super nice rep who kindly asked what I needed. I told him how my Tour trackball was crap and wouldn't scroll left or right. He said we'd have to do some tests and asked if I had made a backup. I told him I backup regularly, and he said "great" and started to instruct me on how to perform a "hard reset" (device wipe) of my device but I stopped him. I told him I had done the factory reset and even installed the software update issued earlier in the week and that I still had the same problem. He said that "fit the bill" and began to process my warranty replacement. As he went along, an alert popped up and he told me I'd be very happy with the result. He explained that they were out of inventory for the Tour 9630, and instead would be issuing a Bold 9650 as my replacement. What luck :-)

So in the end, my Bold 9650 is on the FedEx truck and should be here any minute. I'm not sure if the devices are new, but I can't imagine the stock is big enough to have refurbished units just yet. My broken Tour will have to go back within 10 days, but I do get to keep my upgrade. Overall I can't really complain - I'm getting the device for free and that's that. So if you are holding onto your Tour with a busted trackball, you might be in luck if your device is still under warranty. 

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Verizon Wireless issuing Bold 9650 as warranty replacement for Tour 9630 (for me at least)



actually the bold has been added to the warehouse list of replacements for the tour, now to just wait til they open up that option, could happen any day now

I was told by Best Buy that, if there were any problem with My BB Tour (with Sprint), that it would be replaced with the new Bold, as they could no longer get the Tours.

Does antenna trouble (apparent) qualify as "busted"? What about occasional trackball issues (like perhaps right after I reboot it always seems to get stuck....)?


Yes lack of reception should get you a new phone as long as you can show documented dropped calls and immediate call backs.

Now, why not call and state you have track ball issues? It will be over the phone and they can prove you wrong.

I wish they would do this for the 8330 that my Wife still has under warranty. She has had the trackball replaced twice and a replaced phone twice. The ball is sticking again. She says she can deal but it drives me nuts when she asks me to do something to her phone. No matter what we have an upgrades in October on both lines so it will be replaced then for sure.

I work for a retailer of Verizon and had a customer with the same trackball problem. When i filed the warranty claim for her they didnt tell me that they were sending out a Bold 9650 but she returned two days later with one as her replacement. Pretty sweet deal!

I'm on Storm #6. I hit #4 just after a full year, so they were never willing to upgrade me to a phone that actually works.

Oh well. All it's done is given me two years of aggravation and the ultimate decision that BBM isn't worth sticking with BlackBerry, not when I've had so many issues with the Storm, right down to it dying during a job interview.

I went through the same motions as you, he had me wipe the device (I should've told him no too cuz it's a pain reinstalling all the apps right now!) and then my trackball actually ended up WORSE! so he tried to sell me on a curve at first and I told him it was a downgrade and asked if there were any Tours available and he said no and then finally offered the Bold! thanks for the heads up guys! otherwise I wouldn't have tried to replace this damn thing!

Adam, I did the EXACT same thing you did on Wednesday night when this first got out. I have a Bold on the delivery truck right now! Woo hoo! Thank you Verizon! I will post pics in the thread mentioned above.

I only wish I hadn't replaced my Tour about 4 months ago with another Tour which oddly enough the Trackball works fine so right now I have no issues to report to get a nice Bold 9650. I guess if something breaks before mid July I'll try this and hope the Tour is out of stock at that point.

I just replaced my wife's crappy track ball tour for a refurb last month and it works great... Just my luck. It sure would have been nice to get her a trackpad and extra memory.

It does work on Sprint as I have rec'd a replacement. Only difference is you have to go in to a repair store and have them look at your BB first and then if in stock they will replace your Tour or order you a new one. This definetely works if you've replaced your Tour 3 times. I replaced mine 6 times in less than the year it's been out.

I broke the screen on my tour by dropping it so i had to contact Asurion and they replaced my tour with the Bold. I got it on monday and it was a brand new bold in retail packaging.

Anyone try this on Sprint over the phone? My trackball is intermittently crap and I'm sick of cleaning it. No point of doing this if I'm just gonna get another Tour with a crappy trackball and have the same issues.

I e-mailed this comment in to the tip hotline three days ago.

I also did this, complaining of a random issue with the battery, and they were very "pleased" to offer me the Bold 9650. Looking at the Fedex tracing (they always overnight replacements) it should be here in a few hours :)

Received my replacement device yesterday. It came with full retail packaging, even though the rep said it would be a refurb and I'd have to retain the back cover, battery and microSD card from my Tour 9630. Opened up the box and inside was everything you'd get with a retail purchase. Chargers, headphones, USB data cable. I really do love Verizon.

Users should be more careful, just using the phone after eating fries or buttered toast can disable the ball. It is unfortunate that trackballs are vulnerable to greasy fingers.

I've had my Tour for more than a year and i love it. Only thing is that last week the track ball started to not respond to pushing it in. i never eat and handle my BBerry due to the greasy finger rule but it happened anyways. I ever clean once a week with a alcohol swab and a dry rag. Two days ago it stopped working, it moves around just fine but won't click with me pushing it in to the point the screen warps. I'm calling today but this post gives me hope that I might be able to upgrade. Thanks CBerry.

I posted this on Howard Forums a few days ago. It is sweet though my busted trackball netted me a new Bold 9650 and should arrive on Monday. Surprised they didn't overnight it like they used to with devices. Ah 2 day isn't that bad.

My trackball started giving me problems a week ago. I dreaded calling them for another phone. I didnt feel like going through having all my applications restored and my PIN updated. However, I couldnt take it anymore. The trackball would not go left or right. Such a pain! I called and they agreed to ship out another Tour but it wasnt in stock. The rep would call me when the received more in. Lo and behold...they called back to tell me the Tour was still out of stock and gave me the choice of waiting or upgrading to the Bold 9650 for FREE. I couldnt believe it. I thought this upgrade had something to do with my expressing the disappointment of VZW's fees especially the $350 termination fee on some of their newest phones. Ridiculous! Now, I see they are really phasing out the 9630. Its not the quality of phone I had anticipated. We will see how the 9650 holds up.... My phone is on its way to me right now by FedEx. I am waiting....

My son got a Sprint Bold 9650 as an insurance replacement for his Sprint Tour 9630 thru Ausrion...He was sooo happy.

I am having a problem tethering with my phone, it will just randomly drop connection when my phone isn't moving. Is that enough to justify a replacement. Also I notice sometimes my phone will just randomly go to zero bars of 1XEV service.

Same thing here, as the rep was getting my order number he said that they were out of the Tour and would be sending out the Bold. Called my Sister In Law and told her to do the same. Both phones will be here Tuesday. Thanks for the tip!!!!

If I could get a Storm 2 as a warranty replacement for my Storm 1, I'd be ecstatic. I'm having double-button-presses and random reboots. Hmmm.

I went through the whole process, got soooo close to the bold! But then, it was snatched away! Rep said, no tours in stock! We can send you a curve or a non-cam tour!! wtf?! no bold offer!!! So, I suggested the the bold would be comparable and she shot me down!! FML!! So, supposedly...they will send me a tour when one comes in!! Advice? Should I call back? Help me out...

I would just call back and speak to another rep. Explain to them nicely that you purchased a black berry tour, a not cheap phone and how you feel cheated getting a non camera version or a down grade. Just talk it out with them, stay polite and if you have to ask to speak to there supervisor.

I called back on my lunch hour! Got a different rep, a man, easier for a woman to shmoooze! And sure enough, my BOLD arrives tomorrow!! Can't beat it!! woot woot!!

They know what is going on here, but there is nothing they can do about it. There are no 9630s in stock and they cannot give you a lower device such as the Curve. The Bold is their only choice, and although they might not WANT to be giving them away, they really have no choice.

This is less about great Verizon CS (although I do believe it is great), and more about us getting lucky with a low 9630 inventory. Problem is now everybody is going to be in on it and it might force Verizon's hand. They are essentially giving away free Bolds right now.

I just went to the Verizon store to show them my erratic Tour trackball. They're replacing it with a reconditioned Tour, not a Bold! It's a non-camera model BTW.

I'd try the phone route and tell them you'd really like to have a phone that works and replaces the one you have I'd never accept a non-camera version that's one of the perks isn't it? Good luck man seriously call 'em

I was told there was nothing that could be done with my current Tour (went through the wipe your phone, update software etc...) and that they are out of stock so I would need to go with an 8530 as a replacement. I said that won't work as it is a downgrade. They said
"I see how you may think that but in fact it is an upgrade as it is a newer unit."
I told them I needed a world phone and the Curve isn't one. I was told that I would need to wait for my upgrade and I could then choose between the Storm 2 or Bold 9650. otherwise there is nothing they can do.
They even said they see in the notes that i am on my 6th unit and a long list of notes of problems. They where very sorry there was nothing that could be done.

How long is the warranty? My tour has clicking problems. It's like mush when I press it. I never know if it registers. Scrolling right works but seems to "slip" a lot.

they said they could send me a replacement tour or get track ball cleaned. im gonna try to call back a little later and get a diff. customer service rep

Maybe, try to let them process the replacement request. The Verizon rep you spoke with may not know their are no Tour's available.
I did the same thing. I called them and was told they will send me a replacement Tour, so I told them to forget about it. Then I called them back and told them to go ahead and send me the replacement Tour. When they processed the request, they told me there were no more Tours available.

Called customer cervice, complained about trackballs on my Tours and got Bolds comming. Verizon Rocks!!!

FYI...Verizon email went out to Customer Service to let everyone know they do not have anymore 9630s and offer the customers 9650s.

they said the reason they have to use the bold is because they do not give new battery's or battery covers and you need to re-use your existing cover, and the only phone that will fit it, is the bold! Woohoo great free upgrade.

At first she said I would have to wait untill monday because that is when they are getting more in stock but I said i couldnt so she gave me the bold after she "checked with her supervisor". So looks like this might only run untill monday?

Called in my tour for "trackball problems" (this is my 5th one) but not really have that many issues with it. SOMETIMES it lags. i just really want the bold -_- first lady i spoke with, wouldnt give me anyTHING. wanted me to go to the store to get a trackball replacement, after arguing with her and asking for supervisor (which she said the only supervisor on her floor was at lunch) for 10 minutes, i hung up, and CALLED AGAIN. spoke to another lady.. sent me to tech support, guy representitive asked if i wanted it replaced, i said sure.. he proceeded to try to get me a replacement tour, then said they're all out, was happy to send me a BOLD. yatzee ;)

I called on Wednesday to complain about Tour #4 and as we speak I am loading up on my BRAND NEW BOLD 9650 for FREE. Ah I do love Verizon's Customer service. I have gotten both mine and my wife's Storm 1's upgraded to Storm 2's for free. Now I got my mom's Tour upgraded to the Bold for free.

I am a VERY satisfied customer! I <3 VERIZON

Just got off the phone with Verizon. Discussed my trackball problem and she offered me a refurb, certified used or my annual upgrade next month.

Told her that this is already my 3rd Tour and I would not accept another Tour. She again offered the other two options and I suggested the Bold. The call got nasty as she said I would not receive a new phone for a phone that is over a year old. Advised that I bought this on day one last July and she said, well almost a year. Referenced the number of folks who have rec'd Bolds for bad track balls and she scoffed.


Just call back. Also, do NOT bring up the fact that many people have gotten replacement Bolds. Playing dumb is your best bet.

I played dumb as well... just don't threaten or do anything to suggest that you should get a new bold. let them suggest it and if they do suggest that you get a refurb tour, let them check for one... they won't have it in stock to give you, and then they will have no choice but to give you a new bold. don't accept a curve cuz that is just a downgrade.

Adam, just 3 days ago you said that you prefer to use your T-Mobile 9700 over the Verizon 9650. Now you're excited to have a 9650?

my Bold is on the way. no questions asked. the rep told me that RIM is well aware of the trackball issue and since there are no tours in stock, they are offering bolds. she also told me i was eligible for an upgrade in July. so i may still get a droid...i'm so tourtured

I just saw this blog, odd as I also called this morning around 11 est. because my trackball has been messing up all week and i got fed up with it and wantecd a replacement.

They told me I will be recieving a certified like new 9630...what gives??

Everyone else gets the Bold and I'm getting my tour again.

Oh well at least it will be a working blackberry I suppose.

Hey Adam, I have a queation. I'm on my third tour and the trackball just doesn't work and isn't satisfying me. What should I do to get me a Bold? and will I have to renew my contract? I've had it less than a year.

I read this post yesterday, and decided to give it a try. It is worth noting that I truly was having problems with my Tour, even more so after the official OS update. For example yesterday I couldnt end a call, even though the person had already hung up, my profiles are still jacked up, sometimes if im not looking at my Tour I wont know that I have a call or new message and last but not least - I never got a new Tour due to the faulty trackball. I should have it by Monday.

thats wassup

when i called up yesterday and got my bold, i explained how my tour was always having problems. Whether with the preloaded os glitching out when trying to dial, or with the first 5.0's web browser not working right. Than after this upgrade i couldn't select anything with my trackball without pressing so hard it distorted the screen. I truly feel this tour 9630 was rushed to market to get Verizon a phone to compete with the bold 9000. Though it was like 2 years to late, leaving the tour as an awkward in between for the curve and the now 9700.

I wonder which OS these replacement 9650s will have? .699 or .732? It looks like .699 is the best one so far.

I can confirm this news. I have been having the high pitch noise from the lcd backlighting for a while. I just called and went through the usual tech support routine with security wipe and all that. Customer rep. said she has to check the stock and said looks like they dont have it. She put me on hold for a few mins and came back to give me the good news. I am getting a new Bold in the mail this monday! If you are having issues with your Tour, while its under warranty go ahead and call the big red before they find some refurb stock Tours...

I've got my 2 Tours for me and my wife last month.
The order was placed on 23rd May.
Am I able to get two new Bolds? Cuz I didn't buy any warranty for my phones...

You have 30 days to decide if you want to keep a phone or not. You can go straight to Verizon, tell them you'd like to switch the Tours out for 2 Bolds, and pay the difference.

I just called Verizon CS about a problem with my Tour and they are sending a Bold to me. It will be here Tuesday. The Tour is out of stock.

Worked for me!! Very nice woman is overnighting it and said it should be here Monday! Thanks Adam! You are the man!

yeah after i updated my tour to the new os, i found that the track balls enter feature was not as responsive as it should be. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with verizon last night and convinced them to send me a new phone. That phone being the Bold. Also i think it was funny because i was talking to them about how i felt the tour was in some ways rushed to Verizon, leaving out features that I would have expected them to put in. The optical track ball being one of them. So from what i can see now they are going to stop making the tours, which makes sense. The tour would have been a great phone for Verizon to compete with the old Bold with, but it is just a down graded version of the 9650. However, I will say the tour is a great phone, and served its purpose (get Verizon a Blackberry that is not a curve).

Can someone give me a exact scenerio or conversation to have with the Verizon Customer Service to ensure I get a new Bold for my Tour???

When i called up i talked to the costumer service rep while my phone was rebooting (the first thing they have you do). While i talked to him i explained how ever since i got my phone i have been having problems, and these problems stopped me from using the blackberry how it should be used. Talk about how with 4.7 it would glitch when you dialed, or the first 5.0 the web browser didn't work right. than go on to explain how during all this the trackball barely worked. Make sure though that you are polite, and you don't just list the problems work it into the conversation. I even mentioned how i thought the tour was rushed to compete with the old Bold, and how with Verizon having the new Bold there was no point to it. By the end of all this your phone should have rebooted and the track ball problem should still be there. Next go to technical support, either they will recommend it, or u can ask for it. There they will tell u to do some stuff, explain how you have already. They will recommend the security wipe (back up b4 you call). Once again while this is happening talk to your rep. Get friendly, and don't sound whiny. By the end of the call your phone will still be not working right and it will be time for them to offer you a new phone. Hopefully with all the talk of how the tour was shitty, they will without a doubt offer you a Bold. GOOD LUCK

I just called about my trackball problems, went through the questions about doing a battery pull, described the trackball issue, and made sure I hadn't dropped my phone in the pool or anything. He did not mention that I would be getting a Bold 9650. He murmured something about same make and model, arriving Tuesday. He was really straightforward and friendly, but did not say anything about the Bold. I just pray that I'll get a Bold regardless since they are sold out.

worked for me!! had to g thru the whole process of wiping device and rebooting but my new phone is on the way!!

I didn't even know of this. I went to vzw today, cause my ear speaker was crackling. The tech rep said they would send out a new unit 2 days fedex. Than told me they were outta stock of the 9630, and that i would be receiving a 9650. F'n vzw, why to go!!!!!!

IT worked called back a second time and got a really nice customer service lady thanks Crackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! getting my new phone tuesday

I called and was told to go to Verizon store to have trackball on the Tour replaced. I thought only the Curve can have the trackballs replaced and not the Tour. The rep called the store and explained my situation, so maybe I have them check it out. Don't know if the tech support at the stores are willing to get my a replaced Bold.

That will happen every once in awhile where I'll get someone with a less than stellar personality and a 4th grade education. Now every time I call I elect to make it a survey call where an automated survey taker calls back and I give them good marks if they were nice/helpful and poor marks if they were rude/not helpful. I make sure to let the CSR know its a survey call once they start to go sideways on me.

A friend of mine is a VZW b2b rep and he said that the CSR's are paid based on the customer feedback. Too many bad marks and punitive action is taken. So far every time I've opted for the survey I've gotten very helpful people.

Just called customer service..Told them my trackball was having issues. The guy didnt even make me go through any trouble shooting...He immediately ask me if I heard about the Bold 9650 (DUH) and if would like one. Overnight delivery be here on Monday :)

Called Verizon Customer Care about 40 minutes ago while at work (Northeast, 2pm). I told "Jose" about the issues I was having. Agreed with me it wasn't network related but device related and asked me to reset but told him I've done a wipe, soft reset, hard, reset, etc (which I actually have done).

Heard him typing stuff over the phone and he tells me I'm getting a refurbished phone. I ask him if it will be a Tour and he says I'm getting a nice upgrade for free.

He tells me I'm getting the Bold and starts to explain everything about the phone. I asked him why I was getting the upgrade and he explained that it was an Executive Decision from Management that Tours be replaced with Bolds due to the excessive trackball issues it has had since day one. Plus he said they have been out of Tours all week.

This made my Bold 9650 arrives on Tuesday via FedEx.

Called CS 45 minutes ago and ran through the trackball problems and not being able to do a hard reset. Unfortunately, I am getting a refurbished 9630.

I have been experiencing some problems with my 9630 having to do with insufficient volume with my BlueTooth. I tried a Plantronics Voyager 520 and a Plantronics 230. Neither could be heard when driving on the freeway with the windows up. I had contacted Verizon and Plantronic and tried a number of suggestions. None worked. I loved my phone and had no desire to go through the motions of reinstalling everything on a new phone, particularly when so many problems had been experienced by others with trackballs and the battery cover. I had had no problems. I loved the phone. I finally decided to try one more thing, a Blue Ant Supertooth 3. The volume of the build-in software was enough to blow me out of the car. However, sent and received call volume was still below the threshold, particularly when there was road noise. Until I saw this article I was ready to just live with it since I love the phone which I have had since March. I called Verizon. I did not mention the article. I simply rehearsed the problems I was having with the phone, and they were able to reference my previous calls over the last weeks. The initial contact transferred me to a second level tech. He almost apologetically explained that the best alternative at this point was for them to send me a new 9650. I displayed the appropriate amount of reticence, but agreed to the trade.
At the time I got my Tour I had been waiting with bated breath for the release of the 9650, but it began to look like a chimera, so I gave up took my second choice. I have avoided reading the reviews of the new phone (until this morning right after the call.) I will have my new Bold 9650 early next week. Thank you for the tip.

I'm also curious to know if once you guys get your Bold, and I'm happy you all are, will your upgrade date be jacked. I have a bad feeling that they will.

NO effect on the upgrade date or contract at all.
I meant to mention that I called Otter Box to find out if my Defender case would fit the 9650. I was told that there is a slight difference in the form factor which will eventually cause the case to fail. I said would just have to buy a new one. He said, No, just send me the case and I will send you the one for your 9650. Now, that is a superb company. Great product and incredible customer support.

or at least, the phone has been ringing at verizon for the last 30 minutes. No answer yet. Hoping for a nice upgrade to start the weekend out right!

Just got off the phone with rep (second call as first guy was an ass) I explained trackball still an issue ( i am on 3rd tour since original launch day purchase)

She said "it was my lucky day", they are trying to no longer issue tours as a large % of even the refurbs are coming back again and again...

I paid $19.99 for express shipping and I will have it before noon tomorrow. Well worth the money for a new BOLD and not even having to use my new every two or one year upgrade...

Happy Hunting BB fans...

This was the best post Crackberry has ever provided its loyal fans...keep up the great work, I owe you my thanks and know that you put a smile on my face the day before Fathers Day...

So was it a lucky break for the above posters or was there an "executive managerial decision" as someone above put it to stop replacing tours?

Will I get everything like I'm getting a new phone? Or will it just be a phone, with no battery or back cover?

If your phone is in good working condition, and you call, lie about a trackball problem in order to get a Bold as a replacement, that is fraud. Bragging about it on the internet isn't a very good idea. Just wanted to put that out there.

That said, one of our users brought his phone in and the trackball legitimately does not scroll left. When I called, they had me wipe it which they never had me do before. A while later they called back after it had finished wiping, and still no joy on the trackball. So they said they would ship out a replacement. Went through the whole speil about it being a certified like new replacement and how the waranty will only be from the original purchase date. Then they said that they currently do not have any Tours in stock. They will ship out either a Tour or a Bold on Monday.

Now to throw you all for a loop. I'm actually hoping it's a Tour. The company just switched to BlackBerries from Treo's last year, and we standardized on the Tour. If we get a Bold, we are now mixing phones. And I'm sure that everone else will be wanting a new phone when they see it. So we may have to play musical phones and keep it in the IT department for "testing" purposes.

If this phone worked correctly, I would be quite satisfied. It never has and frankly Verizon is well aware of the issues. Would I take a refurb Tour...not likely, since the problems have been so widespread. Was only looking to be treated fairly and with respect.

Its Friday 3:20pm EST, I just called gave them the story of how my trackball wasnt working and it was my 3rd replacement (which it was) and i said how i think the track ball gets messed up when i eat greasy food, and im tired of having a track ball (mind you im using the nicest softest voice ever for a male) and the lady told me to take my battery out, which i pretended to do, then she transfered me over to tech sport who immediately started to look for a replacement

He said, good news and bad news...BAD news...were out of stock of the tour (only if he knew that was good news to me)

Good news is were gonna send you the BOLD!!

Mission Accomplished, phone will be here TUESDAY


Its Friday 3:20pm EST, I just called gave them the story of how my trackball wasnt working and it was my 3rd replacement (which it was) and i said how i think the track ball gets messed up when i eat greasy food, and im tired of having a track ball (mind you im using the nicest softest voice ever for a male) and the lady told me to take my battery out, which i pretended to do, then she transfered me over to tech sport who immediately started to look for a replacement

He said, good news and bad news...BAD news...were out of stock of the tour (only if he knew that was good news to me)

Good news is were gonna send you the BOLD!!

Mission Accomplished, phone will be here TUESDAY


said that because it's such a new phone, he thought that it would probably be a new phone, but he wasn't 100% sure. Can't wait until tuesday to get mine!

I just got off the phone with verizon and my bold is on the way being shipped out today...

Does anyone know if something like this is working with Sprint, I have a friend that was wondering about that?

I know I'm not the only one who has had problems with their Tour's trackball. It usually goes like this. Every other day you go to select something on your phone but your trackball doesn't want to roll to the right. So you play with it for about 5 minutes and get it to move, not like it should, but enough to navigate your phone. I've let it slide for months simply because I didn't see the point in getting another Tour and having the same problem but if Verizon is giving us a better option I see no reason to not take this offer. Not trying to screw Verizon, just get the most out of their service.

I had the same exact thing with my tour, but when I saw this I took full advantage of that 1 year warranty and now they are sending me a bold.

Verizon about 15 minutes ago and they are sending me a Bold! I should be receiving it on Tuesday. I'm pretty stoked. Looks like I might be able to get BlackBerry 6!

I replaced my Tour two weeks ago, and had to go through three devices to get to one that was in good shape. They overnighted each one and the process was painless all things considered. My wife used my new phone at the time and said "is that how the trackball is supposed to be?" Turns out hers was crappy as well and had been for some time. We had been putting off calling them because she didn't want to go through three devices like me, so I was pleasantly surprised at this posting. I called up a few minutes ago and with no fuss they are sending her a new Bold, will be here on Monday.

Now to convince her to swap phones with me...

Just called and expressed my issues with the trackball and sure enough, the rep told me they were basically gonna be "upgrading" me to the BlackBerry bold. Should be arriving tomorrow :D

So the faceplate was lifting off the 8530 and they said they would send me a new one. I got it in the mail set it all up but the memory card reader did not work at all and theyre sending me a new 8530...if this one is broke too im asking for a Bold

Just got off the phone with Verizon...the horizontal tracking on my Tour was terrible, and they offered to replace my Tour with the 9650 after I simply described the problem! Fantastic customer service, and thanks Crackberry for the tip!

Went to tech support this time because I want the problem solved even if it is another Tour. Fabulous service this time! Gave me tips and suggestions. In the end decided to take a warranty replacement that will be shipped today.

And the replacement is THE Bold.

Hope this new device works as it should...

They did this for the storm. I bought the original storm and although I loved the storm 2, I didn't upgrade because I'm waiting form the storm 4. I say storm 4, because the storm 3 is nothing more than a storm / bold mash up. No thanks. It makes me want to scream Iphone, but I like Verizon too much for that.

So, I called today because I was reading all of your lovely posts and am ready to rip my hair out over my stupid trackball problems...Verizon was super-nice and more than ready to help me out. But they said that they DO have new Tours and I will be getting an new one (not refurbished) on Monday or Tuesday. Which is fine, because I love my Tour!
But now I'm worried that this one will have the same problems and then I'll be stuck because my warranty is up this September. They service rep that I spoke with said that the Bold and the Tour are NOT compatible. Weird huh?

The day before they released the Bold for phone orders, I tried to go for a replacement of my THIRD Tour. First one, the OS was bogged down and the trackball was everywhere. Second one had the same issues. Third one had a non-working audio jack and the browser click issue.

I told the CS rep, basically, I have lived with a phone which is not working properly for almost a year, and I wanted a better phone. I didn't want to go through the hassle of setting up a new phone. I've also had bad luck switching phones using a Mac, so every time, I spent hours setting up the replacement.

I spent HOURS going from CS rep to manager to Tech support, to tech support manager, etc. I had them send me a replacement phone. 2 weeks ago, they DID have the Tours available, so they sent a replacement tour. Meanwhile, while that phone was on the way, I finally got a rep who (after all that haggling) would give me the phone under the 2-year deal, get it for $149 after the $100 mail-in rebate, knock off $50 immediately, and another $60 in 30 days. So, then I'm out of pocket $40 after everything is said and done.

You know what I did then? I took my old Tour, sent it back to Verizon, took the Refurb replacement they sent the day before, and sold it on Craigslist for $125. Because Verizon didn't take care of me the way they are taking care of others this week, I got lucky and actually made $85 on the deal.

I too was having trackball issues (not a big surprise) and got a really nice Customer Service agent who got me taken care of in about 5 mins and my phone has already been shipped and should be here tomorrow or monday! Verizon by far has the best customer service! If only they were open 24/7 then it would be unmatched.

I was so close, but once I got to the end, they still have the Tour in stock to replace bad Tours. My trackball is pretty crappy but I will just wait til upgrade time.

Hey guys i just called vzw bc my phone wasnt working and after all the troubleshooting and a hard reset, they told me that they dont have the tour in stock and that i would be getting the BOLD!!!!

Hey guys i just called vzw bc my phone wasnt working and after all the troubleshooting and a hard reset, they told me that they dont have the tour in stock and that i would be getting the BOLD!!!!

I'm so glad I check in on this site several times a day. I have a Verizon Tour that I already replaced last year because of trackball issues. The trackball problems started up again two months ago, but it wasn't happening all the time, so I figured I'd just put up with it, since changing the device is such a hassle, and I might end up with the same problem in another month or two anyway. It didn't seem worth it...until I saw this article. :-)

For a Bold 9650 with wifi, trackpad, and enough memory to handle OS6, heck ya it's worth the hassle!!! :-D

I called Verizon prepared to walk through a device wipe and whatever possible solutions the rep wanted me to try out, but she listened to my problems and said they'd replace it with a new BlackBerry...and by the way, it would be a Bold instead of a Tour. Oh yeah!!!

Thanks, CrackBerry!

finally got rid of my tour for a boldish 9650 coming in the mail !!!!!!!! im loving it . adam you are the man and verizon is the carrier !!!!!!!!

haha thank you thank you thank you crackberry.
i feel like i won one of your contest for a free phone. tour out the door and bold 9650 coming tuesday.

well, i read this post earlier this morning and thought about it for a while.. i called verizon earlier today and just told them i was having trackball problem, they didnt offer and troubleshooting, although they transfered me to that dept, saying they are the ones that send out the phones.. i told the guy in the other dept same thing, he said he cld take care of it and also that he had good news, said he cld replace the tour 9630 with a bold 9650 free of charge!! *music to my ears* (although i had no prob with my tour at all) -- he said it doesnt interfere with my upgrade nor does it extend my contract, says will ship out today and shld arrive on monday, wish i doubt, but they did say 2 day shipping.. so well see.. im excited.. i will see how it goes and repost..

I'm legitimately having problems with the functionality of my Tour. Trackball yes, but other issues as well. They tried to give me a certified like new. Gonna give it one more try...I'm in the Midwest and they said they have plenty of Tours in stock.

On my 3rd call back to tech support, I re-explained my issue. I was having trackball problems (not as bad as some people), but my main issue was a constant hour glass spinning. I have called repeatedly since I got this phone in March. Done all the trouble shooting steps; at one point it was so bad that VZW had to patch me into RIM. I have spent countless hours on the phone and just as many hours working through all the OS upgrade steps...Needless to say on my third call, I found a more understanding and respondent rep and my Bold will be here next week.

If you have for real issue, VZW is doing the right thing with this solution.

On the phone with Verizon right now and they totally replaced my Tour 9630 with the Bold 9650!! The trackball was glitchy and the ear jack had stopped working all together.

I asked about ways to fix it, but the super nice lady just said that there was nothing they could do to fix the ear jack problem and offered me a Bold 9650!

Super glad! I missed using Pandora on my phone. Plus the cops are ticketing big time for not having a hands free set in use while driving.

Good deal all around!

I have been having issues with my Tour;specifically the lcd backlighting was making a high pitch sound that was really annoying when talking on the phone. I called Verizon tech today (June 18) support and explained the whole situation, and went through the usual tech support steps, security wipe and such. Anyways, the super helpful tech support lady said she would put in a replacement order for me. She said there were issues regarding the Tour stock levels, and she put me on hold for a few mins. When she got back, she gave the good news. Getting a brand spanking new Bold in the mail on Monday!!!! Stoked! Thanks for the heads up Crackberry! One note I would suggest is to act calm, and upset your phone is not working right and never mention anything regarding the Bold replacement until they bring it up. Overall the rep was really nice and helpful. Good customer service Verizon!

Another upside to this is that in one (1) year I will be able to upgrade to another brand spanking new phone. pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Thanks Verizon...

a lot of people are being flippant about this, and likely creating issues when they were not having any. That being said, the tour was rushed to market, there are legitimate, documented problems with it (mine has been having trackball issues just about from day one, not to mention operating system problems). RIM is taking the hit here, not verizon. Big Red is doing the right thing here and responding to actual problems. The customer service rep I talked to was very nice about everything. Verizon will surely hold on to some customers that they might otherwise have lost due to RIM rushing the tour and sending Verizon a subpar phone.

i tried doing that last week in the sprint store when the trackball for my tour stopped working and they told me that i was going to get a new tour. i asked if i could get the bold 9650 since i was always having trouble with the trackball the guy said he couldn't do that because they had a lot of tours in stock or something like that. i'm guessing that eventually the same thing it's going to happen to sprint we'll just have to wait :s.

Worked for me! I called Verizon CS and after explaining the issue to the first girl, she referred me to tech support who immediately said that he'd be happy to send me "a device without a trackball." He briefly explained that RIM was moving to the new trackpad and that it was basically the same device with a few changed (which I knew, but played dumb on).

I'm sure it helped that they see I'm on my third Tour. Ironically, I've only had this one for two weeks.

When the CSR asked me if I would mind a Bold, I too played dumb and asked if it was like the Tour. He said yes but it has a trackpad instead of the trackball! Haha. I was actually one of the owners who's trackball was not working. Damn thing wouldn't scroll to the right. Luckily I don't have to worry about that now.

im due for an upgrade in 4 months and my tour has been dropping calls lately, will they replace it unaffecting my contract status pending my tour is still under warrenty or will this be condidering me using up my upgrade?

Just called a few minutes ago, told them about my trackball issues. I told them that it works sometimes but most of the time is a real pain in the butt and I spent a lot of money on it and wanted it to work right. My new Bold is on the way!! Should be here by Wednesday :D!

I'm on my second Tour. My first one had the horrid trackball issue and was replaced in January.

In the past couple weeks, my current Tour has been doing some weird things. it seems to decide on its own whether it will vibrate or not when a message comes in (despite the settings, which I have checked on the previous and current OS). It randomly reboots without warning, often while in the holster or bedside mode; this happens every three or four days or so. It has also hard frozen twice int he past week to the point where a physical battery pull was the only way to restore it. When that happens, the post-pull boot can take up to 30 minutes!

These problems have existed over both the previous and current official OS releases, with full wipes before upgrading. I've been a BB user since the 7130, I'd like to think I have a clue about what I'm doing.

I'm very cost-conscious, so I baby my phones. This one went into an Otterbox Defender the moment I took it out of the shipping container. It stays in dry conditions. It's getting to be a little annoying.

Should I call in and ask for a warranty replacement?

Verizon says they will send a new phone, but they check returned phones BUT if the returned phone works, they will charge full retain to account for new phone. Since my trackball works sometimes and sometimes not, I am afraid to chance it.
They suggest bringing to store...
any thoughts?

trackball goes bad every once in a while and just a got a new bold so hopefully it doesnt decide to work when they check it...

my new bold is on the way!
i've been having trackball issues for awhile and am on my 3rd tour, but didn't feel like going through the hassle of replacing a phone AGAIN so didn't bother trying to get a replacement.
however, once i heard about the bold replacement i figured it'd be worth the extra work! thanks crackberry and verizon, great tip-off and service, and now i'll actually have a nice new working phone!

I called and they offered to send me a replacement but it would be the same phone. They explained that it was factory specific. i called back a bunch of times to see if they could change the device to a bold. idk what to do i guess ill just wait it out and see what they send me?

Had two lines with Tours!!! they are sending me new tours on both!!!! Great!!! more trackball issues in the future for me!!! ANNOYING!!!

With the new OS update that VZW put out last week. My phone is working just fine. I play to keep it even though the TOUR has given me soo many problems. But now its fixed, why ruin a good thing. And beside, I would rather wait a while before getting a newly released phone. They usually come with glitches / issues they didnt catch at first. So I'll let you all deal with that for me. I'll replace mine later down the road.

But here is my experience with the tour.

Phone #1

When I got my first Blackberry in January (tour). I had issues with it on the 3rd day. The trackball would not go left. Took it to the VZW store. They sent out a refurb.

Phone #2

Then, when the initial 5.0 OS came out. My phone crashed, screen turned white, and I said to take back to place of purchase for repair. So I immediately took the phone. They replaced it with a refurb right on the spot.

Phone #3

Next, my phone, began to play sounds (from MMS's that contained audio that I sent or recieved) after every text/mms/call I had. It was so freakin annoying. I did the wipe and all. Still did the same things. had browser click issue. Phone would restart or freeze. So they sent me a refurb.

Phone #4

Still having issues with it. It was seriously annoying. I hated getting MMS's with sound, or if I listened to something on the phone browser. So I still had the same issues. While in VZW store for other reason. I decided to have my phone checked out again. They did the whole 9 yards on the phone. wiped it and all. They sent me another refurb. But said not to activiate it and to bring it in so they can run some test on the refurb. So when I brought it back in, I went to the same rep who did research for me and found that RIM was working on a fix. I was glad.. But that I would have to keep the 4.7 os if I didnt want to have my issues. But I didnt want the old OS. I liked the new one.

So I'm on Phone # 5. And its finally working with the new OS update.

8:15pm called and it just rings and rings...keeps rolling over to another line.

they shouldnt be closed right???

did i miss the boat!?!?!?!?

I called 4 different times. No one with budge on sending me a Bold. They are saying that Tours are back in stock now. So I canceled my order for a replacement tour. I want a bold!

I read this post at 12:45pm, my trackball quit scrolling to the right at 6:45pm. My "new" 9630 will be here on Tuesday. It will be my 5th tour for trackball issues. I work in retail and I don't like Cheetos, so it's not like I'm not being careful with them. What a disappointment. My early upgrade is July 28th. I suppose I'll get a Bold then. Rat bastards.

I told my girlfriend about this and when she called they told her that they fixed the issue. The rep said they would send her another Tour without a battery and no back on it!

Now after reading all the posts everyone who got themselves a New Bold got lucky. But now there are a TON of Tour 9630's that are refurbished for the rest of us.
My phone actually works most of the time. Maybe down the Road when my phone does really mess up, I will get one of your old nothing wrong with it Tour 9630's

i just called verizon and im getting a phone replacement.... but they never said is gonna be the new bold ..... do they have to mention it ? or when the phone arrives is going to be the new bold .... anybody knows??????

the phone rang for 22 minutes...finally got a super nice rep from AZ...said warehouse was closed but they were going to be sending me a new phone via fedex (on them) monday...will be here wednesday. i didnt want to ask "what phone" anmd just let it go.

never said tour or bold...i didnt ask. already on my 2nd even if i get another will be better than this one. however...he said "new phone" so i can can only hope it will be a Bold

i just called again and ..yes im getting a replacement but its gonna be a regular tour.....gggrrrrrr

Those who got a 9650...good for you. Warehouse is sure by the time things ship on monday...they will be well aware of this situation in addition to 9630 stock being fully replenished.

damn damn damn

Verizon did the same for me but it was a Storm 2 in place of the storm 1. They shipped me a complete brand new Storm 2 with all the accessories. But also included was a bill for the applicable taxes for the new phone. I figured that the new phone was worth the $50 and paid it. Well worth it!
have fun with your new Bold!

I called verizon this morning trying to take advantage of this. At first they said i was getting a tour, then they said there were not any tours in stock and were gonna call me/txt me back with a solution. I think they know what everyone is doing. Anyways, i got off the phone with them an hour ago saying that i never got a call back n they just said ok we r just gonna send you a tour. So it def works. Cant wait for my tour with wifi lol

I work for verizon wireless and I can tell you exactly why you were able to upgrade to the Bold 9650. Last week we had a major snafu and a boatload of our "Certified like new replacement" Blackberry tours were held up in quality control. This was a huge headache for us Verizon wireless tech support people, but one hell of a bonus for the people like you who were able to get a newer and in my opinion, much better device. Glad we were able to hook you up at least this once. And, by the way, since the Bold 9650 had only been out for about two to three weeks, the device you have now is actually new. Not a refurbished device. Cheers!

My previous post related how badly my Tour works. I have early upgrade coming on July 12, and I see a refurbished Droid in my future. I love my BB, but the move is all about the occupation-specific apps. There's about to be a cheap Tour and Storm combo on Craigslist, BSE and Otterbox included.

Congrats to those of you who made the cut for the Bold, and good luck to the rest of you still trying.

I had a replacement plan from best buy on my curve 8900, but t-mobile stopped selling them, so when it broke after a fall, I was issued a brand spanking new Bold 9700. I was impressed with the phone and happy about the upgrade. I guess the 9520 was available but didn't offer it. Thank goodness.

Hey guys/girls. So obviously I'd love to take advantage of this but I was one of the people who wanted to change the housing and "white out" my tour thus taking off the tamper seal. I have been paying my insurance with verizon so I'm wondering, if I say I cracked my screen and pay the little bit of $$, would it work? Do you think they'll notice the tamper seal if I just say its a trackball issue?

Edit: I have the original housing on it now.

After reading this last night I decided to check out Asurion online to see what would happen with my Tour. Verizon won't cover it under warranty because I cracked my screen by dropping in my driveway. Did an online claim and it worked perfect! I got an alert saying the Tour was no longer available but it would be replaced with a brand new Bold 9650 with retail box and all accessories including memory card. I had to click ok to accept this, which I obv had no problem doing! I am not eligible for early upgrade until December, so I just got a brand new Bold for $89 and it will be here monday afternoon, SWEET!

I just called and they said they are going to send me a Blackberry Bold with the new charger and battery, however I am suppose to keep the battery cover of my Tour for the new Bold because the customer service rep said she couldn't find a battery cover. However, she claimed her supervisor said the battery cover of the tour would fit the new Bold. Does anyone know if this is true? I mean from what I have seen of the new Bold it looks like it. So I am not sure if the Bold they are sending me is "new", since it doesn't have a battery cover, but I'll take it because anything will be better then the track ball and not having to pay for a replacement.

But if anyone can confirm if my battery cover of my tour is going to fit my new Bold please let me know thanks guys! And thanks to all who posted on this!

Just have to wait till Tuesday!


I was one of the lucky ones who has a Bold on the way. Just curious, will the Tour charging pod work with the Bold 9650? I love using mine at my bedside and would hate to have to buy another one. I was comparing the deminsions and the Tour seems just a fraction wider. I guess I will find out Tuesday when my Bold arrives. I will report back...


i have the charging pod and they told me the battery door is the same, which means the 2 metal charging leads should be in the exact same location and you should be fine. The only thing that wouldnt work with the new bold is the case since the charging location is different. Of course with a file or razor this could probably be fixed fairly easily and free.


I just checked Crackberry's Accessory Store and it shows the battery covers for the 9650 and 9630 are the same. That is good news if you bought a battery cover.


My tour was working just fine for me after getting my 3rd one back in september/october. I called support and complained that the trackball is experiencing the same issues as the previous 2. She sent me over to their "tier 2" and he had me troubleshoot by wiping the device, so i did it just to humor them, not realizing that it wipes all applications which are not backed up through DM. Annoying again. However, he kept saying "i cant look over your shoulder to see when its done" i think hinting that yeah, this isnt going to work so just tell me it didnt work. Either way he said i have news you will probably like, so he told me they are replacing them with the bold so i pretended like i didnt know what the bold was. Bottom line is this does work, you dont have to actually wipe your phone, if you wait about 7 minutes on the phone just tell them it didnt work and they will issue you a replacement. They told me the replacement was refurb (which doesnt matter to me) and to use my existing battery and battery door since they are the same. I figure i deserve a new phone even though my tour was working flawlessly the 3rd time around. I wanted the bold for the new internet features, more memory and the eventual upgrade to 6.0. I'm eligible for a new phone on my new every 2 anyway, but ill save that one for an emergency, or another line.

Some people are claiming they're getting "retail new" bold 9650's and some are stating that they are getting the bold without a battery and battery door. What can I expect as mine is coming on monday. Thank you


I didn't even have to go through the wiping/updating OS crap! I told the rep that my trackball was broken and he goes "Ok we'll have to replace that for you. But we're out of stock on the Tours so we'll have to send you the new Bold 9650!"

Score. I love Crackberry.

Did you just say it was broken or did you say it wouldn't move or anything, cause when i called and said it was really slow and would go left when i wanted it to go right she said take it to a verizon store cause there wasn't much they could do

I said it was broken and wouldn't move left to right. That the ball itself physically moved but the cursor on the screen wouldn't move.

Yeah! Love this website! The only downside is mine won't be here until tuesday since it's a saturday but still!!! I can't wait!

Luckily i had a nice verizon lady talking to me and i said my trackball only moves the thing up and down and not right and left and she said i had insurance and that they were out of stock of the tour so the only option would be to give me a bold. i played dumb the whole time of course so as not to sound obvious in trying to get a bold. I get it on Tuesday. Thanks crackberry and Adam!

After 7 tours called verizon today and the rep. told me she will be sending me a factory fresh bold 9550 in the mail by tuesday. Hopefully this phone will be problem free.

Called this morning and spoke with costumer service and she say that warranty cover my phone and the will send me a refurbished Tour 9630 and she want to put order in so i say that that time no one will be home couse i go on vacations and be back in a week so she canceled order. Ten minutes later i called again and get different person on phone and she say that tracking ball is big issue in Tour so Verizon replace Tour with brand new Bold. So my Bold is order and i will get it on Wednesday. So if anybody called and they want to send Tour try different person. Hope you will get luck like i did.

Just worked for me, they told me i will have to keep my battery and battery cover but that it will be here on tuesday

Two more success sotries... A co-worker of mine called this morning and was informed that his Tour would be replaced with the Bold 9650. I called a few minutes ago in regard to my wife's Tour. No questions asked, I was inforemd that the Bold 9650 would arrive on Wednesday. The gentleman I got stated that they are trying to phase out anything with a trackball as soon as possible.

What about if you say that the phone keeps dropping calls (there's NO reception in my area), getting jammed on one contact's SMS, slowing down, and turning off randomly (this was a recent issue actually)? And would they need to take in your current tour or did they just say ok and send a replacement and let you keep your old crappy tour?


My Bold is on the way! They were very helpful, and when I said I had been having problems with my trackball, and asked if they could help instruct me how to clean the trackball, vzw said that would void the warranty so the don't recommend that anymore. Then she volunteered that she could replace it with a Bold as blackberry was doing away with trackballs, even on replacement devices! No troubleshooting questions, just said they'll replace! Excellent!

i think i figured out a good way to tell if you are receiving the complete packaged bold accessories and fedex tracking status states that the package is 2 lbs, which is similar to what my original tour shipment stated. the phone itself is only 4.5 oz, so i think its a good bet that this would mean the entire retail package is being shipped.

I'm on Sprint and explained that this was my 2nd tour and I was ignoring the problem and just can't anymore. The tech suggested to hold out for my 1 year or take a refurbished tour...I asked if I will have the problem again with the refurb and he agreed it is likely. I politely asked to speak with a supervisor and he puts me on hold for 5 minutes. The supervisor doesn't even get on the phone and he tells me they're giving me a brand new bold. No refurb, no upgrade cost and I get to keep my tour! Sprint is OK in my book!!

Just called VZW and they gave me no trouble whatsoever. Sending my Bold overnight on Monday. I'll be a Bold owner on Tuesday! Thanks VZW

This morning got bold for one line after two calls. Afternoon got bold for secondary line after 4 calls. This time thwy want me to go to the store but I say I don't have time for that but they didn't help me with that. Finally I got cool guy and after telling him that my fiancé don't talk to me couse of that ball issue he say ok we send you replacement but it will not be Tour but we will sent new Bold. So I was hmmm oh well I hope she will like that one lol. So both of my news phones will be on wednesday. Now I hope that tracking ball brake down in my other one couse it works ok and they say if they find out that tour is ok they will charge me regular price of the phone. Crossing fingers.

Just got off the phone and my 9650 will be here on Wednesday. The lady who I spoke to was super understanding and was more than happy to help. She mentioned that the 9630's were out of stock so they were replacing my Tour with a 9650. She even wanted to verify that I would be ok with that upgrade :) I'm excited to give this trackpad a try and get rid of this crappy trackball that has caused so many problems! Thanks again to you guys at crackberry who put this out there!

Just got off the phone and I am getting a new bold as well, all I told the lady was my trackball wasnt working, she gave the option of going to the store or getting a replacement, I told her I didnt have time. So she placed the order, informed me that the the tour was out of stock, and I will be getting the bold.

...And, it shipped last week. Yes, the Software update helped, but the damn trackball is sticking and the bezel isn't flush with the body of the phone as if it was busted when I got it. Anyway, FYI if you have total protection plan you're under warranty for 2 years. I have a new Bold Kit coming next week :)

...worked like a charm! Can't wait for this bad boy to get here on Wednesday to utilize the WiFi...extra memory...and of course, the elimination of this awful trackball (actually had no problems whatsoever with my original Tour...unfortunately, I spilled coffee on that one and my insurance replacement Tour was crap...nay, crap was probably better than it...but it worked nonetheless, so the store wouldn't help me customer service on the other hand was more than willing to "stick" me with the 9650)!

I don't know if they will be sending me another tour or bold 9650 I took mine into a (sprint) repair store today and after they looked at it she said "you'll get a different phone on tuesday" I don't kno what's up. I called and tried to find out and they were no help at all.. Sprint kept trying to tell me I had an upgrade in a month so when that time comes... Buy a new phone. FML Sprint. I'm going to keep tryin though. I WILL NOT STOP!!

Well some sprint people are getting them from some of these posts. The bad part about it sprint try to act like they don't know of a "trackball issue" with these BB and I'm a "premier customer" and they're treating me like a baldheaded stepchild

I think some of the other posts were right...this really could garner too much attention from VZW. I wouldn't be surprised to see them come up with a plan to mitigate all these new attempts to score 9650's from tech support.

Here's a thought. All these 9630's that are being returned because they have "trackball issues" (*cough, cough*)....eventually they'll collect enough of em. Where do ya think they'll all end up going???

I'm back on the phone with VZW now trying to get my tour replaced as a bold. Last night they told me that they had replacement tours in stock so they were going to send me one of them. I told them to cancel the order, but before it got canceled, it was shipped.

So now I'm back on the phone with a teir 2 tech support to get a Bold... wish me luck I'm gonna give them h*ll lol

Just got off the phone with tech support. He ordered a bold for me, and it should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. I just have to refuse the tour from fedex. Sweet, finally get rid of my trackball and score some wifi!

I called Sprint today about my 9360, which has finally started with track ball issues, and they didn't give me much hassle... Well they wanted me to go thru the insurance, and I had to explain to them there was a year warranty on the phone. (Silly me! I thought THEY would have known that the phones were released in July of last year and can't be over a year old yet!)So in the end I'm getting a replacement phone but they couldn't tell me if it was a new Tour or a refurbished one or the Bold. So we'll see Tuesday!

*BTW* On the Sprint website as far as I can see the Tour isn't even offered as an option to purchase, only the Bold. Hmmmmm...

I've been having issues with my Tour losing connection to the network for the last three days. I called Verizon yesterday and they troubleshooted with me, but the problem continued. I called them today and they are sending me a Bold 9650 to replace my Tour. Love Verizon customer service.

So it's 2am right now on a Sunday.. What would be my best bet in trying to get a new Bold 9550 to get rid of my Tour 9630 :D any store I go to or what number do I call?.. It'd be awesome to get the new phone hehe Please help?.. What do I say to them?..

Trackball issues is the surest way to go. Tell them your having "constant problems" with it getting stuck and/or not responding when you click a link... Call your customer service line

Trackball issues is the surest way to go. Tell them your having "constant problems" with it getting stuck and/or not responding when you click a link... Call your customer service line

i am having legitimate issues with my trackball. im not trying to BS anybody into giving me a new bold. my trackball sucks and is screwing me with trying to get info out of work emails. i spoke with someone on friday who tried to have me clean the trackball six different ways from dice...duh. he said they could replace it with another tour. i said fine...he informed me they are out stock and would i would have to wait to find out when they are getting more in. NOBODY called me back yesterday like he said they would. i just called and the lady still offered no help saying they would have to wait until monday to find out the status of the stock. she is also going to call my local stores at 11am to see if they have any in stock. seriously??? im not having "constant problems" having ACTUAL PROBLEMS!

I had a legit problem with my headset jack being totally unresponsive, so I called it in and sure enough, TADA! My 9650 should be here Wednesday. I can't wait for WiFi and a Trackpad...yessssss.

UPDATE:Got tracking info and an e-mail from Verizon about my "Certified Like New" 9630....WAHN WAHN. Let's see on Wednesday if they send me the Bold like they told me they would, or whether I get another Tour...

So i just got off the phone with verizon a few seconds ago, told them about my track ball issue and they said my new bold should be here tuesday or wednesday..

So i just got off the phone with verizon a few seconds ago, told them about my track ball issue and they said my new bold should be here tuesday or wednesday..

I have my new Bold on the way and it just occured to me that there will be no more Tour users on This is a funeral for the Tour. May it rest in peace...

I called VZW yesterday and was offered a Bold as a replacement. I got the tracking # this morning and tried to track my package, but it keeps showing "No information for the following shipments/FedEx Office orders has been received by our system yet. Please try again later or contact Customer Service." Is that because it's weekend now?

Not true. I have an Asurion claim replacement coming today. It was shipped Saturday and delivered to my local FedEx depot on Sunday. On truck for delivery today. Tracking information was updated all weekend. FedEx does work on Sunday.

Yeah worked for me trackball legitimately went out last week and called today on fathers day about it and low and Bold...err I mean behold my new Bold will be arriving tuesday or wednesday and I can't wait woohoo

I cancelled ATT in Janurary and hoped that the rumors were true about the Tour 2 coming out in Jan/Feb, but of course no luck

I saw this, and I Called the first time, and he said he would send me a replacement TOUR once we did the "Tier 2" wipe out. I didnt have a USB cord so I declined. I went to a verizon store and the person who was helping me was rude and short, disappeared with my phone and came back saying he "Cleaned" the trackball

I got a USB cord, called again, went through the wipe, and pretended to still have problems with the trackball, and she said they didnt have any tours in stock and if I would be fine with the Bold, I said what is that and acted dumb, and accepted

but long story short, took a few tries, but the Bb Bold 9650 should be here Wednesday!!!! I cannot wait!! THANK YOU!

So I have to admit, I feel that this has been grossly abused by people here.
While I'm not gonna preach to people about how I feel, I can't help but feel like we're ripping Verizon off.

I was on the phone with Verizon for hours today - because I really had issues. Mine wasn't trackball related though. My first Tour (original one, bought on release date Sunday, 7/12/09) had trackball issues. This time, my Tour had been fine up till I went abroad in Europe for a few weeks.

All was hunky dory for a few days until my GSM service started dying on me. And I blamed the European 3G (Vodafone von Deutschland) for my issues. It was beyond annoying as I had important things to write and send out and my phone would just be nothing more than a brick without a functional network connection.

I thought upon landing back in the states that it would be fine. The Verizon network within the tri-state is pretty much spot on with little problems, if any. Well, my phone started acting up the same way it did when I was in Europe.

In the end, the guy was really nice to deal with and we exhausted all the available options to make the phone work properly and not go in and out like it had been doing. I honestly asked for another Tour. Alas, no more. So I have a Bold coming in as well.

VZW customer service gets an aces high on this one. I was having increasing issues w/my Tour’s trackball over the year (takes me over 30 seconds, if at all, to be able to scroll horizontally across a line of email). It didn’t start out this bad, but “it” was always there. Figured at 95% functional, I’d “deal w/it” until the next thing came out and I was up for my NET. Friends told me for quite a while to warranty-swap it, but EVERYONE w/Tours was having issues so I was holding out. My sore thumb is what really did it. Figured with everyone else RETURNING theirs, I’d probably get a refurb, but as long as it WORKED, that was my primary concern (this being my work BB).

The customer service rep, after a couple of checks, said I could get the Bold in two days, or a Tour whenever they could get more in (but longer than two days). I graciously accepted the Bold, of course.

Only putting in my two bits b/c VZW gets (rightly) beat-up on many occasions, but on this one, they appear to be doing right by most people.


I was upgrading my tour for the new update that came out that fixed the glitches on the internet. I backed up my phone before hand and then did the update through the computer. A problem occurred and it said reload software. After that happened it was taking almost 2 hours for the phone to work. I got the update but so many things from my phone were missing such as: memo pad, documents to go, app world, all of my games that came with the phone, application center and much more. I tried to restore my phone but nothing worked. I took my phone into verizon and they did a master reset and still, things were missing. My phone is still under warranty but they had no Tours in stock. I was told to call customer service and sure enough, they are low on Tours and sending me the new Bold for free. It arrives tomorrow, I'm so excited! Gotta love verizon.

apparently i am the only unlucky one on crackberry. i do have legit issues with my phone and I get stuck getting a replacement tour. i called friday 5pm Central and they could only give me a tour.

i've had nothing but issues and i've been patient with their shitty service (migration issues from Alltel to Verizon) and they appreciate me being patient for 11 months but they won't throw me a bone and give me a Bold replacement, even though it seems 100's of others are getting them with no issues. ugh so frustrated i called today and they won't do anything about it, they appreciate me being patient is all they say.

I also tried this Friday afternoon with no luck...getting another refurbished Tour. This is the 5th time my Tour has been replaced. I asked about getting a Bold since I am having so many issues, and was told the order was already placed. After a little more chit chat, the customer service rep told me I can either refuse the package from FedEx or try the replacement for a few days, then call back to "demand" a Bold.

So i called VZW support, and they are shipping me a shiny new 9650!

I was bummed that there were 0 issues with my tour and i couldnt get a bold replacement, then today half my screenstopped working!! Who ever thought that would be a good thing?! lol. Cant wait for tuesday/wednesday!

I was having issues with the trackball (for real) on my Tour. Took it into a Verizon store to have it fixed. They cleaned it, but afte a day, lateral scrolling wasn't working. I contacted VZW customer service, explained to them the situation, and now a new Bold will be delivered in a couple of days. The funny thing is how they were being "apologetic" for not being able to replace my Tour with another Tour, asking if it would be okay to replace it with the Bold. Um, YES.

Wow... so much warranty fraud going on here. Somehow you lived with the occasional problems and didn't need a warranty replacement until today? Shame on all of you.

um, ok so I had legit problems with my Tour (3rd one, trackball, white screen of death jvm error?, poor battery life, etc.), VZW gets my $100 a month for data/phone bill. I got two "like-new" replacements, and they both sucked. This last one had a busted piece where the body meets the bezel. The devices are what they are: Cheaply made, in some cases so if I have trouble with the ONE PHONE that I use I should feel guilty about having a multi-billion dollar company replace a piece of hardware that, now, hopefully is higher quality than the Tour? Um, I think not. I wouldn't be as brazen maybe, but I legitimately enjoyed using my Tour and I would still had I not been sent a crappy replacement. BTW, I also paid $200 for the original Tour when it came out last July. I'm excited about the bold, I'm staying with Verizon for their customer service, and coverage....what's the problem?

I expect better for my $130 a month and from VZW. This should have been taken care of by VZW up front but as usual was not. Replacing a broken phone with another broken is not a fix. No one here is committing fraud, as you put it. We are all have legit problems that are not being addressed properly. I hope I don't go to wireless jail :-) VZW will probably charge me $10 a month for that also.

I had a similar problem as G35S6MT. I was in China for a few weeks. I had some problems on my last stop in Beijing but blamed it on the service in Beijing. When I returned I couldnt connect to the internet at all. Spent 45 minutes on the phone and went through multiple "tiers" of customer service and they got it working but it was still spotty. A few times throughout the weekend my mobile voice dropped altogether for signifigant amounts of time. Call this morning and after another 40 minutes troubleshooting my Bold will arrive Wednesday. I sure hope the grass is greener on the other side.

I too have had legit issues with my Tour. As most BB owners go I'm very OCD about how my phone looks so I take excellent care of it. However my trackball goes wonky from time to time, occassionally my red led light just blinks for no reason and even after the newest OS upgrade my browser still refuses to function properly. So I called Verizon and the gentleman was very nice but was going to issue me a refurbished Tour. I told him I don't like the idea of a refurbished phone because I take such good care of mine and then to recieve one in exchange that will have dings and nicks seems like a bad deal. He told me they look brand new and I informed him that my son has gotten refurbished phones from vzw just this year and they looked like they had been beaten to death twice so we had to send it back. I told him I did not want a refurbished phone and I would attempt to fix my trackball issue myself (hopefully without voiding my warranty) and then i guess just deal with my occassionaly software issues.

Always a bridesmaid......

But this doesn't look like it's a west coast thing. I called last Friday (twice even) from the Bay Area and eventually spoke with a supervisor from Albuquerque (sp?) and he kept stressing there was absolutely no way for him to even request a new bold from RIM to replace my tour and could only offer me certified like new Tours. Those who are getting their replacements must be from the central or east coast or something.

...and I'm supposed to be getting the 9650 to replace my "defective" 9630 on Wednesday...called on Sunday.