Verizon will be behind BlackBerry 10

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2012 04:23 pm EDT

I love receiving tweets like this!! 

Verizon BlackBerry 10 Sales 

One of the big question marks surrounding BlackBerry 10 has been carrier support. It doesn't matter how good a mobile operating system is - if carriers don't want to sell it, you don't have much hope. On my recent trip to BlackBerry HQ I questioned the company's new CMO Frank Boulben on this issue, who made it clear that support from carriers around the world, including the USA, is there. Frank noted Verizon's launch of the BlackBerry Curve 9310 as a sign of ongoing support. Looking ahead to BlackBerry 10, Frank couldn't get into the specifics, but did say they are very engaged with US carriers around the launch of BlackBerry 10.

A tweet like this from @rob_scharf is further evidence that the Verizon BB10 launch wheels are in motion. For a while there I think many of us -- myself included -- we're starting to wonder if BlackBerry 10 would ever come to market. Sure, Q1 2013 is still months away, but activities like Verizon hiring people now to sell BlackBerry 10 is a positive sign that it absolutely is going to happen.

It's also good to see that Verizon is hiring passionate people! Robert starts his new role on Monday and we wish him all the best!!

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Verizon will be behind BlackBerry 10


Carrier support and Major Developer support are the only question marks i see for BB10. I'm confident the BB10 software/hardware will measure up. It's great to see posts like this!

Rim will have most things ironed out by the time BB10 rolls out. The underdog always gets the wrong end of the stick. Dreaming of the upset is what makes the underdog more determined to win :) RIM4LIFE

Verizon was behind a partial carrier launch for new Palm devices too like the Palm Pre 2 which was not offered elsewhere in the US. There is very, VERY little weight in this news.

Thank you @Verizon!!! I will purchase the phone from day #1 when it comes out.
I just hope that AT&T does not get some exclusivity deal.

Hip Hip Hooray !!! Verizon is the only carrier that works where we live so that was one piece I needed to have in place before I get amped up over bb10 =)

Not a Verizon user myself but awesome to see US carriers getting on board! I'm sure Bell and Rogers will make it happen up here..

great to see indeed this will be the number 1 purchase i am waiting for convinced my wife to stay with bb10 as well due to keyboard version. Carrier support is always good one of the things i hated when i worked at RIM was hearing how bad it really was but to be honest bb has a slide on the consumer side but this will bring RIM back to the top.

r.scharf - I am not an American...but I am loving your enthusiasm, brother! Any citizen of BlackBerry Nation is a brother of mine!
May the whole world come to our Nation! =)

What to get Qwerty or Touch? Touch, NO I want the qwerty, but the touch might be fun, but the qwerty is practical. Fun or practicale? AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH maybe both :)Upgrade due 2-1-2013 :) :)

might have to switch to Verizon for BB10, tired of AT&T's unwillingness to release OS updates for my 9900. Seems like Verizon releases them on a regular basis too.

While I can't speak for Verizon officially; it is safe to say it is coming. On the Carrier End I'll be selling it in WNY from Niagara Falls to Albany.

1st Off... Let me say Whooo Hoooo!!! I will break my contract with my 9930 and buy the BB10 on the 1st day it launches.

2ndly... Robert!! You could lose your job before you even start. If Verizon didn't want this getting out yet, you could be in serious trouble... Yikes brotha.. I hope you didn't sacrifice yourself just to bring us this awesome news.

Well either way we will find out. Thank you for your concern. That means a lot to me. Yet I did not sign a disclouser agreement.

You are very welcome Robert! Sorry to be Mr. Negetive.. Being a fellow sales professional, I sometimes see bad things happen for no good reason. But if you did not sign a disclosure agreement then you are totally fine brotha!
Good.. Now I can breathe a sigh of releif for you!
Enjoy your new career with Verizon, it sounds exciting!!

Stateside you can call me a sales director. If you have issues with me you can email me @ I am going to manage a lot of sales for Verizon here in WNY. Not all of it will be BB. Personally I love my 9780.


this is awsome news. I was just telling our IT guy I dontcare who sells it I will buy it full price if i have to get it unlocked and take it ti verizon. I cant wait till January. BB4 life.

That's great news!

I am getting tired of hearing from my best friend how much he loves his iphone. He used to be the biggest BB fan, he influenced me to get a BB, but he jumped ship like a b*#ch and now he won't shut up about how much more he can do on his iphone.

Please give us more information if at all possible a.s.a.p Mr. Sharf!

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

I know people like that. They try to hide their inferiority complex by bragging about their phone... I'm looking forward to BB10 too. Hopefully it will change the public's perception of BB.

So this guy is the Verizon/BB10 rep in my hometown?

I think I need to meet this Robert Scharf...

Im a skinny bald white guy that likes to ride his bike. We can meet if you want I have no problem with that Meet you at the Chili Ave. WestGate Panera.

Congrats on your new job r.scharf! And thanks for the great news! You gave me a reason to stay with Verizon (not happy about the new plans). lol

I'm happy to hear that a carrier in the US is on board with this BB10. I was a little concerned after reading the article the other day about Sprint being unsure about BB10. Makes me glad to be giving my money to Verizon every month. I'll still be under contract in January when they are supposed to launch but I have no problem paying full retail to fulfill my Blackberry 10 needs!

I hope that the rest of the company gets the memo about Verizon supporting BlackBerry b/c I don't think the message has made it to NC. I took my sister into a VZ store today to get her defective BB replaced and one of the salespeople told her to get an iPhone because "BlackBerry is dead." I couldn't leave without telling her how much I hate it when salespeople make inaccurate statements like that. If you can't sell an iPhone (on its own merits) without throwing BlackBerry under the bus, then you should question how great the product really is. That is so frustrating!

I am hearing that! I have dealt with so many pusilanimous little punks in phone stores who don't even realize they wouldn't even have a job if RIM hadn't built this industry...

I was always sure Verizon would get it, same with AT&T. I don't see why Sprint wouldn't. I wonder if T-Mobile will. They've missed out on a lot of BBs over the years.

Just as long as Bell Canada and thereby Virgin Mobile Canada are onboard with BB10 ! contract runs out in May...Let them release BB10 in 2013, give them a few months to work the bugs out and them I'm buying a new phone!

Congrats, Robert! That is indeed great news. I hope VZW is hiring people just like you everywhere!

I think BB7 is a great OS but was received by VZW (and others) with little enthusiasm. Very happy to see early marketing plans in place for BB10!

Im the biggest & most loyal BlackBerry lover & need a job asap!! If any1from Verizon is listening i would love to work with you guys and especially push BB10!! Contact me

Let me tell you, kids : I am a Yuk-Yuk Canuck, and I don't care if I have to cross borders, buy my way out of my contract, buy full touch and QWERTY, I am getting the first BB X to hit the market! The only thing slowing me down is all the iSheep on the road that I have to mow down!

Great to hear that Verizon is behind BB10. Here is a question for Robert (or whoever understands this stuff):

Many people want to be able to use their BB10 phone (or 4G Playbook) in other countries around the world, where GSM is the standard. Although Verizon runs mostly on CDMA, I understand that LTE is a GSM technology. So if you buy a 4G phone (or 4G Playbook) through Verizon, will you be able to swap out sim cards and use it in other countries with 2G or 3G GSM networks?

If I choose Verizon, does that mean I'm stuck in CDMA land?

I'd love to see BB10 supported and promoted by Canadian Carriers... Bell, Telus, Rogers/Fido, even smaller carriers like Koodo and Bing... the more coverage the better!