Verizon Users Only Showing Bing As Their Search Engine Choice?!?

Verizon Customers No Longer Able To Access Multiple Search Engines?!?
By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2009 12:07 am EST

Some strange happenings on the Verizon front at the moment. The CrackBerry tips box is getting full of users who seem to be having their search engine options stripped from their web browsers, leaving Bing as the only choice for search engines to use. The CrackBerry forums and even the official Verizon forums all show signs of this happening, seemingly for no reason at this time. So, do you have all the regular options? Or is Bing the only choice you have on your device browser? Let us know if the comments.



I only have Bing bing deal. Oops! Pun!


Digg this story to the front page and get the national media on it!


just looked on my browser and there is only the option for Bing. very interesting.

Pilot Prop

lol AT&T gives u options


Everything still good... no Bing


I don't mind Bing showing up, but I HATE that it's my only option right now.


My Storm Browser still has Google, but a little while back a Bing icon appeared. It's just a shortcut to load Bing. I ran the installer and tried it out. It's not Storm friendly so I removed and hid the shortcut.


We all got that bing icon on the homescreen. We're talking about if you open up the browser to do a search, instead of google, wikipedia, etc... now there's only bing.


I just completed BBM .56 update and had a battery pull earlier today. I still have the original search choices (no Bing). I previously loaded Bing from icon to try, but it no workie so good with my Storm. Bye Bye Bing (for now).


same thing with me, i have all of the options, and one day bing appeared on my homescreen, i personaly hate it when phones come with stuff that you cannot remove, and it really pissed me off when this icon just "appeared" one day. but i was able to get rid of it, if you delete the service books for it on the bb and possibly the module it will b gone forever :)


I don't seem to have Bing at the moment...


I don't have bing on mine. I still have options :D


yea when you go to search in the internet browser it shows up as the primary search browser....


Still Google, Dictionary, Wiki, and Live Search. BTW RIM can we have a 9530 .428 Leak?


When I use "Go to..." Google is still the default.

I did NOT upgrade to the latest BBM release FWIW...


I have had the new BBM for a day or so and still got all my search options. They take my google search away, they get a phone call, I am not going to be nice either. What they going to cancel me? Do not even try, AT&T would love to have me.


I still have google, wiki, as my search options. No bing.


I also have the bing curse with no other options. I hope it is just some sort of glitch and will be fixed soon


I noticed today that bing, was my only choice for web search. My personal preference is google, and am a little ticked that MY choice was taken away from me. If that's the case I'll tell VZW to go pound sand and get a CB or Ham Radio...


Subject to change I suppose but I also have no change in choices. Google still is primary with options of wiki, bing, and


No Bing showing up thankfully... And I upgraded to the latest BBM so don't think that causes it...


I have all my original options, no Bing here (thank Jeezus)


I only have bing. I would prefer verizon to give an option of using bing or google not to just remove google from the browser quick search feature.


I have all my search engine options still intact.


Man, I thought I was the only one. I thought it was me who did something to screw up my browser. I'm seriously pissed because I hate Bing and I never use Bing. I don't like the fact that it's being forced down my throat.


All good here still have all my options. Didn't install os leak but running bbm .55


My options are Google, Live Search, Wikipedia,


I did a complete rebuild a couple of days ago and noticed this.

Google is my homepage - so whatver verizon and microsoft are brewing... is just wishful thinking.

Gotta love 'em.


No change (yet) still have Google.


After a few battery pulls your choices will be gone.


On my new Storm2 with the official 5.0, my only search engine in the browser is Bing. No more dictionary,google, etc...


After a battery pull, I noticed that Bing is now my one and only search engine choice. I don't understand why it couldn't have just been added to the list, instead of replacing it entirely. I liked being able to search Wikipedia as well as Google and the Dictionary. Never used Bing, never had any interest in it, certainly will do my utmost to refrain from using it in light of this. This is not cool...but coming from Verizon, I'm not entirely surprised by this move.

Tha Riddler

Odd that was not like that until I pluged into Desktop Manager for an update tryout. Now its just Bing... I want my Google back!!! LOL... hope it clears up quick.


Bango.. (sry had to do it)

I still have my options.. who use's bing anyways?


Mines has Google, Live, Wiki, and dictionary.


My browser still has four choices... Though now I'm dreading what I may find with the next battery pull...


Bing a ding ding no like bing I want my google


And I'm NOT happy about it. You know, if they want to make Bing the default, I'd be ok with that. But to make it the ONLY??? I want my choices back...YESTERDAY...and have sent a letter to VZW telling them so.


I let them know that I want a permanent discount if it stays like this, because I now have to use a permanently sub-par search engine with permanently sub-par results. PATHETIC.

Last time I checked, "Bing" is not in Webster's dictionary. Verizon == FAIL.


This is rather annoying


Still have all my options.


Yet, but if this does come to fruition, I will be escalating my way up the Verizon customer service chain.


I have a storm 2 and just noticed that... I havent payed any attention to my browser for 2 reasons. For some reason my battery life sucks. And I use the Opera Mini 5 beta 2. I want my options back though. Verizon just gangsterd my shit


Still have all my options on my Tour with the new bbm and running the leaked .230 OS.

Are the people that are getting Bing as the only choice all on a official OS or is it happing on both official and leaked OS's?


Nope still got Bing-free


Nothing here. Just did a battery pull. On a 9530 with .328. If Verizon wants to pull this ***t you bet I'm going to call and demand them change it back...


Just did a battery pull to uninstall an app and I still have my choices. Are you all saying that after SEVERAL battery pulls the choices will go away?


verzion and still have google =)


Cant you just set mobile Google as your homepage & use that??


I still have the original 4 options on both my Storm2 and Tour, but we shall see what happens after the next battery pull or OS update.

I use the Google Mobile app for searching anyway so this would be more annoying than anything. I have upon occasion used this option to search WikiPedia.


I had a choice until about two hours ago. No my only choice is Bing. I'm very disappointed with Verizon right now!!


I still have the four options. I haven't received any pushed content from verizon since I started shrinking my OS's. Could this have something to do with it? If that's the case, then this is just another great reason to shrink your OS.


I updated to 428 and was siked with the os upgrade, the keyboard popup keys and all that good stuff. But this morning I did a battery pull after entering my unlock code and BAMMM... Bing became my only browser search option. I don't mind opening and doing a search from there, but it was so quick and convenient to just have it in the browser. I want it back.


Stock search on the url page of the stock browser is still google. All is well.
Side Note: I really do enjoy the voice search of the bing app, its VERY good.


I re sent my service books to see if I would get bing on my s2 and sure enough. I now have bing. Bing is horrible. What a waste of a perfectly good browser...


I checked and still had the same four options. I then deleted all of my service books and re-register with the network and still have the same four.


Hey its 3:27 and I actually have all my search options.


I have all the regular options and Bing isn't one of them. Maybe I'm lucky? Like someone else said though, I'm dreading the next battery pull now! Tell you what though, if I end up with just Bing someone at Verizon is going to have a Storm 9530 stuck in their azz!!!


I'm able to get other search engines so far. Hope it stays that way.


running Beta on 9630 Tour
and Bing is NOT even one of my choices. My choices are:

Sosai X

And that's after a physical battery pull. Google FTW!


Carriers have been doing this for a while now with the smartphone devices. AT&T did the same thing with the BlackBerry maps. They took out the option of using it and basically forced users to go to the paid subscription AT&T navigator. It was only a matter of time before Verizon did something similar. It sucks, but it is going to continue to happen.


I still have all my options, after several battery pulls!


Still have choices good thing I tried Bing and was not impressed at all.


All my options are here.... Knock on wood


Thanks Verizon.... Guess I will have to download the quick google search app now.


I still have options. I have Google set as my default home page.

I'm also using an 8330 Curve.


For the moment.. Google and Options..


Don't restrict us...sheesh!!!


i just installed bing yesterday. it works good and is pleasant to look at. i'll know more after i use it a little.i am a google user for years so the eye candy won't do a lot for me, but we'll see. so far everything is working good though


I have the Storm 2 with Verizon and on a BES. So, I am not sure if that has any effect because when I saw BING show up on my wife's phone it never did on mine :).


I still have all the regular browsers...


As far as I'm concerned this is a breach of service. They took away something I was used to having, and replaced it with some POS search engine. Who even uses "bing"? And this, from verizon, huge supporters of the google experience, droids, etc...

I'm calling tomorrow, either finding out how to get google back, or telling them to take back this storm 2 they just upgraded me to (for free ;) from storm 1) and give me a droid.


bc it will happen to us next...i still have options too....but its only a matter of time



I just checked my Storm 1 and I have 4 search options on my browser. Bing is not even listed as an option.


No bing.

PS: bing= worst... search option... ever.

Robert Calhoun

Still have all my options.


I hate verizon pushing app we dont want. they should just let costimize it.


Spoke to an ever so helpful man named Darren. I was told that my only option should be Bing, as that is what Verizon uses.

I inquired as to as of when, and he told me "Always." He didn't seem to enjoy hearing that I had four options up until last night, and his only reply to that was that I should always have only had Bing.

When I told him that Bing sucks, his solution was to go to in the mobile browser address bar. Thanks buddy, if I hadn't figured out that I could do that by now, I might as well just shoot myself for being a moron...I just want to be able to search google quickly. As I've done for a year.


Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530 sans bing take-over.


I still have Google, but hearing about this is disappointing and hopefully some fluke or bug and not policy. Big Red needs to stop installing stuff on our phones without our knowledge (well, until we hear about it on I didn't want the bing shortcut, nor the Slacker Radio, YouTube, My Verizon, V Cast Videos, or VzwTones icons, which I've hidden (and even for those items that are installed, they are in the Applications folder). Have they forgotten that these are OUR phones and we should have control over what gets installed on them?


I only have Bing. So I just use QuickLauncher and have the other options set up in it. I think it sucks though that Verizon has done this.


yes bing is the only option i got wtf


The icon appeared on my Storm2 last weekend, but I still had all my choices in the Blackberry browser. But after doing a QuickPull reset, the only choice in the Blackberry browser is Bing. Not a big deal since I use Bolt. But I really don't like the idea of Verizon pushing these kinds of changes to my device without asking.


Not sure if it was pushed with the new OS, but Bing is my only choice...

That sucks....


VZW charges us big money and tells us what we can do and what we can use.
Not buying new till they get there shit together. also going to suspend service for a time because of this . I will just have to make due with my 35 dollar unlimited voice and text that vzw has to honor. Will save 300+ Dollars .


Tour 9630 here with Stock OS.

Usual suspects still there, Google, Live Search, Wikipedia,

No bing.


Live Search

I am running latest official firmware


I don't think I ever had bing as an option (Good!)
Tour on 4.7


I don't have Bing anywhere on my Tour. The Browser is the same as it's been. Still have the same options for a search. Google, Live Search, Wiki and


Also have done 2 Battery Pulls over the last 12 hours.


I have a storm 1 running 5.0.328 hybrid. I have all the search engines still.


...but I'm on BES not BIS. I noticed my wife's BB Storm (on BIS) gets all these extra unwanted icons like Bing, Slacker Radio, VZW Tones, etc...and I don't get it (on BES) until I do like a battery pull or something.

So sometimes my firm's IT Policy is a good thing!! Sometimes...LOL (a Big 4 accounting firm)


8530, (official OS) Bing is only the search engine in the browser.

Ironically, this is actually pretty similar to the crap that Google has pulled over the years, with embedding their Google Toolbar with the install of a lot of PC apps. That frustrated me, as does this VZW Bing fail.


I do not seem to be having this problem on my 8330


I have Verizon and I have all the normal options still...


No Bing as of yet on my Tour.


I open my broswer and still have google.


i still have all options on storm 1.. hope it dosent change.


I guess I'm lucky. I deleted all that crap from my Storm1 when it first hit. I'm working with Google, Live Search, Wiki and


I still have all my options.


I still have google (and 3 otehrs)but I usualy search from Google app so in either way, not much difference to me... is there a service outage this morning? I haven't received a single email - just checked my work emails from home. There are as usual but not in my Tour... I am in Northern Colorado...


Yes it is true. Bing is my only option. I don't mind it because I don't really use the native browser, I use Opera 5 but they should at least still give you a Google option. Wtf?


BBM 5.0.55
Quickpull @ 4:30am EST and no change.


I still have the 4 options on mine....any reason why the change for some verizon users and not others?


all my regular options are still there, and Google is the default. If they change it I'll be pissed but I'll just load up and search that way.


verizon wants you all to buy android devices before the new google phone comes out on t-mobile so everyone doesnt jump ship to them


all the players are there... they just moved them to the "Bookmarks" and put Bing as the default... so ya take one more step but it is there on my Storm 2... and besides it didn't change till I upgraded to the leak...


I did a battery pull and google is still there...


This is nonsensical why should Verizon force everyone to use BING, it’s unacceptable.


I just reset my Storm and I still have 4 options.

Hey VZW, if I wanted any of Microsoft's garbage on my phone, I'd have gotten one of those loser Windows Mobile clunkers.


I'm a Verizon customer and I still have all the other search engine choices.


I have Verizon and it changed yesterday to Bing only for browser choices on my S2


This is just wrong, I noticed this today, and I want my options back. When using bing to do a search and you click on one of the links it returns, it gives me authenticaion failed. Does anyone know how to fix this if there is a fix for it? (9550)


I still have all 4 search options (Verizon, 9550) and I hope it stays that way. I still far prefer Google, but for now it's still my default search engine. If they force Bing on me, I'll start making lots of phone calls to Verizon.


Google, Live Search, Wikipedia, and


I saw the bing app pushed to me a while back, but my default in the browser is still Google (bing doesn't even show up in that list) ... so i just hid the bing app and i'm back to the way i was before :)


People who are doing battery pulls and still finding google... Try re-sending your service books, I "bet" bing will show right up...*i hope*


I still have my search engine options, and bing is not on the list.


No pushed home screen icon, and no Bing for a search choice. All is well. :)

dgbrock you don't. Bing showed up on my Home Page, but I still had all my original browser choices. I deleted Bing (vis Options->Applications->Bing->Delete), and when my BB (Storm 9550)re-booted, Bing was back, as my *only* browser; the original 4 were gone. I went into my Applications page in Options and Bing wasn't even listed! Did a battery pull and the same thing. Google's Gone 8..(


google is still available to me on my 9530


Well, on Tuesday at around 10PM everything but Bing was gone... and now its Thursday and still no Google etc... Come on give them back to me!


I don't have bing even as an option. Doesn't sound like it is Verizon related


I have a Tour and a Storm and both still have the "standard" four choices. Let's hope it stays that way as Viigo's memory leaking has my Storm down to under 5MB free (without Viigo running I hover around 20MB free forever). So I must battery pull (well, QuickPull) soon as just shutting down Viigo doesn't free up the leaked memory.


I have Google as my default and the other 3 choices...


I still have all my search options, and no Bing.

My question is; Can you still use the serach shortcut from quicklaunch?


Just got a 9550 and immediately put the leaked os on it--BING! Google and everything else is gone. Wouldn't be a problem if Bing didn't suck so much.

They'd better fix this...


Still have the standard 4 on my Storm. I've rebooted (on purpose) 4 times today and resent the service books once and nothing has changed.


Just upgraded to the leaked os now I'm stuck with bingaling ugghh


Same Here only an option for Bing.. What going on????


Storm 9530. I have Google, Live Search (no Bing lol), Wikipedia, and Obviously, Live Search is actually Bing, but I'm wondering why there isn't a Bing reference.

I had the Bing icon show up in my home folder. I tried installing and I got an error, so I hid the icon. Too bad because I actually like Bing. I often use it instead of Google these days.


I like Bing a lot. It works great on my storm 9530. Voice is on the money as well. I do have all my other options but I actualy have been using Bing more than the other apps.


Google still shows up as my preferred search engine.


My 4 choices are still there after a battery pull with Google as default. Perhaps because I installed the Bing app, which I actually like for certain things, my Browser default has been left alone.

I'd be curious to know, people who have only Bing as the browser default, did you install the Bing application?


Only Bing as of this AM (Verizon, Dayton, OH). At least Google bookmark isn't crippled.


I still have the option of searching from my browser with Google, Wikipedia,, and Live Search


If you're paying more just to have Verizon, shouldn't you get more options instead of the least? Glad I ditched them and their BS.


So I've tried everything to get it to switch. (its more of a get it done and over with mentality) but after several battery pulls and resending service books I still have all my choices. on a 9530 with 328


Cadzilla. I was just thinking about that before I read your post. I have the bing app installed and my choices are fine... Crackberry guys I think its time for a poll


had the storm 1 and it had all search options. Got the storm 2 and all it has is bing. Oh well, works for me.


I got that Bing icon pushed to my Storm2. I installed it to see what it was all about, didn't like it and un-installed it. Now I am left with only Bing in my browser's search box.

Stupid BingRizon!!


Small poll I did in my office (all VZW, running official OS)

2 Tour ( No Bing default
1 8330 ( No Bing default
1 8530 ( Bing is default
2 Storm2 ( Bing is default

So... a 5.0 OS thing? A non-Tour thing? Shows up on those who have rebooted recently? Hmmmmm

Reason I speculate is because I see a lot of Tour and Storm1 owners that haven't had this pushed to them yet.

No biggie, just thinkin' aloud.


but I just clicked "I do not agree" and hid it. I still have my other options.


Did not see this show up until I did a reboot today after installing new BB Messenger (Storm2 -


BING is completely WORTHLESS if you don't have GPS support. I would gladly use this, but every time I try to do a local search, or try to locate myself on the BING map, it tells me to change GPS in Options to "Location On". IT IS ON!! ARRGGHH!


As far as I can tell this has only happened on the 9550 Storm 2. My 9530 Storm still has all options available


Noticed the other day that I had a new Bing icon on my device...they pushed it to my phone (Verizon). I loaded it to check it out later...


Just opened my browser and noticed I am forced to DL Bing. I am guessing this is so they can change my search provider to that crap.I have a 9530 with 5.0 official. But really we shouldnt be suprised Verizon has been crippling their phones for ever!! Only 6 months left in my contract then I can dump this crap phone and get an iPhone. Good job Verizon..........


I'm on Verizon with the Blackberry Storm 1. Updated everything and did a battery pull. Still have the original search options. Wouldn't mind if Bing gets added. I actually like that browser. Sidenote, I really like the Bing App as well. The voice recognition works really well.


I have Verizon and a Storm 1. Bing appeared last week but I still have all my bowser options on the default browser.


Well, it just happened to me, too. Up until today I still had all of the original Search options. But, as of this morning only Bing is provided. I have done no upgrades to cause this -- it's obviously being pushed out to everybody eventually.

I am NOT happy. Bah!

(Storm2 on VZW.)


In southern california with a Tour and still have 4. No Bing thank God, Bing blows.


I have only one options as well... Bing. I just use my home as my main search browser. Not really a big deal to me :)


2 Storm 9530's w/latest 5.0 os and BBM installed. Did several battery pulls and still have all search options.


I wonder how many S2 owners installed Bing and still had multiple search options?


Only Bing on my Storm 2. I HATE Bing! I want Google!


My Tour with original op sys. Rebooted and found bing icon, but still have original multiple search choices in browser.


I still have all the options I started with and in fact removed Bing from my phone. I have rebooted several times in the last couple weeks.


First, I got shinned. (the Shins, worst pop band ever). Then I got binged by the evil Microsoft! Help!


Heres why we got stuck with BING and not getting Google back.

"The move is part of the five-year search and advertising deal Verizon signed with Microsoft in January for a rumored $500m.

Plus Crackberry id mentioned it the article.


If you'd like to help get Google (and the other search engine options) back on Verizon, please visit:

Thanks Crackberry Nation!


But I assume that after battery pulls, my search bar will change. I am not liking that fact. Especially since I have been outspoken about my dislike for the way Microsoft has attempted to monopolize the power of search, inching out Google that climbed up the ladder on their OWN merit. This is just one more way that Microsoft will be able to gain control. I will just have to put as my home page.


Bing was pushed to my phone but is not my only search/browser option. Friends of mine are only able to use bing but im still standing strong with google.


I have the icon but in my browser have the google choices I have had.
I have emailed Verizon because I am not happy about this happening, that eventually I will only have Bing. I don't like it have tried it on my notebook. I don't even use IE
I have Mozilla Firefox and google as my homepage. I don't like anything except google but I don't want a Droid phone.

I don't like how choices will be taken away from us.
We pay a lot for our BB service to be told we can only use Bing.


don't like to be forced to use something I don't like.
It is my phone and I did not agreed with the change.
It is a small thing but not acceptable. I'm in for a class action suit.


I loaded the .428 leak through a friend who is a little more computer savvy then me onto my storm2 and unfortunately I only have Bing, which sucks. I want Google back!


I know that we each have our own “FAVORITE”. The issue here is freedom of choice. I don’t mind if Verizon pushes an icon on my Blackberry — I can hide it. But to REMOVE a choice that I had when I bought the device is WRONG!


I too have lost my ability to select a search provider on my
Verizon STORM. While I don't mind them pushing an Icon for BING that I can hide, removing the function that was there when I purchased the software is WRONG. I've had multiple conversations with Vz wireless and customer service finally suggested that if I didn't like it I could file a complaint with my states Attorney General. This is very easy to do online. Go to your state's and search for Attorney General, their page as a FILE COMPLAINT selection and an online form. I'm in Texas but this is true for all states.


I think this stinks. If they wanted to add Bing as another option I would have been fine with it. Reality is that Wikipedia and Google are the best/fastest ways to get info. Some jerk in an office decided to take this option away over a free lunch.


I have Google, Live Search, Wikipedia, and


This made me so mad I created a web site to replace the BlackBerry Browser home scree.

Check out MeStart.Mobi and if you like it, make it your home page. It's designed to have all the functionality of the original BlackBerry browser screen, with more search engines (Google and Bing included). It will save your recent URLs, bookmarks and you can pick your own search engines.

I'm actively upgrading / improving this so please let me know if you have any comments / questions / bugs.