Verizon Wireless discontinuing BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330, adding PlayBook this winter?

Verizon Wireless PlayBook coming soon
By Michelle Haag on 1 May 2011 06:00 pm EDT

It looks like Verizon has some BlackBerry related plans in the works for later this year. Their new Consumer Winter 2011 online catalog was just posted on the website, and shows the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Curve 9330 listed as "while supplies last". Does this mean they are clearing inventory for upcoming devices?

Another interesting find is the wifi enabled BlackBerry PlayBook, listed as "coming soon". Though the press release RIM released back in March listing retailers that were expected to carry the PlayBook did list Verizon, it seems Big Red wasn't quite ready to commit to that at the time. Hopefully this means they've made up their mind, though we still don't know if this will be a 3G/4G version or remain strictly wifi.

Source: Verizon
Via: Engadget

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Verizon Wireless discontinuing BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330, adding PlayBook this winter?


Agreed, BB.David.

They're just preparing for the next wave of BB stuff. Pretty much routine business management on Verizon's part to get rid of the "outdated" and in with the "brand new." Unless Verizon comes out and said, "We're done with BlackBerry" in a press release, then for all intent purposes there is nothing to see here with this news.

I'm sure they will carry the new line but to be consistant with the way Verizon does things, they'll be the last provider to carry them. The last BB they were first out with was the Storm I think and look how good that turned out to be! Haha!

So if "we" are covered under insurance with a 9650, if "we" have an "accident" after they discontinue, do we get the next latest and greatest berry as a replacement? :D That'd be cool.

This hopefully means newer/cooler devices are to come, because I'm way past my upgrade and don't want any androids they have! Please berry don't let us down!!!

Doesnt Verizon realize the Playbook runs Adobe Flash 10.2?!? They state Flash 10.1 on the page pictured above

This truly portends RIM announcing a Bold Touch and Curve update on Tuesday. They know the new phones will be out soon enough that they are EOL 'ing the old stuff.

Winter? I tell you these phone companies are run by morons. And they are going to sell the wifi but not 3 or 4G. I don't think they know what they are doing.

I agree. My 9650 is excellent. Never had any issues. They gotta put out some good devices to make me switch.

Once you see Verizon go with buy one get one free deals for BlackBerrys you’ll know the new ones are right around the corner.

Well as much as I want a blackberry touch, I'm not waiting till winter. I guess ill just have to get an android.

I've had the 8330 and 9650 and loved them both. I will likely switch to this phone. I just wish they would hurry up and release new models on Verizon. It has the best coverage overall in my area, however AT&T is the one that always has the better Blackberry models it seems.

i want the 9330 like now im getting the first days of august but idk if i should wait for the new cuve i hate waiting >.<