Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant Coming to BlackBerry March 9th?

By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2010 12:43 pm EST
Backup Assistant

Verizon's Backup Assistant has long been the ideal app for backing up contacts from their devices. As far back as my old LG VX-8300, I can remember using the app to backup contacts for easy transfer between devices. Well the guys at BerryScoop have landed some intel and it looks like the service will finally be available for BlackBerry devices as well. While most "power users" will most likely stick to Desktop Manager, the Backup Assistant will surely help new users in backing up and getting their contacts off their old Verizon devices to a shiny new BlackBerry. Users will be able to both manually backup as well as set a backup schedule. From the looks of it, the app will be free for Verizon customers and should drop on March 9th. Head over to BerryScoop for some more images.



Just dont pull a Danger Server


I'll be glad to see it back on my Blackberry soon. I don't always backup so it would be nice to have another backup solution at my disposal


mIQ can do this and backup your contacts to a cloud, just install the mIQ client on another device and you can have your contacts synced automatically. It also uses push technology, so whenever changes are made to your contacts, they are instantly synced to mIQ servers. Plus, it's free.

Only con perhaps is that you will have to trust Best Buy for your data. I personally have no issues with this, but really that's the only con I can make out, mIQ is otherwise excellent.


Use mIQ. Works great. Especially using the site to send txt messages, really handy.

Shay D. Life

Had it for my Voyager and then for my Dare. Got my first BB and it wasn't compatible....What??? It's available for dumbphones but not for the BlackBerry? LMAO! Well, even though I do a backup every so often with DM, I'm sure this can help the not so advanced users as well as becoming a safety net and a easier means with an OTA backup.


Yeah...even though I us DM at least 1/week, I will still use the BA app......


I use mIQ and its amazing backs up contacts and so much more


This is all part of a big push by Verizon to get customers to order devices online. If you can xfer your contacts yourself, this makes the process more attractive. Some of the Verizon fees are structured to encourage online purchases as well.. e.g., instant rebate vs. rebate cards.


Can't wait! :) I always liked having the automatic backup VZW offers on most of their phones.


Where was this for the dumb to smartphone conversion? I don't need it now.


This will make my transition from BB to an Android device much easier (I hope).

Sorry, RIM . . . you're just way too slow.

Tha Riddler

Cool Will be following the release.


There's a blurb for this on the back of the return envelope with my latest bill; no date specified. FWIW

Exiled Bulldawg

I back up my contacts to my Gmail account, for free and it's not carrier dependent. I could leave VZW tomorrow and put my contacts on a Sprint Berry or Android phone without a problem!


I always had it on my phones and when I found out not available on BB I was disappointed. So when this will be on BB I will be happy to see it again. I do use the DM but this is a great application


I always had it on my phones and when I found out not available on BB I was disappointed. So when this will be on BB I will be happy to see it again. I do use the DM but this is a great application


So it's March 9. Any news anywhere????


same here. i was excited to tell my friends about it last week, but no news about it??


Still nothing? Anyone? Bueller?


Prior to having a BB I always had this feature on my device. I miss having it and would love to have it on my BB I was in the store a couple of days ago because of a Bluetooth issue and asked about it. It has been delayed but Verizon is definitely bringing it to BB. I was told it will happen but they don't know now exactly when. I will use it again when it is available. It is a great tool. I do backup on my Blackberry Desktop Manager but this would be really great. And I highly recommend it.


Just did some looking around on VZW's website and came across this. Problem is BBs do not use Get It Now and mine has never had Media Center as this page talks about.


My boyfriend has the Tour.. he received an update today & when his BB restarted there it was!

I have the 8530 & have not received the update yet.. I hope not to wait much longer.


Yayyy I just got my Backup Assistant icon today!! :) Sooo excited to use it! I had it on my old phones and sorely missed it. :) Good to have it back!