Verizon Wireless Introduces the BlackBerry Torch 9850

By Adam Zeis on 6 Sep 2011 01:34 pm EDT

If you've been holding out in wait for the BlackBerry Torch 9850, you only have a few days to go. Verizon announced today that the Torch 9850 will be available for purchase online on September 8th and in stores on September 15th. The Torch 9850 is a full touchscreen device featuring a 5MP camera, HD video recording, 1.2GHz processor and BlackBerry 7. The BlackBerry Torch 9850 smartphone will be available for $199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

Press Release

BlackBerry Torch 9850 to be Available on the Nation's Most Reliable Network

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Sept. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless today announced the new BlackBerry Torch 9850 smartphone will be available online at on Sept. 8, and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores on Sept. 15.

Watch videos, play games and stay productive on the largest display and highest resolution on a BlackBerry smartphone to date. Powered by the new BlackBerry® 7 operating system, customers can enjoy the next generation BlackBerry browser with optimized zooming, panning and HTML 5 performance. BlackBerry® Balance is now integrated, allowing secure access to business information while preventing it from being copied into, sent from or used by personal applications. Customers can stay connected to their personal and business lives while in or out of the office.

Key features:

  • 3G coverage on the nation's most reliable network
  • 3.7-inch high-resolution touchscreen display (800 x 480) with trackpad navigation
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • Global Ready- Quad band with support for UMTS, HSPA, GSM, GPRS and EDGE allowing customers to enjoy wireless voice and data service in more than 200 countries, including more than 95 with 3G speeds
  • 5-megapixel camera with flash and 720p HD video recording capabilities
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS and Bluetooth® 2.1
  • 16 GB microSD card pre-installed, with support for up to 32 GB microSD card

BlackBerry 7:

  • Liquid Graphics technology combines a dedicated high-performance graphics processor with a blazingly fast CPU and stunning high-resolution display to deliver a responsive touch interface with incredibly fast and smooth graphics.
  • Premium version of Documents To Go is now included at no additional cost, offering customers enhanced document editing features, as well as a native PDF document viewer.
  • The newest release of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) now extends the real-time BBM experience together with a range of apps including gaming and social networking.
  • Updated Social Feeds app has been extended to capture updates from media, podcasts and more, all in one consolidated view.
  • Universal search capability now supports voice-activated search, allowing customers to simply say what they want to find on their device or the Web.
  • BlackBerry Balance administrator can remotely wipe business information from the device while leaving personal information intact.

Pricing and availability:

BlackBerry Torch 9850 smartphone will be available for $199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.
Customers that purchase a BlackBerry Torch 9850 smartphone will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan beginning at $39.99 for monthly access and a smartphone data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data.

For more information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to

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Reader comments

Verizon Wireless Introduces the BlackBerry Torch 9850


How did you order it already????? I can't even find it on the online store yet? Please let me know if you have really have order this already I need one! lol

Are you with VZW already ? Call #611 from your phone and tell them you want to order the BlackBerry 9850. If they say not yet , or it's not available until Thur. hang up and call back . I called like 5 or 6 times before I finally got someone to place the order ! Whoooooo !

they are telling me it is not avalible but it may be avalible to business costumers! I'm annyoyed! are ordering through a business account?

I guess they figured they might as well announce it since all the Crackberry users were buying them already lol.

Now why do you have to pick on the 9810? Not your cup of tea? OK. Calling it a disaster to make your point just because, not cool.

800 x 480 resolution. Wow! I got, and love my Bold but that is some awesome resolution. For people that like videos and games this phone is going to be awesome.

I like how BB gives people choices. It does make it a bit tougher for app developers but the consumer gets to pick what is right for him.

One thing about the iPhone is that it just can't ever get a new look. There will always be one button and never any swipe features. The apps, its strength will keep it locked in to the same form factor. Can't change without changing all the apps.

When you said "BB giving us choices" you hit it right. That is the best part about the BB experience today - we have options to choose among and argue over. Isn't it great!

STOP it verizon!! You keep tempting me to switch from att.. "but i like my rollover minutes and sim card.."


Verizon phones have a SIM card. I know since I switched from AT&T and love it. It was really nice to download the FULL bridge directly from App World I think it even works better with the phone than the Bridge workaround I had before, although it might just be that the phone was better.

Hmm, still not showing on their site for me. The guy that handles the phone contracts is out today though, so I'll make sure he gets me one ordered ASAP.

VZ has sim cards.. reeehaaaally.. i didnt know that. thanks for informing.. although as far as I know they dont have rollover though, which is invaluable for minimalist like me

Verizon only uses SIM cards for global access and only on phones that have this capability. Their normal CDMA phones do not use SIM cards.

Also, all LTE phones use SIM cards no matter which carrier they are on. got an inside hook-up. Congrats.....I called VZW and the rep said it wasn't out yet and he wasn't at liberty to discuss.,,,SMFH! I want to order it online but it doesn't show up yet. :-(

RIM--Doing the Damn Thang!

Awesome!!! Now all that's left to introduce is the new curve. I'm thinking the new torch for me, and the new curve for my wife :)

I called to find out what the full retail pricing is on the Torch, it'll set ya back $499.99 if you're not eligible for a an upgrade or don't want a contract. Just $10 cheaper than the Bold 9930 at full price.

I called and they said on the 23rd I can get a $50 credit. So I guess $499 - $50 -$44 for the storm trade in isnt too bad.

I agree about being a little bit bigger.I think a 4" screen is the minimum for an all-touchscreen device.But the Droid Incredible is 3.7" and most people have no problems with it.

I called the #611 number and said I wanted to order the 9850. If they say no , not yet , just hang up and keep calling back until they order it .

I just placed my order by phone with Verizon. The rep wasn't sure it would go through because earlier today he tried unsuccessfully to order a Droid that's also coming out on the 8th, but my Torch 9850 order went through - $99 with my last New-Every-Two deal. I am so happy!

I just got off the phone with Verizon,...they let me order mine. The salesman was a bit apprehensive at first but after sharing others expierences from this post he processed the order, and its on the way!!!

The lady told me they can only put my order in on thursday. Im calling back lol. I want a new phone now.

I have a guy talking to his supervisor....I am far from patient when other people are getting them. Seriously, I think they should give Crackberry registered users pre-order rights!!!!

Update: Verizon Wireless guy is going to try to place the order since the pricing is available.

ORDER PLACED!!!! Hells yea!!!

I called at noon today, said I wanted to upgrade to a 9850, and the guy didn't even pause. Said "No problem" and hooked me up. Should be here Thursday :)

Order placed too!!!
I just got off the phone with a Verizon representative and he took my upgrade order with no problems. for me and one for the Mrs. Way cool!!!

so I called 611 & they let me order!..
This is what the lady on the phone gave me :)
- I'm not due for an upgrade but she gave it to me anyways for $199
- I get to keep my unlimited data package still
- she sent me my tracking # & confirmation email
- she even hooked me up with FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING
so now I just have to get thru the night & get my phone tomorrow :)
*UPDATE* this was @ 430pm Arizona time

My order has been placed! I asked for free overnight shipping as well and the rep didn't hesitate to say "yes!" I had to call 3 times to get the order in, but it was well worth it! = )

If anyone is able to get theirs tomorrow I demand photo evidence. Vz telling me their system won't allow them to place order and said they tried.

Keep trying!! Just keep trying! It took me 3 times. It took others more attempts than that. The rep has to go into the place order form and do it from there..that's what my gal did. She said I was her first caller of the day requesting the new Torch, so she decided to go ahead and try it and it worked. So keep calling until you get someone who knows what they are doing!! = )

Yep guys, its true. Just ordered phone via customer service. Don't know why some of you guys are getting information saying "its not available yet."

Yes it's true !!!just oredered my torch 9850 via customer service. The rep did not see any info about release and ask me where i got this info and I told him crackberry and he looked it up and showed his superviser and finished setting up my order!!!!!!!!!!Just call them 611 on your phone

I called Verizon customer service and talked to a guy that's located in Florida. Ironically, he lived not far from me-Inglewood, Cali. He was very professional. Don't give up. Blackberry Lives...... I hope.

Got mines ordered n shipped Fedx! I'm proud of everyone that held on n didn't leave BB. Nov. n Dec. were rough last yr.....hving to guess n piece info together. Like it or nt it built character with a common cause....ANYWAYS, NOW WE GET THE REWARD!

Tried again, they ordered it and gave me free overnight by 10:30. I won't get it til Thursday though because its being shipped tomorrow. Sorry for doubting the previous posters.


My Mom called and they placed her order--will receive tomorrow! Convenient timing since she just left her Tour 9630 on the roof of her car and drove off only to hear it fly off in the freeway.

I am headed out of town on business to Singapore for two weeks so I guess I will have to take the Storm 9530 for its last hurrah around the world and pick up my new Torch when I get back. I ordered my Premium Skin case tonight, so it will be at the ready when I get home to get this sweet looking phone. :)

If you doubt you're getting the 9850 (and think you're getting the 9930)
go online to your acc't & click "SWITCH DEVICE"
& there it will show you a picture of the Torch 9850 pending for activation :)
I can't wait, I get mine tomorrow morning :)

VZW told me the same....he tried and the order process came up with errors. He said he would call me today to try it again.

i visit this site about once a year since i made the switch to android. there used to be pages and pages of post on a new release of a blackberry.

can i just add without everyone jumping down my throat, look elsewhere. it took alot for me to make the switch, after one day with the original droid , i dont know what took me so long .

Dude--we don't live in a vaccuum, we know there are competing products out there. I use my boyfriends Android all the time (HTC G2). Love my iPod Touch (so pretty familiar with iOS) and MacBook Pro. I have been an Apple enthusiast from the era when everyone was hyperventilating over Apple's impending bankruptcy and the triumph of Windows 95.

Just because you have jumped on the "me too!" bandwagon doesn't mean everyone else wants too. My BlackBerry is a much easier tool for me to use to help me manage my hectic life. The calendar function is superior (in my experience) from scheduling calls to finding missing events. The e-mail function is superior (in my experience) from finding lost messages to adding attachments to setting out-of-office replies. The battery life is superior (the G2 can't even last from 9am to 3pm!). The txt message functions are better (in my experience). Headed out of the country on business tomorrow--luckily I have a worldphone and not a G2 or iPhone which would become a paper weight after the plane takes off. I could go on, but I've made my point. It just works--I'm not a crazy zealot--I just think that this device is BETTER than the competitors. Same reason I bought a MacBook and not a Dell and why I use Google to search and not Bing.

BlackBerry has been lacking in two MAJOR areas--web brosing and Apps. Enter OS7, browsing problem solved. I really don't care much about the App thing (I can't imagine needing more than 10, all of which are available, but I know every person has different requirements). In any event, enter QNX w/Android app player, App problem solved.

There's a lotta love out there for BlackBerry, and there are actually some good reasons for it. Hopefully RIM will be be able to last a few more rounds of this fight simply because I believe their products are equivalent to, if not better than, their competition. The evolution of the OS to QNX will give them a great opportunity to stand out again.

Hope I didn't get you upset , you just said a mouth full . You sound like me about three years ago. Then I got the storm 2, after owning the storm 1. That's when I realized it was time to move on.

As far as roaming the globe , there are world android phones out there. I hope your not judging android of of the g2? not to diss your boy friends phone , but that's entry level. equivalent to the pearl.

Think about it , if their just solving a browser issue , and a promise of better apps, how long before they catch up with all the stuff that android offer?

When I first moved on I thought calendar and bbm was gonna be a issue for me . then I realized android regular text messaging had bbm beat , the calendar syncs right with google , did everything bb calendar did and more. not to mention the free turn by turn navigation with google maps in satellite view, widgets , notification bar , fast boot , no memory leaks ,and a browser I could actually use , a nice game or two that I didnt have to pay for . I said to myself " F#$k Blackberry !!!" and you should too

Just ordered mine!! The Verizon rep had some trouble at first, but then was successful. Also ordered a skin and screen protector. Definitely call Verizon customer service. They are so much better to deal with then the stores. I ran over to a Verizon store at lunch and the guy was cocky as usual. I just asked him if they had any accessories in stock for it because I was going to order on line. He proceeded to tell me that he knows nothing about Verizon getting this phone. I told him it was official yesterday and he still argued with me. He said that there is no way the stores will get it on the 15th because they have no accessories for it and haven't heard anything about it??? I just said screw it and called Verizon. The lady was very nice and helpful. Doing FedEx overnight! Can't wait!

I ordered mine around 7 am central time and got my shipping notification about 10 am central. I will have it tomorrow. I had to pay for overnight shipping which is cool with me. it was only 11.00

I just checked the Verizon website and it is saying there is a 16GB memory card pre-instaled! i can't freaking wait for it to show up today!!!!!!

Hey guys, I have this BB 9850 on Sprint. I just wanna know if there's a visual voicemail icon and if that works. Also, which exact version is installed on the phone? On the sprint one is and which version for vvm on the app management. Thanks in advance.

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