Verizon wants to give you up to $150 credit for activating a new BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2014 05:02 pm EDT

If you're shopping for a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone and are thinking of going with Verizon, you'll want to do so quick because right now they're hosting a special offer on BlackBerry smartphones.

From now up until Sept 30th, 2014, when you activate a new BlackBerry device you can get up to a $150 back in the form of a bill credit. The usual disclaimers apply, it's on a new 2-year contract and it could take up to two billing cycles to see the credit but that's all normal operation.

Anyone going to be taking them up on the offer? You'll have the Z10, Q10 and Z30 to choose from. Let us know in the comments if you do.

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Verizon wants to give you up to $150 credit for activating a new BlackBerry


This should have been for the passport!

Imagine if this was done at the launch of BlackBerry 10!

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That would be good for the Passport and it would have been nice if it was done when BB10 first came out. Better late than never. Maybe it's a promotion they'll do again, depending on how well it goes over this time.

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Passport comes out somehow in September, and the promotion ends on the last day of September. You should have time to purchase a Passport and get the $150 credit.

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If I could get this deal on the passport then I'll go to Verizon

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They probably want to move as many first generation BB10 handsets as they can before the next ones are released.

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+1 That makes complete sense. Lower the existing inventory first, then stock up on the newer model.

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Yea. This leads me to believe the Passport will be available in the beginning of October (at least for VZW)

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Article leads me to believe Verizon is anticipating the Passport. I bet they will carry it.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

My guess is Verizon isn't going to have the Passport at launch and is doing this to move older BB10 devices before the Passport comes.

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I hate to be the negative materialistic weasel of the bunch but Verizon has been anti-BlackBerry and NOW they are promoting the BB10 devices. I'm a Verizon customer so it does give hope but I'm on the fence whether or not I should go to AT&T. My Throttled Unlimited Data Plan is the only reason I haven't already.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

BR more "Exclusives" to Verizon on BlackBerry devices ever again...

No Z30 at ATT.....not cool.

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BerryRipe, at&t's support of BB is even worse than Verizon's. Like nearly nonexistent. I'd stay where you are until new phones come out and we see who's carrying what.

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How has Verizon been anti Blackberry? I know some of the reps are but they have carried every BB10 device so far and I believe they are the only US carrier to do so.

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They're not anti-BB. Only U.S. carrier to offer the Z30.

The Z3 (which hasn't launched even in Canada) and the Q5 are the only BB10 handsets Verizon doesn't carry. They have the other three.

Tater tots, if you have been around the last few years you'd know that the USA will not see the passport until some time in January or December at the earliest. BlackBerry does a stupid long ass roll out. Always starts in England then Canada followed by somewhere in the middle east and after 3-4 months comes to the USA. It's really sad.

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Not BlackBerry's fault. The U.S. carriers are really slow on their end with everything. Making devices available, approving software updates... people in the U.S. had to wait weeks for OS 10.2.1, which sucked. At least I know not to expect 10.3 when it comes out. Will be anticipating 10.3.1. Not sure how BB is supposed to address this. Make people in Canada and the UK wait so they can launch in the U.S. at the same time? Yeah, that'll go over well, especially in BB's home market...

I think in a way it probably is for the passport, but just indirectly.

Maybe by giving this incentive, they're hoping that BB10 would get its foot in the door, such that when the Passport comes out, other people would've already talked about BB10 and people would buy it?

Idk. Haha

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It is most likely just that Verizon has millions of enterprise lines and has been the carrier that has stocked the most BlackBerry 10 models to date of any US carrier. So, BlackBerry probably just offered them a similar deal to what they are currently running on their US site to move inventory.

AH! if only TMObile would only get on board ... as a TM customer with a BB, I am lonely over here.

When I had a recent tech problem with TM, their very friendly BB service person was delighted to hear from me (as if I was an infrequent caller).

Exactly what I was thinking. It Sucks it's right before the PassPort and Classic are released. But I guess something is better than nothing. If it's successful, hopefully they will do more like this.

If the American Carriers did it and had the phones on display instead in the backroom, Blackberry wouldn't be in this situation.

I doubt ANY Canadian telcos will do anything that affects their making billions in profits. We pay highest base rates, highest data rates and highest roaming rates of the G7 countries and most of G20 countries. Why would any of the big three give us ANY sort of a deal at all? They'd rather just stick it to us as hard and dry as they can.

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You mean you guys haven't switched to wind mobile yet? So I don't get service when I'm on the golf course or at the cottage, I don't want to be bothered there anyways!

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Wind SIM, unlocked phone, PAYG Telus SIM in the wallet for out of Wind Range. This is where I'm headed if I can ever get out of the big three death grip!

Was at summer house in Southwestern data on friend's phone with TMobile.

Not very good.

My Z30 On ATT.....perfect.

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Summer house in Southwestern MI, lucky you. Beautiful land here. Try living here with the terrible service brought to you by the big three here in the US!

Pay $40 month unlimited North American calling, global text and unlimited data. Wind is great for me 95% of the time. It's too bad it doesn't work for everyone, sick of the "BIG 3"!

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Quit complaining there's other options! Wind. And there's no is issue's on the golf course or cottage!

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How very Canadian of you. "Quit complaining" is the attitude that got us here in the first place! Same reason we pay more in household tax than we do in food shelter and clothing here in Canada!

I say complain away boys! We do pay too much and some of us don't live in downtown Toronto or Vancouver so wind isn't an option!

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.....what about your "free healthcare" that we hear about all the time in the USA?

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Are you kidding? Its a pretty substandard system and its not free! If you took the amount a family pays in combined taxes and put it into a private medical plan they would have better care and money left over.

Stat came out just the other day that Canadians pay more for tax than they do for food, housing and clothing combined!

I've had my share of poor health-care in Canada ie: waiting in emerge hallways on spine board for hours, wife told to go home with ruptured appendix etc. And on top of all that it's not free (pay proportionately higher tax and monthly premiums) and its not great health care.

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I think you are making free health care look worse than what it really is. Having said that I agree with you on how much shoving and pushing Canadians take in terms of taxes and high prices.

Research shows people in higher-taxed countries are generally happier and healthier. You have to think of taxes as akin to investments or membership dues. With your taxes, you get highways, courts to resolve disputes, public transit, schools, universities, police and fire protection, etc. Think about what you are getting, not just what you have to pay. Two sides to the equation.

No issues at the cottage or the golf course? Where is your cottage...Toronto?!

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You make it sound as though they wouldn't even spit. I'll bet they'd be willing to spit.

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All indications are that Rogers will be carrying the Passport. I think they need something to get them over the fiasco of not carrying the Z30 (at first) and the Passport is the perfect ticket for that.

Same here. They moved the BlackBerry display to behind the door, unfortunately, but if you look for it, you'll see the Q10, the Z10, & the Z30 there. (as of about a month ago)

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Try it and let us know!

I'm sure they have a return policy, so you could always go that route. Return and rebuy.

Interesting! Blowing out the d. Make room for the NEW PassPort! I'll be adding a Z30 for my son. Hope it is in place for the PassPort. As I will be getting that! Woot!

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seems like more carriers are getting BB friendly knowing that phones are coming and know they will sell

I already have a z10 and a z30. I got both online because the "z" stores are just full of people that do not want to take care of customers. As soon as I mention BlackBerry, they don't know... I want a Passport.

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I can hope as i mentioned above. But we all know if launch is Sept. We might get for Christmas.

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That's great Verizon just made up my mind about getting a Passport in September. I'm not up for an upgrade but if I'm getting a $150 credit I think I can swing it. I just hope verizon gets the Passport in September. Blackberry has a habit of giving first dibs on new blackberrys to ATT and providers in the UK and Europe. Verizon is usually the last ones to get the new products. Heres to hoping Verizon gets the Passport in September!

I don't think the Passport will be available in September. I believe it'll be officially announced, but actual availability will come later. I hope I'm wrong!

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Wow. No one in their right mind would take that offer with the new devices coming so soon. Maybe someone still on OS7 with their device falling apart. That's about it.

It's just going to be an excuse saying that BlackBerry isn't selling. Why not offer that when there is a real true demand?

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So BlackBerry is definitely talking and working with (US) carriers... hear, hear... :-)

In the corporate space at least.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

That explains why when I logged onto Verizonwireless I did not see any such offer. I'm a mere consumer. BB does not want me and Verizon does not want me!!!

Maybe this means the Passport will arrive at Verizon in October? The promo is to get rid of existing inventory?

Damn, where's ATT with the same offer? I'm sending this comment thru my old and reliable BlackBerry 9900, so easy to use with just one hand it's just awesome. thinking of taking up on the offer from bb store to get the Q10. That Passport it's just too hard to resist.

Long overdue. Better late then never.
Hopefully they also include the Passport for this deal.

Nice to see some promotion for BlackBerry in the States. Hopefully this will encourage some more people to try BB10.

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All I want to know is when will the Verizon Z30 support the NFL Mobile app. I just don't get it. WTF?!?!?!

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

So mad at them. The Android app doesn't recognize me being on Verizon Wireless network. So I can't use the full features of the app. Grr!!

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

Everyone is assuming passport will be on verizon, when all evidence points to it not being on verizon

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whoops, my bad, i was confusing the classic article from the other day... sorry. however i have high hopes (although I don't plan to own either device) that if verizon is intending to carry the classic, they will surely want the passport.

What all evidence? Can you share? And Camelhmpz, can you share what you've seen contrary to that?

The 3G band Verizon uses was not included in the FCC leak. The bench mark testing of the classic shows "vzw" in the screen shot. Maybe they are only choosing one qwerty and the classic is it

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All you can say really is THAT model won't be coming to Verizon. It not having Verizon CDMA bands doesn't definitively rule out Verizon because there are multiple models that pass through the FCC. Hell,even ones that do don't necessarily get released (I'm looking at you, STA100-1 and -4.) That Passport that went through the FCC could have been intended for Canadian carriers (and US GSM ones...although I would be surprised) because that's where it may be launching before any place else. You can't even rule it out as the ROW variant.

Exactly, raino.

The Q10 Verizon carries (SQN100-2; RFM121LW) is unique to Verizon. There are five Q10 models in all. Most common are the 1 and 3 variants.

Due to its legacy CDMA network, Verizon has unique requirements for the handsets it carriers. The Verizon Q10 has:

Quad-band GSM/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Dual-band CDMA (800/1900 MHz)
Quad-band UMTS 1, 2, 5/6, 8 (850/900/1900/2100 MHz)
Dual-band LTE 4, 13 (1700/700 MHz)

Note that Verizon is the ONLY U.S. carrier offering the Z30. If any U.S. carrier has the Passport, it'll be Verizon.

"If any U.S. carrier has the Passport, it'll be Verizon."

With all due respect, we can't say that either, because that's speculating as well. All we can say at this point based on the facts is that the RGY181LW--the Passport variant that passed through the FCC--does NOT have CDMA bands. And based on Verizon's CFO saying that Verizon won't have all-LTE phones until 2016, we know the RGY181LW won't be coming to Verizon.

So as of now we all can agree no evidence that says passport will be on Verizon. But who knows what information tomorrow might bring.

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To me it looks like they're trying to get rid of their remaining BlackBerry stock

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This article should be re-titled to read: Verizon wants to give you up to $150 credit for activating a new line with a new BlackBerry device. The title is a little misleading.

Yup if the passport is available in Sept. It most likely won't be in the USA till a Month or so after it launches in other places.

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Hope is not "Hey, since Passport is ATT exclusive, let's have our own BB promotion!" :)

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Contacted Verizon after reading about this offer in more than one post. Oops, was told $150 credit does NOT exist. Got my hopes up for a new Z30.

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It does if you have a business account. Article needs to be updated to reflect this as it's leading people on...

The offer doesn't apply to existing lines. Must activate service to get the credit.

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The problem as I see it is you cannot get a BlackBerry in a Verizon store. They are only available online. If you don't know about how great BlackBerry's work you can not test drive them in the store. I just wonder based on this sales model how many pieces they will move with this promotion. I really like my Z10, but it is difficult to sell a phone if you cannot play with it in the store.

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Daytona Beach, International Speedway Blvd has a Q10 and Z30 out on display as of last week. My son wants the Z30 so we went by and played with it. So smooth. I'm pretty sure that Verizon will be on board.

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Makes me wonder if the Passport will be launching in September then with that date. Could we be looking at another US is last launch strategy?

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What will be more usefull in my opinion is to offer $50, $100 or even all the 150 to the Verizon guy for every BlackBerry sold. That way they will stop discouraging people who are trying BB phones and then maybe learn about them and start promoting BlackBerry phones.

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After reading so many negative sales rep stories on Crackberry, that's a great idea. It's definitely BlackBerry's biggest issue to tackle. (Even in Canada) Hopefully the new crew will come up with at least some kind of incentive.


Although this is a welcome move, but why ever bother buying a phone on a contract with them? They've gone so much cheaper on ebay than ever before. Activation fees are minimal as well. That's how I switched to Q10 back in December.

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Yeah, this deal is only going to apply to Verizon business account holders and depends on old world 2-yr contracts of at least a certain amount per month. Verizon is trying to sell contract plans, as always.

It still seems like the best plan is to buy your favorite BlackBerry phone off-contract and then get on to T-Mobile because the Uncarrier has the best deals and download speeds, unless you’re in the boonies and poor reception is an issue.

Z-30/STA 100-5/ USA

This is the truth! Glad people didn't shun TM for nothing. By far, the greatest carrier pricing with unlimited 4G music streaming.

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I wonder if they even have a working model in the store for this promotion? Should be interesting listening the their staff trying to sell something most of them no nothing about. Kidding aside I hope this is the beginning of US carriers supporting ALL of the phones they carry, not just a select few....

I asked a Verizon employee about the Passport a couple of weeks ago...he thought I was talking about the PlayBook. Fail! Their twitter account won't answer about carrying it. claims to have 'on good authority ' that Verizon won't be carrying the Passport. So I'm kinda bummed about it.

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I wouldn't be bummed. Verizon always sticks to their own timeframes for device announcements. Don't believe something is true just because you read it on the Internet. I remember people saying no U.S. carrier would offer the Z30. Verizon did and still does.

Yes.They use them for LTE, but even otherwise their recent phones have been GSM/UMTS capable.

Blackberry price reductions on bb10 devices makes it worth paying full retail this deal is not worth it! Shop blackberry has the z10 for $209

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But that's not the Verizon Z10. And that $209 Z10 won't work on Verizon either. Welcome to CDMA monopoly 101.

Now that's the way you do it! Support your suppliers. Are you taking note T-Mobile?

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Ha ha ha... right. Walk in to a Verizon store and find an associate who knows that BlackBerry is still in business, or doesn't try to convince you that they’re going OUT of business. Do THAT first and then you might be able to get your credit.

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Not only will it not allow you to retain unlimited data, but the offer isn't available to consumer accounts.

Interesting. I just activated a Q10 for a user yesterday. This was also a transfer from Cincinnati Bell Wireless which Verizon is buying and offering $100 credit for switching. I'm willing to bet it won't be $250 total, but would be nice!

And who is this guy that says quite complaining. Hey don't forget Canada is huge. The country is bigger than USA. It does not just consist of Toronto or Calgary. I would go wind if we can get it in the country.

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Bigger geographically, yes. Bigger market? Um, no.

Population of Canada: 35.16 million
Population of the USA: 316.13 million

More people live in California than all of Canada.

I think this puts a dent in the Verizon rep's argument that BlackBerry is going/has gone out of business when customers want to purchase a BB10 device. Hopefully this means Verizon will be much more proactive about promoting BlackBerry again...

if only I weren't only half-way through a 2-yr VZW contract already! Sounds like a great deal if you're ready to start a new one!

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Their in store sales reps are going to have bad bad days since they all do everything they can to steer you away from BB's. Bummer.

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Not a bad idea. Hope it helps with the best phone company out there! Long live #BlackBerry!

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I wonder if my shiny new Z30 that was just bought for me will be good enough for this $150? Will call tomorrow!

Posted via CB10 Z10STL100-4/

Well that's not what I was hoping to hear. Oh well. Thank you for the response.

Posted via CB10 Z30STA100-3/

You can't get any blackberry knowledge from Verizon at the store. They always try to get you to buy android or apple. I love my Z30 and traveled across my state to buy it. Jerks

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This post confirms that some BlackBerry users will convert back to the Android system (or even iOS), e.g. Note 4, iPhone 6. October is a little too late for the Passport's debut IMO; for it to be a true success. I was still considering this (truly) 1st (and only?) Generation device, but an October release seals the beloved BB10 for me at least. Sucks, but on the other hand- being able to play with a phablet in a jacuzzi, pool, beach, river, or lake isn't bad at all!

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Just checked VZW online in the U.S. and the Z30 is on back order. The Z30 otter case & leather flip case are listed as sold out.

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Lots of speculation here, but remember that they have a business reason for offering their promotion. Most likely it is to unload inventory, either theirs or BlackBerry's.

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Never hurts to call and see if you can still get this offer applied.
(Though, this is Big Red we're talking about here...but you have nothing to lose either).

Wow someone is showing soome love for BlackBerry. Let's see some more of this from others. This is what BlackBerry needs some deals like this to get people interested and thinking twice before they go for the competition.

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Damm just ordered the z30 from blackberry.... still have another year on my contact... Why no wireless charging...:(

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This is only good for business accounts not personal accounts.
What's going on Bla1ze....yesterday a bogus unlimited promo code for some apps and now a bogus Verizon offer. I don't think it's fair that you post this stuff if it's not valid. I was pumped to switch from a z10 to a q10 and now I'm not.
Thanks man!

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Let's not get silly. If this article is in fact accurate, it simply reveals Verizon's standard business plan of liquidating existing inventory prior to the release of a newer incoming product. In this case, it suggests the Passport will become available on Verizon sometime after October 14th, as they always close their linked promotions 2 weeks prior to selling the new product so they don't have a flood of returns within the grace period. With this said, Verizon also typically launches new phones on Thursdays so I’m guessing October 16th will be the first day we’ll be able to get our hands on this fine beast. Just guessing…

Meh. Verizon only cares about Verizon.
Not you and definitely not BlackBerry.
Sounds like they want to bump up those 2 year contracts for the new fiscal year. I'll pass. #grandfathered

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Figures, I activated mine a while back. Oh well, it was still waaaaaaay worth it!! Love the Q!!

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I purchased the Z30 a few weeks ago and even went outside my normal carrier (didn't offer Z30) so can I still get offer?

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