Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 now available for pre-order

By Bla1ze on 30 May 2013 12:19 am EDT

There were plenty of rumors that Verizon Wireless would be firing up their pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10 pretty much at any given point between now and May 30th and that's exactly what they've done. If you head on over to the Verizon Wireless website, you'll find the BlackBerry Q10 sitting there looking all fabulous and ready to be added to your cart.

Pricing for the device is set at $199 on a two-year commitment or $599 without. As noted on the site, orders are expected to begin shipping out as early as June 6th. If you're not seeing it listed yet, sit tight or try a different browser, it still appears to be filtering through the site. Have you got your order in? If so, let us know in the comments.

Pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 on Verizon

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Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 now available for pre-order


Does anyone know if Verizon will give me trade-in value if I trade in my current Q10 on AT&T? I bought it in Canada and decided to test AT&T and their network sucks compared to big red.

I know atnt offered to give me virtually free note 2 and ipad 3 if I traded them in and signed up for atnt devices (ipad 3 with 4G antenna).

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Hope this means that the 10.1 update for the Z10 is close! Oh btw it says it will ship at 6/8 which is the 8th of June!

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Just completed my pre-order, and got some more good news from the online chat dude...

"Jason: Haha too easy. I've submitted my order. Thanks man.

Nathan: Wonderful! Looks to have gone through successfully!

Jason: sometimes these ship before the "ship-by" date?

Nathan: Yes the S4 had a ship date of 5/30 but many customers got them on 5/21.

Jason: Wow, interesting. fingers are crossed. Thanks for the help."

Doesn't mean that it will actually happen this time as well... they are still Verizon

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Well at least not me. #teamZ10 for life. But it really depends. Are you a fan of the qwerty keyboards? I'm more of a big screen guy. Can't wait for BlackBerry to release their phablet *.*

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I just really want to go check it out. The battery life is a huge plus for me but I'm loving my Z10 now that I'm using a leaked OS.

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I'm tempted, I do have an upgrade available but just don't know if I want to give up the screen size of my Z10.

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At least you have a choice. I'm using sprint and their "now" network. Hopefully we as sprint customers will hear something before September.

I am leaving Sprint after the conversation I had with one of their techs. Apparently the area I live in is not going to get 3G anytime soon, let alone 4G. That was the last straw.

I ditched Sprint too. Couldn't even hold a 1X signal in my living room... Downtown... In the 4th largest market in the state.........

Get the Q10. I just got mine yesterday. Wow. What a keyboard. I have been using touch for 1 year and have got pretty good at it. GS3 and then Z10 since Feb. But never realized how great it would be to go back to real keys. I am giving my Z10 to my daughter (even though it is a great phone). Keeping my GS3 (for Android apps and backup). The GS3 has been sitting in my briefcase all day. This Q10 is brilliant.

I had a plan to own both. Got my Z10 from Vzw on day1, but I used my other upgrade on my daughter so I have to wait now.

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U can always buy it on eBay. That's how I got my Z10. Instead of paying full price I kept my upgrade and kept my unlimited Internet from Verizon

Just pre-ordered! I asked the rep if it would be in stores at the same time and she said it's usually in stores 1-2 weeks after pre-orders are shipped. Maybe everyone but me knows that, but thought I'd share in case anyone else was interested/didn't know. Here's hoping they ship earlier!

I guess we'll see...that's just what I was told, which is why I couched it as "that's what she said." :) However, I know many times reps don't know what they're talking about, so take it with a grain of sea salt.

Unless you were one of the ones whose preorder shipped after you could buy it in stores. Glad I wasn't one of them! My preorder shipped the day before and arrived same day as the retail launch

Awesome! I cant believe the wait is almost over. I'm going to take my chances and not pre-order. I want mine the first day available.

I'm sure the Q10 will be a huge success in the US. I just hope there won't be any in store advertising horror stories a La Z10

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My experience with Verizon has always been they ship it Fed Ex to arrive on the "ship by" date. That includes my Z10, wife's iPhone 5, my last Bold, etc.

Just preordered here as well. Here's hoping it lives up to all the expectations! Can't wait to see if that "ship date" means I'll have it on or before the 6th....even if it's a day or two later I'll survive.

For the above comment, the "will ship by" date is usually the latest it will ship from their warehouse.

I'll keep the Z10. I love the bigger screen. I'm not in love with the original BlackBerry qwerty keys. I'm now waiting on the update from T-Mobile

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mine will be ordered by the company in the morning, only BB user in my company, family, and circle of friends

Since Verizon has yet to push the update for 10.1 to my Z 10. I'm waiting on getting the Q10. Will grab one to add to my pocket as soon as 10.1 hits. Go. Verizon. Go.

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Yayy Just placed my order! Very excited! Although slightly worried because the white Q10 was looking so pretty that I clicked on it, against my better judgement. So we'll see how that goes :-/

If i knew I could have it before going to Talk Mobile, it would be great. Now I'll just hope to win one.

If ATT pulls some stupid stuff with their launch date I'm going to verizon or t-mobile along with my 18 lines. This is ATT's last chance not to screw this up. I want my Q10 and I'm not waiting more than a couple of days beyond VZ and Tmob.

Attn: When the Z10 went through this with Verizon, pre orders ship on specified date. However it was also available in stores the same date, so pre orders would get it friday, or monday.....just saying

I ordered just past midnight thanks to some forum members who posted the link as soon as it went live. Gotta love Crackberry Nation!

The Q10 on Verizon is suppose to support Verizon's new radio technology which goes beyond 4G LTE!

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Finally, the wait in the USA is almost over and you people can enjoy the Q10 too, like me ;-)

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If this was a month ago I would have ordered one to have with my Z10. But now Ive settled in to the Z10, I don't see myself getting the Q anymore. Funny, it was the only thing that I was talking about not that long ago. I never thought I could get comfortable with an all touch screen. What a difference a month makes, 30 tiny little days...

that's funny cuz I've heard that it takes about 21+ days/repititions to break a habit so it looks like the Z10 stepped up to the challenge!

I think I'll be taking the dive on the Z10 within a month of the Q10 dropping in the U.S.- which will hopefully lead to a price drop on the Z10.. even though i've been a keyboard BB person, my 9810 has allowed me to get used to the touch screen enough to be comfortable with it... plus just one time playing with the Z10 in a store and I almost fell in love, lol

I just had a long conversation with a high level Verizon supervisor that told me that the delay in updating the z10 is due to major bugs in the system os that were discovered by Verizon technicians. The issues were sent back to BlackBerry to correct. This has not been done as of yet. Verizon is waiting on BlackBerry to issue the update with the issues corrected. She said that although there are updates to different carriers, the Verizon network is unique and has its own issues to contend with when updates are issued. They want to make sure the update works properly and doesn't cause other problems.

She also said the the next likely update will probably be to 10.1. However, she could guarantee that. However it seems likely since the q10 will require the 10.1 os to function properly.

Also, she said Verizon is well aware of the problems facing the z10 in terms of the bugs and is working hard with BlackBerry to correct the issues. She said Verizon and BlackBerry want to have a successful launch of the q10 as they both know how important it is for the q10 and z10 to succeed. She stated that it took Verizon 4 years before they got the iPhone in part because the phone did not work properly with the Verizon network.

She said she would call me back within the month or sooner with more information or to discuss any issues that come up if the update is released sooner.

At least this gives me some hope for an update in the next few weeks. I will call BlackBerry to hound them into getting their act together and getting an update to us Verizon customers.

Just ordered my Q10. Now the question is how to decide which to carry. The Z10 is a fantastic device. Think I am going to split business vs. personal. The artery life of the Q10 qill be interesting to compare and *might make it my go to... can't wait.

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Just preordered a white Q10 for myself and a black Q10 for the wife...she's really looking forward to upgrading her 9630 Tour ;)

Same here. She has a Tour and an iPhone 5. The Tour is her bedside alarm because she doesn't like the iPhone one. I would have done the same but I sold my Bold for over $200. That made more sense. :)

As for the color we are just the opposite. Didn't even tell her yet. Figured I would surprise her. :)

Ha! I see that I am not the only one who has a new phone surprise planned for the wife! And, I also chose white for her and black for me.

I'm using it but it made some things very slow, like opening the settings menu... which is the only place you can adjust notification and ringer volume. Wish we had sound profiles so I could set my ringer and my dinger at different volumes. Terrible for a quiet office cubicle

so I waited and waited and finally got my Q10 the week it was released from T-Mobile.... now about two months later I can tell you that there is a major problem with this device. DO NOT BUY IT!!!

The device began to #powercycle, which it did about every two hours. After now a couple of weeks, it now power cycles every 10 minutes.... this drains the battery within a couple of hours ..... (not the mention the fact that you need to wait the couple of minutes until it re-boots, unable to receive or send anything)

T-mobile response? "... this is a known issue..."

Well, if this is a known issue, why don't you disclose it to your customers?? nowhere on #t-mobile is there a mention of the #Q10 defect...

Would you buy a smart phone if you know it had this sort of problem?? I certainly would not.